Magellan TR5 GPS Review: Pros & Cons in 2021

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No one can deny that snowmobiling is one of the most exhilarating activities out there. However, it’s no longer fun if you lose your way and get lost in the snowy mountains.

You may need a communicator when traveling in groups, or a good and dependable snowmobile GPS when you’re snowmobiling alone.

And while there are innumerable options available out there, which one is actually worth your price?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered! In this article, we are going to give you an honest and unbiased review of one of the best options available out there– Magellan TR5 GPS.

So let’s dive in.

Magellan TR5 GPS Review

With a single touch, you can start tracking while you drive on the base map. TR5 starts recording your track automatically. While you record the track, TR5 makes it easy to save personal observations and waypoints. With a few clicks, you can also save a waypoint to track having no hassle.

While you stop your snowmobile and pauses tracking, TR5 allows you to do much more detailed waypoint creation. Once it is paused, you may mark the waypoints by using coordinates, audio recording, current location, or points on the map. You may also select a type of a waypoint, name them, add images, and whatnot!

While you save and publish your track, all your observations, and waypoints are saved with the route so the next off-roader following your trail will get to know about beautiful views or any obstacles to be taken care of.

magellan TR5 GPS review

It features a 5’’ touch-screen display that works best for snowmobiles and other vehicles. This comes preloaded with more than 115,000 authorized navigate off-highway trails. This has preloaded U.S and Canada maps for a funnier and more comfortable ride. Not to mention the high-resolution topography, street detail, and over 6.6 million points of interest.

You may also share your progress with friends and family with the Social Post button that sends an automatic preconfigured Tweet from the trail. Your tweet posts right away if you use your phone as a hotspot. If not, it automatically gets sent once the TR5 is connected to the Wi-Fi.

Link your Instagram and Twitter accounts and share your trail updates and photos with your social network. You may also publish your tracks to the community database so that any fellow off-roader can access your track and also see the attached observations and waypoints.

While navigating a track with the saved waypoints, you will see pop-ups that notify you of any upcoming waypoints. While you provide your off-roader to access this information, you can also be aware of your fellow off-roader’s observations for the best, safer, and also enjoy the riding experience.

The TR5 publishing and saving features are the keys to building the off-road community. Before you save a track, enter information on 4WD use, obstacles, trail conditions, and more. Enter all the details while you collect or do a simple one-touch save and go back in order to add more information later before you publish the track. All the saved tracks are uploaded wirelessly to your TRX account while you connect the TR5 to Wi-Fi. Once your record has a rating, you may publish the track to the Magellan TRX community database. This allows the fellow off-roaders to search your track, check out your route, and also view your observations.

The Magellan TR5 is preloaded with over 120,000 designated OHV routes from the forest and public lands and OHV routes and user-generated tracks created by fellow off-roaders. The community database is accessible by tablet, mobile device, or desktop.

The crowdsourced track contains personal observations so you can search for them by track difficulty, rankings, location, and more. You may also review the trails and their attributes before you head out to the trail and then save a list of favorites for your future rides.

There are no significant problems as such when it comes to Magellan TR5, and as such, the reviews are excellent on most of the websites online. The new non-ruggedized devices are also designed for the enclosed off-road vehicles along with the interiors that are protected from all the elements.

You may also review the trails and their attributes before you head out to the trail and save a list of favorites for future rides.

  • Preloaded with Base Maps and Streetmaps
  • ‘Social Post’ Button
  • Off-track Notification
  • Route Backtrack and Recording
  • Custom Waypoints
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Satellite Map View
  • 3D Base Map and 2D Topo
  • Issues with ‘Updates’
  • Dim Screen
  • Weak Battery Life

Common Magellan GPS Update Problems

Most of the Magellan GPS device users complain it is difficult for them to get their devices updated. The users have also added the tech says that the site is being updated and asks for patience. A similar complaint was also made by another user who said that he would not look to patronize Magellan after this experience.

Out of all the responses to the problem the user received, it is also said the device may not be registered to receive updates. The responses were noted further that the user of this device needs to ensure the GPS and computer are responding to being connected. This means the USB connector cable may also be the reason why the updates are not able to happen.

Another user listed the below steps he took to solve his Mallegan GPS device update issues.

  • For Windows, use the Google Chrome browser and register your product and account.
  • Now plug in your device to the computer by using the USB cable provided
  • Login at
  • Once you log in, you may find “No device detected’’ at the bottom left corner.
  • Select the  “update” option on the top left corner
  • At the notification to download a “Plugin,” select “download” and make sure to note the location folder of the download.
  • Now Log off from and ensure to close all the browser windows while also not detaching the GPS unit from the computer system.
  • Double click the downloaded plugin file to install and follow the steps suggested by the installation program.
  • Finally, open the browser and re-login.

After these steps, see your device in the bottom left corner. If your date of purchase is within three years, you should be able to update the maps as the Lifetime map upgrade is applicable only up to three years from the date of purchase.

Overall Magellan TR5 GPS is a reliable navigation kit that you can use on your trails. To understand the features better and examine them with other options available in the market, check out these thorough Garmin GPS reviews for eTrex 30x and eTrex 10, so that you can ultimately make an informed decision.

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