Best Ice Fishing Flotation Suit in 2022: With Jacket & Bib

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No one wants to go ice fishing without a floating suit.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best ice fishing suits, jackets, and bibs. Don’t worry, all of them are helpful in floating.

Best overall

WindRider Ice Fishing Suit

best runnerup

Nordic Legend Aurora Series suit

most comfortable


best floating jacket – men’s

Striker boy’s Climate Jacket

best floating jacket – women’s

StrikerICE Stella Jacket

best floating bib – men’s

Striker Ice Fishing Bib

best floating bib – women’s

Striker Ice women’s Prism Bib

Best Ice Fishing Flotation Suit

WindRider Ice Fishing Suit

Trusted by serious ice fishermen, our WindRider Ice Fishing Suit is both warmer and drier than any other floating ice fishing suit on the market.

This suit is built to keep you warm and comfortable even in the coldest temperatures so you can concentrate on landing the big catch.

The jacket and bib feature 3M thermal insulation, which offers more warmth than other synthetic insulation.

They also have double zippers that let you relieve yourself with ease and keep you warm yet breathable.

Moreover, a removable hood is added which comes in handy when it’s cold and windy so you can keep your whole upper body covered and warm.

A critical feature of this suit is the foam used, which not only keeps you warmer but also helps you float if you do fall through the ice.

They also have plenty of pockets for storage which includes large pockets on the thighs and handwarmer pockets on the bibs, and large mesh pockets, a zipped chest pocket, two internal pockets, and handwarmer pockets on the jacket.

With so many features, the WindRider Ice Fishing Suit is the best ice fishing suit perfect for staying warm while targeting big fish.

However, be careful when using the zippers on the jacket and bib as they are not the most durable and can snap off.

Best Ice Fishing Flotation Jackets

StrikerICE Predator Jacket

The StrikerICE Predator jacket is the best ice fishing jacket specially designed for use in sub-zero degrees to protect your body from the extreme conditions of ice fishing.

The exterior shell is durable and waterproof for protection from extreme outdoor conditions. It includes a 320D Nylon Tussor shell to keep you warm on those chilling winter days.

In addition, the Hydrapore material on this men’s jacket provides waterproof coverage for protection from snow, ice, and water.

With 100g of thermal insulation, this jacket is guaranteed to protect you from the cold. It is designed with Thermadex technology that provides optimal yet lightweight warmth without all the extra bulk.

Importantly, this jacket for ice fishing has a unique Sureflote technology that makes it the most buoyant ever built.

This technology can keep an average person afloat for up to two hours in case they fall into the water which has already saved a number of lives over the years by providing them with the safety they need in the ice.

The only thing is that the StrikerICE Predator Jacket can be bulky with all the insulation and technology packed into it.

Eskimo Roughneck Jacket

The Eskimo Roughneck ice fishing flotation jacket is fully packed with features to help you stay warm and dry while concentrating on catching fish.

The jacket is made with Duratex 600 denier polyester fabric that is both tough and breathable so you stay dry and comfortable.

It also features Sherpa fleece lining for added comfort and warmth without the bulk which a lot of the users love.

Furthermore, this ice fishing jacket has 5k/5k waterproof/breathable rating, DWR treatment, and is 100% windproof guaranteed to shield you from the snow, water, wind, and other external elements.

The Uplyft Lite Flotation Assistance is also incorporated to prevent you from sinking into the water in case you get into a situation where you need to get out of the water.

In addition to these, it also has reinforced shoulders and elbows, so you have the protection where you need it most to take a hit from those big fish.

However, a lot of customers pointed out that the arms tend to feel tight and stiff which can be uncomfortable and can restrict arm movements. It’s a good idea to go one size up when buying the Eskimo Roughneck Jacket.

Best Ice Fishing Flotation Bibs

Eskimo Roughneck Bibs

The Eskimo Roughneck Bib is a fine example of technical design and functionality. These floating ice fishing bibs are best used in freezing conditions as they provide warmth and comfort to withstand the rigors of ice fishing.

The exterior is made of a Duradry 600 denier polyester fabric that’s tough, long-wearing, and built to last through every winter season.

It has a DWR coating and waterproof/breathable rating of 5,000/5,000 and is completely windproof which means you won’t have to worry about wearing this bib in the rain or snow.

This ice-fishing bib is also designed with Sherpa fleece lining that provides maximum comfort with minimal bulk allowing for greater mobility and added warmth.

Each of the bibs features Uplyft Breathable Flotation Assistance which helps to keep you afloat if you happen to fall in the frigid water.

Moreover, reinforcements on the knees and ankles are employed to add an extra layer of protection in high-impact areas.

Although the outer shell of the Eskimo Roughneck Bib is impressively tough, others noticed that the stitching is not nearly as durable and resilient.

StrikerICE Predator Bib

The StrikerICE Predator Bib for ice fishing is a versatile and heavy-duty bib that’s sure to become your go-to layer in your ice fishing apparel for years to come.

The 100g Thermadex insulation provides heavy-duty protection and coverage when the weather turns nasty.

It keeps you warm and dry without all of the extra bulk that is usually found on other insulating ice fishing bibs.

Additionally, this bib uses Hydrapore material which is extremely durable, yet provides excellent waterproofing. This material repels all moisture and remains breathable allowing you to ice fish for an extended time.

When you want to stay warm, dry, and protected against unfortunate situations, the unique Sureflote Technology is proven to keep you afloat for up to two hours. This feature is crucial in case you fall in the water and get yourself in life-threatening accidents.

However, a few users wished the zippers run a bit longer and higher up the knee for easy putting on and off and for added security.

StrikerICE Climate Bib

Another excellent product from StrikerICE is the Climate Bib. This ice-fishing bib offers complete protection for anglers seeking to venture out onto the ice suitable for a broad range of conditions.

Made with premium materials that set it apart from other fishing overalls for men, these provide optimal warmth without all of the bulk and weight.

It is built with Thermadex insulation which provides the best lightweight insulating system on the market.

This insulating technology can also be adjusted from 100 g of insulation for those milder days or up to 175 g of insulation for more extreme winter conditions.

Furthermore, the durable Hydrapore material has a waterproof 5,000 mm rating and breathable 5,000 g rating for complete protection against snow, ice, water, and other outside elements.

This bib is also built with Sureflote technology that helps provide up to two hours of buoyancy in the case of accidental submerging to make sure you will always have enough time to get help.

However, a few users reported that the leg area can be a little baggy and long so you might have to tailor it accordingly.

How to Choose Flotation Jacket & Bibs


The most important factor in choosing ice fishing jackets and bibs is their buoyancy. That’s why when looking for ice fishing suits that float, look for products that have flotation technologies.

best ice fishing flotation jacket

Flotation technologies incorporated on ice fishing suits are usually foam or rubber pockets that are integrated inside your jacket and bib to enhance their buoyancy so you can float in the water.

Having this critical feature in your suit improves your chances of survival in the event of an accidental submerging.

In addition, the best float suit for ice fishing is made with materials that don’t soak up a lot of water and have the ability to drain water fast so they won’t weigh you down when you’re trying to wriggle out the water.


Ice fishing in the winter also puts you at risk of possible heavy snowfalls causing you to get wet and cold in the middle of the day.

Choose a flotation jacket and bib that is made of waterproof materials such as neoprene, nylon, or polyester.

These materials provide that extra layer of protection against snow, ice, water, and other elements to keep you dry and warm. They help prevent water from penetrating through the suit so you don’t become soaked.

Furthermore, such materials are known to be durable and long-wearing while keeping the gear lightweight and breathable which is key when you’re spending lots of hours waiting for a big catch in the freezing weather.

Another thing to look out for to ensure your ice fishing jacket and bib has efficient waterproofing is its MM rating.

The ability of a fabric to resist water is measured by its MM rating. The higher the MM rating, the longer a suit can be submerged before you start getting wet.

Ice fishing suits that have a 5000 to 10000 mm rating are ideal depending on how long you plan on staying out.


Staying warm should also be one of the first things on your priority list when looking for the best ice fishing flotation jacket and bib.

best flotation suit for ice fishing

Look for flotation suits that have insulating properties or technologies suitable for your ice fishing environment.

Thermal insulation is measured using grams. The higher the insulation gram of the suit is, the warmer it will be. Your choice can depend on your preferences, climate, and conditions.

Generally, 100 g of insulation is enough to keep you warm in most winter conditions. However, if you’re fishing in arctic regions, you might need flotation suits with a higher insulation rating.

Another thing to look for is the lining of the jacket or bib. Fleece liners inside your suit provide a boost of insulation without adding further bulk and weight. Plus, they are super soft and allow you to move more comfortably.

Final Words

Regardless of whether you are a beginner ice angler or an experienced one, safety is a big concern that’s why choosing the best ice fishing flotation suit is essential.

It provides enough flotation so you have a chance of being rescued in case of an unexpected fall through the water. Likewise, it keeps you warm and comfortable for a more enjoyable day of ice fishing.

Choosing the right one for your needs takes a little knowledge about the specific qualities to look for in a good ice fishing flotation suit. I hope you found this article helpful and informative.

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