Best Alpaca Blankets for 2020-21 Winter: Tried & Tested

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Fall and winter seasons are just around the corner. Fill your home with the most premium Alpaca blankets and cozy up this winter weather.

Alpaca wool is recognized to be one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world that takes its rightful place in the elite global fashion lines.

People love it for its extreme softness incomparable to cashmere and cotton, and its breathable warmth that surpasses that of a sheep’s wool.

Alpaca wool is also famous for its lightweight feel that gives warmth without the bulk and feels light as air.

Although this luxury fiber is fine and light, it has extreme durability and strength and can last longer than cashmere, silk, and wools. Truly, an all-around, all-weather friendly fiber.

Best Alpaca Blankets in 2020

Alpaca Home Cityscape Throw Blanket

Add some sophistication and luxurious feel to your home with the Cityscape throw blanket by Alpaca Home. This soft and premium blanket is made with 100% baby Alpaca wool and guaranteed to be sustainably and carefully crafted by the artisans in Peru.

The breathable baby Alpaca wool material of the blanket has microscopic air pockets in every fiber that forms a thermal cushion to keep you warm during the cold weather. It is lightweight and thin but incredibly warm perfect for indoor stays and outdoor traveling.

Baby Alpaca wool is extremely soft even when compared to regular Alpaca wool giving you a more luxurious feel. It is also naturally hypoallergenic and flame-retardant without the addition of chemical treatments making it a safe choice for everyone.

The Cityscape throw blanket is available in seven rich color options. It has a 78 inches X 51 inches size perfect for two people and a touch of fringes on the side for a modern yet rustic look. However, a few have observed that the fringes can flare up easily.

  • Made with 100% baby Alpaca wool
  • Lightweight and thin
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and flame-retardant
  • Wide color choices
  • Large size
  • Fringes can flare up

Maloca Alpaca Throw Blanket

If we’re talking about luxury, the Maloca Alpaca throw blanket is one of the best alpaca blankets you can find. It takes pride in giving luxurious quality with the finest and rarest 100% Pure Royal Alpaca Fiber. Maloca Alpaca exults in offering the highest level of workmanship, quality, and service.

Alpaca fiber has little air pockets responsible for keeping the blanket light and breathable yet extremely insulating keeping your body warm in cold temperature without overheating. It doesn’t contain lanolin or any reactants from regular wool to prevent itch and scratches on the skin.

Maloca’s Alpaca wool is ethically and sustainably sourced. They take pride in providing a significantly low environmental impact for an eco-friendly collection while delivering the highest standards of products.

Maloca Alpaca throw blanket measures 180 x 130 centimeters and is available in eight diverse colors and features fringes at the end. The blanket is extremely lightweight perfect for indoors and travels however, others observed that it is a little too thin and too lightweight.

  • Made with 100% Pure Royal Alpaca Fiber
  • Light and breathable
  • Lanolin-free
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Wide color choices
  • Large size
  • A little too thin and too lightweight

Qisu Alpaca Wool Throw Blanket 

If you’re looking for the perfect cuddle blanket this cold weather, don’t look any further than the Qisu Alpaca blanket. It is a soft knit blanket crafted with premium-grade Alpaca wool made by hand in Ecuador by artisans.

This carefully crafted Alpaca blanket offers extreme softness for a cozy feel indoor. The premium alpaca wool provides breathable warmth while efficiently regulating body heat to prevent overheating. It is naturally hypoallergenic for people who are sensitive to wool.

Beauty and style are also one of the highlights of the Qisu alpaca blanket. It comes in nine variety of colors and vibrant designs to fit any home and taste. It has a queen-size measurement of 85 inches x 65 inches perfect to cuddle up with. The edges are protected and reinforced by superior craftsmanship to prevent flaring and damage when using regularly which guarantees a long-lasting product.

However, others have had complaints about lint and shedding problems they’ve experienced when washing the blanket.

  • Crafted with premium-grade Alpaca wool
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wide color choices
  • Attractive designs
  • Queen-size
  • Edges are protected and reinforced
  • Lint and shedding problems

Alpaca Warehouse Heavyweight Alpaca Wool Blanket

This Alpaca Warehouse Heavyweight Alpaca blanket is perfect for camping outdoors or staying indoors during cold winter nights. It is carefully crafted to deliver the ultimate comfortable experience ever.

This blanket is fabricated from elite materials from Peru. It is designed to have extreme durability and the highest quality that guarantees the blanket to last for many years. The luxurious feel and comfortable weight are bonuses to the warmth and insulation that the Peruvian wool blanket offers.

The ultra-thick fabric guarantees to keep you warm but it is also light enough so you can travel with it conveniently. The Alpaca House heavyweight blanket is designed to reduce itchiness with its premium Alpaca wool.

It is available in three different sizes in king (110 x 90″”), queen (97 x 92″”) and twin (82 x 62″”) to fit your every camping or cuddling need. However, a few have noticed the blanket is prone to minimal shedding.

  • Made with premium Alpaca wool
  • Ultra-thick fabric
  • Has a comfortable weight
  • Available in large sizes
  • Prone to minimal shedding

AndeanSun Authentic Alpaca Throw Blanket

Designed with versatility, style, warmth, and comfort in mind is the AndeanSun Alpaca blanket. This blanket is a great match for your home décor to add some spice to your space as well as an all-around blanket that keeps you warm but still breathable.

This blanket is made with a blend of three fibers namely, 50% Alpaca, 35% wool, and 15% synthetic fiber. This composition allows for easy care and preservation of the natural qualities of Alpaca wool. The Alpaca fiber holds tiny pockets of air inside that provide the best natural thermal insulation in cold or warm environments.

Alpaca wool is naturally moisture-wicking and antibacterial. It is also lanolin-free to reduce itchiness for people who have sensitive skin.

The AndeanSun Alpaca blanket measures 65 inches x 52 inches. It is available in five beautiful and modern designs. However, others observed that the colors are a bit muted and dull. A few have also noticed that the blanket sheds more than typical wool blankets.

  • Made with a blend of Alpaca fibers, wool, and synthetic fibers
  • Moisture-wicking and antibacterial
  • Lanolin-free
  • Wide selection of colors and designs
  • Shedding problems
  • Colors are a bit muted

Final Words

From chilly fall evenings to the dead of winter, Alpaca blankets are a great and luxurious way to enjoy cold weather. Nowadays, there are plenty of Alpaca products that make a storm in the market. Whether you are looking for a stylish home décor, a lightweight cuddle blanket, or a heavy-duty blanket for outdoor camping, there are plenty of overwhelming choices. It all comes down to your specific needs and preferences when choosing which Alpaca blanket is for you.

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