How to Make Your Own DIY Snowmobile Ramp

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Many times we cannot straightaway start riding out snowmobiles from our house. We might have to carry it to a particular destination. For this, we require a snowmobile ramp.

In this article, we have discussed a straightforward process of creating your own snowmobile ramp that can help you carry your sled in your trucks!

snowmobile ramp

Materials required to Create a Snowmobile Ramp: 

A large sheet of treated plywood, narrower sheets of treated plywood, some pieces of hardy bed liner (found in pickup trucks), a strip of snowmobile tracks, a plywood cutter

Process for Creating a Snowmobile Ramp:

Note: Since these examples are mainly used to carry your sleds from one place to another, you have to ensure that the truck you use for this carrying purpose is big enough. So get proper measurements of your sled and the back of your car to get it right.

  • Once you have the measurements, cut out a sheet of plywood so that it fits at the back of your truck.
  • Then cut out some narrow but thick strips of plywood (equal in length to the larger plywood sheet) and attach two of them underneath the sheet on two sides.
  • Take two more of the strips and place them under the larger sheet towards the middle.
  • You can use two more such strips to put on the sides.
  • After this, cut out strips of the bed liner according to your sled’s requirements.
  • Place the bed liners on either side of the plywood sheet.
  • Keep the snowmobile track in the middle of the plywood sheet. This track should be much longer than the ramp to prevent unnecessary friction between the sled tracks and rough ground.
  • You can cut out small portions towards the end of the plywood sheet to have a firm grip when pulling out the ramp.
  • Once the steps mentioned above are completed, pull it out and rest it at an optimum angle.
  • Then screw in some vital pieces of plywood chunks that can be rotated.
  • And when you incline the plank, you can rotate the plywood and make it rest against the back of the truck giving better stability to the ramp so that it does not move away.

Once these processes are complete, ride your sled on the ramp and break it.

  • Then climb down and gradually push the snowmobile ramp up on the truck.
  • Once settled, roll up the excess snowmobile track and use a tie to keep it in place behind the sled.
  • Then use some rigid straps to load your snowmobile to your truck.
create a robust snowmobile ramp

Final Words

We hope that this article clarified your questions about how you can carry your sleds to different places to ride.

Of course, you can also load your snowmobile without a ramp, but it’s always recommended to use one if possible.

Also, while creating and using a snowmobile ramp, be very careful with small details like supporting the plank to the truck, and do not ever forget to break your sled on it.

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