509 Delta R3 Helmet Review: Ignite & Fidlock Technology

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Snowmobiling is a thrilling activity that can take a dangerous turn if necessary precautions aren’t taken on time.

And although there are a number of gears that can protect you, nothing can beat the importance of a reliable helmet. It does not only protect your head, but it also keeps it warm and comfortable.

But with so many options available in the market, it sometimes gets difficult to make the right choice.

So today we are going to review the 509 Delta R3 Helmet for you and discuss all its essential features to figure out what makes it such a hit among the riders.

Keep reading to know more.

 509 Delta R3 Helmet
Outer MaterialLightweight polycarbonate shell
Inner MaterialDual density EPS
CoatingsDual pane anti-scratch
DesignDrop-down internal sun shield
Weight2 pounds
SizeXS to XXL
ColorsSix different color choices
ProtectionDOT approved
PriceSee Current Price

509 Delta R3 Helmet Review

If you’re thinking about buying the best snowmobile helmet, then you should go with a 509 Delta R3 Helmet.

In my other articles, I’ve reviewed 509 Altitude Helmet and 509 Tactical Helmet, feel free to check them out, you’ll learn some great information about them.

So, after reviewing different 509 Helmets, I can say that the 509 Delta R3 Helmet is the best helmet for snowmobiling if you’re willing to pay slightly more as compared to other helmets.

However, if you want to stay within budget, then 509 Altitude and 509 Tactical Helmet are good choices.

Now, the question is, what makes 509 Delta R3 a must-buy helmet?

The first thing is, Delta R3 comes in many different colors, just like Altitude and Tactical Helmets. Not a big thing, right?

This helmet has the ability to switch between 3 configurations: full face, open face, and dual sport helmet.

The electric heated Ignite technology, along with dual-pane, anti-scratch, and anti-fog shield, gives you a clear vision even in extreme conditions.

The removal breath box, internal flip-down sun visor, and adjustable venting give you more comfort as you can adjust the features of this helmet according to your requirements.

Another prominent feature is the Fidlock magnetic strap buckle that allows smooth one-handed operation, even while wearing your snowmobile gloves.

It has some other things that make it one of the best helmets for snowmobilers, which we will discuss below.

If you don’t believe what I say, then you should look at the customer reviews of 509 Delta R3 Helmet, and see yourself what they say about it.

A Short Video Review of 509 Delta R3 Helmet

Below, you can check the current price of this helmet.

Let’s Break It Down

509 Delta R3 2.0 Helmet Review

If you are looking for a lightweight dual sport helmet, look no further. Delta R3 brings to you the most outstanding dual sport helmet, the carbon Fiber helmet by 509. It is incredibly light; it’s about a half-pound lighter than the regular R3. It definitely ensures the rider’s safety.

509 Delta R3 Helmet feature

The carbon fiber, however, does not have the drop-down sun visor, but the regular R3 does. It does have a dual-pane electric shield. The nicest things about a dual sport helmet are that you can wear it with goggles or take the visor off and wear it as a full-face helmet. You can also take off the shield and wear it as an open-faced helmet.

509 Delta R3 Ignite Helmet

This helmet suits the best in places where the weather keeps changing frequently. You can also pop the shield off and team it up with any of the 509 goggles. This is one of the top features of 509 helmets, you can wear any 509 snow goggles along with your helmet, and they’ll be 100% compatible.

But, if you want to wear goggles of some other brand, then you may find some difficulty. Like, Blenders Eyewear Goggles are quite famous, but you may find some issues when you try to wear them with your 509 R3 Helmet.

If you want to record your riding experience, then you should try mounting a camera on your snowmobile helmet, and this helmet is perfect for that.

Other Features

Breath box

On the off chance that you need to appreciate agreeable, mist-free rides on your snowmobile, a helmet breath box is an excellent alternative to go. Designed to sit firmly over your nose and around your face, a breath box eliminates fogging in your helmet’s inside that can develop within your face shield from the rider’s breath.

A breath box controls your breath out and down of the helmet’s base, hence being successful in counteracting condensation. 

Breath boxes can likewise also help protect your exposed skin from cold air when riding in colder atmospheres or winter. 

Three Configuration Options

In the 509 Delta Helmet, there are three configurations.

Open face, full face, and dual sport Delta R3 Helmet

Chin curtain

Chin curtains like the name suggest covers your chin from cold air getting in through your helmet. Not only air but grit and dust too enter through any slight opening present in and around the helmet and get stuck in the closed frame inside. Chin curtain guards your chin as well as acts as a deflector. The primary purpose is to keep you warm, and it does that just fine. 

This is a great feature that protects you from cold air. When you wear this helmet over your snowmobiling face mask, it’ll give you 100% protection from cold wind.


The helmet comes with Fidlock technology as well. It is a patented fastener technology that offers several advantages:

  • It enables the wearer virtually automatic closing 
  • It permits the fasteners to be opened in a very user-friendly manner by using just one hand – even while wearing gloves.
  • The fasteners are highly reliable, sturdy, and secure.

Slidable neodymium magnets combined with stable mechanical locking are used to make the fidlock sturdy and reliable. This results in two different procedures that are used to open and close the fastener.

Because of these features, the 509 Delta R3 2.0 Helmet is one of the best snowmobiling helmets in 2021.

Color options in 509 R3 Helmet

DOT standard

This helmet is DOT rated, so it is very safe to be worn. DOT stands for “Department of Transportation.”The standard is FMVSS 218, that is, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218, Motorcycle Helmets, and it is only applicable to helmets sold in the U.S. for on-road use.

Who Can Use 509 Delta R3 Helmet?

Anybody with an explicit exuberance for riding, be it a snowmobile or a motorcycle, can use this helmet. For snowmobile riders, this helmet provides various interesting and helpful features to beat the cold while also riding safely. Features like Fidlock, breath box, chin curtain aids in a smooth riding experience in the snow.

Same for motorcycle riders, as it is DOT approved, this helmet is very safe to be worn on the road.

Final Words

If you’re looking for the best or just planning to replace your helmet, this review of 509 Delta R3 Hemet is for you. Mind you guys, the purpose of a helmet is to protect you from unforeseen accidents. Helmets come in as lifesavers in dire situations.

Therefore, never should you take the importance of a helmet for granted. And always follow safety measures when going for a ride. I hope this article was enlightening. 

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