9 Best Snowmobile Goggles 2020: Heated & Anti-Fog Goggles

There are various reasons to buy good goggles for snowmobiling.

But, the real question is, what are the best snowmobile goggles for this season?

Popular brands like 509, FXR, Castle X, and Klim are competing to create one of the best goggles for snowmobiling.

Whether you want anti-fog, heated goggles, or just normal goggles that you can wear over your glasses, you can find them.

So, let’s take a close look at the best goggles that are available on the market for this snowmobiling season.

Comparison of Top-Rated Snowmobile Goggles

The 5 best snowmobile goggles in 2020 that are popular among snowmobilers are given below:

  1. 509 Sinister X6 Goggles
  2. 509 Sinister X5 Goggles
  3. Klim Oculus Goggles
  4. FXR Core Electric Goggles
  5. Castle X Stage Blackout Goggles
ProductOur RatingCurrent Price
509 Sinister X6 Ignite Goggles9.9/10Check Price
509 Sinister X6 Goggles9.9/10Check Price
509 Sinister X5 Goggles9.85/10Check Price
Klim Oculus Goggles9.8/10Check Price
FXR Core Electric Goggles9.7/10Check Price
509 Kingpin Goggle9.7/10Check Price
509 Revolver Goggle9.6/10Check Price
FXR Core Snow Goggle9.5/10Check Price
Castle X Stage Blackout Goggle9.3/10Check Price

My Personal Recommendation

For snowmobilers, there is nothing better than 509 Sinister X6 Goggles.

The first 509 Sinister Goggle was introduced in 2006, and they improved it year after year.

If you’re familiar with 509 Goggles, you may have also heard about 509 Sinister X5, 509 Kingpin Goggles, and 509 Revolver Goggles.

The 509 Sinister X6 is the latest in the series, and they are better than the famous 509 Sinister X5 Goggles.

The Sinister X6 Goggles are the most trusted snowmobile goggles across North America, Europe, and Russia.

When you’re snowmobiling, your goggles and helmet should be compatible with each other.

If you read my other articles, you’ll see that I talk a lot about 509 Goggles and Helmets. The Castle X Helmet is also a great option, but when you’re purchasing Goggles and Helmet, then the best thing is 509.

All the 509 Goggles are fully compatible with the 509 Helmets. Even, if you get a better deal, I suggest you should buy 509 Helmet and Goggles Combo.

There are a lot of features that make them one of the best snowmobile goggles which can only be experienced if you wear them.

I highly recommend you take a look at the customer reviews of 509 Sinister X6 Goggles and see yourself what other snowmobilers say about it.

Heated Snowmobile Goggles

If you are looking for heated goggles for snowmobiling, then I’ll recommend 509 Sinister X6 Ignite Goggles.

They have everything a snowmobiler wants in his heated snowmobile goggles along with other important features.

Best Snowmobile Goggles in 2020

509 Sinister X6 Goggles

The 509 Sinister X6 Goggles are one step ahead of the famous Sinister X5 Goggles. They offer a 10% larger view of the field as compared to the X5.

You can look at the Instagram posts about Sinister X6, and I’ve only one thing to say, they’re making their goggles better and better.

If you’re the person with glasses, then these are the great goggles for you. The Sinister X6 Goggle’s dual-component OTG (Over the Glasses) Compatible Phantom Frame allows a perfect fit. But, keep one thing in mind that, these are compatible with most of the glasses that people wear.

If your glasses are unique or quite different than the glasses used by people, you may face some difficulty. But, only in that case, if your glasses are too big which happens rarely (1 in 10,000).

The design and look of these goggles are just awesome. They’re fully compatible with all the 509 helmets. You can find the Sinister X6 Goggles in many different colors, and when you wear them with the matching helmet and suit, you’ll just stand out. However, if you are thinking about buying a helmet also along with goggles, then 509 Altitude and 509 Snowmobile Tactical Helmet are good options.

I’ve also written an in-depth review of 509 Altitude Helmet, so you should read it before making a purchase.

The anti-scratch coating along with super anti-fog inner lens gives you the confidence to take your snowmobile anywhere and anytime in the season.

The removable nose mask allows you to remove the nose mask from your X6 goggles if you want.

Whether these goggles are a good fit for you or not, we have to talk about the price. These are definitely not the cheap $20 goggles that you can buy from anywhere. But, at the same time, these are not too expensive that will keep you away from giving them a try.

Probably, you have spent a few hundred dollars for your gear, and your snowmobile goggles are one of the most important things you should think about.

So, I’ll suggest, you should definitely give them a try, and one thing is sure, you’ll love them.

509 Sinister X5 Goggles

The 509 Sinister X5 Goggles are simply the most popular goggles. Every snowmobiler wants to ride his snowmobile by wearing them.

The original Sinister Goggles were first introduced in 2006, and they quickly reach the top. Over the past 12 years, 509 keeps getting feedback from their users and make their goggles better and better.

The X5 Goggles are one of the most trusted snowmobile goggles in North America, Russia, and Europe.

The 509 Goggles are worn by the best riders in the world. If you look at the X-Games, Snocross Racers, Backcountry snowmobile riders, and other snowmobile riders, you’ll see that most of them wear 509 Goggles (Sinister X5 to be more specific).

The Fog Free Lens Technology keeps your lenses fog-free even in the extreme conditions where you highly depends on your goggles.

When you ride on your snowmobile, goggles get scratched easily, and it reduces the clarity you need. Now, with the dual-coated No Scratch Coating, you can ride your snowmobile anywhere without thinking about getting scratches on your 509 Goggles.

The Silicone Lined Premium Strap makes them durable and you can trust that they will remain at their position. Your goggles won’t loosen after some quick movements.

The Sinister X5 Goggles come with PHANTOM FRAME Technology. You must be thinking, “What does PHANTOM FRAME Technology mean?”

The PHANTOM FRAME is a completely new redesigned frame that is created after a lot of testing. It gives you the maximum field of vision after you wear them with your helmet. After a lot of testings and advanced engineering, they become able to literally hide the frame from your field of vision and gives you the maximum visibility.

With the PHANTOM FRAME Technology, they did tests and create a frame by looking at the structure of the human face and this really helps them to design something that minimizes the amount of frame you see in your field of vision. When you’ll be out in the snow, you don’t find any difficulty in your field of vision, even when you wear them with your snowmobile balaclava.

The Sinister X5 frame is actually 0.5’’ taller than the previous Sinister goggles and that gives you significantly improved vision.

Just like any other 509 Goggles, this Sinister X5 fits perfectly with any of the 509 Helmet and that’s a great thing.

The Sinister X5 is available in different colors and they look deadly when wearing with matched helmet & snowmobile jacket.

So, in my opinion, if you want snowmobile goggles, the Sinister X5 Goggles is a good choice.

FXR Pilot LE Goggles

When you go on a snowmobile ride, a few things that you expect from your goggles to remain fog-free doesn’t get scratched, perfect fit, and the availability of the extra lenses in case you break your lenses.

These FXR Pilot LE Goggles give you everything that you need.

So, let’s take a look at the real photos of snowmobile riders after wearing these FXR Pilot LE Goggles.

These are oversized Anti-Fog goggles that don’t get fogged up. The premium Anti-Scratch and UV lens coating protect them from any kind of scratches. But, they can only handle a certain amount of impact, and that’s the case with every goggle. The UV lens coating protects your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

When you purchase goggles from a brand like FXR, 509, Castle X, Klim, etc, you can get perfect fit goggles just as you like. That’s why every snowmobile rider will recommend you only these brands. The soft frame of these goggles doesn’t make your face uncomfortable because they’re made after a lot of testings and they fit perfectly with your helmet.

If you thinking about a new helmet, then make sure it is one of the best snowmobile helmets this year.

Here, I want to point out one thing that, I’ll recommend buying goggles and helmet of the same brand. Whether you buy Castle X, Klim, 509, or FXR, they all are good brands and you can trust their products. They manufacture their goggles and helmets in such a way that they become compatible with each other. If you buy Blenders Snow Goggles and wear them with a 509 Delta R3 Helmet, then it’s possible that you may not like their combination. So, it’s good to have your goggles and helmet of the same brand (not necessary).

In these FXR Pilot LE Goggles, you’ll get Premium Strap with FXR Silicone Grips that doesn’t let your goggles to move or loosen up.

Another good thing here is the removable nose piece. Some riders don’t like the nose piece and they want to wear their goggles without it, and it’s a good feature for such riders.

You’ll also get a soft storage pouch in which you can store your goggles for a few days or for the next season.

If we talk about the availability of the extra lenses, then you’ll be glad to know that they’re available, and that’s the benefit of buying goggles of a good brand. But, you have to purchase them separately. It would be better if you get extra lenses with your goggles, but you don’t get.

Overall, FXR Pilot LE Goggles are one of the favorite goggles of snowmobile riders, and you’ll not regret the decision of buying them.

Castle STAGE Blackout OTG Goggles

The Castle or Castle X is another favorite brand of riders because they manufacture everything for them.

If you are looking for snowmobile goggles that you can wear over your glasses, then Castle STAGE Blackout OTG Goggles is a good option. These are OTG goggles means they’re for ‘Over The Glass” use.

In these goggles, you’ll get the over-sized foam. This something that is created after a lot of testing because riders complains about the exposed skin areas around the goggles, and now it helps you to cover that exposed skin around the goggles.

For the improved moisture transfer, the ultra-wick quick-dry technology is used to create something that absorbs unwanted moisture from your face.

Just like the other goggles, their lenses are replaceable and they’re anti-fog & anti-scratch.

The Silicone beaded strap keeps your goggles at the desired position and makes sure that your goggles are in the right position.

The removable nose guard protects you from the little debris. As it’s removable, so you can take it out from your goggles, clean it, and put it again.

You’ll get a microfiber carry bag, but it’s not a big deal because you’ll get that with every brand.

The optional lenses are sold separately. So, you can purchase extra lenses and carry them with yourself while going on a ride, in case the lenses get damaged.

If we talk about the price, then the Castle X STAGE Blackout Goggles are cheaper than the FXR, Klim, and 509 Goggles. I suggest you should take a look at them before making your final decision.

Things to Consider Before Buying Snowmobile Goggles

Buying snowmobile goggles is not an easy task, because manufacturers have so many features available nowadays but many of us don’t know about them.

This can lead to problems, such as in the purchase of goggles that either has unwanted features or lack the features that someone wants.

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for men’s, women’s or kid’s goggles, but this can happen if you don’t make an informed decision about your choices.

Don’t worry, to make this simple for you, we have listed most of the options and features that goggle manufacturers provide, so you don’t need to go anywhere else. Just read on to find about them in the following paragraphs:


Size is an important consideration when buying a pair of goggles. This is because most of the goggles don’t come with an adjustable strap.

Generally, for getting a size estimate, it is recommended to check with the manufacturer, as different manufacturers have different methods for calculating the optimal size to buy.

Tight goggles may result in headache, dizziness, et cetera, while the easiest detection of loose goggles is that the person wearing it will feel cold as the air will be able to get in.

Some helmets come with a silicone strap, which can prove to be useful for the case when you don’t have a standard head size.

Compatibility with Helmet

Make sure that the goggles come with a good goggle securing mechanism, which is compatible with your helmet, as this sport requires a lot of physical movement, as a result of which the goggles may come loose and fall frequently.

So, before buying any goggles, it’s important to take a look at your helmet. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new helmet, then you should definitely try modular helmets. I’ve shared one article that will help you out with buying a modular helmet for snowmobiling.

Snowmobile Goggles with Helmet

This might be troublesome as it constantly draws your attention and is quite frustrating as well, to be honest.

Children’s goggles also should be kept keeping this in mind, as they might not observe that their googles have fallen immediately and result in losing the goggles.


Padding on the goggle frame is one thing you should look out for as well. This is because the padding helps to create a cushioned interface between your face and the goggle frame.

Paddings also can be used for adjusting sizes. For example, if you bought a new goggle for your kid and it came slightly bigger, you can use paddings on the frames along with tightening the straps to make the fit perfect without having to return the goggles, as children grow and their now big goggles will give normal fit some years later.


We would leave the choice of lens color to you, but would strongly suggest you use vibrant colors for straps and the frame, as they are more visible and help people to notice you.

Snowmobile goggles color

But if you are after stealth, for purposes of hunting et cetera, there are frames and straps available in camouflaged prints as well.

Apart from the purpose, colors also have an aesthetic value, which matters to some people more than other factors, so know what you give more priority.


The material of construction is quite important to be checked as low quality or inherently weaker materials may lead to problems such as excessive wear and tear from normal use, easy breakage et cetera.

Also, very high-quality materials are stronger than normal materials but have less weight, and obviously, higher cost.

Now we will discuss what material are goggle parts are made up of and what details to keep in mind:


The strap of goggles is made out of many materials, depending on their type.

For example, nylon can be used to make normal straps but can be used to make stretchable ones as well. Some stretchable straps also use spandex.

Here, nothing can be said about quality, but when you have the product in your hands, it should be given a couple of hard pulls to test if it holds or not, especially at the stitches which are the weakest part of any strap, when it is subjected to a pull.


Generally made out of polycarbonate, lenses are the transparent part that lets you see.

Good quality lenses will be very transparent irrespective of thickness and a bit flexible to allow for minor bending that happens when one wears the goggles.

Nowadays manufacturers also use materials such as carbo-glass and Lexan, which are way better than polycarbonate lens but cost more as well.


Made from either ABS Plastic or Thermoplastic polyurethane (better known as TPU), goggle frames are what holds the lenses and allow the strap to pass through it.

Frames of different types of snowmobile goggles

As with lenses, some flexibility should be expected out of frame as well, as the outline of the frame sits on our skin and creates a seal, which should take shape of one’s face when worn, and is easily achievable when the frame is flexible.

Frames should be lightweight, yet flexible and this can be easily checked by pulling both the strap ends at the frame to check if it flexes suitably, as too much and too less flex, both are problematic.

Desirable Properties from the Lens

While buying goggles, lenses are the most difficult part to choose, as someone can become easily overwhelmed by the variety of lenses that are available in the market.

anti fog, anti scratch, thermal goggles

So to better know about what exactly you want from your lens, continue reading below and find out what is suitable for you.


This is by far the biggest feature that you should be concerned about.

Fogging occurs due to the temperature difference between the air inside the frame and the surroundings. The air in the frame absorbs heat from our skin and heats up, while the air outside is cold.

The lens now acts as an interface of the same mediums at different temperatures, and when heated air in the frame comes in contact with the lens, the water vapor suspended in it condenses and creates fog.

This can be overcome by coating the lens with special compounds, which prevent condensation, and hence, fogging does not occur.

Every manufacturer makes claims that their goggles do not fog, but this is best tried out in the fields only, so make sure that the store you bought the goggles from allows you to try a product before buying it.

The more features your goggles have, the more expensive they will be. So, if you want to stay in your budget, and still don’t want to face fog. Then you should check my article on how to protect your helmet from fogging in which I’ve shared 6 tips that are very helpful.


We all have been there, repenting over a scratch at our new pair of goggles, wishing that there was something which could have saved it.

Not to worry though, as nowadays, even cheap goggles are coming out featuring an anti-scratch coating, which makes sure that there are no scratches, no matter what terrain you pass through.

Anti-scratch coatings are nanoparticles, generally alumina or zirconia nanoparticles, which don’t alter the optical properties of the lenses material, but provide resistance from scratches.

Also, beware of manufacturers trying to fool people with marketing such as scratch-proof lenses, as that treatment is virtually impossible for plastic lenses.

The biggest advantage of having an anti-scratch lens is that the vision is always clear, and no distortion due to scratching is observed. Also, the aesthetics are maintained.

Thermal insulation (Applicable for the frame as well)

Thermal insulation might be important or not important at all, depending on the weather conditions that you are in.

This means, that if you surf in a very cold climate, you might want high insulation, meaning that the construction materials should be such that they should not conduct heat, or basically should be good thermal insulators.

But in the other case, where you are traveling in moderate climates you might not want too much insulation, as this can cause discomfort.


Tinting is done on the first lens to reduce the amount of light entering the second lens. It is also done to make the product look pleasing.

Reducing the amount of light is desirable in cases where ambient light is way too high to get a comfortable vision, which usually occurs while skiing in sunny conditions.

This helps you see clearly and make no judgmental mistakes.

Lens Attachment Arrangement

If you ever have owned a pair of goggles, you would know that the lenses are removable.

This means that the lenses are made out as a separate piece and is fixed/held on to the frame via an attachment arrangement.

This attachment arrangement can matter a lot, if you swap lenses frequently, which is a usual practice with people who go out in varying lighting conditions.

Attachment mechanisms can be as trivial as an interference fit, but usability is what matters. Give the goggles a try and if the mechanism is suitable for you, it’s a no-brainer.

Prescription Lenses

Some people just hate wearing their spectacles, even when they have a prescription for it.

Some intelligent people have come with an idea to fit prescription lenses in the inner lens, which allows a person to just wear the helmet, without the spectacles.

Prescription lenses also give you an advantage that you don’t have to adjust your spectacles inside your goggles, which may become frustrating as you’ll have to remove your goggles first to reach your glasses.

Also considering how active this sport is, we will recommend you to go for these instead of normal inner lenses, if you have prescription glasses. Be wary that manufacturers charge extra for these, as these are custom made, so be ready to shell out some more money.

But, if you don’t want to, don’t worry, as most of the goggles have sufficient room to accommodate even the biggest spectacle frame you will find on the market.


Venting is allowing the air outside to come into the lens area through the goggle frame.

Hence, ventilation plays a very important role in the temperature that is between the goggle frame and your eyes.

If a goggle has too many vents, it will allow more air to come inside, decreasing the amount of heat that can be stored, making the space cold. But, if there are fewer vents, the amount of air incoming will be less and may lead to the helmet becoming warmer than required, depending on the ambient temperature.

Hence, deciding the amount of venting is quite important, as choosing the wrong ventilation will lead to discomfort, which is dependent on the type of climate you wish to ski/surf in.

Flexible Frame

As discussed earlier, the frame should be check for flexibility, as stiff frames will give you a hard time for getting a proper seal between your face and itself.

Frames are usually made out of flexible materials, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you have got a tiny face, chances are that it will not flex enough, to cover around your face.

So, it is quite important to check for flexibility.

Compatibility with Snow Masks

Snow masks are used to cover the rest of the face.

While buying a pair of goggles, make sure that they are compatible with snow masks if you plan on wearing them, as some goggles feature way too narrow profile towards the part of the nose, which makes it very uneasy to put a snow mask on.

Better yet, if you have a chance to try the goggles, go on and do it with your snow mask on.


Warranty is just like an icing on the cake, having it is just better.

Warranty Period of goggles

Generally, manufacturers provide a yearlong warranty with most of their goggles, but some go ahead and provide a two-year warranty as well.

The warranty reflects how much confidence the manufacturer has in their making and gives you peace of mind that if the goggles break during the warranty period, there will be no fuss.

Keep in mind though, to back up a warranty, the manufacturer should have a solid customer service, otherwise, it will be of no use as you won’t be able to convey your problem to them.

Special Requirements

Some people want goggles with special requirements such as night vision, polaroid lenses et cetera, which are available as well.

Just make sure to check with different manufacturers for your specific needs and they will be more than happy to help you out regarding what models have the features that you want.

It may sound weird at first, but manufacturers are nowadays even providing an option for heated snowmobile goggles as well.

How to Carefully Handle Snowmobile Goggles

Take Care of Snowmobile Goggles

As handling the goggles is a difficult task, there are some of the points you should keep in mind in order to carefully handle the snowmobile goggles from getting damaged

  1. If you don’t want to damage the anti-fog layer when you are cleaning your glasses, you should be very careful and clean your lens with the help of soft tissue.
  2. Make sure to store your goggles at a dry and well-ventilated place after every use. It will hence allow it to dispel sweat and humidity.
  3. The performance of the anti-fog coating will reduce if you scrub the lens way too frequently. So, avoid scrubbing the lens too often.
  4. Try the goggles on while wearing the helmet in order to ensure the latter doesn’t block your venting.
  5. You should keep your goggle on as much as possible while snowmobiling.
  6. Don’t move your goggles to your forehead as it will cause the heat and moisture will produce there to fog up.

These are some of the things which should be followed in order to take proper care of the goggles. These will hence provide your goggles to last long and provide them to be comfortable for a long period of time.

Be sure to take all the steps to ensure careful handling of the goggles.

Final Words

A snowmobile is a machine which is operated in the winter conditions. So, there should be some of the precautions which should be a priority to avoid the cold and winter.

So, in the above, these were the best goggles for snowmobiling in 2020.

The goggles are the main part which is to be bought in order to avoid various different problems which can occur. So, you should be really careful while choosing the best goggle according to your needs.

The goggles should have foam fitted which in order will provide your eyes the protection from the frost and various other things.

The various things you can consider before buying the goggles is the size, material, fitting over the helmet and various other protections.

The size should be perfect enough and should properly fit your face and shouldn’t be very loose or tight. It should be perfect.

The material which is to be bought should be the best and not cause any irritation to the person. The goggles should fit with your helmet. You should take care that the goggles should be anti-fog and allow the eyes to properly breathe while in them. The goggles should not provide any suffocation to your eyes. So, you should be really careful while buying the best and the most protective goggles in the winter season.

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