Black Ice Vs. Caliber Snowmobile Ramps: Know The Difference

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Snowmobile ramps have become more and more critical with unpredictable weather conditions. So while they help store the sleds safely, they also help carry them to places.

This article discusses some popular snowmobile ramps you can consider purchasing for your sleds!

use good snowmobile ramps

Black Ice Tri-fold Snowmobile Ramps

Black Ice Tri-fold ramps are 7′ 10″ in length and 54″ in width with extensions of 5′ 1.5″ in length and 17.5″ in width.

It has the capacity of holding 1500 lbs weight, and the ramp can be folded into 17.5″ in width for more accessible support and storage.


  • The outer panel is designed to hold a ski guide for low resistance loading with any type of carbide.
  • It has a ramp with rubber-coated attaching points for comfort and durability. 
  • It also comes with two cam buckle straps for added security.
  • It also offers optional stud protectors that give a better grip for studded tracks.
  • There are rust-resistant, compact, and lightweight hooks under the extension that help easier attachment.


  • To cater to your requirements, the product comes with four different configurations. 
  • SNO-9454-HDXW

This model is ramp only. It has a height of 2″ and weighs 49 lbs along with the usual length and width.

  • SNO-9454-HDXW-S

This model is ramp and stud protectors. Along with the usual length and weight, it has a height of 3-¼” and weighs around 60 lbs.

  • SNO-9454-HDXW-EXT

This model is the ramp and extension. With 12 ’11-½” of length and width of 54″, it has a height of 3-¾” and weighs 56 lbs.

  • SNO-9454-HDXW-EXT-S 

This model is the ramp, extension, and stud protectors. With 12 ’11-½” of length and 54″ of width, it has a 3-¼” height. It weighs 67 lbs.


Users might be exposed to chemicals like cadmium and lead.

Caliber Pro 2.0 Tri-fold Snowmobile Ramps

Caliber snowmobile ramps are lightweight and have a weight capacity of 1500 lbs. The ramps measures 7’6″ in length and 52″ in width.



  • It comes in two configurations to meet your ends.
  • It uses high-strength aluminum with cross bar extension for additional support.
  • Extension easily hooks into the ramp with 1-inch hooks.
  • CBR-13527
  • The snowmobile ramps allow folding to 26″ width for better storage and transport.
  • The inner rungs are designed for easy loading.
  • The outer panels feature LowPro grip girdles that provide better resistance when loading with any type of carbide.
  • The product sports a self-retracting strap and rubber-coated ramp to mount the vehicle safely.

This model is ramp only. With the usual length and width, it weighs 58 lbs

  • CBR-13527-S

This model is ramp and stud protectors. With the usual length and width, it weighs 64 lbs.

  • CBR-13527-EXT

This model comes with an extension. With a width, as usual, the length is 10′ and weighs 65 lbs.

  • CBR-13527-EXT-S

This model has a ramp, extension, and stud protectors. With the usual width, its length is 10′, and it weighs 71 lbs.


Ensure to keep a decent ski stance (30 inches) that will suit your snowmobile.

Final Words

The above review makes it clear that Black Ice triumphs over Caliber with its overarching features. Especially with its significantly fewer cons.

I hope this article was helpful enough!

If you want to know more about the ramps, you can read this article that talks about some of the best loading ramps for snowmobiles.

Happy snowmobiling!

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