Your Snowmobile Cover: How to Measure

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Covers are extremely important for your snowmobiles. Also important is the proper fitting of such covers. For that one needs to be able to take the correct measurements of the cover. 

In this article, we have discussed the importance of Snowmobile covers and the proper way of getting the right measurement for your cover!

Importance Of Using A Snowmobile Cover

how to measure snowmobile cover

Owning a Snowmobile should automatically come with owning a snowmobile cover. And this Cover is very important because:

  • Snowmobile covers protect the sled from the accumulation of dust and dirt blown away by the wind.
  • Covers protect the sleds from the effects of excessive harmful UV rays on their appearance.
  • Weatherproof covers protect your sleds from exposure to sudden bouts of snowfall and rainfall.
  • Snowmobile Cover also serve as a deterrent to insects and critters and other creatures from Nesting in your sleds.

For all these reasons and many more, you need the perfect fitting cover for your snowmobiles. 

How To Measure Your Snowmobile Cover?

importance of snowmobile cover
  • Okay, so most of the snowmobile covers are only for the body of snowmobiles while the skis remain open.
  • So while measuring your sled you need to extend the measuring tape from over the front bumper, over the handlebars, and the entire body to the rear bumper of the sled.
  • This shall be the length of your cover when you go to purchase the thing.
  • The width of an average snowmobile tends to be the same for all, so your point of concern should mostly be about the length measurements.
  • If you are going for a full body cover for your snowmobile, that would cover the skis as well, then you need to draw your measuring tape from the tip of a ski then over the front bumper, handlebars, the seat, and finally extend to the rear bumper.

Final Words

As you see measuring your snowmobile for a cover is very easy. So it is always recommended that before going to buy the cover get the right measurements. 

Hope this article was helpful enough!

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