Blenders Eyewear Snow Goggles Review: Ski & Snowboard Goggles

During wintertime, everyone needs good goggles to protect their eyes, especially if you enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Now, Blenders Snow Goggles are one of the most popular goggles that are tried and tested by thousands of winter lovers.

But does that mean you should buy them without complete information?

Of course not!

Check out this article, where we have shared a detailed review of various Blenders Snow goggles so that you can select the ideal option without difficulty.

My Personal Opinion on Blenders Snow Goggles

I have to say, I really like the Blenders Snow Goggles. The super-comfortable construction comes with awesome design. Not just that, if you’re unsatisfied with the quality of the goggles, then you have 45 days to return or exchange.

Suggestion: Watch this short video. It’ll help you to make the decision.

The actual price of Blenders Snow Goggles is 95$. We managed to get an extra Flat 15% OFF coupon code “PARTNER15” for our readers. You’ll get 15% OFF on everything you buy from Blenders Eyewear.

Let’s Do Some Simple Math

Actual Price of Blenders Snow Goggles = 95$

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Final Price after Discount = 70$

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New Final Price for Our Readers = 59.5$ Approximately

What You’ll Get in the Box?

Along with the Blenders Eyewear Snow goggles, you will also get additional free merchandise in the box, making this an even more lucrative choice and a complete package.

With the goggles you will get:

Blenders Snow Goggles Accessories

Eva Case: A sturdy and a matching Eva Case for your goggles so that you can keep and store it safely and carry it around without any trouble as you venture out in the snow.

Extra Lenses: A rare but excellent addition, you will also get an extra pair of high-quality lenses with the purchase of your snow goggles. These lenses are very easy to install since all the snow goggles come with magnetic interchangeable lenses. Also, these additional lenses will correspond with your exact goggle-type and purchase.

Blenders Eyewear Snow Goggles


Fits is one of the coolest collaborations of Blender’s snow goggles with the seasonal rider and actor ‘Cam Fitzpatrick’ of Disney’s Cloud 9 and The Fourth Place.

Fitz Blue and Black Goggles

These goggles have an oversized fit with a matte white body and an eye-catching topographic print elastic-strap along with the standard 3-row silicone strap-backing.

They also offer 100% UV protection and full helmet compatibility.

Blenders Fitz Goggles for Skiing and Snowboarding

However, these goggles are available in 2 different lenses type: Arctic Blue and Smoke Lenses.

The rider can choose whichever suits him/her without any compromise on quality.

Fitting Type: Oversized

Lens Type: Arctic Blue or Smoke Black Lens

Arctic Blue Lenses: These lenses minimize the glare and reduce eye strain while enhancing definition and contrast.

Black Smoke Lenses: They significantly reduce the brightness and the glare on a sunny day. However, they are not very appropriate for a low-light situation.

VLT: 15%

Best For: Partly Sunny and Sunny Conditions

Majestic Bloom

These high-fashion eye-catching Blenders Eyewear Snow goggles are radiant enough to leave you impressed by their design alone.

Blenders Eyewear Skiing Goggles in 2020

Nonetheless, these goggles come with upgraded anti-scratch and anti-fogging technology along with the 3-row silicone for better grip.

Along with their standard 100% UV protection and full helmet compatibility, these lenses also offer exotic and radiant color ways, which beautifully contrasts with the snowpack.

With matte purple mirrored lenses and a white frame, they further come with an eye-catching butterfly strap design, making it a complete package for people looking for a dependable and fashionable addition to their wintertime gear.

Majestic Bloom Goggles Review

Fitting Type: Regular Fit

Lens Type: Purple Mirror Lens

Purple Mirror Lens: These green-backed lenses improve color perception while reducing direct glare and visual fatigue, which you can generally experience in overcast weather.

VLT: 16%

Best For: Partly Sunny and Overcast Conditions

Air Goddess

Nothing less than a ‘divine’ addition to your winter wear accessories, ‘Air Goddess’ will make you feel like a celestial being after you put these on.

Blenders Eyewear Air Goddess

Made with a triple-layer foam construction along with the updated anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, these goggles are a perfect fit for anyone looking for a complete UV protection as they sled down the icy slopes or ski on snowy terrains.

Furthermore, they have a white matte body with rose lenses along with a matching pink and white durable and elastic strap along with an adjustable buckle so that you don’t sacrifice fashion over function as you maneuver the snowy terrains.

Fitting Type: Regular

Lens: Rose Bros Lens

Rose Bros Lens: These lenses enhance visibility and reduce eye strain by providing superior glare reduction while offering enough light on a sunny day.

VLT: 16%

Best For: Partly Sunny and Sunny Conditions

JJ Forest

Another fantastic collaboration with an Olympian snowboarder- Jessika Jensor, this design is everything you’d expect from a professional.

JJ Forest Snow Goggles by Blenders Eyewear

The ‘JJ Forest’ is an excellent choice for someone looking for a smashing and a reliable pair of snow goggles with toughness written all over it.

These rimmed goggles come with a matte purple body and a purple mirrored lenses along with an exotic floral- patterned elastic strap for better grip.

Furthermore, they come installed with upgraded anti-scratch coating and anti-fog tech along with adjustable buckle for better support, visibility and longevity.

Blenders Ski Goggles Review

They also provide complete UV protection and are especially useful on a sunny or a semi-sunny day.

Fitting Type: Regular

Lens Type: Lavender Sky

Lavender Sky: These purple mirrored lenses offer a more neutralized color with an increased focus on reducing glare and increasing definition.

VLT: 15%

Best For: Partly Sunny and Sunny Conditions

Diva Drama

Just as the name suggests, these Blenders Ski Goggles are for people who want style with superior quality. With a matte body construction and rose gold lens, these goggles scream fashion with comfort.

Diva Drama Goggles

They are one hell of a choice because they are incorporated with the newest slope-shredding technology and include new mag-tech functionality and the latest silicone for a smoother and firmer grip.

Blenders Diva Drama Snow Goggles

Along with a blush frame, marble printed strap, and full helmet compatibility, they are a perfect alternative for both men and women looking for complete UV protection along with a super anti-fog and anti-scratch coating as they venture into the cold with their snowboards and skis.

Fitting Type: Regular

Lens Type: Rose Gold Lens.

Rose Gold Lens: These lenses enhance visibility and reduce eye strain during driving by blocking the blue light.

VLT: 14%

Best For: Partly Cloudy Conditions and Overcast Weather

Smooth Arrival

Another great alternative in Blenders Eyewear goggles, ‘Smooth Arrival,’ is one of the chicest and cleanest designs offered in 2020. It comes with a matte white body and blue colored lenses along with a matching blue-and-white adjustable strap.

Blenders Snowboard Goggles

With their standard 100% UV protection and full helmet compatibility, these goggles also have additional latest tech upgrades like super anti-fogging and scratch coating construction along with silicone backing strap.

Overall they have a progressive design with an aesthetic look, which makes it an excellent choice for winter lovers who wish to use them on a clear day in the snow.

Smooth Arrival Skiing Goggles

Fitting Type: Regular Fit  

Lens Type: Arctic Blue Lens

Arctic Blue Lens: These blue tint lenses have a calming effect on your eyes and reduce glare and eye strain during snowy and sunny weather.

VLT: 15%

Best For: Partly Sunny and Sunny Conditions

Gemini II

Moving on to an all-black, super-stylish alternative in our list, Gemini II is perfect for anyone looking to go all ‘James Bond’ as they maneuver the cold weather.

Blenders Eyewear Gemini II Goggles

With a complete black matte body, smoke black lens, and a black strap, it pairs perfectly with any outfit, whether male or female.

Gemini II Ski Goggles

Along with the looks, it also has the necessary features making it a great alternative among the various Blenders goggles; it comes with anti-fog lens and anti-scratch coating along with 100% UV protection.

Blenders Ski Goggles Review

In a nutshell, it’s a fantastic choice for someone looking for a perfect blend of style and performance.

Fitting Type: Regular Fit  

Lens Type: Smoke Black Lens

Smoke Black Lens: These lenses significantly reduce the brightness and the direct glare on a sunny day while maintaining the accurate color perception. They are not very appropriate for low-light situations.

VLT: 11%

Best For: Sunny Conditions

Shipping, Warranty, and Returns

Shipping: The Blenders Eyewear provides free shipping in the USA over the purchase of $40.

Warranty: They also provide the buyer with a ‘Lifetime’ (three seasons) warranty against any craftsmanship or manufacturing defects. However, you do have to pay a small processing fee, which is based on the product. You can get the complete details regarding this on their official website.

Returns and Exchanges: If you are unsatisfied, you can also return or exchange the goggles without incurring any charges, provided that you do it within 45 days of the purchase date.

Buy Now Before the Sale Ends

If you’re thinking about buying Blenders skiing goggles, which you should. Then, this is the best time to buy.

Currently, Blenders Eyewear is giving 26% discount on their snow goggles, and by using our coupon code “PARTNER15”, you can save even more.

So, I’ll suggest, you should buy now whatever you’re planning to buy from Blenders Eyewear, whether they’re snow goggles or their crazy popular sunglasses.

Final Thoughts

With so many different options and amazing collaborations, Blenders Eyewear Snow Goggles has something to offer to everyone irrespective of their winter activities.

What more? They give you free case and an extra pair of durable lenses along with a lifetime warranty and a free return within 45 days of purchase.

All these reasons are sufficient enough to believe that these premium goggles will be a fantastic and reliable addition to your wintertime gear.

But don’t just take my word for it, try them out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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