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Over the past few years, we have used and tested many expensive as well as cheap shovels, and we came to the conclusion that the Backcountry Access D-2 EXT Dozer Shovel and BCA Dozer 1T Shovel are the best options for snowmobiling. These BCA extendable shovels meet the UIAA standards for avalanche rescue shovels, so you can rely on them in emergency situations when your sled is stuck in the deep snow.

Our Hand-Picked Suggestions

Best Snowmobile Shovels

BackCountry Access D-2 EXT Dozer Shovel

Through our rigorous testing process, we found that the BackCountry Access D-2 EXT Dozer Shovel stood out as our top choice. The robustness of this tool became apparent as we dug through different snow conditions during our trials. Its ergonomic handle and well-designed blade made snow removal almost effortless, providing us with speed and efficiency that was unmatched by the other shovels.

With its compact size, the D-2 EXT Dozer fits snugly into any snowmobile storage compartment, making it a reliable companion for backcountry adventures. It was this combination of durability, performance and convenience that made it our favorite of the lot.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the BackCountry Access D-2 EXT Dozer Shovel is slightly heavier than the other shovels we tested. Despite its weight, the shovel is well built and strong, which contributes to its exceptional performance during snow removal.

While the BackCountry Access D-2 EXT Dozer Shovel is a little bit on the pricey side compared to its competitors, it’s important to note that you’re investing in a tool that is durable, efficient, and convenient.

Another standout feature of the BackCountry Access D-2 EXT Dozer Shovel is that it comes with a folding saw. In our testing, we found it to work really well, especially when tasked with cutting through smaller branches. This can be incredibly handy in a variety of situations in the backcountry, further solidifying the shovel’s place as a reliable all-rounder tool for snowmobiling adventures.


  • Excellent durability due to robust construction.
  • The ergonomic handle and well-designed blade allow for quick, efficient snow removal.
  • Compact size fits snugly into snowmobile storage compartments.
  • Includes a folding saw, handy for cutting small branches.


  • Slightly heavier than competitors, which could be burdensome for some users.
  • More expensive than other models in the market.

BCA Dozer 1T Shovel

The BCA Dozer 1T Shovel offers some unique qualities that set it apart in the crowded market of snow shovels. One standout feature is BCA’s flat “stomp edge” on the blade. This unique design allows you to penetrate virtually any material simply by adding your body weight. This came in handy when we were trying to break into hard-packed snow or ice. Furthermore, the shovel is equipped with auto-engaging spring pins at the blade/shaft connection, which make for faster assembly and deployment. This feature proved useful when time was of the essence, as in an avalanche rescue scenario.

The shovel’s design is sleek and compact, with no protruding ferrule or “neck,” which allows it to lie flat in your pack, leaving more room for other backcountry gear – a detail that was appreciated during our snowmobiling adventures. It’s worth noting, all BCA extendable shovels are designed to meet the UIAA standard for avalanche rescue shovels, adding an extra layer of reassurance.

However, one detail to note is the lack of a folding saw – a tool that can be quite handy out in the snowy wilderness.


  • The unique “stomp edge” design allows for efficient penetration into hard snow or ice.
  • Auto-engaging spring pins contribute to faster, hands-free assembly and deployment.
  • Compact design means it fits easily into a backpack, leaving room for other gear.
  • Meets the UIAA standard for avalanche rescue shovels.


  • The folding saw is not present

Overmont Collapsible Snow Shovel

The Overmont Collapsible Snow Shovel is an impressive tool that stands out among more economical options. It boasts a comfortable handle grip, which allows for effortless snow digging, even when compared with other budget shovels. The shovel’s collapsibility adds to its convenience, allowing it to be stored compactly in a snowmobile backpack, which we found particularly useful during our snowmobiling trips. Another significant advantage of the Overmont shovel is its price point, which is decidedly lower than that of the BCA shovels.

However, it’s important to remember that while the Overmont shovel outperforms other cheap shovels, it does not quite match the performance of a BCA shovel.

Notably, the Overmont Collapsible Snow Shovel is a steal for its price. Costing less than $40, this shovel offers benefits close to the higher-priced shovels like BCA, but at a fraction of the cost. It’s a great value for money considering its robust performance, compact design, and the comfort it provides during use. It’s definitely a worthy investment for any snowmobiling enthusiast.


  • Better grip and comfort compared to other cheap shovels
  • Collapsible and fits easily in a snowmobile backpack
  • Affordable price point


  • Performance doesn’t match that of higher-end shovels like BCA

How We Tested Snow Shovels & What We Found

There are many shovels available, and testing them to see which one is good for snowmobiling looks unnecessary at first because they’re not costly, you can purchase a shovel for less than $30. But, that’s the common mistake people make because sometimes riders purchase and ride with cheap shovels, and when their sled gets stuck in the deep snow, and they try to unstuck their sled, their shovel breaks. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I know a few people who faced this situation.

Using a cheap shovel in the backcountry during an emergency is dangerous. Therefore, we purchased and tested a few shovels. The most important thing you want is the durability. If you purchase a shovel for snowmobiling purposes, then your shovel should be durable & strong because you’ll use it only in emergency situations.

Another important thing is that it should be foldable so that you can pack it in your backpack. You can also strap it on your tunnel bag. Many times, a sled gets stuck in the snow in such a way that it becomes difficult to reach the tunnel bag and take out the shovel. Therefore, based on my experience, I recommend getting an extendable shovel and carrying it in your backpack instead of your tunnel bag.

When we were testing multiple shovels, we clearly noticed that the shovels of Backcountry Access were much stronger than the shovels of other cheap brands. They’re durable, strong, and foldable. If you don’t know about Backcountry Access, it’s one of the best brands that make a lot of stuff including emergency safety gear like avalanche backpacks, shovels, radios, etc.

The BackCountry Access D-2 EXT Dozer Shovel is our top pick as the best snowmobile shovel because it is durable, and comes with a folding saw. I’ll not bore you with the details of the material, but the folding saw is also durable, and we were able to cut tree branches easily. Of course, it’s not comparable to the big electric saw but in the backcountry, a small folding saw can make a difference.

The BCA Dozer 1T Shovel is our best value-for-money pick. The Dozer 1T shovel costs nearly half the D-2 EXT Dozer, but still, it’s way more durable than the other cheap shovels out there because all the BCA shovels meet the UIAA standard for avalanche rescue shovels. When it comes to the cheap shovels, I really doubt that those cheap shovels are designed to meet the UIAA standards because, during our testing when we were digging snow quickly, the handle of one shovel broke into two pieces.

The Overmont Folding Emergency Snow Shovel was good. Clearly, it’s not comparable to BCA shovels, but its handle was quite comfortable as compared to other cheap shovels. When we were digging snow, we clearly noticed the difference in the comfort & grip. It was slightly better than the other ones available online. The D-2 EXT Dozer has the best grip followed by the BCA Dozer 1T.

Now, it’s up to you which shovel you want to buy. But, I recommend the BCA D-2 EXT Dozer and BCA Dozer 1T Shovel.

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