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Do you want your snowmobile to avoid rocks and debris? Or do you have a snowmobile bigger than you?

In this case, having a snowmobile running board is nice to improve the exterior look and protect the side of your vehicle from any dents or scratches.

There are a lot of snowmobile running boards to choose from. Whether you need the boards for strictly functional reasons or just for a better look, snowmobile running boards will also provide you a better foot grip!

What are Snowmobile Running Boards?

Snowmobile running boards are an extremely functional exterior accessory that makes your life easier by protecting your vehicle from any kind of damage and also extending the life of your interior.

Due to the fact these running boards are used as ladders, it is imperative that they can also be kept clean to prevent slipping, which may cause injuries. A few adjustable running boards help to get the rider’s weight higher up. Hence, you will be able to manipulate the sled better as you will have more mechanical advantage of being higher up.

Running board contacts the snow while you side heel. This board touches the snow that pulls pressure off of the track which the track is what drives you.

This snowmobile running board narrows the back of the snowmobile and allows your foot to get farther forward, especially while going downhill.

The running board comes in various styles. Your choice may depend on your need to climb or reach a certain part of your snowmobile or according to the look of the running boards.

Why You Need a Snowmobile Running Boards?

Running Boards Provide a Step-Up for Shorter Passengers

Snowmobile running boards come in handy for smaller passengers who may have trouble who may have trouble getting into and out of the vehicle.

Protection from Rocks and Other Debris Hitting the Snowmobile

When the snowmobile moves, its wheels kick up all kinds of debris through the snowmobile running board. Having a running board in place will block some of the debris from being thrown high enough to damage or scratch the doors or the side panels.

Provides an Easy Step Up

The primary purpose of the snowmobile running board is it acts as a step for people to get onto and out of the snowmobile vehicles. Running boards have also stuck around partly for styling reasons and party as they still offer an easy step into a vehicle. The running board makes the step-up easy for anyone.

Looks Cool!

Running boards are a great way to customize any type of snowmobile. These come in different colors, materials as well-tread patterns. You can also get boards with LED lights and also motorized runners that slide in and out for use.

Best Snowmobile Running Board Grips

Airloc Adjustable Running Boards

These boards are designed to get the rider higher up on the sled. This allows for more leverage while side-hilling. These are also adjustable and as such, they can be set to the individual’s height and chosen style of riding.

Technical riding and the deep snow conditions are what these running boards are really designed for. When installed, the board allows for an additional three to four inches, which is eight to 10 centimeters of forwarding movement in the footwell area.

This board features integrated tunnel reinforcement. They are constructed with Skinz’s new Pro Tube outer tube. Extruded from high-strength aluminum alloy, the outer tube is lightweight and robust.

The high-traction plastic cleats are added to the cross tubes, and the ice studs are provided for the outer tube. Airloc Adjustable Running Boards come with a laminated tunnel wrap to help reduce snow and ice from building up on the sides of the tunnel.

This board fits all 2011 to 2015 Polaris Pro-RMKs.

“Pro Tube” Light Weight Airframe Running Boards

ProTube running boards feature a more massive outer tube that is extruded from a high-strength aluminum alloy. The result is a 22% loss of weight over the standard SPG Airframe running boards.

This translates to a loss of 1lbs weight per side. The larger outer tube provides slightly different feelings on the foot while riding as the cross tubes are integrated just below the top of the tube.

This provides a firm feeling to the rider on the bottom of their snowmobile boot and lets the rider know exactly where the edge of the running board is at all times. High traction plastic cleats are also included for the cross tubes, and the ice studs are provided for the outer tube.

This kit includes everything that is required for installation. Significant traction improvements are more durable than the OEM running boards, airframe running boards feature TIG-welded aluminum construction.

Airframe Running Boards

The airframe running boards are the newly upgraded vacuum-formed plastic corners instead of the aluminum-framed mesh covers. New corners are durable and this offers increased protection for the machine.

The new plastic corners move through the snow more efficiently and provide better glide during side-hilling. These snowmobile running boards provide significant traction, which is especially while you install the included ice studs.

It is a 7.25-inch front stirrup width. This running board, which has been used by most of the snowmobilers, has provided the highest rating on all the online websites due to its quality and usage.

Most of the users have positive reports after using this board. They are also easy to install and provides you the product at less cost.

Yamaha Running Boards

These running boards are made of aluminum and come in powder-coated black or natural finish. The tubular design virtually eliminates the snow build-up on running boards. You will also see a dramatic improvement over O.E.M running boards and even an increase in your riding ability.

If you are tired of kicking the snow off your running boards, upgrade to the most effective snow clearing running board available. This running board provides significant traction improvements.

It also features TIG-welded aluminum construction. The ice studs need to be installed by the end-user to suit every individual personal preference. This board allows maximum grip in all snow conditions.

The running boards have a clean original manufacturer look and are available in bright chrome and black finishes. They are also straightforward to install.

Bret Rasmussen Ski-Doo Running Boards

Rasmussen Ski-doo running boards include upgraded vacuum-formed plastic corners instead of the aluminum-framed and mesh covers. New corners are durable, and this offers increased protection for the machine.

New plastic corners move through the snow efficiently and also provide better glide during side-hilling. Buyers of these running boards appreciate the modern-day design, slim construction, and also simple installation.

A few consumers say the instructions included with these running boards are a little vague and confusing to understand. Hence, you may need to look online for additional guidance if you plan to install them on your own.

These running boards are relatively well priced and come with a limited lifetime warranty which can protect against the manufacturer’s defect.

Final Words

Snowmobile running boards act as a ladder that allows you to enter and exit your vehicle easily. This can be helpful especially when you plan on taking your kids in snowmobiling.

These running boards also enhance the look of your vehicle. Choosing a snowmobile running board involves evaluating styles, uses, and materials. Make the best choice for your snowmobile and also ensure to make your running board useful that fits your vehicle perfectly.

Also, stay vigilant and take all the important safety measures when you go out with your snowmobile. Make sure that you are well protected with all the essential gear to avoid any foreseeable accident.

Stay safe and happy snowmobiling!

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