Klim Latitude Jacket & Pant Review: Pros & Cons in 2021

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Klim is one of the leading brands in the world of adventure riding gear. They’ve made several jackets and pants designed to meet the needs of every rider.

Today we’re going to talk about the Klim Latitude jacket and pants. They are versatile, waterproof, and breathable guaranteed to keep you dry no matter the riding conditions are.

Below is a review of the Klim Latitude Jacket and Pants to help you decide whether you should buy it or not for 2021.

Klim Latitude Jacket and Pant Review

Klim Latitude Jacket Review

Let us start with the Klim Latitude Jacket first. Given below are all the features and characteristics of the jacket discussed in detail.


The KL Jacket is designed keeping in mind the complete comfort of riders in any weather condition. The robust color patterns make the jacket look sturdy, while the Gore-Tex 2 layer finish actually makes it durable, waterproof, and breathable. There are mainly three mainstream color options to choose from, each with its own color pattern and finish.

Apart from this, the jacket features 3M Scotchlite reflective materials that increase low light visibility, and goat leather at the shoulder, elbows, forearms, upper back, and front center. It is also equipped with Klimatek cooling stretch mesh inside the pockets to keep the inside cool at all times.

Fabric Quality

Klim Latitude uses a 2 layer Gore-Text fabric to create a strong performance shell exterior and to laminate the high abrasion zones. The Gore-Tex fabric is well known for its durability, waterproofing, and breathable membrane. Thanks to it, the jacket can repel water while allowing the water vapors to pass through its membrane. It is also very lightweight, making the jacket very comfortable and relaxing.


With max flow ventilation through 6 ports, the ventilation in KL Jacket is one of its most impressive features. With this jacket, you can ride anywhere hot and you will still feel your body at a cool temperature. The zippers are placed well so that the air reaches every part of your body, keeping your body cool, skin breathable, and avoid suffocating.

At each side of the forearm, there is a waterproof zipper that allows the air to flow, keeping your arms cool and relaxed. Apart from this, the chest part too contains a part of long zippers and there’s another pair on the lower back of the jacket. All these zippers can be opened for good ventilation.


Even with so much ventilation, it is just amazing how the KL jacket manages to keep the rider completely dry at all times. This is mainly possible thanks to its high-quality lamination kit that dries way faster than any typical drop liner textile. Also, the two-layer Gore-Tex system is a job well done, as it keeps the water out all the time.

The Klim Latitude Jacket climbs a little high price-wise, thanks to the efficient two-system Gore-Tex layer. However, it is an investment that is well worth it.


As we know, the KL Jacket features an impressive ventilation system that keeps the body cool, but when it comes to tackling cold temperature, the jacket simply does not have a thermal liner. Although it is a little surprising for a touring jacket originating in the UK to not have a thermal liner, most of the riders have little to do with it anyway.

In any case, the jacket is pretty thin and light, providing enough space for the riders to add an extra thermal layer within. Adding an additional thermal layer might not be really necessary, but it’s well recommended if you are going on a long ride.


The Klim Latitude is well equipped with pockets and provides plenty of space for you to store essentials. There are four internal zip pockets, out of which one has a hole for headphones, and the other one on the forearm can be used for keeping money, cards, and toll tickets.

Apart from these, there are two waist pockets and two chest pockets, which can also be opened up for ventilation. The waist pockets have vertical zippers, great for stuffing your hands in, but risky when riding as things may slip out. In any case, all zippers and pockets come with storm flaps, so you don’t really have to worry about them getting soaked.

Apart from all this, what many riders may really like is the secret pocket placed behind the back protector. It is a great place to stash away money, passport, and important documents while traveling through any hazardous areas.


The main zip of the Jacket is a chunky YKK zipper. It is large in size and hence easy to operate. There are two toggle modes that allow the rider to either open up the bottom, if necessary. Apart from this, the zipper is well protected with storm flaps and with a secured Velcro with a pop-up button at the bottom.

The collar part of the jacket comes with a simple Velcro adjustment and a draw-string that can be pulled to clench the collar more tightly. However, it might seem a little bulky at first, and the drawstring can loosen up a bit on its own. Apart from that, everything is well placed. In hotter months, you can clip the collar a bit back for increased ventilation.

Klim Latitude Pant Review

The Klim Latitude trousers are just as effective and well-made as their jacket. Given below are all the features and characteristics of KL Trousers discussed in detail.


The KL Trousers are mainly available in two shades, Black and Grey. Just like the KL Jacket, the pants too are designed to provide the best rider comfort in any weather condition. The pants feature a very dynamic pattern and are perfect for riding.

The pants feature 3M Scotchlite reflective materials that increase low-light visibility, goat leather on the inner knee to protect from heat and to add grip, one knee, and hip amour, adjustable knee straps to keep the armor in place, and well-placed pockets and zippers.

Fabric Quality

Just like the KL Jacket, the trousers too are made using 2 layers of Gore-Tex fabric. The 2-layer Gore-Tex is used to create a performance shell exterior to the main body and a next-generation 840D Cordura laminate at high abrasion zones. These pants are well equipped for speed, any weather conditions, and even crashes.


Just like its Jacket, the Klim Latitude Pants too offer very good ventilation while riding. They come with a pair of long zippers on the front of each leg for front thigh intakes and a pair of zippers at the rear for back thigh exhausts. Riders can open these zippers for good airflow.

Sometimes, the airflow can get too intense making it difficult for the riders, so it’s best recommended to adjust the zippers accordingly. Apart from this, it is also important to keep in mind that opening the zippers entirely can expose the mesh inside, which might not be perfectly immune to crashes.


The KL Pants can guarantee to keep you dry at all times. The fabric dries very quickly compared to other textiles and its perfect shell prevents the water from seeping in. The zippers come with storm flaps that keep the pockets and the inner parts of the pants totally dry.


These trousers are equipped with two front hip pockets and one front pocket on the left thigh. The pockets are very snug and if you are wearing them for long, you can stuff you’re phone and wallet in them. Apart from these, the pockets have the cooling fabric in them that helps keep the inside of the pockets always cool.


The trousers are pretty easy to wear. They easily fasten with a zip fly and there is also a zippered waist for comfortable hip expansion. The pants also come with adjustable cinch straps, zippers at the bottom leg, and bottom cuffs which are very helpful if you wish to tighten them around your boots.


All of the Klim Latitude products carry a lifetime warranty that practically guarantees all its customers free of material, manufacture, and workmanship defect for the lifetime of the product. Apart from this, all its Gore-Tex products are also guaranteed to keep you dry until the lifetime of the product.

In any case, this doesn’t include the gear that was thrown out or worn out. However, if you anyhow crashed within the five years of purchase, and send the photos and accident reports to Klim Latitude, they probably will send in a replacement.


klim latitude jacket and pant s for motorcycling

Klim Latitude Jackets and Pants are a perfect pair of rider textiles in 2021. These are highly safe, completely waterproof, well-ventilated, and all-weather wear. Plus, the 2 layer Gore-Tex is really promising and may serve you well for a long time in the future.

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