3 Best Alpaca Socks in 2020: Warmest Alpaca Socks

Foot care during your winter endeavors is of paramount concern especially while snowmobiling in the drastic winter temperatures in the snow. The right pair of shoes and socks for your feet should be taken into consideration while purchasing your gear for your snowmobile rides.

The woolen socks have been used since time immemorial for the winters by the infants as well as the adults. They have been universally considered by each and everyone blindly as the winter sets in.

What if I tell you that there are other better alternatives for the woolen socks? The Alpaca socks are the best alternative for your winter wear to keep your look classy and warm. Alpaca socks with its varied options with different styles available in the market can be a tricky job for you to choose the best one.

As you read further through this article, your idea about buying the best alpaca socks would be clear with the vast knowledge of alpaca socks and its benefits.

Comparison of Top-Rated Alpaca Socks

ProductOur RatingCurrent Price
Warrior Alpaca Socks 9.8/10Check Price
Alpaca Ski Socks9.7/10Check Price
Alpaca Socks Made in USA9.5/10Check Price
Alpaca Wool Socks9.4/10Check Price
American Mammoth Alpaca Socks 9.2/10Check Price

Alpaca Socks vs. Wool Socks

The fleece of Alpaca is as soft as cashmere and warmer than the sheep’s wool. They are hypoallergenic unlike the wool of the sheep which causes rashes as soon as comes in contact with the body. The wool is even poor absorber of sweat from the body and stinks if worn for a longer period of time.

The alpaca fleece absorbs the sweat from the body and allows the air to pass through the material to allow the material to be breathable and prevents the stinking of the clothes. They have the anti-odor feature them, unlike the sheep’s wool.

Alpaca socks vs wool socks

You would not believe but they are even waterproof in nature making it the most unique choice for the winters as you have to walk on those snowy wet roads. They are extremely durable than the sheep’s wool and gives a luxurious feel to the touch. It is an amazing choice for earth-conscious lovers.

Why you should buy Alpaca Socks?

The alpaca socks with all its unique and amusing features have already drawn the customers’ attention towards them. They are preferred over the woolen socks and have been trending ever since people have found about them.

They are warmer and softer than the sheep’s wool with a lavish feel to the touch adding to the jaw-dropping features of this fleece. They are even hypoallergenic as it lacks lanolin which is known to be found in sheep’s wool that causes severe irritation. They are waterproof because of its remarkable moisture-wicking qualities.

Best Alpaca Socks in 2020

Best Alpaca Socks 2019

Warrior Alpaca Socks

The warrior manufactures the supreme quality alpaca socks offering the warmest and most comfortable socks available in the market. They come with a unique comfort band to offer the ultimate heaven to your feet while you are enjoying the snow in winters.

These Alpaca socks are made from the blending of natural Alpaca and other synthetic fibers. The proprietary blend consists of 47% Alpaca, 38% Acrylic, 9% Nylon and 6% Lycra. They are 100% free of wool as the wool contains lanolin that causes severe irritation and rashes to the skin.

The Warrior Alpaca socks are hypoallergenic as the lanolin present in wool is absent in these thus preventing any kind of itching or rashes on the body. Unlike the wool, the alpaca allows your feet to breathe through the material to offer comfort and peace.

They use the extra thick terry lined crew that is lined from the tip of the toe to the opening of the sock. This terry line crew offers the buyer with utmost softness and additional protection against the chilling cold weather. They also provide extra comfort to your feet and help you to fight through the cold feet continually.

These Alpaca socks have the best thermal properties in the market and the naturally soft fiber keeps your feet surrounded all over to keep them warm throughout the day. The reinforced cuff of the socks is lax and non-restrictive. They also have the best moisture-wicking properties that keep your feet dry and warm all day long. They also repel odor due to the anti-odor feature.

The Warrior Alpaca socks also offer arch support to the toe and heel to keep them supported and relaxed. They come in four different sizes ranging from small to extra-large in four different colors.

Although, they are little on the expensive side but wearing these would do a favor to your feet. These are literally the antidote to the cold feet.

Pure Athlete Alpaca Ski Socks

The Pure Athlete brand has been leading the globe in the ski socks market for years now. They have been designing the supreme quality and the best-selling ski socks in the United States from time immemorial. They have been using the most innovative and advanced technology to manufacture the perfect ski sock for the winter adventure lovers.

They have been spending hours to perfect their skills and offer the buyer with the finest ski sock in the market. They use the finest yarns to manufacture the most durable and long-lasting ski sock that lasts for season after season.

These are made up of the blending of 60% Alpaca wool, 30% nylon and 10% Spandex. They are the multi-purpose ski socks used for trekking, winter sports, ice skating, snowshoeing, hiking, etc. The alpaca wool has the moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry and warm throughout the day.

They wick away the moisture and prevent your feet from stinking to keep it odor-free all through the day. This also prevents to cause itchiness in your feet and does not allow forming blisters. They are specially manufactured to fit your feet perfectly.

They not only come in different kinds of stylish designs but also have a mid-weight thickness to offer the perfect blend of luxury and relaxation. They offer you with a lifetime warranty and come in four different sizes for both men and women differently.

They are easy to wash in machines and extremely strong. The only disappointment the buyers felt about the product is the fit of these socks as they are either too loose or tight otherwise they are the warmest and most relaxed pair of socks.

Williamston Alpaca Socks

The Williamston Alpaca socks are manufactured in the USA to offer their clients the comfort and warmth of the Alpaca fleece. They are made by blending in 78% Alpaca, 20% nylon and 2% Lycra to keep the socks durable and last long for seasons.

The blended material used to manufacture the socks provides the socks the extra softness and added protection against the cold weather. They help you to fight the cold-feet during the season by keeping your feet warm all along the day.

These socks are highly durable and can be worn for hours together without causing any discomfort to the buyer. The Williamston uses the soft terry loop design that keeps on growing softer on washing. They are extremely warm and soft than the socks made up of sheep’s wool. They even offer support to the ankles and arch to keep your feet relaxed.

The Alpaca socks from Williamston have the moisture-wicking properties that keep the moisture away from the fleece to keep your feet dry and comfortable over a wide range of temperatures. They also prevent the stinking of the socks as they have an anti-odor feature. They are even hypoallergenic as the Alpaca fleece is devoid of lanolin that irritates the skin upon contact.

They offer the buyer with the perfect snug-fit and keep up with their shape for a long period of time. These alpaca socks are renewable in nature thus are environmental-friendly with no worries for washing. They don’t even shrink on continuous washing but you have to use warm water to wash them.

They are available in the market in three different sizes in four different color varieties. The only flaw of these socks is they need a lit bit of extra attention while washing otherwise it is going to socks for your winters.

Alpaca Socks Buying Guide

How to Buy Alpaca Socs

With so many varied options available in the market, it has become quite confusing for the customers to purchase the best pair of alpaca socks for them. There are a few things listed below that a buyer should consider before purchasing these alpaca socks.

Comfort of Fabric

The alpaca fleece is a natural fiber and is eco-friendly to nature thus preferred most by the environment lovers. They are extremely soft and warm like the cashmere with additional features. They are hypoallergenic in nature which is an exquisite feature of these alpaca socks. The alpaca fiber is free of lanolin that is present in the woolen fibers which causes severe irritation to the skin on contact.

They are exclusively and have amusingly wonderful thermal properties. They trap the heat of the body and maintain the temperature to keep you warm and protected during winter. They have the finest moisture-wicking properties that somewhat makes them waterproof in nature. They have lustrous look with lavish feel to the touch.

These features should be kept in mind while buying alpaca socks so that you are not cheated over false look-alike materials sold as alpaca.


The alpaca socks come in a variety of styles and patterns for gathering the attention of the customers towards them. It is nice to have different kinds of socks in your wardrobe with different designs and colors. This allows you to experiment with your looks and also know better what fits your foot the best according to your requirements.

However, you might be thinking that all alpaca socks are the best available socks in the market which not completely true. The alpaca socks are manufactured by blending in a small amount of other materials as well to keep them durable and last longer for a decent period of time. A whole alpaca sock would shrink and wear if worn on a regular basis thus it would be a total waste of money.

Therefore, rather than buying 100% alpaca fabric socks it’s better to purchase an alpaca blended sock for your use during snowmobiling.


The quality of the Alpaca socks depends on the makers of the sock and the material used by them at the end of the manufacturing process. There are a number of makers who are inexperienced thus ruin the whole material at the end with their inexpert and unknown skills. These skills-fewer makers do not take the end-use into consideration and eventually degrades the quality of the socks.

The use of different grades of alpaca fleece decides the quality of the end material. If the grades 1 or 2 Alpaca fleece are used in snowmobile socks, it can easily tear and wear through and would be extremely soft that can eventually cause slipping off your socks through the boots.

 If grades 3 or 4 Alpaca are used in hiking socks, it can lead to foot irritation whereas if used for dress sock can cause itchy foot due to the weight of the socks. Therefore, it is very much evident that the makers should keep their research vast and clear to use the right alpaca for each different kind of socks.


If you are in search of the high-performance socks for your winter adventures then you would need to invest some money over it. The cheap socks would not offer you the supreme quality socks with innovative and unique features.

Although, wearing the right pair of comfortable and cozy socks would make the price seem as not that important for you. If you are enjoying your clothing, the price wouldn’t even worry you as it would last for a very long period of time.

The socks made from other materials than alpaca might be inexpensive but they would not be able to offer the features the alpaca socks would offer you. They would not be able to wick away the moisture rather they would hold it in and keep your feet cold and eventually your feet would be prone to blisters all over.


Not only the end-user but also the wholesaler you are buying matters as well to find the best original alpaca socks. Always lookout for a reliable seller while purchasing your alpaca socks so that they can guarantee you the authenticity of the products.

This will also let you have peace of mind as you would be sure that you were not cheated over fake products as you would be properly ensured. Always try to purchase the alpaca socks from a wholesale trader at a wholesale price to get genuine quality. This also ensures that no animal was killed in order to collect the fleece from them.

Final Words

The tips provided in this article would help you to make the best decision while buying the best pair of Alpaca socks for yourself. In winters, proper foot care is a paramount need to avoid blisters and rashes on your feet. If you treat your feet well, they will treat you back with kindness and keep you free from any diseases.

We hope that this article helps you to buy the best and authentic Alpaca socks for you to enjoy the winter at its best.

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