Prevent Snowmobile Visors From Fogging Up: Find Out How

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Fogged-up visors are the sure signs of impending mishaps! Be it going off the trail, running into objects, or hitting something or even someone. If you can’t see correctly, you become a risk to others and yourself. 

Snowmobiling is a sport that is not that dangerous. It gets tricky when you do not follow the rules: one of which is keeping a clear sight. Fogged-up visors often hinder this.

In this article, we have discussed some probable reasons for visors fogging up and given some solutions to prevent it!

Prevent Snowmobile Visors From Fogging Up

Why Does My Visor Get Fogged Up Frequently?

Okay, so before going into how we can prevent snowmobile visors from fogging up and handle the fogged-up visors on our snowmobiles helmets, we must understand why this fogging occurs in the first place.

So you see, fogging is the phenomenon that takes place when moist warm air comes in contact with a cool surface. Thus the water molecules condense and settle on the vision pane giving it a fog-like appearance.

So the simple solution to prevent such fogging would be to get rid of the moist air or the cool surface.

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How To Prevent Snowmobile Visors From Fogging Up?

  • Firstly, to prevent snowmobile visors from fogging up, keep the fogging of your visors to a minimum, you can try to use goggles and an open-face helmet. Therefore, there is no cool surface for condensation to occur. 
  • In this case, we suggest you use a goggle with double lenses, or your goggles will end up facing the same fate, that is, fogging up. It works similar to how double-paned windows of houses work. 
  • The fogging takes place when the seal between the two panes fails completely. 
  • So the double lens goggles help keep the cool air outside and untouchable to the warm exhaled breath of air.
  • Secondly, another way to prevent fogging up snowmobiles’ visors is by investing in heated shields. This can be arranged by plugging in small cords to the dashboard of the sled.
  • As the engine runs, its energy also features in transferring the heat to the helmet that keeps it warm again, effectively aiding in eliminating the presence of the cool surface.
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  • Thirdly, to prevent snowmobile visors from fogging up, you need to keep the warm air that is your warm breath away from the visor. Now, this cannot be achieved in regular bike helmets.
  • Only snowmobile helmets come with the unique feature of something called the breath deflector or breath shield. These deflectors feature in deflecting your exhaled breath away from the visor.
  • Ensure that the breath deflector has a snug fit over your nose that helps you deflect the warm air downwards.
  • Fourthly, a DIY method to deflect the warm air is to wear a balaclava. While this is not a foolproof method, it does help in keeping the warm air away from the cool surface of the visor.
how to prevent fogging of visors

Final Words

Apart from the solutions mentioned above to prevent snowmobile visors from fogging up, you must ensure not to lift your helmet visor often.

Because then the moisture on top of your helmet might get stuck to the visor, making it hazy. 

So keeping in mind all these reasons and solutions to prevent snowmobile visors from fogging up, we hope your next snowmobiling experience will be free of this annoyance!

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