5 Best Alpaca Blankets in 2023: Warm and Beautiful

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With an ocean of Alpaca blankets in the market, it surely gets confusing when you are trying to buy one.

Add to this fact that Alpacas are quite expensive material and you want the best when you invest in these. I’ve been there myself. 

We love alpaca wool in our family and I think I’m the right person to make this list of some of the best ones we’ve found over the years.

Read through to help narrow down the search for the best Alpaca throw blankets this season.

Best Alpaca Blankets

Maloca Alpaca Throw Blanket

One of the softest and lightest Alpaca blankets out there, the Maloca Alpaca throws come in as a touch of luxury, warmth, and style on this list.

Made with the rarest 100% Pure Royal Alpaca Fiber and a gorgeous Herringbone knit, these elevate the room like no other. The patterns are especially visible on the grey ones and are one of my favorites. 

The hollow nature of the Alpaca wools allows these blankets a lightness and breathability like no other. Add to this, the incredible amount of insulation on these blankets. We’ve had this one in the family for a long time but it remains my favorite to this day.

maloca alpaca throw blanket review

It is perfect for those with wool allergies or who have sensitive skin as these don’t contain lanolin or any reactants from regular wool to prevent itch. The smoothness and silkiness of this wool are also such that everyday wool scratches are completely ruled out. I honestly have not felt such softness for the level of insulation they provide.

It’s incredible for when I need a throw indoors or wanna take it for travel because these are warm while being soft and lightweight. 

This blanket seems to run thin for some who are looking for really warm and insulating blankets. However, as a throw-on, I think these are perfectly luxurious piece that does an excellent job of bringing luxury and extra warmth into the home.


  • Soft and lightweight material
  • Easy maintenance
  • Beautiful Herringbone knit and color options
  • Amazing Drape


  • Too thin 
  • Expensive

Alpaca Home Cityscape Throw Blanket

These soft and premium alpaca blankets are perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones. Made with 100% baby Alpaca wool, they are carefully and organically crafted by the artisans in Peru.

Like most Alpaca products, they are warm and lightweight blankets but the baby Alpaca wool is exceptionally soft compared to regular Alpaca wool for an extra touch of the luxurious.

Alpaca wools are naturally hypoallergenic and flame-retardant without adding chemical treatments, making them perfect for all types of skin. With these, you don’t have to worry about wool-scratch itches and allergic reactions.

alpaca home cityscape throw blanket review

The best standout feature of this is the easy maintainable aspect of them. They are wrinkle-resistant even though they are very soft and easy to clean.

With varied options of colors, they will go with any interior design and color scheme that your room has and add a touch of elegance with its fluffy tweed look.


  • Warm without overheating
  • Breathable and light
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not suitable for extreme cold

Qisu Alpaca Wool Throw Blanket

For those looking for slightly bigger and heavier throws, the Qisu Alpaca Blankets are a great choice. It is a soft knit blanket crafted with premium-grade Alpaca wool made by hand in Ecuador by artisans.

These are extremely soft and cozy for the indoors and come in many colored and striped options. 

The edges on these are a unique stand-out feature on these blankets as they are protected and reinforced by superior craftsmanship to prevent flaring and damage when used regularly, guaranteeing a long-lasting product.

Qisu alpaca wool throw blanket review

In this incredible list, the Qisu might be the most related to a blanket than a throw and is meant more specifically for the indoors as a warm blanket. 

Even though they are extremely soft and warm, or maybe because of it, there have been complaints about shedding and pilling. You might want to take extra caution with the wash of these blankets.


  • Big size and well-insulated
  • Extremely soft and lightweight
  • Reinforced edges to prevent unraveling and flaring


  • Issues of shedding and pilling
  • Not easy maintenance

Alpaca Warehouse Heavyweight Alpaca Wool Blanket

I love these Alpaca Warehouse Blankets. Incredibly warm and breathable without getting overheated and stuffy underneath, they are a go-to during the fall and early winter seasons. 

It is carefully crafted and reinforced to make for the perfect piece that lasts you a lifetime and remains in good condition too.

This blanket is fabricated from elite materials from Peru. The luxurious feel and comfortable weight are bonuses to the Peruvian Alpaca wool blanket’s warmth and insulation.

Alpaca Warehouse Heavyweight Alpaca Wool Blanket review

The ultra-thick fabric guarantees to keep you warm while the alpaca and wool mixture allows them to remain light and comfortable for easy and convenient packing.

The Alpaca House heavyweight blanket is designed to reduce itchiness with its premium Alpaca wool.

The 50% wool mix on these blankets means they are not friendly for those with wool allergies. I have also noticed a little shedding over the years with machine wash. It is best to hand wash them. 


  • Extremely warm and breathable
  • Various size options
  • Hemmed for prevention of flaring


  • Natural wool smell present
  • Blended with 50% wool and might limit it to those with lanolin allergy

DAVLINA, Alpaca Wool Throw Blanket

The Davlina Alpaca Wool Blankets look and feel very cozy and soft and have the most gorgeous color combination to match any style deco you go for. 

Made with a blend of 80% high-quality Alpaca wool and 20% Acrylic, they give you the longevity, shape, and versatility that a good blanket requires.

As they are made largely of Alpaca, they come all soft and incredibly lightweight for the queen size that it is. Add to this the insulation and breathability and you have one of the best alpaca blankets in your hand. 

davlina alpaca wool throw blanket review


They have stitched edges to make them less likely to frazzle and lose shape and make it incredibly easy to maintain them. My favorite thing about them is that you can easily throw them in the washing machine.

You may, however, find a lot of shedding and fuzziness with these blankets.


  • Warm and incredibly light
  • Breathable material
  • Good color and design
  • Inseamed and made to last long


  • Fuzz and pilling after some wash
  • Issue of shedding

How To Choose The Best Alpaca Blankets

Type of Alpaca Fiber

Learn about the type of fibers available. Different fibers come with different characteristics and benefits. You must choose the best Alpaca fiber according to your needs.

Huacaya fiber is dense and crimped and gives the blankets a springy, fluffy texture. These are perfect for warm and cozy blankets. The fiber is also curly and adds to the level of insulation of the blankets. 

Suri Alpaca fibers are silky and straight and have a smooth look making for a luxurious and lustrous throw. The natural sheen and luster on these make them perfect for decorative throws and as wear for warmer winters. 

Blend of Fiber

Many Alpaca blankets are blended with other fibers and it is advised to pay attention to the blend of Alpaca before you make a purchase. Pure Alpaca are the softest and warmest but they run a little pricey so you can opt for ones with some blends.

best alpaca blankets review in 2023

Some Alpaca blankets are blended with wool and may prove disastrous for those with an allergy to wool. Other blends may be with synthetic fibers and cotton and you should opt for blends according to the climate of your area.

Quality and grade

The best Alpaca blankets will come with the highest-grade Alpaca wool. The higher your alpaca’s grade, the softer and more luxurious is but along with this will come the price rise.

Look at the grade of your Alpaca blankets before you buy them to make sure they are of the highest grade according to your needs.

Other aspects

Other aspects like the weight and thickness of your Alpaca blankets will also play an important role in the purchase of the best Alpaca throw blanket for you. The warmer you want it, the thicker you should purchase, and vice versa.

With a variety of options out there, you can leisurely choose the best colors and designs that suit your decor and purpose the best. This also leads to the level of maintenance that your throw will need according to the use. 

The size, stitching, color, texture, and price are all aspects important to keep in mind. White or other light-colored throws are a bad idea for heavy use while, earthy darker colors will require less maintenance. Keep all your preferences and the purpose of your purchase in mind to get the best Alpaca blanket for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Are alpaca blankets warm?

Alpaca blankets are extremely warm due to the wool’s hollow, microscopic air pockets that help them insulate and keep warmth in. This feature also makes Alpaca Blankets extremely light and breathable allowing for quick drying in case of sweat or trapped moisture. Alpaca wool is some of the warmest and softest materials without overheating or feeling stuffy.

How do you wash an alpaca blanket?

Most Alpaca blankets can be washed in the washing machine with cold water, gentle detergent, and on a gentle cycle. Some blended ones might need you to hand wash them for extra caution. It is always wise to read the manufacturer’s care instructions for the best ways to clean your Alpaca blankets. Avoid squeezing your Alpaca blankets after washing as this will destroy the shape and fold of these blankets.

How much do alpaca blankets typically cost?

Alpaca wool is limited and comes from specific regions driving their price up. The cost of these blankets will depend on various factors like the quality of the wool, the brand, the blend of wool, the size, etc. Approximately, they tend to range between $100 to $200.

Are alpaca blankets worth it?

Alpaca Blankets are luxurious and come with many benefits that are lacking in others like the level of insulation, breathability, and lightweight. Add to this, the lack of allergens and the incredible softness and silkiness, they tend to cost a pretty penny. But the guarantee of long-lasting and premium-grade quality makes them worth every penny!


Alpaca blankets are a great and luxurious way to add elegance and warmth to your home. 

Getting yourself the best alpaca Blankets best suited to your preference and needs is the only good way to purchase these expensive gifts. The knowledge of the best available in the market will greatly help you in the journey of finding the ones that suit you best.

Whether you are looking for stylish home décor, a lightweight cuddle blanket, or a heavy-duty blanket for outdoor camping, it all comes down to your specific needs and preferences when choosing which Alpaca blanket is best for you.

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