Best Snowmobile Boots for a Warm & Comfortable Ride

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Over the past few months, we have tested multiple boots in Minnesota, especially in the Voyageurs National Park.

We noticed that companies like Klim, Fly Racing, 509, Castle X, Baffin, and FXR make some of the best & most durable boots, but Klim boots came in on top in terms of quality, and the Klim Adrenaline Pro GTX Boa Boots were the warmest boots for trail riding and mountain riding.

Our Recommendations

Warmest Snowmobile Boots: Klim Adrenaline Pro GTX Boa Boots

Best Value for Money: Fly Racing Adult Marker Boa Boots

Best Affordable Snowmobile Boots: Baffin Wolf Snow Boots

Warmest Snowmobile Boots

KLIM Adrenaline Pro GTX Boots

The Klim Adrenaline Pro Boots come in as the warmest pair of snowmobile boots on this list thanks to the 600 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation. These boots kept us perfectly warm and dry even after hours on the snow.

Made with Gore-Tex technology, the boots stayed dry while leaving a breathable interior that allowed sweat to escape ensuring that the feet remained comfortable and toasty even with long wear.

The ample cushioning and insulated liners also greatly added to the comfort and warmth even at -20 degrees Fahrenheit. This added cushioning also allowed the feet to remain comfortable despite the reinforced build of the boots.

These boots are perfect for extreme riders with the durability and support they provide. It comes with a reinforced front and back for the toughest of rides and a Michelin rubber sole that is made to last. 

The price tag on these boots is high and there are cheaper alternatives on this list for casual riders like the Baffin Wolf Snow Boots but they do not guarantee durability and waterproofing like Klim Boa Boots. This makes Klims a good investment for regular riders and those who prefer adventurous rides and rougher terrains.


  • 600 grams of insulation and lining for extreme warmth and comfort.
  • Gore-Tex technology that is 100% waterproof while keeping it breathable and dry inside.
  • Michelin sole and reinforced toe and heel provide a stable and sturdy build and the best support.
  • Double-dial Boa provides adjustment for the upper and lower parts of the foot for a comfortable and snug fit and proper support to the foot.


  • They are expensive and those who are looking for casual or occasional wear may be unwilling to pay as much.
  • The extremely sturdy build of the boots may be too uncomfortable for some before breaking them in.

Best Value for Money

Fly Racing Marker BOA Boot

The Fly Racing Adult Marker Boa Boots are the best value-for-money snowmobile boots in the market today. Offering amazing features that are only found in high-end snow boots, these Fly Racing Boa Boots are an excellent alternative for quality, warmth, and durability at a cheaper price.

Providing ultimate safety to the wearer with the reinforced toe and heel along with a slip-resistant sole that is guaranteed to last, this boot is an investment for the long run. We found the sole particularly impressive with the grip it provided even on icy concrete.

You can also expect warmth and comfort from these boots with the 600g insulation and Hydroguard waterproofing. The tongue gusset on these boots was a little short and allowed snow to get in. This can be a huge drawback for those who ride in deeper snow as this can impede the waterproofing and ultimately, the warmth of these boots.

These boots come with extra features like reflective panels for visibility and fur-lining for extra comfort that you rarely find in other boots and come with double stitchings that guarantee durability.


  • Comes with a slip-resistant sole and reinforced toe and heel for ultimate safety and durability.
  • Proper 600g insulation and Hydroguard waterproofing for warmth and comfort even at -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Faux fur liner provides extra warmth and comfort.


  • The gusseted tongue does not go up high enough to guard from deeper snow or rainfall.
  • The single Boa system allows tightening only on the upper area and lacks support for the lower parts of the foot.

Best Affordable Snowmobile Boots

Baffin Impact Boots

One of the most affordable boots, the Baffin Wolf Snow Boots is perfect for extreme cold weather. Made with nylon and rubber, these boots keep you warm in some of the coldest temperatures.

With a multi-layered insulating system and bungee closure, all elements are kept out for ultimate warmth and comfort inside. These boots did not fail the insulation test even with extended periods in the snow.

We found that these boots had proper water resistance with the B-Tek Dry grading and allowed a short amount of time in the water test, however, as they are not waterproof, longer exposures to water might allowed seepage.

These boots are perfectly suitable for dryer areas and groomed trails as they keep you extremely warm and comfortable.


  • Multi-layer inner boot system and nylon material for extreme warmth and comfort.
  • Comes with a bungee closure that keeps the elements out and increases insulation.
  • Comfortable sole that is soft and flexible on the foot.


  • It is not 100% waterproof and long exposure to wetness can lead to seepage.
  • The soft rubber sole might not provide the best support for rough and more extreme rides.

What We Found After Using Multiple Snowmobile Boots

Whenever we’re riding a snowmobile, we use our snowmobile-specific boots from Klim and 509. But, we were curious how other boots perform when we test them in real snowmobile situations. So we picked a few boots from Klim, FXR, 509, Fly Racing, Baffin, Sorel, and Castle X to test whether you should buy snowmobile-specific boots or not because honestly, we all know these boots are bulky and expensive.

One thing we found is that if you’re using waterproof boots, it doesn’t matter if you’re using snowmobile-specific boots or general winter boots for sledding, you’ll be fine. But, this is the big issue with all the boots because when you’re riding out there in the snow, most of the so-called waterproof boots start leaking. So, if your boots are waterproof and have good insulation, then you’ll be fine with good winter boots, snowmobile-specific or general winter boots don’t matter.

The Klim, 509, Fly Racing, FXR, and Castle X performed well as expected because they put a lot of effort into making these snowmobile-specific boots. However, we were surprised by the Baffin because their boots gave close competition to the Klim, a leader in the snowmobile gear industry.

The KLIM Adrenaline Pro GTX BOA Snowmobile Boots were the warmest boots that are waterproof & comfortable. Yes, they also had a lot of other small features that made sledding much more comfortable, but they were expensive. You have to ask yourself the validity of the price vs the use you get out of it. But the reality is, you can’t ignore your boots, the better the investment, the greater the output when it comes to comfort, durability, and safety.

If you want to buy snowmobile-specific boots, but your budget doesn’t allow you to spend $300, then you can go with Fly Racing Marker Boots. We found them to be waterproof and warm, but they lack some features like having a single boa lacing system rather than a double, durability may not be equal to Klim, etc. However, if you want a good warm & waterproof boot, and you’re not just after snowmobile-specific boots, then Baffin Wolf Snow Boots are the best option. 

Removing the burden from yourself of buying only snowmobile-specific boots will save you some dollars. These are as warm as other snowmobile-specific boots on our list, they’re even tundra-rated so technically you can even go to the Arctic wearing these boots. They proved to have proper water resistance when we tested them in water but with an extended period, we found water seepage. They are a great choice as the most affordable boots we found that are great for sledding and snowmobiling.

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