Klim Arctic Balaclava Review: Arctic vs. Glacier Balaclava

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With the winter coming in, the craze among people for winter sports is also enthused. The hotlist of these sports is snowmobiling which has been on the bucket list of every other sports enthusiast.

However, with the decreasing temperature and snowfall, you would want to protect yourself to be able to have fun under the cold weather.

You can wear an alpaca sweater to protect your body from the icy cool winds weather. And as for your face, a comfortable balaclava is a great gear to keep your face warm and dry.

But, which balaclava to choose? Let’s find out!

Today, we will review the Klim Arctic Balaclava which is one of the top-rated balaclavas among snowmobilers and other winter sports buffs.

 Klim Arctic Balaclava
MaterialLightweight polyester
DesignSpecifically designed for the coldest conditions and harshest elements
PerksUltra-wide skirt
SizeStretchable fit
Weight2.12 ounces
WindstopperCompact fleece windstoper
Goggles PortYes
Nose PieceFull neoprene nose piece
PriceSee Current Price

Klim Arctic Balaclava Review

 The Klim Arctic Balaclava is specially designed for the icy conditions in the arctic zone for snowmobile riders. Snowmobiling has been a trending winter sport among the youth and adults for its adventurous and breath-taking experiences. The adrenaline rush due to sports has added a bonus to its feature.

As you all might already know, a balaclava is a close-fitted garment made up of wool that can entirely cover your face leaving space for eyes and ears to protect the riders from the cold winds.

The Klim has been the leading industry in the manufacturing of balaclava masks for the hard-core snowmobile riders who do not stop even in deep snow conditions.

Klim uses the most innovative and advanced features to provide the customers with the best products available in the market. While developing the balaclava mask, the designers always keep the requirements of the customers in mind. This feature of the company helps it to stand out in the crowd.

Furthermore, it comes with a specifications list to offer the client the best quality balaclava for extreme winter conditions.

The Klim Arctic Balaclava is an advanced form of the Klim balaclava masks with newly added innovations and technologies to work in the arctic winter conditions. It is one of the coldest rated balaclavas in the market and also among other Klim Balaclava.

This mask also uses Gore-Tex Windstopper material instead of Gore-Tex waterproof material. It has an amusing feature to prevent the wind from flowing through the mask.

It uses the micro-fleece liner all over the mask that makes it the best-rated balaclava in the market. This micro-fleece liner helps to retain the heat inside the balaclava and keep the rider warm enough inside. The designers of the Klim Company have tried to deliver a 3-D look to the balaclava with their pioneering style ideas for making it worth eye-catching to the clients.

The elasticities of the balaclava on the sides help it to gather around the face of the rider in an assimilated fashion to offer the complete 3-dimensional look to the rider. The huge 3-D breath box is installed right in front of the mouth and nose area to allow proper passage of air to keep the rider ventilated and warm.

The breath box or the nose piece is made up of full neoprene that allows the cold and condensed air to flow out through the bottom of the box to keep the rider’s breath warm for a long time. This helps to prevent the fogging of your helmet as well as your goggles.

You can wear it under your snowmobile helmet and as mentioned above, it’ll help your snowmobiling goggles from the fog.

The Klim Arctic Balaclava comes with an eye pod to fix the right size goggles specially designed for this balaclava. The flatlock stitching over the head of the mask keeps the whole material lightweight as you cannot feel them at all.

The elasticities over the head come around covers the whole head area, even the neck area in the back. It is also covered with micro-fleece liners around the area that is going to be covered by a helmet and are going to receive less direct airflow.

This allows your head to breathe while it is still inside a helmet protected. They are super-stretchable to offer freedom of head movement while riding a snowmobile.

The Gore-Tex wind stoppers come in an ultra-wide skirt form that extends from the neck area and lies around the whole chest area circling around the back as well to prevent cold winter winds from flowing through your body and keeping the entire upper area warm and cozy. These wind stoppers also allow the balaclava to stay tucked inside snowmobile jackets to keep them secured.

The Klim Arctic Balaclava has an efficient moisture-wicking property. It is best suited for those aggressive riders who drive their snowmobiles really fast. It can dry extremely fast and is easily washable in machines.

Klim Glacier vs Arctic Balaclava

 Arctic Balaclava
Glacier Balaclava
Ultra-wide skirt
Coolmax breathable moisture-wicking fabric
Super stretch head fleece-lycra
Elastic side panels offer contour fit
Nose Piece
Heavy and compact fleece
Coolmax breathable moisture-wicking fabric
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price

The Glacier Balaclava, as well as the Arctic Balaclava both, are manufactured by the Klim Company. The texture and development of both the balaclava are different as well as unique in their way. The material used for designing both the balaclava is a heavy fleece to provide comfort and warmth to the customers.

However, the Klim glacier fails to provide the required amount of warmth and is advised not to be used in freezing weather. In contrast, the Arctic balaclava is specially designed to withstand the icy conditions in the arctic zones.

The Klim glacier comes with an ultra-wide extended wind stopper skirt that helps keep the whole balaclava secured in place. This feature is, however, absent in the Klim Glacier Balaclava instead of the extended skirt. They offer a wide-skirt over the collar design with cinch cords that helps keep snow out of the balaclava.

The Klim Glacier, as well as the Klim Arctic Balaclava, both are equally light-weight and come with Gore-Tex Wind stopper fabric rather than the Gore-Tex Waterproof fabric. They both come in more or less the same price range; the only difference is the amount of warmth they could provide to the user.

Final Words

It can really be a hell of a task for an avid snowmobile rider to choose the right kind of balaclava for themselves. There are many other options available in the market other than Klim Arctic balaclava or Klim Glacier balaclava.

The most important thing to consider before buying a balaclava is your comfort and protection against extreme temperature conditions. However, The Klim Arctic balaclava is a personal recommendation for all those aggressive snowmobile riders as they offer you the perfect fit and stay tucked in while you enjoy your endeavors.

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