FXR Excursion Monosuit Review: Worth the Money?

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Being an avid snowmobiler are you a fan of snowmobile monosuits? Are you looking to replace your two-piece snowmobile suit with a monosuit of impeccable features?

Well, you are at the right place. In this article, we have tried to list the pros and cons of the revered snowmobile Monosuit manufactured by FXR Excursion!

About FXR Excursion Monosuit 

FXR Excursion Monosuit features

The FXR Excursion is one of the top brands that manufacture high-quality snowmobile suits. Now, if you are an ardent snowmobile rider you must surely be aware of the importance of wearing that ideal snowmobile suit to ward off the chills of mountain rides. Some of the qualities you look out for in snowmobile suits are:

  • Snowmobile suits have to be weatherproof, that is, they should be able to withstand all kinds of harsh weather and still protect you from cold and chill.
  • These suits need to be waterproof so that sudden bouts of rain and snow should not hinder your excursion.
  • Snowmobile suits should also be comfortable with an ample amount of storage space. 

Now, these are three of the most basic requirements in snowmobile suits that are met by the FXR Excursion Snowmobile suit with its unique features.

Features Of FXR Excursion Snowmobile Suit

The FXR snowmobile suit is known for its insulation which is done by 225g combined F.A.S.T or FXR Thermal flex insulation valve. This F.A.S.T is also perforated on the seat panel to give additional breathability. The technology is one of the best out there to keep you warm against the cold rides on mountaintops!

The shell of the snowmobile suit is made of 600d Polyester with HydrX coating. This coating makes the suit more durable and less prone to damage! The snowmobile suit is also lined with nylon taffeta which increases the sturdiness of the material. The snowmobile suit also has a system of FXR ventilation that helps in keeping you dry, keeps you snowproof, and is resistant to moisture. The suit has seat and knee inserts that help to protect you as well as the suit from punctures and other damages in cases of aggressive rides. 

The suit has a removable and adjustable hood that helps you with the chills skating up on the back of your neck and thus keeps that part away from direct contact with cold. For better fitting with snowmobile boots, the suit has knee-length zips that can be opened and closed at your discretion. The suit has an adjustable cuff system with lycra lining of inner cuff extensions giving it firm fitting and comfort. The back is also elasticized to give it a better fitting. There is also a drop-down adjustable hem that gives additional comfort and fit. For a better grip of the suit, the storm cuffs come with hooks and snap closure and the front and rear of boots have lace retention snaps.

For storage purposes, the snowmobile suit is fitted with several zipped pockets of various sizes, in convenient and easy-to-reach areas. The suit also features 360° 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ reflective making it easier to be seen in bad weather also. Also, the quality of the zipper is YKK guaranteed.

Final Words

While the market is indeed flooded with great snowmobile manufacturers, very few would be as good as or better than the FXR Excursion. The numerous features make them one of the most sought-after suits out there. So, you go and grab your FXR Excursion as soon as you can!

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