Best 2-Stroke Snowmobile Oil: For Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat, & Yamaha

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This guide will assist you in finding the best 2-stroke snowmobile oil.

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My Personal Recommendation

Let me ask you a question,

Is it a good idea to use Ski-Doo 2-Stroke Oil in your Arctic Cat?

Perhaps not. There is a reason why snowmobile manufacturers create their own 2-Stroke oil for their snowmobiles.

So, which oil you should buy?

I’ll recommend you to buy the oil according to your snowmobile brand.

2-Stroke Oil for Polaris

If you own a Polaris snowmobile, then I’ll recommend Polaris 2-Cycle Engine Oil.

This oil is approved by Polaris Engineering for maximum engine protection. This engine oil is formulated for easy starting of your snowmobile in the extreme cold weather.

This oil is used by hundreds of other Polaris owners, and they’re very happy with it. Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the customer reviews of this 2-Stroke Oil, and you’ll instantly buy it for your beast.

2-Stroke Oil for Ski-Doo

If you own a Ski-Doo snowmobile, then you should buy Ski-Doo XPS 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil.

This is one of the most advanced 2-stroke oil that is developed to use in the Ski-Doo snowmobiles that are equipped with Rotax E-TEC engines. 

This oil is very popular among Ski-Doo lovers, and all the people who purchased it are extremely happy with it.

But, still, I’ll suggest you take a look at customer reviews of Ski-Doo XPS 2-Stroke Oil. I’m sure, you’re going to love it.

2-Stroke Oil for Arctic Cat

For Arctic Cat owners, we have Arctic Cat APV Synthetic Oil. This is a 2-Stroke synthetic oil that is specially designed for cats.

It provides excellent lubricity that protects engine wear over time. It also prevents piston scuffing, deposit buildup, and varnish formation.

Make sure to use this Arctic Cat APV 2-Cycle Oil in your Cat, and enjoy your ride.

2-Stroke Oil for Yamaha

For Yamaha snowmobile owners, we have Yamalube 2S Performance Two-Stroke Oil.

This 2-stroke oil provides lubrication in all temperatures, reduces carbon deposits that helps in longer engine life and better performance.

It is the best 2 stroke oil for Yamaha snowmobiles. Before buying, make sure to look at the features and customer reviews of Yamalube 2 Stroke Oil.   

Comparison of Top-Rated 2-Stroke Snowmobile Oils

ProductOur RatingCurrent Price
RAVENOL 2-Stroke Snowmobile Oil9.8/10Check Price
Polaris Genuine 2 Stroke Snowmobile Oil9.7/10Check Price
YAMAHA 2S Performance Two Stroke Oil9.6/10Check Price
MAGNA1 Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil9.5/10Check Price
Maxima Premium 2-Stroke Oil9.4/10Check Price
2 stroke snowmobile oil

Best 2 Stroke Snowmobile Oils

Best 2 stroke snowmobile oil

Yamalube 2S Performance 2 Stroke Oil

Yamalube is considerably one of the best two stroke oil for snowmobiles. Created using the technologically advanced semi-synthetic base stock and additive 2-stroke engine oil, it can keep your engine alive and roaring all-season. Yamalube also reduces the visible smoke to a large extent, showing you the main difference between quality oil and any other.

This oil features low deposits, reduced carbon, and varnish deposit, which keeps the engine healthy for a long time and improves performance over time. Apart from this, Yamalube provides exceptionally great lubrication in all temperatures and climate as the special additive maintains the flow and keeps the oil from “gelling” even in sub-zero conditions.

Some of the highlighted features of Yamalube 2-stroke oil are mentioned below.

  • Synthetic blend
  • All-season performance oil
  • Greatly reduces visible smoke
  • Low and varnish deposit
  • Prevents oil from “gelling” even in sub-zero conditions

Polaris Genuine OEM Synthetic Snowmobile 2 Stroke Oil

Polaris OEM is genuine snowmobile 2 stroke oil crafted from the latest synthetic chemistry that provides extra engine strength. It comes with new technology additives that subsequently improve engine and exhaust cleanliness. Polaris OEM also improves lubricity, which is a measure of reduction in friction, and protects the surface from scuffing.

Thanks to the anti-wear additive chemistry, Polaris OEM greatly improves the life of ring, bearings, and cylinder. With Polaris OEM, your snowmobile can have reduced hot spot deposits, increased wear protection when under high load, and increased cold flow characteristics so that your snowmobile doesn’t break down even in the coldest climates.

Some of the highlighted features of Polaris OEM 2-stroke engine oil are mentioned below.

  • Smokeless and odourless synthetic blend
  • High lubricity for superior engine protection
  • For pre-mix or injection applications
  • Meets SAE J1536 category 4 requirements

MAGNA1 Synthetic Blend Marine 2 Stroke Engine Oil

Exclusively designed for all 2 stroke snowmobile engines, MAGNA1 meets all the requirements for every ride from all leading manufacturers such as Yamaha, Skidoo, Polaris, and Arctic Cat. It is category 3 oil and can provide protection even when the temperature falls to -25 degree Celsius.

MAGNA1 also provides excellent 2-stroke lubrication for your engine to be healthy and to improve its performance overtime. This 2-stroke oil was made using an exclusive formula that not only helps maintain the peak engine performance, but also fights rust, reduce smoke, and control deposits, keeping your vehicle healthy for a very long time.

Some of the highlighted features of MAGNA1 2-stroke engine oil are mentioned below.

  • Maintains peak engine performance
  • Fights rust and reduces smoke
  • Provides protection even under -25 degree Celsius
  • Perfectly suitable for all 2 stroke engines

Kimpex Low Ash and Smoke Synthetic 2 Stroke Engine Oil

Kimpex is exclusively designed 2 stroke engine oil for high performance snowmobiles that are fitted with direct or semi-direct fuel injection systems. This engine oil can stay in its fluid form even when the temperature falls to -45 degree Celsius.

Moreover, Kimpex is manufactured using the latest technology and additives that make it one of the best anti-smoke oil. The latest technology and additives also provide your snowmobile maximum protection against wear and carbon deposits keeping your engine alive and roaring for years to come.

Some of the highlighted features of Kimpex synthetic 2-stroke oil are mentioned below.

  • One of the best anti-smoke oil
  • Stays fluid even under -45 degree Celsius
  • Provides maximum protection against wear and carbon deposits

Arctic-Cat Snowmobile Semi-Synthetic Formula SS Oil

Give your snowmobile a long trouble free life with this Arctic-Cat semi-synthetic 2 stroke oil. Made from the latest technology and additives, this oil unit is considered one of the best 2 stroke oil options for your snowmobile. Its unique formula reduces smoke to a large extent and keeps your engine clean and carbon deposit free.

With the Arctic-Cat 2 stroke oil, you can expect your snowmobile to be in its peak performance, riding smoothly even in the coldest climates. The semi-synthetic formula is exclusively designed to keep friction and scuffing at bay, while improving the life of ring, bearings, and cylinder overtime.

Some of the highlighted features of Arctic-Cat semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil are mentioned below.

  • Peak performance even in the coldest climates
  • Reduced smoke and ash
  • Increased lubrication and reduced carbon deposits
  • Semi-synthetic 2 stroke oil for snowmobile

Ravenol J1V1302-004

This Ravenol brand has been making its motor oils in Germany since 1946. Due to its quality products, this is one of the most known brands in its industry in Europe. It is one of the companies that set standards in advanced lubrication technologies.

This 2-stroke engine oil from the company is one that is particularly designed for the use of snowmobile. This is made in such a way that it provides a top lubrication ability and it also covers the engine in a protective coating. This is an ideal product for heavy-revving powerful snowmobile engines. Also, it is a semi-synthetic blend that is based on specialty esters and this features an ashless synthetic additive package.

These details offer the capabilities to keep the engine clean that includes the combustion chamber and the exhaust ports. This will keep your engine in a reliable shape and it will also offer consistent performance. In terms of quality and standards, this oil meets a lot of them and is also certified as meeting API TC and ISO-L-EGC specifications.

Maxima 21901

This is a 2-stroke oil that is made to endure all kinds of weather, from the coldest to the hottest. It can be used on many vehicles including ATVs, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. The formula used is a semi-synthetic one and this means the oil is capable of offering great performances, close to the ones provided by synthetic products.

At the same time, this does not require a heavy investment. To ensure the anti-scuff protection, the formula uses anti-wear additives and surface-active esters. The composition also helps in providing a burn that does not let the smoke out. It is, however, one of the cleanest variants out there.

This ash-free additive will keep your engine running well and will also act against the deposits of gum or other kinds. This is a very good choice whether you are looking for an oil injection 2-stroke for snowmobile or premix oil as it can do both. The manufacturers state that this oil will make your engine have no carbon deposits.

What is 2 Stroke Oil?

A 2 stroke oil is a special type of motor oil for snowmobiles intended for use in crankcase compression two-stroke engines. The two-stroke engine oils are required to be mixed with the fuel to be burned in the engine so as to lubricate the cylinder walls of the engine.

The lubrication of the 2-stroke system needs a fluid that will form a tenacious film that will not be evaporated and will create a protective layer of oil over the entire surface of the piston.

When it comes to the 2-stroke oil, the base oil used is one of the most important aspects to consider.

To get maximum performance and protection for your snowmobile, a 100% synthetic ester product is a good choice among current technologies and this provides the most complete package for lubricating a 2-cycle engine.

The additives included in 2-stroke oils are also important while considering the component protection. They develop the intrinsic performance of the esters to complete this protection for the most favorable running engine.

Types of 2 Stroke Oil

There are basically 3 types of 2 stroke oil available.

  • Petroleum-based oil
  • Full synthetic oil
  • Mixtures of petroleum and synthetic

The first of these is mineral oil or petroleum oil which is the oldest and is made from natural petroleum oil. When producing a mineral oil, a manufacturer removes a lot of impurities by using a lengthy process.

Not all impurities can be eliminated. Getting rid of all the impurities can be difficult when the oil is made of poor-quality petroleum. Hence, the result can be a 2-stroke engine oil that lacks in lubricants.

The second type is the synthetic racing oils that are designed to give the best of everything. Great combustion properties, great lubrication properties and a little or no gummy stuff left behind. There will literally be nothing on top of the piston, nothing on the power valve and very less carbon in the exhaust.

As far as the mixture of petroleum-based and synthetic oils, I think you can pretty much come to your own conclusion on this one as these are designed to give you the advantages of both types.

Things to Consider before buying 2 Stroke Oil

How to choose snowmobile oil


Whenever the oil and fuel mixes, there is also an odor but the brand of two stroke engine oil that you buy determines the intensity of the odor.

Smoke Emission

Whenever oil burns together along with fuel, there is bound to be some excess smoke emitted in the process. But the type of oil that you pick will determine the severity of the smoke produced. A few manufacturers include additives that will minimize the amount of exhaust smoke that gets released.

Cleaning Properties

2 stroke engine oil is designed to lubricate your engine. Make sure the brand you pick also has certain cleaning properties. Purchasing two stroke engine oil not only lubricates your engine but also cleans that will be to your advantage. This will essentially mean that your machinery or the equipment will perform much better and also last longer.


If you are going to buy 2 stroke oil in a bulk, it is necessary to purchase a mixture that is formulated to last longer. The last thing you require is your oil becoming stale while in storage.

Ease of Use

Is the oil simple enough to mix?

Sometimes there is no requirement of a professional to lubricate the engine for you. This job can be done on your own but, only if the oil is user-friendly. This means the oil must be easy to mix as getting the right measurements is very crucial for optimal performance.


Is the oil compatible with the snowmobile that you want to use it on? This is much worth considering in order to avoid disappointment as not all two stroke engine oils are compatible with snowmobiles.

Universal or Not

A few 2 stroke engine oils are universal. This means you can mix them according to a specific ratio with all the gasoline products. But a few brands suggest different mixing ratios and this will depend on the quantity of gas that is being used. The one that you pick is entirely a matter of preference.

Final Words

We certainly hope that after going through this article you are more informed in making the right purchase.

Whichever type you pick you should ensure that it allows the high engine performance and does not end up in damaging your engine. This means it is always not a good idea to opt for the cheapest 2 stroke engine oil on the market. Never compromise on the quality of the oil that you buy. Your assets surely deserve the best!

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