How To Clean Your Snowmobile Cover: Easy & Effective Tips

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Often snowmobilers are seen taking great care of their snowmobile but forgetting to tend to the material that they use to cover their sleds! But how to clean your snowmobile cover?

Only last week I saw my neighbor covering his shiny almost new-looking snowmobile with a dirty, gritty filled-with-cobwebs cover. Yeah, ugh.

In most cases, people believe cleaning snowmobile covers are a hassle. In this article, we have tried to give some steps towards hassle-free cleaning of snowmobile covers.

Why Is It Important To Clean Snowmobile Covers?

why to How To Clean Snowmobile Cover

To keep our sleds in their best shape, it is always important to invest in good quality snowmobile cover. It is this cover that prevents all the dirt, grit, dust, and extra snow from sticking to your previous sleds.

But you also need to ensure that the covers that you use to keep your snowmobile clean, should also be clean.

  • The primary reason would be because dirt accumulation on the covers for a long duration might affect the quality of the cover thus rendering it ineffective.
  • Dirty covers also can attract all kinds of insects etc to settle and breed on them giving it a totally disgusting feel.
  • Sometimes dirty covers can also emit bad odors.
  • And it really does not look good to cover your spotless sleds with dirty covers.

Now let’s look at how you can keep your snowmobile covers clean!

How To Clean Your Snowmobile Cover?

How To Clean Your Snowmobile Cover
  • Okay so before moving to the actual cleaning process, it is always recommended to shake off the dust and dirt from the snowmobile cover.
  • Spread the cover out on a flat surface, and subject it to bursts of water (preferably through pipes).
  • Hover the nozzle all over the cover holding it over surfaces for a few seconds.
  • In case of easy stains, the pressure of the water can rid the material of them.
  • But if the stain is gritty or oily in nature, then you can use a sponge and some dishwater to run over that portion and then burst it with water. This should take care of it.
  • Ensure to wash the outside of the cover as well as the inside out of it.
  • When you have washed the cover to your satisfaction, first shake it for some time to get rid of the excess water, and then you can hang it under the sunlight somewhere to dry.

Final Words

Although one thing that should be kept in mind is that often washing machines might not be recommended for cleaning covers of snowmobiles. So try to avoid dry cleaning and machines for washing the covers. Otherwise, try to clean the cover of your snowmobile at least once a month.

Hope this article was helpful in giving some easy ways to clean your snowmobile covers!

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