5 Best Snowmobile Tow Straps in 2021: With Reviews

Much as the experience of riding a snowmobile through icy terrains is exciting and adventurous; you never know when your snowmobile will get stuck in deep snow or abruptly stop working in the middle of nowhere.

Honestly, the tow trucks are hardly available whenever we need them the most, and even if they are available, it may take them some time to come to our rescue.

This is when a snowmobile tow strap comes in handy. Just like how you carry a spare tire for your vehicle when you head out, a snowmobile puller will help you to tow your snowmobile out of any tricky spot.

A tow strap for your snowmobile will safely haul your vehicle and recover it from any complex situation.

To know more, keep reading.

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Best Avalanche Backpack for Snowmobiling in 2021: Tried & Tested

The Avalanche backpacks have become the most essential and evident protection gear for avalanche rescue operations or backcountry skiing or snowmobiling . They have become quite popular among the backcountry snowboarders and skiers who are in search of discovering undiscovered terrains during snowmobiling

With so many options available in the market for avalanche airbag vests, it can surely arise a dilemma in your mind for choosing the perfect one for you.

In this article we have enlisted some of the best avalanche airbags available in the market in 2021 along with all their detailed features.

My Personal Recommendation

If you are a backcountry snowmobiler, there is no better than the BCA Float 25 Turbo Avalanche Airbag 2.0.

This avalanche airbag is designed for mechanized skiing and snowboarding to protect you in uncertain situations. Not only does the 150-liter airbag minimize your burial depth, but it also protects your head and neck from avalanche injuries by creating buoyancy that helps you float to the surface of the snow.

This pack includes integration for BC Link™ Radios, hydration sleeve, dual-zippered shoulder straps, and molded back panel. It is built in perfection. If you ride with BCA gear, you will find it to be excellent in construction, ease of use, design, overall construction, and longevity quality.

The Float bag is easy to adjust for different body types. The 25-liter storage space lets you carry everything you need from safety equipment to necessary gears.

With these amazing perks, it can not be denied that this airbag is one of the best out there. So, make sure to see the customer reviews of the BCA Float 25 Turbo Avalanche Airbag 2.0 to help you with your decision.

 BCA Float 25 Turbo Avalanche Airbag 2.0
MaterialDurable nylon
Volume150 liters
Storage Space25 liters
Color2 color options
Dimensions63 x 43 x 47 inches
Warranty3-year warranty
PerksHydration sleeve and dual-zippered shoulder straps

Best Avalanche Airbags in 2021

Backcountry Access Float Mountain Pro Vest

The 2021 model of the backcountry access float mountain pro avalanche vest is designed to be 6% lighter and more breathable than the 2019 model. It is now compatible with BCAAS 2.0 system which is about 15% lighter and 20% smaller than the original 1.0 system.

It has an airbag with protection and the vest features layers of foam with plastic sandwiched between them for ultimate protection and breathability in the field. You also have the bladder hangers on the top of the bag for hydration with the hose running through the shoulder strap.

It also has an external shovel carry so that you can carry your shovel fully assembled in here. You can take apart the shovel and place it on the front and the handle on the side. There are sleeves present on the insides, for the shovel and the probe.

It has a small pocket for smaller items and on the side it has the webbing loop for the BC link radio and the radio base unit within it as well. The mic chord threads through the compartment behind the air bag and through the shoulder strap into the radio pocket.

The cylinder is housed in the airbag pocket. The trigger is on one side of the shoulder strap and BC link radio on the other.Backcountry access float mountain pro vest is available in two sizes medium large and XL.

  • High-performance design
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of storage space
  • Zippered pockets
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • Limited color choices

Black Diamond Jetforce Avalanche Airbag Pack

The Black Diamond Jetforce Avalanche Airbag Pack is an electrical airbag with an Alpride system called the E1 so it is based on a supercapacitor system. It is a fan-based system that will inflate the airbag that is you can inflate the airbag with a single pull.

You can also use two double A batteries for extra deployments. The system takes an hour to charge with batteries and half an hour with the micro USB.

 On the side pouch there is an indicator light which tells you the status of the battery. You can switch sides with handle. It also has the waist loop and the leg loop. It is not charged using battery rather you need to charge it usingan USB into the system that delivers you to have one to two deployments in one charge.

The airbag has a 150L capacity and you have to manually deflate the airbag. The valve present in the box should suck out all the air and then fold the airbag to deflate the last bit of air left in the air bag.

After deflation, it is important to let it recharge for an hour. A green signal on the box indicates the airbag is ready for the next deployment operation.It comes in two pack lengths. It has space for skis on the right side of the bag; you can carry skis of any size diagonally without any difficulty.

 You can also carry ice axe with the blade facing downward. On the top there is a pocket provided for fourequipment, shovel and probe and below there is a low hidden pocket with a mesh for the helmet. It also comes along with a hydration system.

  • Innovative JetForce Technology
  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Customizable
  • Limited color choices
  • Design can be improved

ARVA Reactor Ultralight Avalanche Airbag Backpack

The ARVA Reactor is unique with the system of placement in the backpack. The system is centered along the spine and the airbag is located in the exterior of the bag attached to the sides. This backpack has tons of space to accommodate all the necessary equipment, shovels, and probe in it.

The bag also features a quick-open zipper for the accommodation of rescue gears for quick access during an avalanche expedition. The airbag attached to the backpack has a huge horseshoe shape and comes with a dual-chamber. The airbag is quite rigid to the body that helps to lift you up while walking in the snow.

The central placement of systems evens out the weight on either sides and prevents the feel of the baggage weight on one side more than the other.The backpack is extremely light-weight weighing around three pounds that allows the traveller to feel light on their feet.

In order to lighten the ARVA Reactor Airbag backpack, the engineers integrated the reactor along with the ultra-light backpack instead of using a lighter airbag feature.

The backpack features a ski carry, removable snowboard, snowshoe carry, hydration compatibility, and avalanche gear sleeve and has the capacity to hold for half-day tours.

The airbag also features a gas canister deployment through the dual chambers located around the neck, head, and sides. This arrangement heightens the shock absorption feature of the airbags as well as increases the reliability.

Even if the avalanche pops up in one chamber of the airbag, it will still be able to keep you afloat due to the dual-chamber design of the bag.

  • Superb design
  • fully-functional R15 ULTRALIGHT technology
  • Reactor system
  • Lightweight
  • 3D-FIT technology
  • Diagonal ski carry
  • Limited color choices
  • A bit pricey

Ortovox Ascent 30 Avabag Back Pack Kit

The avabagavalanche vest comes with the avabag airbag vest system developed by Ortovox. The avabags are compact and light. It is designed for longer and demanding skis. It is a cartilage based system of compressed air. The avabag system provides you with practice releases and also you can train for deployment without the cartilage.

The ortovox ascent avabag avalanche vest system is the lightest airbag backpacks on the market for snowmobiling. The ortovox uses lightweight and robust material such as 100D RobicRipstop Nylon. The foamed 3D back system distributes weight evenly and is therefore lightweight as well as strong.

The avabag airbag system is compatible with all other Ortovoxavabags and is fully removal.The handle is designed in such a way that it can be gripped wearing any kind of glove. It has a chest strap with a signal whistle. It has a separate pocket for safety equipment.

It comes with straps provided for fixing a snowboard or skis diagonally with the attached straps. The buckles in the shoulder strap are made of metal and the buckle system is made of aluminum which is a pass through buckle system.

  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Multiple color options
  • Diagonal ski carry
  • Customizable
  • Design can be improved

How to choose right Avalanche Airbags

There are few things you need to consider before buying your own avalanche airbagsfor snowmobiling in the backcountry and some of these important points have been described below.

Fit of the airbag backpack

The manufacturers of different brands do not offer the choice of the length of your torso therefore; look for bags from manufacturers that offer different pack volumes and sizes. While purchasing an airbag backpack always ensure how the straps, back and hip belt feels on loading the bag with equipment.

Before any purchase always ask the different carry options available in the backpack in order to prevent deflation of the airbags due to pressure of the equipment.

Type of the Airbag Backpack

The market contains three major types of airbag systems and they are integrated, base unite and removable.


The backpack and the airbag are integrated completely into each other that in turn offer a large volume of space. The harness, bag and the airbag system are all combined so that the size of the compartment pack cannot be increased or decreased.

Base Unit

The base unit design consists of an in-built airbag system with a particular pack and harness. The compartment bags cones in different volume sizes that can be zipped on for the versatility of the airbag backpacks according to your own needs.


In this removable design, the mechanical inflation system, hoses and air bags all can be removed from the bag completely and independently according to your requirement. This offers the airbag backpack versatility to modify your pack or even to use them off season.

One or Two bag

There are two types of airbags and they are mono bags and dual bags. The mono bags usually inflate either from the top of the bag or from the straps of the shoulder whereas the dual bags inflates from the sides.

Mono Airbag

The Mono airbag offers protection to the back of their head and keeps you in an upright in position. It also features a partial air pocket that is helpful during burials.

Dual Airbag

The Dual airbag delivers protection during an avalanche by keeping you afloat and parallel to the snow surface. If one of the two chambers is damaged or fails to deploy, the other one will still be able to protect you during an avalanche.

Compartment Size

The airbag backpacks come in different volume sizes starting from 5 liters to 32 liters. The size of the bag depends on the length of the back of the user. Always ensure your frame size and match it with size charts available for proper fit as you are going to wear them for a prolonged period of time.

You also have to keep in mind that the airbag as well as the canister are also taking up some space so choose accordingly. The type of riding as well as the place and your frequency of travel will also determine the size of the compartment.

Final Words

Wearing avalanche air bag vests alone while snowmobiling is not going to protect you during avalanche incidents but your presence of mind and smart decisions to avoid the avalanche is going to help.

There are the above mentioned different companies that manufacture avalanche airbag vests of unique designs, versatility and price; among them you will have to choose your perfect avalanche airbag vest for backcountry snowmobiling or skiing therefore choose wisely with an open mind.

Best Snowmobile Helmet Camera: Tried, Tested, & Worth the Money

Not all the action cameras do well when trying to capture the snowmobile footage. The rider will need a so-called action camera for snowmobiling or the sports camera in order to make the most out of your adventurous trip.

Action cameras aren’t just protected and ruggedized against the elements. These offer ultra-wide viewing angles in order to capture the full experience of the snowmobiler’s adventurous rides.

Taking pictures with a standard five-megapixel camera has become a chore over the years due to a lot of reasons. Let us now know about various helmet cameras and their importance too.

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Best Snowmobile Socks: Warmest Socks For Men & Women

Irrespective of the winter sports you choose to enjoy during winter, your main concern should always be to protect yourself from the cold.

Unlike the other gears, the snowmobile socks are neglected and people choose to wear the usual winter socks for their ride.

These socks would not help to keep your feet warm all day as they are not designed for that purpose whereas, snowmobiling socks are designed to withstand the temperature of snowy terrain.

People are often in a dilemma to choose the socks for their snowmobile rides; in this article, we compiled the best snowmobile socks available.

My Personal Recommendation

If you are looking for a pair of socks to use for snowmobiling, definitely check out the Klim Mammoth Sock.

These socks are made with a blend of Merino wool, Polyamide, and Lycra fibers giving you the warmest and thickest socks perfect for snowmobiling. This construction also contributes to keeping the socks durable to last for many seasons. Merino wool has moisture-wicking properties that allow your foot to stay warm and dry even in the harshest and coldest weather.

It has a high thermal retention value to keep your feet insulated without causing overheating. It also has 100% Terry construction which gives the snowmobilers the softest padded feel for the ultimate comfort.

The ankle and arch support stretch band really helps in keeping the socks stay in place and preventing them from slipping and sliding off without causing much bunching and restriction on those areas. The toe, heel, and sole areas are reinforced with Nylon for maximum durability to withstand regular use.

Comparison Table of Snowmobile Socks

 Klim Mammoth Socks509 Tactical Socks
MaterialTerry ConstructionSynthetic yarn blended with Nylon and Lycra
DesignAbove calf designMoisture wicking and quick drying
PerksArch support bandSoft Silicone finish
Dimensions11 x 4 x 2.25 inches8 x 8 x 8 inches
Weight6.4 ounces4.7 ounces
Our Score98/10094/100
AwardsTop PIckRunner Up
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price

Best Snowmobile Socks in 2021

Best Snowmobile Socks

There are a variety of options for snowmobile socks available in the market for the customers to choose from. It can be a tiring work to find the heated snowmobile socks suitable for your ride and also the terrain you are riding on.

Here are some of the best snowmobile socks listed below to look out for in the market to keep your search filtered and advanced.

Klim Mammoth Snowmobile Socks

The Klim Company has always amazed the customers with their products’ unconventional and innovative features and they solely design or manufacture products for the snowmobile riders. Thus, they have been the most preferred brand for the riders to purchase the snowmobiling gears.

The Klim Mammoth socks are one of its kinds with their unique characteristics and details that are exclusively designed by keeping the comfort of the riders in the harsh winter weather conditions. The Klim socks are made from a distinctive combination of three different materials that are polyamide, lycra and most importantly merino wool.

 The merino wool is known for its unique moisture-wicking properties that allow the rider to stay dry throughout the day. The wool absorbs the sweat in the feet and lets the air to pass through them to keep the area moisture-free.

The Polyamide and Lycra add up to the flexibility nature to the socks that allow the riders to smoothly put on and off socks onto their feet. The Klim Mammoth socks are similar to the older version of the socks but with more advanced features. These socks are twice thicker than the original socks perfect for the extreme weather conditions for snowmobiling.

The Klim Mammoth socks are made up of 85% merino wool, 55% lycra, and 5% nylon to offer the customer with ultimate support and warmth to have a peaceful ride. The socks have reinforced pressure points so that they would last for a more than a decent amount of time and also are resistant to tearing.

These socks come in three different sizes which range from small to large to fit the people of different age groups. The small size is best suited for the US 4-6 size while the larger ones are fit for men sizes US 11-14. These Klim Mammoth socks are best paired with the Gortex boots to provide the ultimate feel of the socks with its extra-ordinary features. You can also wear them with your Baffin Snowmobile Boots.

The only disadvantage of these Klim Mammoth socks is the fitting of the socks. The buyers have complained about the differences in the sizes of the product that unable to offer a snug-fit otherwise it one of the warmest and thickest socks available in the market for snowmobiling.

  • 100% Terry Construction
  • High Thermal Retention
  • Ankle Support Stretch Band
  • Above Calf Design
  • Patterned Bend and Regular Knit at Front Mid Ankle
  • Limited color choices
  • Too thick can make you a bit uncomfortable

509 Tactical Sock

The 509 Tactical sock provides a lightweight feel that’s perfect for milder conditions. If you’re looking for snowmobile socks with great versatility, moisture control, and protection, this pair is for you.

It features Zonal terry cushioning for a comfortable fit. It also has arch compression and Achilles mapping to ensure the socks stay in place. These features drastically improve comfort for your all-day snowmobile rides.

These socks are made with synthetic yarn blended with nylon and Lycra to provide structure and support. It also has a silicone finish to keep the socks soft, easy to put on, and easy to care. The synthetic blend with nylon and Lycra delivers breathability while resisting abrasion for performance that lasts. These materials also help with moisture wicking to keep you dry and warm and fast-drying to carry on with your snowmobile rides without worrying about freezing and wet feet.

The Tactical socks are a full calf-length style that stays up inside your boots and available in two colors and two sizes. These socks are made with a more breathable fabric so it is versatile enough to use in warmer weather but it might not provide sufficient warmth when using in extremely cold weather.

  • Zonal terry cushioning
  • Arch compression and Achilles mapping
  • Synthetic yarn blended with nylon and Lycra construction
  • Silicone finish
  • Moisture-wicking and fast-drying
  • Not enough warmth for extremely cold weather

509 Stoke Sock

For high-speed snowmobile rides in cold weather, check out the 509 Stoke socks for snowmobiling guarantee to give you a solid and secured fit that stays up all-day while keeping you warm and dry.

These are made with a blend of Merino wool with antipilling Acrylic to give you sufficient warmth and maximum comfort. It features a full terry loop construction for cushion and insulation for added warmth on your cold snowmobile rides. Thanks to these features, these socks provide breathability and stink-fighting performance while delivering moisture-wicking properties and fast-drying function.

It is made with Nylon and Lycra fabrics to furnish maximum support and structure for a more solid fit. It also has a silicone finish to keep it soft and for easy care. These materials provide overall strength and durability to last for many seasons.

The Stoke socks have a full-length style to land above the calf with arch compression and Achilles mapping to ensure it stays in place all day. However, others noted that these socks are not warm enough to use in sub-zero conditions.

  • Merino wool with antipilling Acrylic
  • Full terry loop construction for cushion and insulation
  • Moisture-wicking and fast-drying
  • Made with Nylon and Lycra fabrics
  • Full-length style with arch compression and Achilles mapping
  • Not warm enough to use in sub-zero conditions

Begleri Heated Socks

Begleri heated socks bring you the functionality without compromising aesthetics and style.

These heated snowmobile socks are equipped with two upgraded large-capacity rechargeable batteries that heat up to ten hours providing you warmth in extremely cold weather. It has three heat settings from low heat to high heat to adjust for every weather condition.

The Dense Uniform Nanofiber Heating Wire is installed to make electric heated socks get warm in as quickly as two seconds and temperature up to 158°F. The electric socks have a heat bottom instep on the forefoot and all toes stimulate the acupoints on the feet to warm your entire foot and promote blood circulation in the body for a stable even distribution of heat.

The Begleri heated socks are constructed with premium combed cotton and A-grade spandex to provide breathability and durability.

These socks have a full-length style to ensure it stays in place all day. However, these heated socks take a lot of time to charge but once it charges full, you can use it for your long and cold snowmobile rides.

  • Two upgraded large-capacity rechargeable batteries
  • Three heat settings
  • Heats up quickly and lasts up to ten hours
  • Dense Uniform Nanofiber Heating Wire
  • Heat bottom instep on the forefoot and all toes
  • Premium combed cotton and A-grade spandex construction
  • Takes time to charge

JulyPanny Heated Socks

JulyPanny heated socks are designed to soothe and aid riders struggling with cold feet.

The carbon fiber heating element in these electric socks focuses on soothing the feet by providing heat on the sole and the toes, thereby improving blood flow to your extremities, and helping to protect your feet from the cold while snowmobiling. These heating elements are integrated into the front foot bottom to radiate heat evenly throughout the feet.

It features an easily accessible switch allowing you to switch the heating element on, or to switch between the three heat settings. These heat settings allow you to choose the length of time and the strength of heat you want to depend on the weather conditions you are in. The warmth of these socks can reach as high as 50°C and can last for as long as 3-6 hours.

The charger of these heated socks is updated to protect from overcharging and overcurrent problems to ensure safety when plugged in.

Others have noticed that it takes a little bit of time to charge fully and it lasts a little shorter so if you are planning an all-day snowmobile ride, it is recommended to bring extra batteries.

  • Carbon fiber heating element
  • Three heat settings and an accessible switch
  • The charger is updated to protect from overcharging and overcurrent problems
  • Lasts up to 3-6 hours
  • Takes time to fully charge
  • Batteries can be improved

Final Words

If you are not protected from head to toe then snowmobiling can be a tough winter adventurous sport. It can eventually ruin your enjoyment of a full day outside in the snowy weather. Therefore, the socks should also be preferred with all the other necessary fear for snowmobiling and we hope that this article helps you to find the best one for you.

Best Snowmobile GPS in 2021: Tried, Tested & Trusted

Going for a snowmobile ride?

Among a lot of other critical gear and equipment, GPS is something you can’t ignore. Well, you can use a smartphone to find directions, but that, as we will see, may not be an excellent idea.

If you are planning to buy a GPS for snowmobiling, it can be overwhelming to make a choice when so many options are available.

In this post, I will help you to make your decision a bit easier.

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Best Snowmobile Gloves in 2021: (Normal & Heated Gloves)

Imagine if you have to ride in the extremely cold weather without gloves?

Won’t that be a ride to remember but terribly?

To save you from such a disastrous trip, I’m sharing a list of warmest snowmobile gloves for trail riding.

So, if you’re in a hurry, then you should take help from the comparison table in which you can find the best snowmobile gloves in 2021.

So, let’s get started.

My Personal Recommendation

I highly recommend the FXR Fuel Glove if you’re looking for the best pair of gloves to use for snowmobiling.

It will give you an abundance of insulation thanks to its Thinsulate insulation technology with a whopping total of 750 grams for each hand. The polar fleece lining helps in keeping your hands dry from sweat and other moisture.

The palm and finger areas are covered with full-grain leather not only for added warmth but also for more grip and resistance against abrasive materials so it can withstand regular wear and tear.

On the other hand, when it comes to heated gloves, there is nothing better than the FXR Heated Recon Glove.

These heated gloves can be used through a dual-port charger and rechargeable batteries that can last up to five hours of maximum temperature usage.

The heat element tracks are located on each finger and have three heat settings from light to high which can be controlled with just a push of a button located at the exterior of the gloves for easy access.

It also utilizes a total of 500 grams of Thinsulate insulation and full-grain leather on the palm and finger areas.

Comparison of Snowmobile Gloves

 FXR Fuel Gloves509 Range GlovesCastle X Epic-G1 Gloves
MaterialDurable nylon shellTop grain goat leatherStrong high tenacity dobby nylon shell
Insulation300 grams of Thinsulate insulation400 grams of Thinsulate insulation200 grams of Thinsulate Platinum insulation
SizeS to 3XLXS to 3XLS to 3XL
Color10 color options4 color options3 color options
PerksAggressive pre-curved finger designPro rider fit – pre-curved fingers specifically for sledsDWR coated shell materials
Our Score96/10091/10089/100
AwardsTop Pick
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price

Comparison of Heated Snowmobile Gloves

 FXR Heated Recon GloveJoe Rocket Rocker BurnerAKASO Heated Gloves
MaterialDurable nylon shellHeavy duty nylon shellHigh-tech splashproof fabric
Insulation300 grams of Thinsulate insulationThinsulate insulation3M Thinsulate cotton insulation
Size2XS to 4XLL to XLS to XL
Color1 color option1 color option1 color option
Heating ElementProvides up to 5 hours of heatingProvides up to 4 hours of heatingProvides up to 8 hours of heating
Perks3 Stage thermal heat setting3 Stage heat setting3 heating levels
Our Score98/10087/10084/100
AwardsTop Pick
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price
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5 Best Alpaca Socks in 2021: Warmest Alpaca Socks

Keeping your feet warm and toasty during your winter endeavors is of paramount importance especially when it’s freezing outside.

We all know that woolen socks have been used since time immemorial by infants as well as adults for all the wintertime activities. But what if I tell you that there are other better substitutes for the woolen socks?

The Alpaca socks are the best alternative for your wintertime wear that not only makes your feet look classy and but also keeps them exceptionally warm.

How does it do that? Keep reading to find out more.

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Best Snowmobile Goggles in 2021: Heated & Anti-Fog Goggles

There are various reasons to buy good goggles for snowmobiling.

But, the real question is, what are the best snowmobile goggles for this season?

Popular brands like 509, FXR, Castle X, and Klim are competing to create one of the best goggles for snowmobiling.

Whether you want anti-fog, heated goggles, or just normal goggles that you can wear over your glasses, you can find them.

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Best Snowmobile Bibs in 2021: Top-Rated Snowmobile Pants

You can’t go on a ride without wearing your snowmobile pants or bibs.

When it comes to buying the best snowmobile bibs, many options come in our mind because there are many brands that manufacture pants and bibs for snowmobiling.

But, which snowmobile bib should you buy?

To help you in making your decision, I’m sharing some of top-rated snowmobile bibs and pants in 2021 which you can buy. They’re warm, waterproof, and protect you from the cold wind on your snowmobile ride.

So, let’s take a look at them.

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