Duraflex Ice Scratchers: A Detailed Review

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The need for ice scratchers for the snowmobiles did not make serious sense to me until the day I went without one. (Not intentionally though, because my ice scratcher was damaged and I had to take it out.) Go figure!

Fast forward some weeks when I again went out with my sled. Going by the great online reviews I installed the Duraflex Ice Scratchers. 

In this article, we have tried to explain ice scratchers, their function, and why we think Duraflex Ice Scratchers are one of the best out there!

What Are Ice Scratchers?

What are Ice Scratchers
  • Ice Scratchers are additional instruments often installed at the rails of the rear suspension of snowmobiles. Two are found on either side. 
  • Doing justice to their name the purpose of an ice scratcher is to scratch away the hard slices of ice. Now, this hard surface of ice is not completely an ice block but they are packed with snow accumulated in one place.
  • The installed ice scratchers have a sharp tip that digs into hard-packed snow and breaks that into powder form making it loose enough for the snowmobiles to trail on. 
  • As the sled slides this powder form of snow is thrown up into the rear suspension

Why Do We Need Ice Scratchers?

A problem in riding snowmobiles, especially long distances, is that without the appropriate equipment your engine will tend to get hot.

The ice scratchers’ main function is to throw up powder snow in the rear suspension. This helps in the cooling effect of the heat exchangers.

You see the heat exchangers can get heated up and if the slides of sleds above these heat exchangers heat they might melt even.

It is the ice scratchers that cool them down.

How so?

It that the snow was thrown up melts on the heat exchangers and dissipates the heat on the engine.

Why are Duraflex Ice Scratchers the Best?

One of the most popular ice scratchers out there is Duraflex Ice Scratchers

They have a steel cable designed with hardened steel and carbide tips.

Pros Of Using Duraflex Ice Scratchers 

  • These ice scratchers undergo zinc plating that increases their structural integrity.
  • They work wonders on non-reverse as well as reverse gear-equipped snowmobiles.
  • They have improved crimps that provide a better hold.
  • They have a knurled mounted surface that eliminates spinning and loosening of the slide rail.

Final Words

As it must be clear from the article that Duraflex ice scratchers are one of your best options. Its unique features make it more convenient and easier to use.

Hope this article was able to answer some of your questions regarding good ice scratchers!

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