Garmin eTrex 10 Review: Handheld GPS for 2020-21

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Not many things come close to the feeling of exploring snowy terrains on
your rugged snowmobile. However, that feeling can turn into terror if you lose
your way through the same terrains.

And although I am sure you are taking all the important safety measures, you cannot deny the significance of a reliable GPS for your snowmobile.

But how do you decide which one to choose? That’s why we are here!

Check out this review of one of the well-recognized GPS kits in the market-
Garmin eTrex 10 GPS.

A huge upgrade over the old eTrex H GPS, this one is a major hit among its riders.

Let’s find out more.

 Garmin eTrex 10
Display2.2 inches monochrome
DesignRugged handheld navigator
Water RatingIPX7
Accessory CompatibilityYes
Battery2 AA
Battery LifeUp to 25 hours
Memory6 MB
PriceSee Current Price

Garmin eTrex 10 Review

Detailed Review of Garmin eTrex 10 GPS

 One winter ago, as I was prepping for a ride on my snowmobile, a fellow rider introduced me to the Garmin eTrex 10. It is not a gadget full of grandeur, it is a basic GPS device. It is one of those hefty devices that you can just dump in your gear backpack, and it will give you a service worth a lifetime. Well, okay, that is a tad bit of exaggeration, but even if not a lifetime, it will last you several seasons.

A small but sturdy device that is encased with yellow and black rubber that sits on your palm. It is a suitable example of big power in a small package. The following functions of the device make it what it is :

  • It is waterproof and rugged.
  •  It has a battery life of 25 hours, using easily available (and rechargeable) two AA batteries.
  •  It weighs just over 140 gms.
  •  It uses both GPS (American) and GLONASS (Russian) satellites, that help you locate faster and accurately.

It retains in memory the previous satellites used, which means that each time you switch the device off and switch it on the next time, you will acquire your location very quickly.

Yet, the Garmin eTrex 10 is an exceptionally fundamental gadget. It has a small, low-resolution monochrome screen that is additionally truly neat and spares battery life.

It doesn’t acknowledge SD or some other data cards, you can’t include maps to it, it doesn’t have a touchscreen, camera or some other astounding additional features.

In case you’re searching for touchscreen, camera, information cards, and different additional items, Garmin has different models in the Dakota and Montana ranges. 

It can also disclose to you the sunrise/sunset times, has a schedule, storage for 50 routes and 1000 way-focuses 

However, amidst all its commendable features, there are shortcomings I must mention that stand as a hindrance to the snowmobilers. Firstly, the joystick, which is the controller sits on top. After a few months of use, it loses the responsiveness sometimes requires a slightly harder press or a different angle to respond. 

Secondly, It does not come with a mounting system. This can be big trouble for the snowmobilers as digging down the pockets in search of the GPS every time you need it can be quite a hassle.

Despite the fact that the eTrex 10 is an entry-level gadget, it offers a few pleasant highlights: 


 This will give you better reception, particularly in northerly latitudes and regular and urban canyons. 

Propelled Track Route 

On the Garmin eTrex 10, you can choose a track to explore and a course will be made. Waypoints are consequently created for significant high and low height focuses, and start and finish; these and any user waypoints along the track are added to the course.

On the off chance, if a boon-docker heads out for a trail he has never traveled before, he can do an online quest for tracks to load to the gadget. One favorable position of this new track route highlight is that, not normal for commonplace boondocks course route, you’ll get an estimate of real trail distance instead of “straight from one point to the other” mileage. 

Paperless Geocaching 

The eTrex 10 is set up for full paperless geocaching support, including cache filtering(appeared at right), so you can see the depiction, logs, and clue, and you can log your endeavor (discover, DNF, and so on.) for later move back to

Talking about which, full access to these highlights requires a premium membership at Garmin has an site that is free, yet the quantity of caches is not as much as what is found on

  • Waterproof
  • Paperless Geocaching Support.
  • GPS + GLONASS Support.
  • Astounding Battery Life.
  • Inclusive Smaller USB Link.
  • Advanced Track Navigation.
  • Affordably Priced.
  • Durable and Accurate.
  • Monochrome Screen.
  • Can’t Show Maps.
  • Constrained Memory

Final words

I highly recommend it. The eTrex 10 is the best starter GPS for geocachers available. You can locate this model for only over $110, and that gets you the full arrangement of paperless geocaching highlights.

This joined with the way that it offers GPS + GLONASS support makes it a staggering deal. The eTrex 10 is a colossal improvement over Garmin’s entry-level handheld unit, the eTrex H.

However, if you are still in a dilemma, why don’t you give a look to these exhaustive reviews of other reliable GPS kits in our list- Garmin eTrex 30x and Magellan TR5 GPS.

This will help you distinguish between the features offered by other navigators and enable you to choose a kit that meets your definite requirements.

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