Best Alpaca Sweaters in 2024: For Men & Women

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Alpaca sweaters are all the rage nowadays with their high-performing insulation, level of comfort, breathability, and lightweight. 

These fibers are scarce which has led to their high prices. If you are thinking of investing in one for yourself or as a gift, the deluge of options may seem overwhelming and for the price you’re gonna have to pay, you want the best alpaca sweater out there.

I’ve listed down some of the best Alpaca sweaters in the market today to make the choice so much easier for you!

Best Alpaca Sweaters for Men

NOVICA Handmade Men’s Alpaca Sweater

Coming in as one of the best Alpaca wool sweaters for men is this 100% Alpaca fiber, original handcrafted piece from NOVICA. Specially handcrafted in Peru, these come with official story card certificates.

It comes in a gorgeous multicolored, turtle neck design and guarantees quality and longevity. Even though they are multicolored, it is of natural tones and rather muted and you can wear them casually or even as office wear.

I love wearing these as a casual pullover and they keep me warm and insulated even without a jacket overtop. 

As these are made of 100% Alpaca, the sweater is incredibly breathable and lightweight. It does not matter if I get a little sweaty on my grocery days as these instantly dry and there has never been an odor issue in all my time with it.

One of the softest and most well-crafted sweaters to own or gift your friends and family. 

They are a little on the delicate side and require dry cleaning but with the Guality you’re getting, I think it’s worth it.


  • Incredibly warm and soft
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • 100% Alpaca and hand-crafted in Peru


  • Lack of color options
  • Needs extra care and maintenance

Gamboa Alpaca Cardigan Sweaters for Men

Another hand-crafted, genuine Alpaca knit sweater on this list, the Gamboa Alpaca Cardigan is a great casual option for men.

These are warm and lightweight for everyday use. The 100% Alpaca material guarantees a perfectly well-insulated, moisture-wicking, breathable sweater for the winter.

Coming in with a hood for an extra level of warmth, these are perfect for the fall season and lighter winters. They are hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitivity to wool or other chemical-related sensitivities. The softness of these sweaters also prevents the skin from getting any scratches or itches.

You can wear these comfortably in colder or warmer climates because of how light and breathable they are. The hollow nature of the Alpaca wool allows for insane breathability and insulation at the same time.

I would have gotten these had I not been looking for a more formal look for casual office wear. The design and hood on these make them a little too casual to be office appropriate but these would have been perfect for other wear, especially the affordable price tag on these makes it perfect for casual all-year-round wear.


  • Alpaca wool for incredible warmth, breathability, and lightweight
  • Affordable Alpaca option
  • Wearable with all types of weather
  • Hood for extra warmth in the winter


  • Not fit for all types of wear
  • Not the best-looking design
  • Not machine washable

TINKUY Peru Men’s Alpaca Wool V Neck Sweater Vest

The TINKUY sweater is a vest with a blend of 70% Alpaca and 30% wool. With a variety of options, they are perfect for office wear under other coats or by himself in warmer weather.

It sports a timeless style with a V-neck cut and basic colors from vibrant to neutrals. The simplicity of this style makes it versatile and wearable as casual or formal.

These sweaters are directly sourced from local artisans and the materials are of Peru origin.

They come as lightweight and soft sweaters for the best insulation in the winter and breathability in warmer months. The versatility of these pullovers and their price for the Alpaca products is truly astounding. 

This is a basic piece to add to your wardrobe for an added layer of warmth without being bulky and feeling heavy.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Classic style 
  • Versatile and appropriate for different wear
  • Affordable Alpaca sweater


  • Very thin material
  • Size runs small

Best Alpaca Sweaters for Women

Gamboa Genuine Alpaca Cardigan Sweater for Women

A gorgeous Alpaca cardigan for casual wear during the fall and colder seasons. The Gamboa Genuine Alpaca Cardigan is made of 100% Alpaca yarn for the softest and warmest feel.

The Alpaca wool is characterized by micro air pockets making them extremely light yet able to insulate incredibly.

If you have sensitivity to wool products, these are a great find for you as they are hypoallergenic and do not cause any itches or fiber scratches. My wife only chooses Alpaca wool as they don’t cause her any adverse reactions unlike sheep wool or chemically treated ones.

These sweaters are incredibly light even though they are warm and thus, allow breathability, heat regulation, and moisture wicking. You would be surprised by the various degrees of temperature you can wear them in.

The color white is the best look on this sweater and I like that this one has a zipper closure and a perfectly well-crafted hood for extra coverage in case you need it. Along with this is the perfect length of the sweater for a more put-together look.


  • Warm and cozy
  • Stylish cut with a put-together look
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Fitted cut and might feel too tight for some
  • Thin material

TINKUY Peru Women’s Alpaca Wool V Neck Argyle Cardigan Vest

This sweater is made of a blend of 70% Alpaca and 30% wool to get the best benefits of both and extend the longevity and versatility by a mile.

Coming in on this list as a more formal look, it stands out as a vest that can be office wear, formal wear, or even casual.

With a relaxed fit and button closure, I think these look great on anyone and can be worn in many different ways. The color options on this are also varied and you can choose according to your preference and needs.

The TINKUY Peru Alpaca wool is authentical sourced from farmers for the highest quality. With this, you get the best Alpaca wool sweater that is hypoallergenic and extremely luxurious. 

They are a chic way to spruce up any wardrobe and outfit for the fall season as these are lightweight and breathable. They make for the perfect gifts all year round. 


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Chic and classic style for various occasions
  • Flattering on all body types
  • Can be worn in various weather conditions
  • Easy maintenance and machine washable 


  • Loose knit

Gamboa Alpaca Sweaters for Women

Coming in as the second Gamboa sweater on the ladies’ list, this women’s pullover sweater is also made of 100% Alpaca wool and carries all the best features of Alpaca.

The Alpaca wool makes this sweater really warm and light which is perfect for a cozy winter. I got this as a gift for my wife and she loved how soft these were. 

This is also the perfect sweater for those with an allergy to Sheep wool as they don’t contain lanolin and have a softer feel to them. The Lightness of the sweater allows them excellent ventilation for moisture wicking and heat regulation so you don’t ever feel uncomfortable in this sweater.

They are also designed to fit you perfectly so when you wear these out, it looks very stylish and put together.

This sweater comes in just one color- Black with gold designs and has a hood and a fringed waist which I think is contemporary and unique, and looks amazing for all ladies. You can wear this as your everyday pullover as it goes with almost anything.

The only drawback with this is that you need to hand wash these to keep them in good shape.


  • Warm and cozy pullover
  • Unique and beautiful design
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Tends to run small
  • Not machine washable

How to Choose Alpaca Sweaters

Type of Alpaca fiber used for your sweater

The market largely has the Huacaya and Suri Alpaca fibers and it is important to know the basic difference between them before you purchase an Alpaca sweater. 

The purchase of your purchase will decide which Alpaca fiber sweater to go for. Huacaya fiber is more fluffy and makes for more warm and cozy sweaters as they have springy, fluffy, and curly strands of fiber material.  

Suri Alpaca fibers, on the other hand, are perfect for more luxurious and elegant sweaters as they have a silky and lustrous look that makes them perfect for formal and elegant wear. They are less warm than Huacaya Alpaca fiber as they have silky straight strands and provide for more decorative and luxurious pieces.

Blend of Fiber

The market is filled with Alpaca products that are blended with other wool or synthetic fibers to create different textures and characteristics. It is advised that you pay attention to the blend of your sweater in case you are looking for a certain blend or a 100% Alpaca product.

Some fiber blends make Alpaca wool more suitable for summer while some for winter and some increase luster while others increase durability, it is important to know the purpose of your purchase to choose the right blend for you.

Quality and grade

Even Alpaca wool is graded according to the quality of the fiber. Always choose the highest grade of Alpaca wool as they are the softest and the warmest. Be mindful that the higher grade your Alpaca sweater is on, the higher the price will be too.

When you choose low-graded Alpaca wool, you will find that they are itchier and less lustrous than the best-graded ones. According to your need, whether you are looking for casual wear, formal, office, etc. be mindful of the quality of Alpaca wool you are investing in. 

Additional aspects

When looking for the perfect Alpaca sweater, the basics of warmth, softness, and grade are not all you need to look at. You must keep in mind the weight and thickness your your sweater as they regulate the warmth and comfort of your sweater. Go for thicker and fuzzier sweaters if you are in very cold places. 

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the level of maintenance required to keep your sweaters in top shape. Look for more durable sweaters that can take a machine wash once in a while if you are looking for a daily wear sweater.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Alpaca sweaters worth it?

Alpaca sweaters are slightly more expensive than other wool sweaters and this mat deter most from choosing them but Alpaca sweaters come with benefits and features that put them ahead of others and make them worth every penny. Especially if you get the best Alpaca sweater for you, it is going to last you a long time and for many uses.

Are Alpaca sweaters itchy?

Alpaca sweaters are softer and silkier than most fibers and they also come with no lanolin which causes allergies to many people. The chances of itching are greatly reduced with Alpaca sweaters but there have been some people who find Alpaca sweaters to be slightly itchy and need an undershirt to wear them.

How often do you wash an Alpaca sweater?

The frequency of washing Alpaca sweaters will depend on various factors like the frequency of wear, activities, etc. but in general, washing your Alpaca sweaters twice a week is the best way to go. Often washing might deteriorate these delicate fibers and as they are odor-resistant and don’t trap dirt and moisture, you don’t need daily wash.

Why are Alpaca sweaters so expensive?

Alpaca sweaters are expensive as the source is limited and the demand is high. They are also one of the best natural fibers with ample properties that make them a delicacy, piece of luxury, and elegance. There are many blended options in the market today that go for cheaper.

How long do Alpaca sweaters last?

With the purchase of good Alpaca sweaters and proper care for them, they will last you decades. Even though their softness and lightweight nature characterize them, these fibers are firm and have other properties like water and odor resistance, anti-bacterial,  and dirt resistance that give them a prime lifespan.

How can you tell if an Alpaca sweater is authentic?

There are various methods to determine the authenticity of your Alpaca sweaters. Some of these include; coolness to the touch, water resistance test, electrostatic charge, and lustrous and naturally shiny look.

Can you wash Alpaca sweaters in a washing machine?

You can wash Alpaca sweaters in a washing machine on a gentle cycle and with cold water and gentle detergent. Some sweaters come with care instructions that advise against machine wash. It is best to read the manufacturer’s care instructions for the sweaters before you wash them.


Alpaca wool sweaters will keep your body warm and cozy in the cold or cool and comfortable in the warmer season.

Know the best options out there before you invest in your Alpaca sweaters. Knowing what to look for in your search will narrow down what you are looking for and the market prices of these pieces in 2024.

Aside from Alpaca sweaters, Alpaca wool can also be made into blankets and socks to keep you warm and add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home.

Get the best Alpaca sweater in the market today for yourself or as a gift with the help of this article.

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