Best Snowmobile Chaincase Oils: Ski-Doo, Polaris to Arctic Cat

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Let’s cut the crap, and move to the big question.

Is One Oil Good for All Snowmobile Brands?

Quick Answer: No.

It’s like you’re using one engine in all the different vehicles.

So, which is the Best Chaincase Oil for Ski-Doo, Polaris, Yamaha, and Arctic Cat Snowmobiles?

I’ve shared everything in detail in this article.

If you’re out of time, then you’ll get everything in brief in the next section.

My Personal Recommendation

Some of the most popular snowmobile brands are Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, and Ski-Doo. And, their engines are different from each other. So, you should buy chaincase oil specifically designed for their engines.

So, which chaincase oil should you use?

Let’s take a quick look, then we’ll learn a little more about them.

Ski-Doo: BRP Ski-Doo XPS New OEM Synthetic Chaincase Oil

Polaris: Polaris SCL – Synthetic Chaincase Lubricant

Arctic Cat: Arctic Cat OEM Chaincase Lubricant

Yamaha: Yamalube Snowmobile Chain Case Lube

Ski-Doo Chaincase Oil

If you own a Ski-Doo Snowmobile, then you should go with BRP Ski-Doo XPS New OEM Synthetic Chaincase Oil.

Developed explicitly for high-performance Ski-Doo models, this oil is made with additives that shield internal parts from damage and corrosion.

It is so highly recommended because of its unique full-synthetic multigrade formulation, which works well in cold temperatures and doesn’t break down in high temperatures.

In a nutshell, if you are searching for an affordable and high-performance chaincase oil for your Ski-Doo snowmobile, then this one is for you.

Ski-Doo chaincase oil is a superior quality lubricant that also conditions seals and delivers excellent performance even in extreme conditions.

However, please remember that this oil cannot be used in 2-speed snowmobile transmissions on Expedition and Skandic utility models.

Polaris Chaincase Oil

In my opinion, the best oil for Polaris SCL – Synthetic Chaincase Lubricant.

The high-viscosity formula of this full synthetic Polaris Chaincase Oil provides the excellent film strength that you want.

This oil also provides maximum protection to the chains and sprockets.

This Polaris Synthetic Chaincase Oil not only provides lubrication to your snowmobile parts but also protects them from wear.

This oil is very affordable but of high quality at the same time.

So, if you own a Polaris Snowmobile, I’ll recommend you should buy only this lubricant.

Yamaha Chaincase Oil

If you ride a Yamaha Snowmobile, then you should definitely buy Yamalube Snowmobile Chain Case Lube.

This is a premium quality lubricant that is designed to meet the extreme temperatures and conditions faced by snowmobiles.

As the Yamaha engines are different from other snowmobiles, so, it’s recommended to use only Yamaha Chaincase Lubricant.

Arctic Cat Chain Case Oil

If you ride Arctic Cat snowmobiles, then you should go for Arctic Cat OEM Chaincase Lubricant.

This is a tried and tested lubricant by many Arctic Cat owners and they loved it.

It’s specially formulated to give protection against wear, corrosion during the time when you are not using your snowmobile like in summers.

It also delivers optimum performance in extreme temperatures.

What is Snowmobile Chaincase Oil?

Snowmobiles have a chaincase, or otherwise known as a gear case that holds gears and chains. It is usually covered with a chaincase cover to protect the gears and chains from getting damaged by the snow while driving.

For your snowmobile to run smoothly, your gears and chains must be actively working. Chaincase oil is simply a lubricant that keeps your snowmobile gears and chains smooth and running without any problems.

It is essential to change the chaincase oil every season because of mainly two reasons. The first reason is that the chaincase oil breaks down with continuous heating and cooling cycles, and the second reason is that the chaincase oil can get contaminated by both water and metal slivers from the chain and sprocket.

Therefore, changing the chaincase oil is very important. In simple words, if you have a clean and well-lubed chain, then your snowmobile will perform well, otherwise, it is susceptible to many running problems.

Oil for Snowmobile Chaincase

Other Good Chaincase Oils for Snowmobiles

There are plenty of chaincase oil brands available in the market. Some people even use automatic transmission fluid or gear lube to reduce initial costs. However, neither of these fluids is designed to work as chaincase oil.

The automatic transmission fluid leaves chains and gears vulnerable to premature failure, while the automatic gear lube can cause wear and decrease energy efficiency. Given below are the best chaincase oil options that one can use to ensure the smooth and problem-free running of their snowmobiles.

Maxima Synthetic Chaincase Lubricant

The Maxima Chaincase Lubricant is one of the best chaincase oils for snowmobiles specifically formulated to work well in extremely cold temperatures.

The fully synthetic base stock formulation maintains exceptional flow and provides excellent lubrication to highly loaded chains and sprockets while utilizing the least power possible for a smooth snowmobile ride. It also helps in extending the chain life of your snowmobile by significantly reducing the friction and wear delivering you a trouble-free operation for years ahead.

It is also formulated with industry-leading extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to protect your gear against oxidation and corrosion. It helps prevent rust and dirt to form from the constant heat and cold exposure giving you a smooth snowmobile ride on the trail while preventing damage for longer-lasting gear.

The Maxima chaincase lubricant can be used in all enclosed chaincases on both snowmobiles and applicable ATVs such as Polaris.

This high viscosity gear case oil also helps in maintaining film strength in your snowmobile however it also demands more power and pressure and can take more time when starting your engine.

  • Fully synthetic base stocks formulation
  • Extreme pressure and anti-wear additives
  • Reduces friction and tear
  • Can be used in all enclosed chaincases
  • Demands more power and pressure and can take more time when starting the engine

Lucas Primary Chaincase Oil

If you are looking for a clutch coolant for your heavy-duty high-performance snowmobile rides, Lucas Primary chaincase oil will meet your specific demand. This oil is primarily formulated as a coolant for the clutch rather than a lubricant giving you a longer and trouble-free clutch life.

The Lucas Primary oil is a heat transfer fluid for the clutch and a lubricant for the chain and sprockets. It delivers smooth clutch action and drastically reduces slippage. It also provides lubrication to your sprockets to extend your chain life.

It has a blend of easy-flowing base oils and an additive package formulated to carry away the heat from the clutch plates and friction plates. It cools and quiets down your engine for a smoother snowmobile ride.

This oil is vehicle-specific and is recommended to use for Harley-Davidson vehicles.

  • Primarily formulated as a clutch coolant
  • Provides lubrication to sprockets
  • Cools and quiets down engine operation
  • Suitable for heavy-duty high-performance snowmobile rides
  • Delivers smooth clutch action and drastically reduces slippage
  • Specifically for Harley-Davidson vehicles

Spectro Syn-Sno Synthetic Chaincase oil

Spectro promises to deliver the ultimate and most reliable gear case oil with its Syn-Sno Synthetic chaincase oil. If you are searching for maximum performance and protection from your high-speed snowmobile rides that work effectively even at sub-zero temperatures, this oil is perfect for you.

It is formulated with full synthetic PAO Group IV G4 Technology with a premium additive package which provides a significant reduction in drag and friction loss thus significantly extending gear life. Its advanced formula also prevents wear, rust oxidation, and foam to protect your gear from damage while providing smoother snowmobile rides.

The Syn-Sno Synthetic oil features a low pour point for smooth flowing even in cold temperatures. It can be used for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, and Yamaha chaincases.

However, others have had complaints about the unappealing scent of this oil that can cause discomfort.

  • Suitable for high-speed snowmobile rides
  • Full synthetic PAO Group IV G4 Technology and premium additive package
  • Prevents wear, rust oxidation, and foaming
  • Can be used for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, and Yamaha chain cases
  • Low pour point
  • Unappealing scent

How to Change the Chaincase Oil in Your Snowmobile?

Change chaincase oil of snowmobiles

Changing the chaincase oil might sound all technical and difficult, but let me tell you that it is not.

It is rather a simple process that can be done by anyone. However, before you begin, make sure that you have everything you need. The things required in this process are

  • A simple bucket
  • Degreaser
  • Parts Cleaner
  • Thread-locker
  • Dipstick

Here, you will need a degreaser to loosen the old oil metal shavings sludge, while the parts cleaner is required to clean the chaincase before you lubricate the chain with new oil. The thread-locker though is a support device that prevents the bolts from backing out and also prevents the oil from leaking. A dipstick is lastly used to check the amount of oil-filled.

Once you have everything ready, just follow the simple steps given below to change the chaincase oil in your snowmobile.

  1. Start by placing the bucket under the chaincase drain plug and then remove the plug to drain the oil.
  2. Once the oil is drained, remove the chaincase cover to expose the interior of the chaincase containing gears and chain.
  3. After taking off the chain cover, check the gears and chain for any problems. Make sure to check the chain for wear and tear, and also make sure that it isn’t too loose.
  4. Next, spray the degreaser on the entire interior of the chaincase and even in the cover to loosen the oil and metal shavings sludge.
  5. Now you will have to clean the interior, start by spraying parts cleaner over everything inside the chaincase and cover, and then clean and rinse all the gunk out.
  6. It is considered better to start from the top and then work your way down or vice versa so that you can cover everything.
  7. Before you do anything else, your chaincase should be completely dry, therefore it is better to leave it for a while to dry out.
  8. Once the inside is completely dry, you will have to put everything back together. Place the drain plug and the chaincase cover and then fit the bolts using the thread-locker, which will keep the bolts intact and prevent the oil from leaking.
  9. After putting everything back in order, fill the chaincase with the amount of chaincase oil suggested by the manufacturer of your snowmobile.
  10. After filling the oil, use the dipstick to check if you have filled enough and then the tightly closed lid to avoid any air gaps.

Final Words

Chaincase oil is an essential part of your snowmobile. It ensures a smooth and comfortable running of your snowmobile and can even protect the gears and chains at high temperatures and speed. It is highly suggested that you change your chaincase oil seasonally as the oil can get contaminated by water and metal slivers from chains and sprockets.

best chaincase and gear oil for snowmobiles

If you want to ensure a smooth ride even at high speed and temperature, then the right chaincase oil choice is necessary. You can pick any one of the two above-mentioned chaincase oil brands for complete protection of your gear, chains, and sprockets, and the high performance of your snowmobile.

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