About Us

Hi, I am Thomas Miller, the creator of this website. I love adventure sports, especially, Snowmobiling.

What really got me hooked up with snowmobiling is that it is adventurous. I can feel the adrenaline rushing down my spine and trust me it is one of the best feelings ever. 

So, when it’s winter, I pack my gear up and go for a fun and adventurous ride on my Polaris Snowmobile. 

However, one thing I forgot to mention. On the way out, I usually have a little fun ice-fishing and yes, you can find out about ice-fishing too on this website!

So as a snowmobile connoisseur and ice-fishing enthusiast, I can guide you through all the necessary details about these two activities.  

My Mission

Like the way, I mentioned before, it was never the same from the start. It took me great courage and guts to land my first snowmobile on the ground and ride it properly. 

It took me way longer to get the hang of it and due to the fact that I had little to no prior experience and knowledge about snowmobiles, IO really struggled at first. 

Also, every next year, I find some of my gear is out of order due to my bad storing habits and my snowmobile is making some weird noises and not starting at all!  

So, it is quite necessary to have prior knowledge and expertise to get the most out of this adventurous sports activity. 

Without adequate precautions, things can go downhill real quick and it can leave a dark scar in your memory that was never supposed to happen in the first place. 

But, don’t get too overwhelmed by this! Trust me, snowmobiles are fun and safe once you know how to operate them properly.

So, my mission is to make your snowmobile journey better and more fun! 

Why Did I Create This Website?

At first, when I searched about snowmobiles on the internet, there was no single website that had all the necessary ointment for snowmobiles or ice fishing.

So I decided to create this website for all my fellow snowmobile and ice fishing enthusiasts and build a unique community around it.

My vision was not only to publish beginner guides on how to ride snowmobiles or go on ie fishing but to also recommend to you all the best gears that are available on the market. 

I firmly believe that great gears make your ride more joyous.

So, hopefully, with all my experiences I will be able to help you not break an ankle on your next snowmobile ride!