How to Choose a Snowmobile Helmet: Complete Guidance Here

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A few days back, I met a couple of snowmobilers on my daily sledding track.

They were frantically searching for their fellow rider, who seemed to have lost track of them. And yes, you guessed right: their helmets had no communication system!

This is one of the many disasters waiting to happen if you do not know how to choose a snowmobile helmet for yourself. For that, you need to be aware of the necessary features. 

In this article, we have talked about the different types of snowmobile helmets and how to choose a snowmobile helmet for yourself!

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Different Types of Snowmobile Helmets

While all the snowmobile helmets might look similar, the markets have developed several types of helmets. These variations in the helmets are realized with the different functions of different parts of the helmet.

  • One of the most popular types of snowmobile helmets is a full-face helmet. This type of helmet offers complete protection to your entire face. These helmets are the ultimate safety net if you crash into something.
  • Another type of helmet is those that come with a complete face-covered design. But the jaw part is removable. However, this gives the rider an option to lift it during long hours of riding; it poses safety risks too.
  • The snocross helmet is also a type.
  • Another type of Snowmobile helmet is the open-faced helmet, which is not highly recommended because of its dangers.

How To Choose a Snowmobile Helmet?

Although some differences between the helmets can be glaringly visible, there are some details you need to look out for when you choose a snowmobile helmet.

Investing In Anti Fogging 

  • Firstly one of the unique features of the snowmobile helmets is its shields and panes. The shield of the helmets should be dual-paned. Why? Because the dual panes in snowmobile helmet shields are made uniquely. There are two panes, and a layer of gas separates the two panes. This gas helps in insulation that traps heat and aids in preventing much fogging on the panes.
  • Some snowmobile helmets’ shields have electric heating lining the outer rim. These electric heating linings help where even the dual pane fails to prevent fogging. The lining is plugged into some cords connected to your engine, which increases the temperature as the engine works in colder temperatures to help in fog prevention.
  • Another way of preventing fog on shields is investing in a proper functional breath guard. The function of the breath guard is to direct the exhaled air down the shield and away from the pane. Proper breath guards should form a snug fitting over the nose and mouth area, preventing the air from directly hitting the shield pane.
  • Proper ventilation for your snowmobile helmet is also essential to keep from fogging up shields. So ensure ample air circulation inside the helmets to prevent any moisture formation.

Should Be Comfortable 

While the comfort level of the helmets cannot be readily determined beforehand, it is highly recommended to check out the comfort and durability of the chin pads and shoulder pads lining before you choose a snowmobile helmet.

Ensure they are cushiony enough and are not digging into your skin when you choose a snowmobile helmet.

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Having a Good Communicator 

Riding on snowy backcountry roads, you must have better communicators installed on your helmets. These communicators can function as intercoms that should have large distance ranges and be able to connect as many as riders (12-15). Being able to share music, too, can make the rides more fun!

Safety Tested

To be on the safe side, you should always ensure that your snowmobile helmet is DOT, SNELL, and ECE tested.

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Final Words

While these features are not the only ones you need to look for in a good snowmobile helmet, they are the basic ones. These are an absolute requirement in a snowmobile helmet for a safe and comfortable journey into the snow.

We hope this article helped clarify some of your questions on how to choose a snowmobile helmet!

Please stay safe while snowmobiling and ensure you wear your helmets at all times.

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