Best Flip-Over Ice Fishing Shelter: For 1, 2, & 3 Persons

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Below, you’ll see some of the best ice fishing shelters that are suitable for 1 man, 2 man, and 3 people.

best for one man

Eskimo Wide 1™ Thermal

best premium one man shelter

FRABILL Ice Hunter

best for 2 man

Eskimo Sierra Ice Fishing Shelter

best premium 2 man shelter

Frabill Ice Hunter 195

best for 2-3 man shelter

Eskimo Eskape 2800

best premium 2-3 man shelter

Otter XT PRO Cottage X

Best Flip-Over Ice Fishing Shelters

Frabill Ice Hunter Sidestep 200

The Frabill Ice Hunter is a good flip-over ice shelter you can ever have, and it has been trusted to position anglers for success while providing comfort for the users. 

This shanty has a panoramic front window with an improved window material that enables anglers to see clearly during the cold, and the material is also durable.

The clarity is combined with a convenient patented entry system. It also comes with large interior pockets, molded glove-friendly zipper pulls, and an additional reflective material to keep you safe at night!

It comes with insulation, plush boat seats, and sturdy seat bases with flex.

This shanty is made for aggressive ice fishing hole-hopping, but it has not been mentioned if it can be a 2-person flip-over ice shelter.

It has the dimensions of 84″ L x 58.5″ W x 64″ H, and 20 sq ft.

This might help you for your leisure, but this shanty is hard to put up and down.

Frabill Aegis 2110

If you want a versatile and compact shanty, you might want to check out Frabill’s Aegis 2110!

This shack is a 2-person flip-over ice shelter, and it is made of lightweight materials, allowing anglers to quickly mobilize and stay in command for the ice fishing expedition.

This shack is easy to transport, and it has a simplified setup with well-equipped structures just right for the cost of the shack.

It has a Modular Seating System available with five different seating options, and it has top insulation for your roof protection (and for you too!)

This shack has an 83″ L x 58″ W x 61.5″ H dimension, just enough for anglers to utilize for comfort during fishing.

This shanty might be versatile and lightweight, but the materials are not that durable for multiple uses.

CLAM 12564 Legend XL

If you want a one-man flip-over ice shelter, then the CLAM 12564 Legend must be for you.

This one-person shack has a deluxe padded swivel seat that slides back and forth and left to right, and it comes pre-assembled, supporting a person up to 300 pounds!

It is made of strong 900 denier fabric and full thermal skin for your warmth and comfort by retaining heat, and it has 90 grams of insulation per square meter – just right to keep you cozy while fishing in the cold!

This shanty has RPSX Rapid Pole Slide Extreme System, allowing users for easy setup, and it comes with four windows, four vents, and two doors for seamless movement in the shack. 

Not only are you cozy, but the airflow and accessibility are also ensured!

This can be the best flip-over ice shelter for those who love big spaces during the ice fishing journey.

Eskimo Sierra Thermal

Eskimo Sierra Thermal

The Sierra Thermal is another best flip-over ice shanty for two anglers during ice fishing days this 2022. It is a lightweight and highly portable shack that holds in the heat, big thanks to the insulated IQ fabric that comes with it!

This 2 man shelter comes with two comfortable swivel Versa seats mounted to the sled, and you can remove them by using a hitch pin or flipping forward! This allows larger storage space for your gears and easy access for the items.

It is made with an aluminum or steel framework that creates a rigid structure to withstand strong wind and has a setup size of 60″ x 84″ x 67″. 

This flip-over ice house is a good choice for use; however, it might weigh a bit when transported from one place to another because of the insulation.

Eskimo Eskape 2400

Eskimo Eskape 2400

The Eskape 2400 is designed to provide comfort for anglers, and it has a two-person capacity for the ice fishing expedition.

This shack does not give you any difficulty or hassle during setup, and it can fit under a tonneau cover in the back of most crew cab pickup trucks.

This means this shack can be transported easily, and it does not occupy that much space!

It might not be a 3 man flip-over ice shelter, but this shanty’s comfortable bench seats provide all-day comfort, with extra room for use!

This shack has a steel/aluminum framework with a fully insulated interior, and it has a setup size of 60″ x 99″ x 75.5″. 

It comes with six windows and two side doors, and it has one ventilation for great airflow and breathability.

How to Choose a Flip Over Shelter

how to choose ice fishing flip over shelter

Excellent Framework

Before anything else, you need to have a flip-over shanty with the best framework it can ever have because you don’t want your shelter to collapse when a strong wind approaches your direction!

An excellent pole structure will determine how long the shanty can stay upright. Even when the shanty does not have a lot of frameworks going on, so long it can stay up and still even during the most potent hits, you are good to go with that buddy of yours.

Just ensure that your shanty’s framework has sturdy joints, locks, and poles so you won’t experience challenging situations while you fish during the cold.


You might have experienced having a shanty without insulation, and you may think it still worked well for doing its job.

However, an insulated shanty is still the best option in all aspects. Given that you will be out in the cold and you and your fellow anglers need to stay warm to keep your body temperature and mental focus, you should consider having an insulated flip-over shelter. 

An insulated flip-over shanty might weigh more when carried than an uninsulated one, but I promise, insulated models are essential when they are freezing outside or in below zero temperatures.

The insulation prevents condensation from building up in the ceiling of the shanty, so it will ensure that you will feel comfortable even when it is freezing outside.

If you use an ice fishing heater inside these shelters, you’ll be much more comfortable and enjoy your day.

Great Fishing Area

If your shack’s fishing area is not that accessible to you and your fellow angler, then you might want to keep that shack away from you!

Kidding aside, you need to have a spacious fishing area in the shanty because you don’t want to make yourself feel deprived of the spaces you have inside. You need to have plenty of room for your gear, essentials, and the people inside the shack.

A small fishing area will make you feel uncomfortable and tight while fishing, and you don’t want to deprive yourself of the fun you have during your leisure.

Make sure that the area is just enough that you won’t feel deprived of the space so that you can enjoy your ice fishing!

Final Words

Now that you know the list of the best shelters that come with flip over style that might fit your choice, you might as well take some time in choosing which one you should add to your cart!

Make sure to consider the factors you need to have before owning a flip-over ice shanty because you don’t want to regret your choice since you invested in that product. Keep in mind the things you need to consider before having one, so your ice fishing expedition will be fun as ever!

Hopefully, this article helped you in your flip-over ice shelter dilemma.

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