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My Snowmobile Guide is an online resource for everything related to Snowmobiles. If you love snowmobiles, then you will love this website.
Here, we like to publish content about snowmobile gear, clothing, and trails for riding a snowmobile in different states.

Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller: Founder and Writer at My Snowmobile Guide

Thomas Miller is the Founder and Editor at My Snowmobile Guide. He is responsible for the majority of the content published on this website. He lives in Jefferson County, Colorado.

He is kind of blessed because Colorado offers a lot of great snowmobile riding trails which are challenging as well as exciting. He loves to write about snowmobiling and other adventure sports. But, when he is not writing, you can find him riding his 2018 Polaris or you can find him in the GYM learning boxing.

Other Freelance Writers

We are happy and proud to work with a few highly talented freelance writers who help us to produce great content and make this website a helpful resource for everyone who is in love with snowmobiling.

Minnesota-based writer, Charles Adam has written many articles for us about ice fishing. He loves to write about Hockey and Ice Fishing.

All the articles that are written by freelance writers are fact-checked and properly edited by Thomas Miller himself.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page.