Best Snow Bike Conversion Kits in 2022

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Snowmobiling has now become a craze among the youths, athletes, and their fans.

Now, as the obsession is taking its hype, people have started to consider the younger hyperactive version of the snowmobiles. This version of the snowmobiles is none other than the snow bike.

The snow bike has left everyone jaw-dropped by offering limitless and insane escapades. People are now going crazy over this new version of snowmobiles as it increases the adrenaline rush among the youth and gives them a ride to reminisce forever.

How to Choose Dirt Bike to Snow Bike Conversion Kits

How to Choose Snow Bike Conversion Kits

The Snow Bikes are more or less the modified version of your dirt bike to be used in the snowy terrains by basic conversions or installments in your dirt bike. The significant difference between a dirt bike and a snow bike is that in the snow bike in place of the tires at the front and rear, you have a ski and track installed, respectively.

You cannot yet buy a snow bike in a store but with the advancement in technology, you can buy one someday however if you want to have a snow bike of your own then you only need to make necessary arrangements in your dirt bike.

The Snow Bike conversion kits are as costly as buying a dirt bike for yourself, so it comes in an expected price range of $2000 to $6000. This might be a point to consider while buying a snow bike kit so that you can buy based on the budget you have set for yourself.

You also have to consider the kind of dirt bike you own as many brands design specific conversion kits for specific dirt bike brands. The features and performance of a snow bike are also essential points to look upon while buying a snow bike kit.

Best Snow Bike Kits in 2022


The Timbersled revolutionary works have just opened the eyes of the riders dramatically as with the snow on the ground, everything is now a playground for you.

The snow bikes are really different from the riders are used to. It is very intimidating I agree, but once the intimidation is gone, the fun it brings to you has no measure at all.

You can now easily maneuver through those woods and rip through those hills so comfortably and easily that your mind would be blown out. I think the snow bikes need a little bit of acclamation, and a little bit of time spent on that machine, then you are good to go.

With the snowmobiles, you will need a kind of commitment while going on the sidehills, but with the snow bikes, you only have to look forward and shoot.

You can easily pick your line and ride as fast as you can or as slow as you can. It becomes easier with the steepness and elevation of the hills with a little bit of practice.

The overall length of the kit is around 63 inches (160 cm), with the dry weight of the front as 16lbs and rear as 111.3lbs. It comes with a standard chain slider and a wildwood hydraulic Dual-piston disc brake type.

It has an EK520 SRX2 52 link (continuous) chaincase and with a 17 tooth-15t spline jackshaft sprocket, also lower chain case sprocket. The track driver used is EK520 SRX2 70 Link (Master Link).

The ski types used in the conversion kit are Timbersled Traverse Ski, and the rear suspension used is Timbersled ARO Long travel.

It comes in five different colors, which are black, blue, red, orange, and white, and they also come with accessories like a storage mat and system. I personally like black, now it’s up to you whichever color you want to opt for!

This is one of the best dirt bikes to snowmobile conversion kits available on the market.

snow bike concversion kits


The Yeti 137 MT is known as one of the best conversion kits for your snow bike as it is the perfect mixture of floatation and grip to offer you maximum horsepower.

It has increased the width area of the track on the newly designed rails, which are quite narrow. This offers you a maximum grip of the track to the terrain and prevents the slipping of the snow bike by increasing the friction.

This also helps to provide the snow bike its agility and offers maximum output to the bike so that it can efficiently operate even at a lower tension.

It also helps to even out the transfer of power while riding on steep sidehills or in sharp turns. Now, you do not have to compromise while riding through the side hills.

If you are a hard-core rider like I am and want to level up your potentials then this Yeti 137 MT conversion kit should be your go-to choice as this would help you to rip through those mountain snows and deep tree rides.

The track width is around 12.5 inches, which rests on a narrow 5.5-inch rail chassis to offer you more floatation and agility. The paddles that come along with the kit are about 2.5 inches that help to increase the traction in deep snow and also helps to lift it better.

The internal, as well as the external sprockets, are quite enhanced that allow having lower track tension in order to increase the grip even in the deepest snow.

The Yeti 137 MT has a more durable chassis with local assistance that allows dissipating stress when the bike is under high load. It has a soft strut and comes with a lightweight 137-inch track, 12.5 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep. It also has a pre-bleed brake system to offer a smoother and progressive brake feel.

The Yeti SnowMX design conversion kits for Beta, Honda, Husaberg, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, and Yamaha. And I felt absolutely no hindrance while upgrading my Honda.


The Camso DTS 129 Snow Bike Conversion Kit gives you a smoother ride with its improved cutting edge design of the tracks.

I was easily able to take it through any type of terrain and handled its grip even in the deepest snow possible. The system is very lightweight as the drive is configured and designed to make it one pound lighter.

The DTS 129 has been constructed to improve the traction so that you can enjoy the outstanding performance of the snow bike. This provides you with an all-around performance by keeping its primary focus on the tracks and the track system.

As per my experience, the Camso DTS 129 brings about the best of the conversion kit by giving you an everlasting performance and better handling of the snow bike in all kinds of terrain.

The DTS 129 has a single suspension technology that keeps up with the behavior of a typical dirt bike. This helped me to give the the feel of riding a dirt bike in the snow with some kind of maneuverability, balance, drift, and leanness.

It helps to offer the rider a thrill and increases the adrenaline rush in them to have blasted through ride into every single corner and trail.

The front ski comes with an exclusive design that increases the stability and handling of the snow bike even in the steepest terrains.

It also offers a smooth side-to-side transition with an angle side keel which also features a replaceable blade. The Camso comes with a polymer ski mount that protects the front forks from severe impacts. And I can definitely vouch for this!

The ski mount is made up of aluminum with thin outside runners to give a more aggressive behavior to the ski of the snow bike.

The track at the rear end has three suspension transfer settings and a shock calibration with adequate preloaded spring adjustability to adjust with the weight of the rider and also the rider’s riding styles.

It also offers an upright shock action to provide better transfer and to have a soft feel. And in my experience, it was a real smooth feeling!

The Camso conversion kits are engineered for Beta, Honda, Husaberg, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Sherco, Suzuki, SVM, Yamaha. And I am definitely considering this to convert my KTM bike next winter!

dirt bike to snowmobile conversion


The MotoTrax Mountain 129 snow bike conversion kit is the advanced and improved version of the previous model which had several issues regarding the bike performance in the deep snow and high-speed trail racing.

The significant change that you can notice in this model is the design and build of the rear suspension. The shock valving is entirely different in this model as it has become 70% stiffer on the rebound.

This helps to prevent high-speed loops and kicking on the rear end. The FOX helped the MotoTrax has overcome this problem and help reduce the rebounds.

It is perfect for the deep snow and also for exploring the backcountry by offering you the additional float and adaptability in the deep snow conditions for the aggressive riders.

It completely resembles the stock balance of your dirt bike. It is built to climb the steep mountains and the high-end curves with ease and comfort. And I am a person who is kind of sensitive to shocks and I think it is special attention to detail from Mototrax which is commendable from my side!

It can easily maneuver through the powdered snow and can easily fit into the narrow trails allowing you to explore the different terrains.

The 129” is the only brand or company that provides the lateral articulation in the market. The lateral articulation is the side-to-side movement of the rear system in 12.5 degrees in each direction from the center that creates a nimble and agile feel. And I think it is a nice touch again from the company.

The MotoTrax conversion kit is best suited for Beta, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, and Yamaha.


Crazy Mountain Motorsports is highly dedicated to the interests of its customers and works hard to give them the best product in the market from their experience and knowledge. They are known for building high-quality snowmobiles with enhanced features keeping them unique in the market.

The CMX Snow bike kit comes along with a CMX’s custom belt drive system to enhance its performance even in deep snow conditions. I feel it’s a lovely addition and if I am to buy this kit, the custom belt feature will definitely be one feature I would look out for!

The CMX snow bike kit comes with the most upgraded version of the mounted rear suspension in the market of the snow bike conversion kits. It has CNC-machined parts and also has a working partnership with Camso and Yeti.

The current model of the CMX Snow Bike kit is the assembly of Yeti’s ski and spindle design or the Camso’s. The CM conversion kit is suitable for any significant dirt bike brand so you can say it is universal in nature that gives uniqueness to this brand

How to Convert Dirt Bike into Snow Bike

The snow bikes are yet not something that you can easily find in a store and buy like you can with a snowmobile.

I was once a beginner too and trust me all of this maybe sound a bit too much for the starters, but trust me, once you get a hang onto this, it will become an addiction!

However, if you want to have a snow bike of your own, then you can convert your dirt bike into a snow bike and use it to drive through the snowy terrain. The only thing you would need to convert or install a dirt bike onto a snow bike is a conversion kit.

These conversion kits are designed by various companies and come with mounting hardware. The mounting hardware is different for different dirt bikes so you would have to buy mounting hardware specific to your dirt bike.

The conversion work is a bit of DIY work and might take some time, but it really adds a bonus to your adventures in the snow. You can always swap your snow bike to your usual dirt bike for summers without much work.

The snow bikes are a thousand times lighter than that the snowmobiles, and you do not need to follow the snow trails at all. You can now easily swing through the woods and take those narrow trails to have your peace in the woods. And this is one feature that inspired me most to go for snow bikes.

If you own a dirt bike it actually also means that you own a snow bike as well. Just you need a conversion kit and change the front and back rear ends with ski and tracks respectively.

The front park dirt bike is pretty easy to install as you just have added an extra shaft that adjusts to the back shack, which is referred to as trio.

When this trio is bolted into the back of the conversion kit, it helps you to keep your suspension the same so that you don’t have to change anything on that.

There is no front brake on a snow bike as it is changed from the front handle to the backtrack. This helps to slow the backtrack down while you are riding in the snow.

The backtrack can be bolted on pretty easily as all you need is an axel bolt and a chain to keep it in place steadily. Some conversion kits come with their own shock that can be replaced with the shock of the dirt bike.

The shock replacement is quite easy as you only have to replace the shock of the dirt bike and replace it with the conversion kits’ shock by adding some bolts to it to keep it steady and secure in its place. Although its an easy process, I would insist you to put extra effort in this step as your journey through the rusty terrain can become quite challenging if the shock absorbers aren’t installed properly.

The rear end of the dirt bike is replaced with tracks to convert it into a snow bike. To achieve this purpose, the tracks come with a frame mount that is attached to the rear end of the dirt bike and secured with the help of two pairs of fit kits on each mount, which is specially designed for the specific bikes.

The conversion kits come with chain guides that are fixed around the fit kits to and prevent the chain from pushing downwards and destroying the fit kits. This can eventually break your frame mount and then destroy it.

Final Words

With this article, now you have an idea about snow bikes and also the best snow bike available in the market.

We hope this would help you know your requirements and even help you to filter your search to have the best snow bike.

Many snowmobiles trail systems do not allow snow bikes so you should always check with a local before buying one.

Since snow biking is also the same sport as snowmobiling, you also need to follow safety measures when doing it.

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