Purpose Of Installing Ice Scratchers: Must Know Facts

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Okay, so ice scratchers are basically a pair of usually steel crooked rod-like structures that are to be mounted on the rear end of the rails of your sled. While most scratchers have a helix at one end which is to be bolted, the other pointed end is to drag on the trails.

The point ends dig into the hard-packed snow on the surface that powders the packed snow and throws up the powdered snow into the rear suspension.

In this article, we have discussed the purpose of installing ice scratchers!

What Is The Importance of Installing Ice Scratchers?

Well, if you are an ardent snowmobiler then Ice scratchers should be one of the default pieces of equipment that you should consider using with your snowmobiles. The purpose of an Ice scratcher is,

  • As we know that the ice scratchers break the hard-packed snow into powdered snow. This help in an easier slide of the rails of your sleds and makes it safer too. 
  • The most important function of the ice scratchers in sleds is that they provide a cooling effect. How? You see when the snow particles are kicked up the rear suspension they can lead to overheating of the heat exchangers and the tunnels and slides over your rails. This may lead to the melting away of the slides. Ice scratcher gives the necessary cooling effect.
  • Ice scratchers also provide protection for the rails.
  • The ice scratchers also help in dissipating heat of the engine and thus give the engine a cooling effect too.

Thus, ice scratchers are really important parts of snowmobiles!

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