Blenders Goggles Review: Testing Snow & Ski Goggles

In the winter season, everyone needs good goggles to protect their eyes. And, when you want to purchase winter goggles, many options come to our mind.

Now, Blenders Snow Goggles are one of the popular goggles that are tried and tested by thousands of winter lovers.

Does that mean you should buy them by closing your eyes?


That’s why we are here to share the review of Blenders Goggles and clear your mind so that you can make the decision.

Best Snow Goggles of Blenders Eyewear

Blenders Snow GogglesShipping ChargesCheck Today's Price
Diva Drama Snow GogglesFree ShippingCurrent Price
Gemini II Snow GogglesFree ShippingCurrent Price
Air Goddess Snow GogglesFree ShippingCurrent Price
Dream Maker Snow GogglesFree ShippingCurrent Price
Flora Fantasy Snow GogglesFree ShippingCurrent Price
JJ Forest Snow GogglesFree ShippingCurrent Price
Smooth Arrival Snow GogglesFree ShippingCurrent Price
Majestic Bloom Snow GogglesFree ShippingCurrent Price
Sierra Echo Snow GogglesFree ShippingCurrent Price

Features of Blenders Eyewear Goggles

Snow GogglesUV ProtectionExtra LensAnti Fog CoatingVLT %Helmet Compatibility
Diva Drama Goggles100% ProtectionIncludedYes14%Full Compatibility
Gemini II Goggles100% ProtectionIncludedYes11%Full Compatibility
Dream Maker Goggles100% ProtectionIncludedYes15%Full Compatibility
Majestic Bloom Goggles100% ProtectionIncludedYes16%Full Compatibility

Before we move ahead and talk about the Blenders Goggles, let’s look at the real photos.

Yeah, you’re right! These are the photos from the official Blenders Eyewear Instagram Account.

Blenders Snow Goggles Review

They launched snow goggles a few years, and since then, they’re becoming more and more popular among winter lovers.

All the Blenders Goggles come with Eva Case and extra lenses. This is good because when you buy any other goggles, you may get the goggle case (mostly), but extra lenses, it’s rare.

The extra lenses you get with Blenders Goggles are high-quality and very easy to install. We will look at the different Blenders Goggles below, but first, let’s see how easy it is to replace lenses in your goggles.

Now, let’s look at the different goggles that you can buy.

Blenders Diva Drama Goggles

Blenders Goggles Review

These Diva Drama Goggles gives 100% UV Protection and make your eyes comfortable.

If you love skiing, then you want goggles that are compatible with your helmet, and these are the perfect example of why Blenders Ski Goggles are the best. The Diva Drama Goggles are full helmet-compatible and doesn’t make you uncomfortable when you wear them with your Ski Helmet.

These are great for the partly cloudy conditions. The Anti Fog + Scratch coating makes them a must buy.

The Diva Drama Goggles come with a gorgeous matte blush body with the rose gold lens, and when they’re paired with the color-matched marble strap, they look just stunning.

So, if you ask me, whether Blenders Diva Drama Goggles are good for you? I’ll say, they’re perfect.

Blenders Gemini II

Blenders Snow Goggles

The Blenders Gemini II Snow Goggles comes with a matte black body, anti-fog smoke lenses and also a stealthy strap. It pops with the contrast of our white life in forwarding motion logos. These goggles are the best and pairs perfect with any run or any outfit as per your choice of the season.

The Gemini II goggles have souped-up silicone for more surface area and also a better grip. It also has anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings and also a new summit-slaying mag-tech functionality. With its introduction of sizing on the selection of styles, choosing the right fit is easier than ever.

These are the best for neutralizing the brightness and color in particularly brighter conditions due to the low Visual Light Transmittance of 11%.

Majestic Bloom

Blenders Goggles

Majestic Bloom has updated the anti-fog and anti-scratch coating for the 2019/2020 snowmobiling season. They also introduced a new rimmed shaped and souped-up silicone for a greater grip.

Majestic bloom extends beyond these innovations having an exotic colorway. These colors radiantly contrast with the snowpack.

The matte purple lens and the frame are eye-catching but there is also a stunning butterfly pattern on the strap which blossoms with a tonally perfect scheme. This green-backed lens does a bit of everything!

It has glare reduction, enhanced color contrast, peak performance on both the medium and bright-light conditions, and what not! The visual light transmittance is 16% which makes it a perfect companion on partly sunny and overcast days.

JJ Forest

These sturdy, durable and rimmed goggles are everything that you see from a two-time Olympian.

The anti-scratch and anti-fog purple mirrored lenses pack a punch and these are paired with a floral-patterned adjustable strap which together offers a floral-patterned adjustable strap and also offers a boundless view of the mountain. These are the best goggles for snowboarding and is a must-try.

This eye-catching pale purple exterior of the lens is paired with a green base that boasts a VLT of 15%. It has increased contrast and definition, a focus on reducing the glare and also a neutralized color.

These are the best snowboarding goggles which are especially in the bright and medium light.

Smooth Arrival

This is one of the cleanest designs of 2019/2020.  With the matte white body, seemingly boundless blue lens, dual-color, alternating blue and white adjustable strap, these goggles look right on time!

No doubt this is a cold look but there is more to this lens than the Arctic Blue mirrored front.

The amber base means these are ready for primetime which is particularly in the bright and medium-light conditions with Visual Light Transmittance of 15% which serves to reduce the glare. You also get the boost of contrast and definition.

Flora Fantasy

Flora Fantasy goggles tickle the imagination with a dynamic design which set to sizzle on the slopes.

The matte black body is juiced up by a red lens and the matte orange lens frame which is the one-two punch is matched with a multi-colored floral print on the adjustable strap. Thanks to the best features of anti-scratch coating and anti-fog on the lens. ‘’Must buy’’ is something that can be put up lightly!

This riveting red lens sports a blue base with VLT of 16%. The glare reduction, the increased color contrast, and the definition is something to be added. It is best suited for medium light conditions.

Air Goddess

These snow goggles incorporate triple-layer foam hardware for a fit which will have you feeling your best as you shred the slopes.

The styling places you in rarified air, a matte pink frame and the rose lens are matched with a pink and white strap for a look which is nothing short of divine.

These air-goddess goggles are backed by a color that is primed to overachieve in the medium-light conditions. Hence your typical daytime run down the mountain has to yield amazing results.

The VLT is 16% which can handle enough light to handle an overcast afternoon while still offering superior glare reduction. You may also expect enhanced contrast and brightness.

Sierro Echo

Sierro Echo is a stunning kit set to make your waves every time you hit the slopes. The rimmed shape and mag-tech functionality, the goggles paired smoke lenses having the dynamism of a white body and also a black lens frame.

The cream-colored strap amps the style up which sports a reverberating echo pattern and is widely unique.

This slick, stealthy lens matches the smoke exterior having a matching backing color are the best for neutralizing brightness and color, especially in the bright conditions. All thanks to the VLT of 11%, the glare is significantly reduced.

Castle Ridge

This is the magnificent mountain hardware having a matte black body complemented by a flash gold lens and olive frame. There is also a standout strap on the back, the modern and the multicolored geometric shapes are styled with a progressive design.

The blue base of the gold lens enhances the definition and contrast while minimizing the glare greatly. The VLT of 12% makes it the best for medium light and bright conditions but is not well-suited for shredding at night.


Blenders Ski Goggles

No doubt, this is a cold look. There is more to this lens than the blue mirrored front. These are significant in the medium-light conditions with VLT of 15% which serves to reduce the glare. You will also get a boost of contrast and definition.

While you plan to purchase the best snow goggles always ensure to understand the helmet compatibility, OTG Goggles, Foam Padding Types, Interchangeable lenses, ventilation and fogging, Visibile Light Transmission, Fit and Sizing ski goggles, Lens shapes, optics technology, etc.

Final Words

Whether you want to go for snowmobiling, snowboarding, skiing, or just your fun winter activities, the Blenders Goggles are perfect for you. However, if you want, then you can also check my other article in which I’ve shared some great heated snowmobile goggles, and you’ll definitely like them.

In the above, I’ve talked about the 10 Goggles of Blenders Eyewear. These are good, but these are not the only ones they sell. If you visit them, you can’t just go back. They have a lot of options for you.

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