Lens Color For Snowmobiling: Choosing the Best One

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The first day this winter when I went out snowmobiling I realized that the glare of the sun was too much on my eyes. I never felt it before so I had not thought about it. But this time the sun reflected off my goggles was annoying and it was just a plain painful ride! That’s when I realized the imporatnce of choosing the lens color for snowmobiling that could prevent annoying sunrays!

I came back home and found out that there is something called the lens color that makes huge differences between snowmobile goggles and it is this very thing that could prevent such mishaps.

So in this article, we have tried to give an overview of lens color in snowmobile goggles and some trivia on what to choose when.

Lens Color For Snowmobiling: How to Choose?

While it may sound secondary in priority to many necessities of snowmobile rides, getting the right colored lens for your goggles is important. Some pressing situations where you require different colored lenses are:

  • The requirement of the color of the lens of your goggle might depend on the weather in which you are riding. The color of the lens will vary between cloudless sunny days and cloudy hazy days.
  • Sometimes the weather conditions may be too erratic to point out one dominant situation because the weather changes frequently. In this case, the color should be suitable for all conditions. 

That said, now while we are making choices for the lens of our goggles, we should always consider the VLT of the goggles.

What Is VLT?

The full form of VLT is visible light transmission. It refers to the amount of light that passes from the surroundings through your lenses to your eyes.

This calculated percentage varies from goggles to goggles  depending on their lens color, material coated, thickness, etc 

So it is according to these VLT percentages you should try and look for the ideal lens color. 

Different Lens Colours And When To Use Them?

Bright And Sunny Days Devoid Of Dark Clouds

In this case, a VLT percentage of less than 25% is recommended. The color of the lens that can be opted for is black, platinum and red. These are usually very dark colored and thus it prevents much light from penetrating through the lens and hitting our eyes under the glaring rays of the sun!

Partly Sunny And Partly Cloudy

This situation requires a VLT of 25-50%. And the recommended colors are blue, green and red. These are basically the neutral colors that can often be categorized as all-purpose lenses!

The Sky Is Completely Overcast With Storm Clouds

Here the recommended VLT is above 50% and the colors would be amber, copper, and yellow. These are comparatively lighter colors that help pass more light into our eyes while riding in cloudy weather!

Final Words

So you see how such a small thing as the color of your lens can make a huge lot of difference in your snowmobile rides. Before you land yourself in an annoying, erm, lens trouble get that right color!

Hope this article was helpful in understanding lens colors. Now, you’re ready to buy some good anti-fog goggles for your next ride.

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