Baffin Snowmobile Boots Review: Best Baffin Snow Boots

One important thing that you need to make sure while you go around in the snow or enjoy any sport during winter is to wear the right boots.

The boots have to be very comfortable and in the meantime also keep you warm in spite of the low outside temperatures.

So, it is necessary to buy a quality boot based on the required features for better protection and also compatibility with the sport.

This review provides a good idea about Baffin snowmobile boots that are compatible for snowmobiling.

Comparison of Top-Rated Baffin Snowmobile Boots

ProductOur RatingCurrent Price
Baffin Selkirk Snow Boot9.7/10Check Price
Baffin Wolf Snow Boot9.5/10Check Price
Baffin Impact Insulated Boot9.4/10Check Price
Baffin Tundra Winter Boot9.4/10Check Price
Baffin Crossfire Winter Boot9.3/10Check Price

Baffin Snowmobile Boots Review

Baffin Snowmobiling Boots

Baffin Women’s Snogoose Boots

The Baffin Snogoose Winter Boots are specifically designed for women. For the winter sports, whether you’re going on a snowmobile ride or just any other winter outdoor activity, these Baffin Boots are perfect for you.

If it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that you can’t think about design and fashion. The Snogoose Boots come in many different colors with good design, so you can easily find a pair of boots in your favorite color. So, in this winter season, you can wear your snowmobile monosuit along with warm Baffin Boots, and you’ll ready to hit the snowmobile trails.

When you’re buying winter boots, then the number one requirement is that they should make you feel comfortable and warm. The Baffin Snogoose Boots are tried and tested in the extreme weather conditions, so you can trust them that they’ll keep your feet warm and dry.

If you take a close look at any of the Baffin Boots, you’ll see a small tag showing Polar Proven. This shows that these boots are tried and tested to withstand extreme weather conditions like the North and South Poles.

Baffin Snowmobile Boots

The multi-layer inner boot system keeps your feet warm because the extra body moisture is absorbed by the boots. Along with the 7-layer inner boot system, you’ll get a layer of Thermaplush, which is a soft layer to keep your feet comfortable, but at the same time, it’s also durable.

The outsole and the shell are made with the lightweight synthetic rubber, and this material is recyclable if required.

The Snogoose Boots are tested and proven to keep you comfortable up to -40°F/-40°C.

So, if you want to buy any women’s boots, then no doubt Baffin Snogoose are the perfect boots for you. By wearing them, you can go snowmobiling, ice fishing, winter fun games, and daily activities.

If we talk about the price, then I’ve to say that they’re not costly, but they’re also not cheap. They’re worth the price.

In short, these are the best snowmobile boots in this winter season.

Baffin Crossfire Snowmobile Boots

It is very important to make sure that the boots you are wearing in winter are warm enough for the low temperature. The crossfire snowmobile boots can very easily withstand temperatures up to -40˚ C.

Baffin Crossfire boots for snowmobilers

This is one of the reasons why most customers, especially people who use it for winter sports prefer Baffin. The sole is made of quality rubber and hence it tends to last very long. Thus the boots are capable of keeping you warm and dry even when snow is piling up.

The Baffin crossfire boots come in 3 different colors, which are black, brown and real tree pattern. The fit is usually very comfortable and works well when you are snowmobiling.

The sole is made of rubber and is hence very firm and durable. These are available on almost all E-commerce sites that sell boots and are usually in stock. It has leather uppers with inserts made of nylon and is hence very soft. The boot has a long design that lets the user stay warm even in deep snow.


  • One of the most comfortable boots which are very easily available on almost all E-commerce websites.
  • Can be used as winter boots and also as snow sport boots as it can protect you from extreme cold temperature even in deep snow.
  • It is of very commendable quality and the leather and rubber used are superior. This makes the crossfire boots very durable.
  • It has got very good customer reviews.
  • It has speed-lacing fastening.
  • The base has 3 layers, the arctic rubber shell, EVA midsole, and polar rubber outsole. These add extra protection to the boots.


  • The size is a little bigger than mentioned in the size chart.
  • Not fit if you are going to walk too much but a good choice for sports.

Baffin Women’s Chloe Insulated Boots

The Baffin Women’s Chloe Insulated Boots are designed for women who love outdoor activities in their warm boots.

These boots look casual, having fur at the top and moving down to the real shoe. These casual looking boots are good for casual activities but at the same time, they are warm and keep your feet dry so they can be worn as your stylish racing or snowmobiling boots.

These are available in 6 different sizes from 6 to 11, which will meet the needs of most of the women. However, if you want boots that are bigger or shorter than 11 or 6, then you have to go with any other boots.

With the fur attached at the top, this makes them look a little bulky. They are designed to be worn with heavy socks.

Baffin Chloe Boots for Snowmobiling

The rubber sole gives you a nice grip. I’ve to admit that it’s not the best grip you can get, but if you do regular activities or even snowmobiling, they’ll do just fine. You’ll not face any difficulty with their grip. They’re also waterproof. So, they’ll keep your feet warm and dry.

If you are someone who doesn’t like stiff boots, then it’s a great option for you. These boots may look a little bulky, but, they’re very flexible at the same time. So, with the fur and flexible opening, these boots are very comfortable and you’ll not want to take your feet away from them.

They have D-ring lacing system with drawstring toggle closure. You can adjust the tightness easily with their lacing system. But, if you are someone who likes the BOA lacing system, then they’re not for you. However, this lacing system is also tried & tested, and it’ll fulfill all your requirements.

They have removable liners. So, if you somehow managed to get your boots wet from the inside or just want to wash them, then you can take the liner out, wash it, dry it, and put it again in your Chloe Boots.

These boots are Polar Proven, which means they’re tried & tested, and will provide insulation even in the extreme cold conditions.

With the great design and strategically placed fur, you’ll look awesome after wearing these boots.

Baffin men’s Wolf Snow boots

This is yet another snow boot made by Baffin. A very common problem people face in a snow boot is the fit above the ankle. If it gets loose there, then it gets very uncomfortable and cold.

To avoid this, the Wolf snow boots have double buckle straps around the shaft. The sole on the boot is made of synthetic material and is hence very smooth. The collar of the boot can also be tightened and locked to provide additional comfort to the person wearing it.

It is made of quality leather. The grippy outsole of the boot makes sure you don’t skid and fall that easily. The fit provided by the boot is good and it comes in two colors. In both cases, the base color is black and the other color can be pewter or gold.

The thick leather makes the wearer feel warm and comfortable in the inside even during subzero temperatures. It has a seven-layer removable insulated inner boot system along with a moisture management system.

The main reason people choose to buy this product is the comfort it offers in terms of size and in keeping your legs warm. And, they will great with your snowmobile pants.


  • A multi-layer inner boot system makes it a good choice over other boots.
  • It has very good reviews from the customers. All of them find it very comfortable and versatile for use.
  • Though it is mentioned as simple snow boots, it can be used for winter sports that involve deep snow, like snowmobiling.
  • The synthetic sole is yet another added advantage for the extra comfort feel it gives.
  • The dual-buckle straps make sure the boots are properly fitted to the legs to avoid moisture or cold wind to get through.


  • Not very long-lasting.
  • Smaller than the size mentioned on the size chart. Customers might have to order at least one size larger.

Baffin Selkirk Boots

The Baffin Selkirk boots are made of completely synthetic material and come with a knee-high covering for complete protection from the cold.

Traditional molded boots are not a good match for wearing during winter, so Baffin uses molding technology to make foam-based design for providing the best comfort and warmth from the cold.

The boots are made of 8 layer combinations of materials to provide a temperature rating of -700 C. The sole and midsole of the boots are molded to the base in a continuous process to offer superior quality. The sole is designed with modern engineering polymers to provide the right balance of weight, grip, and protection from the cold.

Best Baffin Boots for Snowmobiling

The boots are available in various sizes for providing a comfortable fit for the user. It comes in 2 colors namely, black with gold or pewter. Has a removable inner sole for better versatility. Has an arctic rubber shell, EVA midsole and polar rubber outsole for providing the best warmth to the wearer.

The boots provide better protection from deep snow with the aid of the extendable gaiter, making it suitable for winter sports. The boot has a double buckle fastening setup for fast removal and wearing. For better protection, the boots are equipped with nylon seam-sealed upper for added weather resistance.

These are good for snowmobiling, so you can wear them with your snowmobile socks. Even, you can wear them with alpaca socks.


  • Has molded sole and midsole for better quality.
  • Double buckle fastening setup for easy wearing and removal.
  • 8 layer synthetic design for -700 C temperature rating.
  • Waffle comb footbed for improved comfort.
  • Superior nylon exterior for added weather protection.


  • Size chart is not very accurate for small sizes.
  • Ankle fit is not good for large sizes.

Final words

Baffin boots come with a very good synthetic design and multi-piece removable sole for best comfort.

The shoes provide simple and easy to wear designs that provide superior protection from the subzero temperatures. Almost all the boots are made for use in deep snow, so they can also be used as snowmobile boots or also for other winter sports.

Although the boots have all the best features for snow boots, the fit is sometimes not according to the size chart for the uncommon sizes.

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