How To Install Communicators in Snowmobile Helmets?

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Did you just purchase a new snowmobile helmet for the winter season? Well, in that case, what you most require to know is how to install communicators in snowmobile helmets.

In this article, we have tried to explain how to install communicators and Bluetooth headsets in snowmobile helmets.

Install Communicators in Snowmobile Helmets

Why Do We Need Communicators in Snowmobile Helmets?

While sledding, especially on remote backcountry tracks, it is safer to travel in groups. Traveling in a group can come with challenges, one of which is communication. 

To solve this, most snowmobile helmets are fitted with Bluetooth communicators that help you keep in touch with your group. 

How to Install Communicators in Snowmobile Helmets?

  • The first step to install communicators in snowmobile helmets is to choose the exemplary communicator for your helmet that will cater to your needs. Some of the most desirable features in a communicator are HD audio, automatic voice recognition long ranger intercom, intercommunication between more prominent groups, and automatic volume adjustments. 
  • Next, you must have an idea of the set of your helmet. In most cases, the jaw part of the helmet can be opened. So detach that part first.
  • Then very slowly and carefully, you need to remove the cheek pads. With equal caution, try and remove the cloth covering the cushions.
bluetooth headsets on snowmobile helmets
  • Then very gently use hot glue to stick the velcro with the speakers on the foam of the pads towards the back.
  • After that, carefully bring around the microphone’s wire towards the top (the front where it will rest just beside the rubber of your jaw piece but not blocked by it) of the cheek pads and attach it there. Ensure the hole of the mic is facing in.
  • Then carefully cover it with a fabric cover.
  • Then figure out the perfect spot in your helmet to stick the communicator device. Clean that area off any grease and then place the device there.
  • After that, start adjusting the wire. Connect the cord to the device and tuck in the excess wire between the snowmobile helmet’s shell and the inner lining. 
  • After this, very carefully assemble all the opening parts into their rightful positions.
snowmobile helmet communicators

Final Words

Before closing this article on how to install communicators in snowmobile helmets, we would like you to be mindful of the correct settings of the words and proper re-setting of the disassembled parts.

Otherwise, this communication system installation with its mics and speakers and the communication device should work just fine.

Also, please remember that there is a difference between snowmobile and motorcycle helmets, so the rules differ for both of them.

I hope this article was helpful enough and adequately guided you on how to install communicators in snowmobile helmets.

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