Klim F5 Helmet Review: Perfect Outdoor Helmet in 2020

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Do you like to ride dirt bikes? Or go snowmobiling? Well, if you are a fan of these adventurous endeavors, then you know how important it is to be safe out there!

With everything happening this year, do you really want to tempt your stars and compromise over your wellbeing?

It’s vital to understand the importance of good sturdy helmets while riding, and today I’ll be covering the Klim F5, the holy grail of helmets.

It is undoubtedly one of the best helmets available in the market right now, but hey, don’t just take my word for it! Keep reading.

Klim F5 Helmet

Klim F5 Helmet Review


There is no doubt about how vital ventilation is when we choose apt protective equipment for ourselves, and this is where the F5 helmet stands out.

Klim has specifically engineered this gear with four big chimney vents on the top of the helmet that allows the pent up heat inside to escape in the air from the top directly.

This feature is especially useful when there isn’t a steady flow of air around the rider (this happens when you are riding at slow speed or side-hilling or when you are riding across deserts or hot climate terrains where there is restricted flow of air), thus eliminating the need for high-speed for proper airflow.

The tube-like design of the helmet enables the liberal flow of air with minimal hindrance.

Fit and Comfort

The fit of any helmet eventually depends on the individual himself, as it defers according to the shape and size of the head.

Therefore it is essential to try out any helmet before buying because the product could be great, but it renders useless if it doesn’t fit you correctly.

That being said, the Klim F5 helmet has an aesthetic and a supportive fit and is available in different sizes for meeting the needs of different wearers.

The inside is well shielded to keep your face warm and comfortable.

The drawn-out chin strap in the helmet is snug and securely held.

It also has cushy cheek pads inside, which are held in place by detachable snaps.

Overall, it is a close-fitting helmet but at the same time it is not too tight to suffocate the rider.

With smooth airflow and well-structured design, comfort with Klim F5 is inevitable.


We can’t talk about comfort without discussing the weight of the helmet now, can we?

Every other feature of the helmet becomes pointless if it is too heavy on your head.

However, the first thing you will notice when you pick up the Klim F5 helmet is how light it is!

You can immediately tell how much thought has been put in making sure that the helmet is airy and weightless.

The helmet is encased in a carbon fiber shell with three density EPS (expanded polystyrene)

 Klim uses three different densities of EPS to make sure that it provides maximum protection with minimum weight.


To begin with, Klim F5 is ECE and DOT certified, which is as safe as any helmet gets.

Klim helmet comes with Koroyd technology, which provides more energy absorption and enhances safety with innovative energy management components.

Besides this, F5 helmet also provides MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), which is a state of the art technology that is another major USP of Klim.

MIPS is a brain protection system that is placed in the helmet to reduce collision impact and provide protection against the rotational movement to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

Between MIPS technology and the Koroyd layer, the Klim F5 claims to provide a substantial reduction in HIC (Head Injury Criterion).

Klim has clearly put in significant efforts and invested in the latest technology to make safer helmets for their riders.

Other Features

Fidlock Magnetic Strap

A unique feature that Klim integrated into its F5 helmets is the Fidlock Magnetic Closure system, which secures the strap with one small tug.

The magnetic Fidlock is held in place by a locking system, which is meant to make the helmets’ on and off process quick and hassle-free.

The Fidlock provides a good lock and release mechanism, which is effortless if used correctly.

Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet

In a nutshell, Klim F5 Koroyd is one of the choicest all-season and temperament helmets that you will come across in 2020.

By claiming superior improvements in safety, ventilation, and weight, Klim has introduced technology, which is sure to make a huge impact and create a lasting impression on the riders.

Also, I would once again like to highlight the game-changing debut of the ‘Fidlock Magnetic Closure System, ‘ which is simple to use and equally effective.

Not to forget the MIPs and Koroyd technology, which has optimized the safety parameters offered.

Overall, the people, in general, have been thrilled with the helmet because it is not only inexpensive, exceptionally well ventilated, but also ideal for year-round use.

Final Words

Like I mentioned above, 2020 is not the year to take chances, and although many things are beyond our control, choosing the right helmet for yourself is something that is still in your hands.

Undoubtedly a generic helmet needs to provide adequate safety and comfort with strong durability; however, the additional properties offered by the company are what make that helmet stand apart.

And I believe Klim F5 is truly a great option to consider if you are looking for a helmet that provides you with state-of-the-art features and superior technology for a premium experience.

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