How To Install Ice Scratchers: Step-by-Step Guide

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You see, ice scratchers are necessary equipment that is installed at the rear end of the rails of your sled on either side. They have pointed tips that dig into the hard slabs of packed snow and make them powder form.

In this article, we have tried to discuss how to install ice scratchers to your sleds!

Why Are Ice Scratchers Important?

Why Ice Scratchers Important
  • Installing Ice scratchers on either side of your rails is important. The reason is that these ice scratchers dig into the hard snow and throw up the powdered snow into the rear suspension.
  • The thrown-up snow helps in the cooling effect of the heat exchangers below the rails. The snow melts and dissipates on the engine preventing it from overheating too.

How To Install Ice Scratchers?

Tools required for the installation are some drill bits (long and short), the look washers and bolts, the drill machine, and of course the ice scratcher itself. 

  • The most important thing is figuring out where to install the scratcher. So keep moving the scratcher inch by inch to get that right position.
  • Now you might already find a hole to mount the drill bits but sometimes these holes are not feasible because if installed in these holes when you lift up the scratchers they might end up interfering with the moving parts of the sled.
  • Find out a spot where that does not happen.
  • Once that drill is in the first hole, after holding it in place, drill in the second hole for the spiral part of the scratcher.
  • Mount both with help of the drill bits.
  • Use the bolts and lock washer to keep the scratchers in place.
  • Repeat the same with the other scratcher on the other side 
  • After installation check the mounting by moving the scratcher up and down to ensure it is tight and not interfering with other parts of the engine.

Et voila, you have successfully installed your Ice Scratchers!

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