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Snowmobile GPS

Trail Tech 922-122 Voyager Pro GPS Kit

To begin with, this GPS comes with a 4’’ color touchscreen with an anti-glare display and certified IP67 rating for being dust and water-resistant, thus allowing it to withstand even the most brutal weather conditions.

Apart from this, the map screen comes embedded with topography lines, base maps, hill shading, and even some trails, allowing you to plan and record your journey to the point.

This particular GPS already comes loaded with the latest North American maps, and if you need additional maps of other regions, you can easily download it on your device for free.

Moving on to another fantastic attribute offered by Voyager Pro- The Buddy Tracking feature allows you to connect through localized radio signals with up to 20 riders within a single group.

You can monitor and keep track of your group on the HD map screen in real-time and even use the efficient ‘buddy beacon’ to call your buddies.

It further comes integrated with high-grade Bluetooth, which seamlessly supports your phone, intercom, and media functions.

You can listen to music playing on your phone, access the call and messaging log, use the phone dialing, etc., all through the Bluetooth connection.

Voyager Pro also provides your snowmobile with their standard ‘Trail tech’ sensors; these sensors deliver important ride data to you like speed/distance, engine temperature, battery voltage, etc., at the tip of your fingers.

Its lightweight, rugged design, along with its mapping abilities, universal snowmobile integration, and robust mounting hardware, makes it a top choice for riders looking for a dependable GPS for their endeavors.

Avalanche Beacon

Backcountry Access Avalanche Beacon + Avalanche Probe

And one of the newest pieces by Backcountry Access (BCA)- the BCA Tracker S Avalanche Beacon+ Avalanche Probe is the latest transceiver for snowmobilers looking for fast avalanche rescue.

With safety being paramount here, the Tracker S provides a fantastic 50m comprehensive search through a reliable and one-of-a-kind triple antenna avalanche beacon.

The high-quality digital LED screen further provides a ‘real-time’ display of all the essential information like distance, direction, etc., irrespective of how fast you are moving.

This quick processing speed also ensures that there is no delay in case of multiple burials allowing you to move from one person to another quickly.

This transceiver also features a ‘multiple burial indicator’ and ‘close proximity indicator,’ which helps you locate victims in an avalanche by gathering the number of transmitters and spotting the closest signal, thus preventing injury or even death.

Other distinctive features include Mute Mode, Big Picture Mode, Auto revert Mode, Signal suppression Mode, etc.

Featuring the SBD 260cm aluminum avalanche probe, this transceiver can save a life in case of an unforeseeable avalanche.

This pack further includes 3 AAA batteries and a sturdy harness so that there is no compromise on safety at any cost.

BCA also provides a 5-year limited manufacturing warranty allowing you to change or replace the tracker in case of any major defect.

Snowmobile Backpack

KLIM Krew Pak Lime

The most extensive capacity backpack offered by KLIM, the Krew Pak, is a fantastic choice for snowmobilers looking for a multi-compartment, water-resistant bag for their gears.

With main compartmental pockets and two side-hip pockets, this backpack also provides you with a tool pack that is mud and moisture resistant.

The area near the hip comes with a removable belt, which allows you to carry this all-inclusive Klim tool pack without any difficulty.

It further comes embedded with its innovative avalanche gear compartment, removable goggle pack, and lens accommodation pocket for additional storage.

All these different compartments allow you to safely carry and store every single gear that you could need while you undertake your journey on your snowmobile.

It even comes with a well-padded laptop sleeve to ensure that you can safely carry your laptop and have access to everything, even in the middle of nowhere.

The backpack comes integrated with a ‘3M Scotchlight’ material, which is highly-reflective and allows you to quickly locate the bag even in low-light conditions.

Other distinctive features offered by Klim include glove-friendly and color-coded zippers, a pocket organizer with smaller compartments, thickly padded shoulder straps, internal shovel, and probe storage, etc.

The backpack also offers side compression and a modeled internal frame design, which keeps the bag rigid and tighter so that it doesn’t slip or gets loose.

In a nutshell, think of any feature, and this sturdy backpack has possibly already taken care of it. From your laptop to snow goggles and toolbox, Klim’s Krew Pak has enough space to securely store and carry all your gear with utmost comfort.

There is enough space to even carry your snowboard horizontally and store an optional ‘Hydrapack’ 3l bottle if you want to stay hydrated.

Snowmobile Communication System


Helmet Communication systems have gained a lot of momentum, especially for adventurous winter sports like snowmobiling and snowboarding etc.

And the ‘PACKTALK BOLD’ by Cardo is one of our top choices for snowmobilers looking for the right blend of excellent features and reliable performance.

To begin with, Cardo for PACKTALK BOLD has partnered with JBL for high-quality speakers to provide you with the best listening experience irrespective of whether you are in the middle of a mountain or just zooming through snowy terrain.

This communication system further allows you to connect with up to 15 riders through wireless network technology.

It provides universal connectivity by allowing you to sync your device with any Bluetooth headset without any difficulty.

You can control your device, answer phone calls, and stream music all through a simple touch of your finger and even through your voice command.

With natural voice operation, and a simple mobile app integration (Cardo Connect), this communication system lets you truly enjoy your adventure without much disturbance or white noise.

Other prominent features include automatic volume adjustment, audio sharing, smart audio mixing, built-in FM radio, etc.

This communicator also provides the most extended real-time range of 1600m in perfect condition and 1000m range in real-time conditions making it possible to connect to your buddies hassle-free.

It has a long-lasting battery life of 13 hours talk-time along with the ‘charge while you ride’ feature allowing you to charge your device by simply plugging it into a 12V charger or a battery pack on your snowmobile as you ride.

All these fantastic attributes, along with the durable construction and a waterproof body, makes the PACKTALK BOLD by Cardo a superb alternative for snowmobilers.

Snowmobile Ice Scratchers

Btl Designs Dura Flex Ice Scratchers Kit

Ice scratchers are an indispensable tool for your snowmobiles that keeps the machine cool and prevents it from overheating.

These Dura Flex Ice Scratchers from Btl Designs arrive fully assembled, making it quicker to use them right out of the box.

All you have to do is mount them and secure it with a bolt, and the machine is good to go. This makes it easier for even an amateur to use it without any difficulty.

Additionally, it comes with durable and robust carbide tips that ensure that you can get the maximum use out of your ice scratchers for the longest time.

Also, weighing as little as 1.1 pounds, this machine does not burden your sled/snowmobile as you make your way through the ice.

The lightweight construction also makes it possible to seamlessly hitch the ice-scratcher and take it off your snowmobile with ease.

Moreover, it works with snowmobiles with both reverse and non-reverse gears without the distress of bending or breaking.

This ice scratcher by Btl Designs is well lubricated and includes a cooling agent and a slider tube, which prevents any unforeseeable damages to your snowmobile engine due to friction or over-heating etc.

It is also super flexible and easy-to-store. This is due to its feasible feature of rolling up into compact rails for effortless storage.

In a nutshell, these ice scratchers will allow you to go out and enjoy the snowy trails without worrying too much about overheating and overtiring your snowmobile engine.

Snowmobile Cover

Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover

Snowmobiles are a costly investment, and you need to make sure that you take proper care of them even while you are on the road.

And while there are many options available in the market, you need to select a rugged cover and provide a secure fit and protection to your snowmobile.

Now, designed explicitly for this purpose, the Budge Sportsman Snowmobile Cover is a high-quality cover which can be used even while trailering.

Measuring 145”x 51”x 48” in length, breadth, and width, this cover is big enough to shield all different models and types of snowmobiles.

Furthermore, it comes with an elasticized hem that provides a tight, secure fit and protects your snowmobile from all the different weather elements like dust, dirt, debris, wind, snow, etc.

This cover is made with an abrasion-resistant tough-duty polyester material with excellent UV protection and high breathability properties that is 100% waterproof and prevents mold and mildew from growing inside.

Apart from this, it’s super-light in weight and comes with tie-down hooks for sturdily holding them on even during storms and extreme weather conditions.

The waterproof polyester construction, along with the elasticized hem and other distinctive features, makes this cover a fantastic option available within a very reasonable price range.

A storage bag is also included with the cover, which allows you to store it when it is not needed.

Snowmobile Dollies

Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Wheels Drivable Dollies

If you have a snowmobile, you know the importance of sturdy dollies to move your vehicle, even if for a short distance.

And when we talk about durable dollies, Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Wheels is one of our top choices for a ‘money spent well’ experience.

This unit includes two standard sets of ski dollies and one track dolly for motorized and motorized use.

The two ski dollies come with adjustable strong Velcro straps to firmly hold your skis (up to 7 inches wide) in place.

Apart from this, all three dollies come embedded with four sets of 2.5-inch nylon caster rotating wheels for smooth movement, even on rough surfaces.

These dollies are more extensive than your average gear with oversized 5” diameter wheels and efficient cotton pin assembly, further making it easier to move the snowmobile over grass, gravel, and dirt.

You can easily attach the dolly to your snowmobile and ride up to 5MPH without any issues. This is possible due to their improved wheelbase, which is 31% wider and offers increased stability and dependable execution.

Furthermore, these dollies are incredibly stable even when connected with skis; this is because the dollies are covered with rubber on their platform surface to prevent slipping off your skis and sleds.

Ready to use right out of the box, these dollies are efficient, safe, and dependable, with a tough built and easy maneuverability.

And what else? These dollies come with a 2-year limited warranty that allows you to get your gear changed or replaced in case of any significant issues.

Snowmobile Carbide Protector

Black Ice Snowmobile Ski Carbide Glide Protector

Choosing the right dependable carbides for your snowmobiles is exceptionally crucial to set up the traction of the sled correctly.

Choosing the right dependable carbides for your snowmobiles is exceptionally crucial to set up the traction of the sled correctly.

This 8″ Black Ice Ski Glide Protector protects your snowmobile carbides from unforeseeable damage that can happen while loading and unloading your snowmobiles from trucks and trailers.

The 6. 375″ broad ski protector guide comes with a low-profile grooved surface that is 0.25″ thick, thus reducing the friction and allowing the snowmobile’s carbides to glide quickly and smoothly in the snowy terrains.

These ski guides further include 1″ x 0.375″ recessed mounting holes so that no skis can are left untethered.

Furthermore, you will need 0.25″ x 1.5″ screws for mounting, which you will have to acquire separately.

These ski glides are made of long-lasting and robust PVC material, which won’t’ deteriorate or chip even in frigid temperatures.

Extremely easy to install, these snowmobile carbides by Black Ice are available in a pack of 8 and come with a one-year manufacturing warranty.

To sum it up, these ski protector guides are incredibly dependable, providing a secure and proper fit to your snowmobile and ensuring maximum stability with adequate friction elimination.

Snowmobile Ramp

Black Ice Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp

Loading your snowmobile can be a tedious job unless you have a reliable ramp to make the task easier for you.

The Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp by Black Ice is a compact folding ramp specially made for loading and unloading your snowmobiles. It also comes with additional extensions and stud protectors to ensure that the task ahead of you is further smooth and secure.

Made with robust but lightweight aluminum, this ramp consists of three sections- two sturdy outer ski guides for smooth loading and a central panel with exposed rungs for comfortable traction.

The aluminum is non-corrosive and resistant to extremely harsh and cold weather conditions, making it easy to move around and use the ramp in all the different climates.

The ramp is further secured with two inclusive cam buckle straps that sit securely on the tailgate of your trailer with six rubber-coated attaching fingers.

The ramp measures 7’10” x 54” x 2” in length, width, and height, with extension measuring 5” in length and 18” in width.

And when you are done using the ramp, it folds down to 7.5” in width so that it can be stored away effortlessly without occupying too much space.

Weighing only 65lbs, this ramp accommodates up to1500 lbs and supports almost all sled types and models.

In essence, the Tri-Fold snowmobile ramp by Black Ice is a perfect solution for seamless and smooth loading, unloading of your snowmobile and skis on your trailers and trucks, etc.

Snowmobile Lift

Black Ice Heavy-Duty Snowmobile Track Lift

One of the best snowmobile lifts in the market, the Black Ice Heavy-Duty Snowmobile Track Stand is a premium choice in terms of both quality and performance.

Whether you want to raise your snowmobile from the rear or the front, this gear makes the whole activity feel like a breeze.

Made with heavy-duty steel construction, the stand further comes with a black powder-finish coat that makes it durable to withstand any manner of lifting in all weather conditions.

The stand features six adjustable height settings to accommodate all the different snowmobiles models; it also comes with two distinctive lifting hooks that allow you to tightly lock the lift in its place without any fear of mishap.

With a lifting weight of 600lb, the stand can be smoothly used even with one hand, thus making the whole process effortless and helping to keep your snowmobile safe and secure.

It also has an extended 23” x 21” base, which wholly fits all the snowmobiles and provides additional stability without any chances of toppling.

In outline, this snowmobile lift by Black Ice is exceptionally versatile and compatible with most of the sleds.

So whether you want to slide it under your snowmobile for maintenance or adjust the lifting height for added steadiness, this stand is a perfect choice for all your snowmobile lifting needs.

Snowmobile Jack Stand

Black Ice Deluxe Snowmobile Jack with Winch

One of the best ways to store or left your snowmobile is through a jack, and Black Ice’s Deluxe Snowmobile Jack is here to make that job effortless for you.

Made with sturdy steel tubing, this jack is also covered with durable black powder coating to ensure that you can make the best use of it for the longest time.

It further includes rubber coated lift points and rubber padding along the top in the way of end posts; this allows you to protect your snowmobile from scratches or other such incidents while you lift them.

Moreover, it includes an inventive winch and pulley system, which can smoothly raise and lower the snowmobile through an easy flip of a switch.

A foot-operated safety latch protects you and your snowmobile by holding the lift upright and avoiding any loosening or winch failure, thus preventing any fatal mishap.

The jack itself weighs merely 72lbs, but it can easily lift up to 700 lbs. without any difficulty.

Furthermore, a sturdy set of 1-5/8” steel wheels are attached to the jack to make moving around much more manageable.

When propped up in a low position, the jack (without the winch) sits at 6-3/4” in height, and if raised entirely, the frame stands at a fantastic 28-1/4” in height, thus providing you adequate room to even work under the snowmobile.

With a reinforced low-center base for added stability and 1-year manufacturing warranty, this jack is a perfect choice if you are looking for a gear to help you store your snowmobile or even carry out some regular maintenance work on it.

Snowmobile Jackets

FXR Men’s Octane Jacket

One of the most dependable snowmobile jackets available in the market, the FXR Octane for men is warm, comfortable, snug, and available at a reasonable price for all the snowmobile enthusiasts out there.

With a long-lasting nylon shell construction and water-resistant HydrX coating, this jacket is the perfect alternative that survives the coldest climate and harshest weather conditions.

The jacket further comes with mesh linings and inner extensions made from high-quality Lycra; this provides adequate padding while keeping the coat well protected.

Along with this,it also features an adjustable wind skirt, hem, and cuffs with Lycra extensions so that they can be easily adjusted as per need and convenience.

The jacket also includes the FXR.’s Dry Vent system, which keeps the coat moisture-resistant and snow proof throughout the day, consequently providing the jacket with adequate breathability with side-body ventilation.

Other fantastic features offered are FXR. Thermal Flex Insulation (260g), robust YKK zippers, magnetic closure system, F.A.S.T. flotation membrane, etc.; this guarantees that FXR only provides you with the best of what they have to offer.

Furthermore, the jacket features 360˚ 3M Scotchlite reflective patches, making the coat easily visible in lowlight conditions assisting you to stay safe even during the night.

Along with quality and execution, FXR has made sure that you are well spoilt for choice- the Octane jacket is available in 10 different colors and 5+ sizes so that you don’t have to compromise on style as you scan for reliable performance.

Klim Alpine Parka Women’s Snowmobile Jacket

A well-known brand in the world of snowmobile gear, KLIM can never go wrong with its products, and this Alpine Parka Snowmobile Jacket for women is yet another proof of how KLIM meets more than the expectations with its high-quality offerings.

To begin with, the jacket’s patented Gore-Tex two-layer shell technology along with its high streamlined waterproof design is guaranteed to keep you dry in the icy outdoors for the longest time.

The jacket further comes installed with an exclusive KLIM seat-dry technology, ensuring that you are warm and comfortable throughout the day as you ride your snowmobile.

Alpine Parka also features an insulated fleece-lined collar and nylon internal liner with an improved fit and a longer length, equipping you with adequate warmth while absorbing any sweat or moisture inside.

The highly durable zip vents mesh accompanying their trademark 3M Scotchlite reflective material storage, and YKK water-resistant zippers guarantee that you are safe and comfortable at any time during the day or night.

Other distinctive features offered involve- internal and external pockets, headphone port, adjustable Velcro cuffs, multiple elastic hems, MP3 player storage, etc., highlighting KLIM’s creativity and thought process in designing this versatile jacket for their female riders.

Additionally, this jacket is available in women-oriented aggressive patterning with embroidered logos, eye-catching color choices, and 5+ different sizes for all the diverse types of female snowmobile riders out there.

In essence, KLIM’s Alpine Parka jacket is a hot favorite of all the hardcore female snowmobilers because of its unbeatable execution, supreme features, and high-end functions.

Snowmobile Monosuit

FXR Men’s Elevation Lite Dri-Link Monosuit

The Elevation Lite Dri-Link two-piece monosuit by FXR is a incredible choice for men who are looking for versatility along with the option to mix-and-match their jacket and pants as per their mood and comfort.

Made with their trademarked Omni Stretch nylon shell with HydrX Pro laminate and integrated venting, this jacket provides excellent durability and flexibility to riders who plan to undertake adventurous winter sports throughout the day.

Accompanied by their patented uninsulated 2 AMCT shell and Superior Climate Management System, this jacket goes beyond its means to ensure that the rider is well protected in the frigid weather.

Other favorable attributes include reflective screens, adjustable hood, and cuff with substantial Lycra extensions, removable knee pads, waterproof zippers, etc.

Apart from this, the jacket also features their very own FXR Vent System, which provides adequate ventilation to the side body, legs, and chest, thus maintaining good breathability and flow of air.

It also includes the FXR Dri Link System with detachable YKK waterproof zippers along with a shock-cord collar and bottom hem for better protection an safety.

In addition to this, the suit has knee inserts with removable knee pads and an adjustable suspender system, allowing you to function freely without any hindrance while rendering extra protection on the ground.

Moreover, the pants come embedded with storm cuffs and bootlace retention snaps along with back leg adjustable hems.

This provides your legs with adequate insulation, ventilation, and flexibility while you make your way through the debris, snow, and rainwater.

This two-piece monosuit is also available in different sizes and bright, eccentric colors to provide good visibility in low light situations and night time occasions. 

FXR Womens Squadron Monosuit 2020

Moving on to Monosuit for women, the Squadron 2020 is yet another unique two-piece set by FXR, which provides excellent mobility and warmth along with cutting-edge design.

Made with 300D Polyester shell and HydrX laminate, this suit is windproof, waterproof, and exceptionally durable, allowing utmost support while you snowmobile through snowy terrains.

Secured with their trademarked FXR Dry Vent system, the suit provides superb ventilation to your side body, chest, and legs, in addition to keeping them dry and moisture-free.

With the inclusive fleece lining system and FXR Thermal FLEX Insulation (180g), your body will stay warm even in numbing cold.

Along with this, the suit also offers storm cuffs and bootlace retention straps, adjustable suspenders and hood, removable knee pads and inserts, and leg hem adjusters, etc.

All these features enable you to move around quickly without feeling too bulky or weighed down, along with options to customize your suit as per your requirement.

The adjustable shock-cord collar and cuffs, with a reflective screen and reinforced instep, further provides you with extended protection and better visibility in addition to a personalized fit.

Available in three different colors, this suit will not disappoint you in trend and performance while you ride your snowmobile with absolute ease and style.

So if you are someone who likes to have fun with her ensemble without compromising on quality, mobility, and features, then FXR’s Squadron Monosuit has your name written all over it.

Snowmobile Helmet

Ski-Doo 2021 Oxygen Helmet

A helmet with terrific features, the Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet has made quite a name for itself among snowmobilers because of its layout and execution.

Made with a lightweight M-Forge Composite body (which is 20% lighter than an average helmet), Ski-Doo’s Oxygen helmet provides great support without weighing too much or straining your neck.

Equipped with a retractable sun visor, this gear provides you with maximum visibility along with adequate protection from the harsh sun glare.

The visor further comes with a pivot contact system, which means you can adjust the visor in various positions with ease and as per your requirement.

Visor fogging is a significant issue that snowmobilers face while wearing a helmet in winter, but this helmet’s magnified and highly adjustable heated visor shield solves this problem like a pro.

Moreover, assisted with a wide range of options to adjust the heat settings merely through a button, the Ski-Doo ensures that you never have to face the obstacle of visor fogging again.

The Oxygen helmet is also 100% eyeglass friendly. A padded lining is provided inside the helmet to rest your glasses’ arms, thus providing you with an unobstructed view and clearer vision.

Moving on to the breathability of the helmet, this gear features humidity removal vents on either side of the helmet, allowing the rider to breathe freely because of the untethered airflow.

Furthermore, with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, you eventually get a complete fog-free and crystal clear vision without any suffocation.

Adding to the list of its unique features, this helmet also includes a magnetic visor connector, NCS noise reduction system, padded neck skirt for reduced tension, etc.

All these attributes, along with its phenomenal design and trustworthy performance, Ski-Doo’s Oxygen helmet is an excellent gear for snowmobilers everywhere.

Snowmobile Gloves

Castle X Epic-G1 Men’s Snowmobile Gloves

A set of high-grade quality gloves are imperative for any snowmobile rider who wishes to protect his hands from frostbite and other issues.

These Castle X Epic-G1 gloves are made of robust nylon outer shell with the highly-functional 3M Platinum Thinsulate Insulation (150g in palms and 200g in the top of the hands).

This keeps your hands well insulated while equipping them with enough warmth and mobility to function without hindrance.

The gloves also feature synthetic Sure-Grip palm lining for smooth gripping along with a padded knuckle panel to keep them protected and comfy under the gloves.

The upper part of the glove comes installed with a sturdy shock cord gauntlet, which is highly adjustable, allowing you to loosen or tighten it as per your requirements.

This allows the gloves to block the wind from entering inside. This function is especially important when you are riding your snowmobile speedily through the windy terrain.

Their trademarked Hipora full membrane construction design further ensures that the gloves are waterproof and windproof, along with being highly breathable and operative.

Accommodated with features like pre-curved fingers for better flex and lock wrist closure for quick function, these gloves can be used easily even when you are in the middle of your journey.

They also come installed with the approved 3M Scotchlite reflective material, granting you to use them even in low light areas or during the nighttime.

The adjustable wrist strap and the cushy Bemberg lining further guarantees that your hands are warm, comfortable, and well-protected without any compromise on mobility and functionality.

They are also available in four distinct colors and several different sizes to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your hands, along with the best traits and reliable performance.

Snowmobile Bibs

509 Range Insulated Bib

Specially designed for aggressive snowmobile riders, the 509 Range Insulated Bib is a premium gear that performs with ease at all speed.

A 2 layer construction design with 5TECH breathability and waterproof material construction along with fully-lined Thinsulate insulation (200g), this bib is non-obstructive, windproof, and waterproof, keeping you dry even in the coldest weather.

With durable water repellency (DWR) and 600D reinforcement, the bib is strong enough to withstand the harsh repercussions of any rough terrain and frigid conditions.

Roomy and deep pockets are an indispensable requirement in a bib to store things and keep your hands warm.

The 509 Range Insulated bib provides numerous bellowed compartments at different positions in the bib ranging from zippered thigh pocket to chest stash pocket, allowing you to store and carry things you might need in your journey.

Along with this, they also provide you with snug tricot hand pockets to keep your hands warm and cozy throughout the day.

They have waterproof zippers installed throughout the bib to ensure that the pockets remain dry and moisture-free, consequently keeping your things well-shielded.

With mid-length bib height and elastic stretch side panels for a slimmer but aggressive fir, the 509 Range Insulated bib also makes sure that you don’t compromise fashion over functionality.

Other compelling features that make this bib a clear choice include reflective patches on legs for better visibility, ¾ leg zip for easy boot access, complete seam-sealed construction, adjustable cuffs, etc.

Additionally, this bib is available in various colors and sizes to meet every individual’s comfort and preference.

Polaris OEM Women Tailored Throttle Bib

Tailored specifically for bold women on a snowmobile, the Polaris OEM Throttle Bib is high-performing, waterproof, and extremely breathable.

Featuring linear 3M insulation (100g in the seat, 180g in the legs), this bib keeps the rider warm and comfy while keeping the cold at bay.

With a 300D outer layer polyester and water repellent shell construction, this bib further provides excellent mobility along with a great fit.

Even through extreme snowmobiling, the Polaris OEM ensures that you are warm and dry as well as entirely at ease as you ride through freezing terrains.

The bib also comes installed with durable waterproof YKK zippers, preventing moisture from seeping in and getting in contact with your body.

With two roomy pockets on either side of the pants, you also get adequate space to store things for your upcoming winter adventures.

The bib features reduced stitching replaced with a 100% seam-sealed design, which offers additional comfort and mobility to the rider without any obstruction in movements.

With a pre-curve seat and articulated knee panels, this bib provides additional padding in all the necessary places along with sufficient ventilation to avoid moisture build-up inside the suit.

In essence, this bib is an excellent alternative for women because of its steady highlights, outstanding performance, and good durability.

Snowmobile Goggles

509 Sinister X6 Ignite Goggle

With the latest features and most expansive field of view, the 509 Sinister X6 Ignite google will upgrade your ride and vision as you snowmobile through white mountains.

These goggles feature the unique sonic welded construction design with the IP57 rating of water and dust resistant properties allowing you to wear them even through heavy snow and rain.

Embedded with a Photochromatic Polarized lens to shield against bright sunny days, these pair of glasses further offer an ergonomic fit with ample ventilation and breathability for the face and nose.

It is also accompanied by their dual heated lens and fog prevention technology, which prevents the steam and moisture from accumulating on your lenses and obstructing your view.

Fueled by a rechargeable lightweight lithium-ion power pack, the goggle lenses quickly heat up to a maximum of 104°F through a thermal transparent conductive layer on the inside of the lens.

This dual heat ignition function is available in two settings: a two-minute mode and a continuous heat mode. And accessible just through a push of the button, please ensure that you understand the difference between the two settings before using the goggle.

Furthermore, it has a fantastic continuous runtime of 4-5 hours at maximum temperature, enabling you to stay fog-free throughout the day!

The goggles also feature audio and LED status indicator, informing you about the ignite system’s charging and operation functionality. This helps the rider keep track of his lens heating system without any confusion.

In conclusion, these goggles are definitely an excellent choice for riders looking for a blend of upgraded technology, good execution, and a sophisticated Tom Cruise like feeling as they advance on their snowmobile.

Snowmobile Boots

509 Raid Boa Boot

Recognized as one of the most rugged boots for snowmobilers, the 509 Raid Boat boots provide excellent durability, comfort, and traction to its wearers throughout the day.

Featuring their trademarked ‘Dual Boa’ system, these boots replace the standard laces with their sturdy steel wire laces, which adjust these laces for you with just a turn of a knob. This enables you to get a more personalized fit with better flexibility and ankle support.

These boots also include their exclusive ‘5TECH’ liner, which is exceptionally breathable and waterproof, thus keeping your feet dry through slush, snow, and rain for an extended time.

Furthermore, made with stocky carbon soles with an insulated upper body, these boots can handle the harshest riding conditions with full comfort.

Their ‘Thinsulate’ insulation provides these boots with long-lasting protection against the frigid weather keeping your toes warm and dry as a bone.

Accompanying the above-mentioned features, these boots also offer you abundant ankle flex along with a good grip to walk in deep snow with confidence and ease.

The 509 Raid Boa Boot is specifically designed for hardcore snowmobile riders who want advanced features with lightweight and durable construction along with an incredible execution that makes their journey easier on ice.

Snowmobile Balaclava

KLIM Arctic Balaclava

Comfortable, snug, and warm- this Arctic Balaclava by KLIM can do it all!

Specially designed for the coldest winters, this balaclava features a thick ‘Gore’ wind stopper fleece in the main body, which is super soft and comfy and blocks the wind immediately from entering the mask.

The neoprene nose guard, along with the breath deflector, allows you to breathe without any restraints while deflecting the air down instead of condensing your goggles and obstructing your view.

This feature is critical since icy cold winds usually cause the moisture to build inside your mask and helmet, thus compromising your vision’s quality and putting you in harm’s way.

The balaclava also comes with a micro-fleece liner covering the mask fully, this helps retain the heat inside and keep the rider warm throughout their journey.

With a stretchy head fleece Lycra construction along with a flexible wind stopper, this balaclava can fit all different head sizes and shapes with comfort.

The elasticity around the head cover the whole area and comes down to the neck, thus keeping it secured and stable.

This, along with a micro-fleece liner, keeps your head light while providing you with enough room to breathe freely without feeling any suffocation.

Furthermore, the balaclava features an extensive skirt-type cover that extends from the neck up to the chest and back, this prevents the freezing winds from coming in contact with you, thus keeping your upper body well secured and warm.

In conclusion, when we talk about dependable balaclavas, KLIM’s Arctic mask is an obvious choice due to its fantastic design and excellent peculiarities that surpasses any standard facemask in the market.

Snowmobile Sock

Klim Mammoth Sock

One of the thickest and warmest socks ever made, the Klim’s Mammoth sock will keep your feet warm, toasty, and dry for the whole day.

With 100% Terry construction, these socks are intended to provide maximum comfort and heat to the rider even in icy, wet conditions.

Primarily made with Merino wool (43%) and Arcylic (13%), these socks also include Lycra (13%) and Polyamide (4%). These materials provide a perfect blend of all the crucial traits like prominent insulation, softness, durability, etc.

They further come installed with their GORE-TEX moisture-wicking technology, which prevents the moisture from settling inside the sock, making the feet wet and uncomfortable.

Moreover, these socks have nylon reinforcements in the toe, sole, and heel along with a supported stretch band in the arch and ankle, thus providing additional padded comfort with warmness, which proves to be beneficial in a super cold climate.

This stretch band also helps the sock stay in place without slipping or bunching up inside the boots.

The high thermal retention property further holds the heat inside, and the extended calf height design ensures that the whole feet is adequately protected and extremely comfortable.

So if you are a snowmobiler looking for a fantastic pair of warm and comfy socks to match with your snow boots, then your search ends here with this highly-functional KLIM’s Mammoth socks.