How Do You Get Snowmobiles On Dollies: Know the Basics

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Snowmobile dollies usually come in 3 pieces where two pieces are meant for the skis and the remaining ounce is for the track. These doilies are nothing but flat rectangular sturdy platforms on wheels that can help to move your snowmobile from in your garage to keep it out of the way. 

In this article, we have given ways to get your precious snowmobile on those dollies!

Why Are Snowmobile Dollies Important?

Snowmobile dollies make storage of your sleds much easier and more convenient. Without Dollies, there are chances you might require a snowmobile stand to keep it out of the way. Dollies did not keep your snowmobile off the floor for safety purposes but it also makes your cleaning process hassle-free where you can just push around the sled when and where you want it.

How To Get Snowmobiles On Dollies?

How To Get Snowmobiles On Dollies

As we snowmobile Dollies come in three pieces.

  • So first distinguish between the pieces for the skis and one for the track. 
  • Once you have figured that out bring the one for the Ski near the snowmobile ski. Now slowly lift the front part of the skiing and slip the dolly underneath.
  • Ensure the lower surface of the ski is positioned in the middle of the dolly.
  • Then push the dolly to the right position where you find that the entire length of the ski is being held by the dolly.
  • Then use the given velcro straps and secure the ski to the dolly so that it doesn’t slip off.
  • Repeat the same process on the other ski.
  • Now for the track dolly, in many instruction manuals, you are asked to put the dolly on one side of the track at a distance of one foot from the rear end of the track.
  • Then get a good grip on the back of your snowmobile, lift it and place it on the dolly.
  • Secure it with velcro straps.

Final Words

Dollies are important if you have a snowmobile. They have multiple uses and are very convenient. So if you have the strength to just pick up the rear end onto a dolly, you are good to go.

Hope this article was helpful!

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