Black Ice vs Extreme Max Snowmobile Lift

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Are you planning to try out sledding these upcoming winter months? Are you a beginner? Have you just bought a new sled? 

Well, with that, an additional headache is how to store your sled and how to keep it safe.

In this article we have discussed two of the most popular sled stands that you can opt for if you are thinking of a nice home for your precious sled!

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Extreme Max Lever Lift Stand vs Black Ice Stand

Extreme Max Lever Lift Stand

This product is one of the most popular snowmobiles lifts out there. These particular lift stands can be used to store your sleds for long as well as short duration. The lift gives you a height of about 33 inches and also permits multiple height adjustments. This product comes with bolts that easily assemble the parts. The steel frame of the product is square tubbed and powder coated. The hardware, which is shop tested to make it challenging, uses a zinc coat to make the setup more durable.


  • The design of the product is one of the bases that provide stability during repair and maintenance. 
  • It also has a lever handle that is engineered to increase the lifting power.


  • The handle of the product is cushioned so as to prevent any discomfort to your hand or harsh damage to the handle itself.
  • The bumper cradle is dipped in vinyl to protect your sled and minimize unwanted mobility.
  • Allows elevation of tracks to help prevent rear suspension, and track freezes and also offers protection to the tracks from harsh surroundings. 


Cleaning at regular intervals is necessary. 

Black Ice SNO 1512 Snowmobile Lift/Stand

This is another of the popular gems that allow lifting up to 600 lbs and has a powder-coated constructed frame. With this, you can easily lift your snowmobile from the front or rear for storage and cleaning. The base of the lift is 23 inches by 21 inches which gives excellent stability to your product.


  • It is designed so that you just have to slide the lift under your snowmobile, adjust the height and use the lift arm to push it up.
  • The lift is designed to easily lock into place.
  • The snowmobile jack is more or less compatible with most sleds.
  • It comes with 2 different lifting hooks.


  • It comes with a track stand that holds your tracks to keep their durability intact.
  • Multiple (six) height adjustment settings allow it to be used for a varying range of snowmobiles.


Requires cleaning at regular intervals.

Black Ice Vs Extreme Max Jack Stands

Black Ice Snowmobile Jack SNO 1508 W

Black Ice presents you with a product that can easily be used to store and maintain your sleds. It weighs around 72 pounds and has dimensions of 81.25 inches by 21.13 inches by 28.25 inches and is made of alloy steel and it can lift up to 700 lbs.


  • Its best feature is the hand crank and the pulley system that aids in reducing the effort required for the lift.
  • It has a foot-operated safety latch that easily locks into position.
  • The four wheels underneath help in moving the product.


  • The product comes with rubber paddings on the top bars and ends which decreases the risk of scratches.
  • It is compatible with most sleds.


Is required to be maintained regularly. 

Extreme Max 5800.1066 Pros Series Snowmobile Lift

This lift can lift up to weights of 5000 lbs and has a reliable lift stand that also gives you additional mobility, which is helped by the easily portable wheel kit.


  • Its revered feature is the professional-grade powder-coated steel frame that maintains the strength of the product.
  • It features rubber lift cushions ensuring comfort.
  • It features a 5.5 inches collapsed height and a maximum lift height of about 27 inches.


  • The product sports Grade 5 hardware.
  • It comes with a ⅜” drive socket and power drill that provides a welcome alternative to mere lift by handles.


Ensure a gap of 33″ between the wheel kit and lift to make it properly fit under your snowmobile. 

Final Words

With the above review, it is kind of clear that Black Ice is obviously offering better storing options for your sleds with its number of pros and features.

But even Extreme Max has features that make it stand out. So if you are looking for that perfect sled stand for your snowmobile, purchase one only after understanding your own requirements!

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