Best Snowmobile Backpack & Gear Bags 2020: Tried & Tested

If you are going for a snowmobile ride, then a snowmobile backpack is necessary.

But, which one to buy?

What is the best snowmobile backpack in 2020 that offers a lot of space?

If you want to buy a good backpack without spending much money, then this is the article that you should read.

My Personal Recommendation

If you’re looking for a snowmobile backpack, then there is nothing better than Klim Nac Pak Backpack.

It is the best snowmobile backpack that you can find on the market.

It has everything that a snowmobile backpack should have like extra pockets, strong zippers, a special compartment for the shovel, and many more.

This Klim Snowmobile Backpack is the number one recommendation of all the riders.

I highly recommend you should take a look at the Klim Nac Pak Backpack before evening thinking about other snowmobile gear bags.

Quick Answer: Best Snowmobile Backpacks in 2020

In 2020, the 5 top-rated backpacks for snowmobiling are given below:

  1. Klim Nac Pak Backpack
  2. Klim Krew Pak Bag
  3. HMK Backcountry Pack 2 Bag
  4. Dakine Heli Pro Backpack
  5. Ski-Doo New OEM Snowmobile Backpack

Comparison of Top-Rated Snowmobile Backpacks

ProductOur RatingCurrent Price
KLIM Nac Pak Lime Snowmobile Backpack9.8Check Price
Dakine Heli Pro Backpack9.7Check Price
Nelson Rigg Hurricane 40L Backpack9.5Check Price
Klim Krew Pak Backpack9.3Check Price
HMK (HM4PACK2B) Backcountry Backpack9.2Check Price
Seibertron Waterproof Rucksack Backpack9Check Price

Best Snowmobile Backpacks in 2020

Klim Nac Pak Backpack

The Klim Nac Pak Backpack is a sleek, versatile gear bag that will handle any situation like rain or shine. You can easily take this pack with you on the long trails.

KLIM Technical Riding Gear is one of the best brands which is known for designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced and best motorsports apparel for the snowmobile riders.

The dimensions of the backpack areTop of Form18″ H x 9″ W x 6″ D. It is available in color black.

Snowmobile Backpack

The Large Main compartment of the bag includes various essential things such as:

  • External shovel blade storage
  • The Internal gathered sleeve will easily keep the bag hydrated.
  • It has a 3-liter Hydrapak hydration reservoir included.
  • It also has 2 upper hydration ports.
  • It comes with an accessory
  • It has an internal zippered sleeve pocket.
  • It has side probe storage.
  • It also features side shovel handle storage.
  • It has a comfort padded airflow back panel.
  • It has Padded shoulder straps with airflow.

It also comes with Sternum Strap with an integrated whistle and a waist strap. The company also provides a removable tool pouch with the bag. It has a 1” elastic loop tool organization and a zippered stash pocket.

Though, the shovel is not included.

With all these features, this bag can be your perfect choice to be taken along while snowmobiling.


  • It looks sleek
  • It is a versatile gear bag that can be used in any situation
  • It is equipped with external shovel storage.
  • There is an internal sleeve for hydration
  • It also includes 3-litre Hydrapak hydration reservoir
  • It includes 2 upper hydration exit ports
  • It has an Accessory pocket
  • Comes with an Internal zippered sleeve pocket
  • Consists of Detachable internal goggle bag
  • There is also Side probe storage
  • To carry your shovel, there is a Side shovel handle storage
  • It has a Comfortable padded airflow back panel
  • shoulder straps that are padded with airflow
  • The sternum strap with an integrated whistle is included
  • The Waist strap to keep it from bouncing
  • There is a removable tool pouch:
  • 1″ elastic loop tool organization
  • Also a zippered stash pocket
  • You can wear it over your body armor
  • You can use it for dirt biking.
  • You can carry your first aid kit in the bag
  • There is a lens cleaner on the outer pack
  • It does not feel heavy on your back even with 3 liters of water and all the other necessary tools.
  • It is durable.
  • Ziplocks are waterproof.
  • The tube can be detached and then the bag inside out to keep it clean and free of mold or other contaminants picked up on the trails


  • It could have been a little bigger
  • Water might freeze in the drink tube as it does not tuck in
  • It bounces a little even with the waist strap and chest strap on.
  • Compartments are a little too small

Klim Krew Pak Bag

The Klim Krew Pak bag comes with the high capacity main compartment.

It has top-loading, fleece-lined Goggle Pocket Accessory in which you can easily store your snowmobile night goggles.

The External Shovel Blade storage can be quickly accessed.

Best Snowmobile Backpack

Side Avalance Probe Storage is included.

It has a Shovel Handle Storage Separate Back Loading Hydration Compartment.

It also has 3 Liter Klim Hydrapak with Hydration Reservoir included.

It has 1 Fleece- Lined which is easy to access and has a Zippered Storage Chamber in should Strap. It will hence insulate the hose in the cold conditions.

It also comes with Secondary Storage Pocket and also includes Divider Removable Tool Pouch.

It has With Ultra-secure 1” Elastic Tool Organization Straps

It has 2 Lower Side Pockets

It has a Quilted Airflux Padded Back panel. It will provide free airflow and will hence minimize the sweat.

The Padded Shoulder Straps have wide opening designs and will offer easy access to the tools.

It is available in Black color.

With all the basic needs, this bag is great compatibility which can be taken out when you go out for snowmobiling.


  • It has a Separate back loading hydration compartment. It includes
  • 3 liter Klim Hydrapak hydration reservoir i.
  • It also includes one external hydration exit port.
  • It Consists of One fleece-lined internal shoulder-strap hydration storage with zippered opening.
  • It comes with a Secondary storage pocket with a sleeve for a tool pouch.
  • It is equipped with a Side shovel handle storage.
  • 2 side pockets.
  • Quilted padded panel for your back
  • Shoulder straps are Padded.
  • Sternum strap comes with an integrated whistle.
  • The backpack also includes a removable tool pouch.
  • There is a zippered stash pocket.
  • A 3-liter hydration reservoir.
  • Equipped with Push-button quick release hose connection
  • The backpack has good storage, so much so that you can carry all that s required to even spend a night at the track.
  • The shovel and probe poles are held securely in place.
  • Very durable and sturdy.
  • It is a multipurpose backpack.
  • The craftsmanship is outstanding.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • It is a little heavy.
  • The side pockets could be a little bigger

HMK (HM4PACK2B) Backcountry Pack 2 Bag

The HMK backcountry backpack is made from heavy-duty ripstop and ballistic nylon.

It is 1200 cubic inches.

It includes an internal hydration pocket with hose part.

The additional features include:

Padded shoulder straps with the padded shoulder blade and lumbar area.

It has a music pocket with a cord port.

It has a vertical board carrier with an adjustable sternum strap.

It also includes a waist belt. This provides the person with extra support and it’s required when some rides on a snow machine with a backpack.

An external shovel blade pocket is also included with draining mesh.

It is made from Cascade Ballistic material.  It is also built with gear storage which can be opted in order to store various tools and equipment.

It has organized pockets for HMK accessories. The organizer pocket has a key clip which adds a quite nice touch.

You can carry this backpack easily considering the padded back and shoulder support along with the adjustable sternum and provided waist belt buckles.

The rugged stuff resistant bottom makes this bag pack a perfect choice in order to be used.

It is available in different colors. You can choose the best color according to your choice.

The pack will hence provide you with shoulder and lumbar padding support includes adjustable Waistbelt with zippered pockets. It also includes External HMK Shovel Handle Holster and Blade Pocket.

These all qualities thus make this bag a versatile pack for the multi-sport person or to be used while going for snowmobiling.


  • The HMK Backcountry Pack is made from heavy-duty ripstop and ballistic nylon
  • It includes an internal hydration pocket with hose port.
  • It comes with several gear storage options for backcountry and everyday use.
  • To hold and carry HMK accessories, such as the Avalanche Probe, L Handle Shovel, Viper Back Panel, and Hydrapak. It has organized pockets
  • You can carry around this backpack with comfort as it comes with shoulder straps and a padded back panel.
  • A multi-purpose back.
  • This backpack is waterproof
  • The straps are adjustable
  • It is extremely durable.

Dakine Heli Pro Backpack

Dakine Heli Pro Backpack is 600D Polyester.

It has a vertical snowboard carriage. This will allow in the easy carrying of the snowboard.

It provides a diagonal and A-frame ski carry.

Snowmobile shovel backpack

The DK Impact Spine Protector compatible is sold separately.  You need to pay extra in order to get the Spine Protector. Though, it will be helpful, but, will also come with a cost. So, you should choose carefully whether you want to buy this item separately or not.

It has a separate snow tool/ shovel pocket. You can easily store the snow tool.

It has an organized front pocket. The organized front pocket will allow putting the various requirements and equipment with ease. You can easily find things with an organized front pocket. Like, you can store your snowmobile GoPro in the front so you can excess it quickly.

This bag comes with varieties of color choices. You can choose the favorite color out of those choices. It is available in various colors.

With all those advantages and features, this bag is a great consideration that can be bought.


  • This is well made.
  • Very comfortable
  • The backpack is affordable.
  • Very fine construction details.
  • The profile is fairly slim
  • The pack fits comfortably.
  • Can be also used to carry your laptop around.
  • It is a quality backpack.
  • Very comfortable straps
  • Good use of space.
  • It is very durable.
  • This is a take-anywhere bag


  • No outer straps or pockets for a shovel or your best snowmobile helmet.
  • There is no hydration reservoir included.
  • It might not work as a true backcountry pack as the pockets can be a little hard to access.

Ski-Doo New OEM Snowmobile Back Pack

The Ski-Doo New OEM Snowmobile Bag Back Pack comes with an innovative 2- pocket carry bag that will provide you with secure storage around the steering riser block.

It has a 3W heated insulated pocket design. It hence reduces the chances of the water bottles freezing and will increase the battery life of the small electronic equipment.

It includes an RCA adaptor kit.

It requires Heated Visor Kit (860201234) which is sold separately. It is required for the usage of this backpack. So, you need to buy the kit.

This is a brand new Ski-Doo Snowmobile Black bag backpack which is designed in order to be the best solution while going on a snowmobile.


  • It has a 2-pocket carry bag for secure storage around the steering riser block.
  • The special 3W heated insulated pocket design that is present, reduces the chance of water bottles freezing and increases the battery life of small electronic equipment.
  • It Includes an RCA adaptor kit.
  • 5-liter (1.32 US gallons).

Best Snowmobile Gear Bags in 2020

Klim Kodiak Gear Bag

This gear bag is like no other gear bag as it has been upgraded from the wheels up, the Kodiak Bag offers greatest freight capacity and a wise compartmentalized plan. From the outside-in, the Kodiak’s structural heftiness and weight-disseminating configuration will effortlessly contain all the gears you would ever perhaps require. Freeboot, cap, and goggle compartments, huge freight inlets and various littler stash and zippered pockets add to make a definitive full-size moving gear pack.

The features that make this gear bag stand out from the rest are features like structural skeleton that guarantees stand-up steadiness when stacked or emptied and compartmentalized configuration places boots, head protectors, heated snow goggles and more in committed zones. There is also an inside semi-inflexible boot liner sack that keeps boots separate from the remainder of your gear.

Other features include YKK heavy duty zippers. There are large internal lid cargo bays

and zippered lid mesh pockets. To facilitate carrying miscellaneous other gear, there are two exterior pockets one of which is fleece. The pull handle is lightweight and sturdy, there is also a high-quality grab handle with molded k-logo. 

It has four external grab handles of which one is molded foot grab handle and 3 heavy-duty webbing handles along with those there is also a high-impact plastic corner armor on exterior bash-and-drop zones.

It is just the right bag for all kinds of snowmobilers to carry any gear of their choice and enjoy a well prepared boondocking trips.

OGIO Rig 9800 Gear Bag (Stealth)

The OGIO Rig gear bag has dimensions: 34″ H x 16.5″ w x 15.25″ D. It also has a telescoping pull handle to help you pull it around. The heavy-duty oversized wheels with extra clearance helps in keeping the stability intact. SLED which is short for structural load equalizing deck system promises increased durability and handles the harshest of conditions

The wide mouth lid opening facilitates easy access to all gear compartments. There is a large main compartment with adjustable dividers to customize the storage space and there exists also a padded helmet chamber to secure your helmet while you are not wearing it.

A bag inside a bag to help you pack even more items when you decide to overpack and lose track of the list. I personally always end up overpacking. If you are no different than I am then let me break it to you, no other gear bag can ever satisfy this never-ending appetite like OGIO 9800. With this gear bag, you can pack your world with you.

The durability is the real deal about this bag. This bag is the ‘Viking’ in the bag kingdom.

Apart from the grandeur of the bag, there are tiny details that you cannot miss, like the little rings on the pulls for attaching locks. It is well acclaimed for its sturdiness, users have talked highly of how structurally sound it still was even after months of use. It is a heavy-duty roller duffle that is very well made to take the blow of time.

However, the interior pockets are a little smaller in size. Nevertheless, with so much room in the bag, this shortcoming can hardly come across as a deal-breaker.

Everest Luggage Travel Gear Bag – Xlarge, Black, One Size

This is an extra-large gear bag with a zippered clamshell main compartment that accommodates all kinds of snowmobiling equipment. One can imagine the compartment of this bag as a virtual black hole that has an appetite to fit in it all that you can imagine. It was designed to satisfy practical purposes. However, the absence of a pull handle makes it a little difficult to carry it around. The room it offers facilitates any user to pack large items that make it heavier to carry without a pull handle. It is not a “fit it to full capacity” kind of bag. The room is enticing but not so useful without a telescoping handle.

Nevertheless, the manufacturers did add adjustable padded straps to adjust according to the convenience of the users to let it hang in the perfect length. Not only this but there is also a top grab handle that helps the user carry the bag in different configurations.

For shoes, toiletries, and dirty laundry accumulated throughout your trip, there are the separate side compartments on the bag that turns out to be useful.

The exterior is made of 600 Denier polyester. This high-grade canvas is designed to protect your gear against moisture and mildew. There are dual zippered pockets along with a wide zippered front pocket that allows you to carry extra items.

To ensure durability there are shoulder straps with reinforced metal anchor points. It also has feet underneath which are approximately 3/8 of an inch high so that it does not directly sit on the ground. Everest has been providing travelers across the globe a wide variety of practical bags to carry with them their world.

Fly Racing 28-5135 Black/Gray Roller Grande Bag

This bag is constructed with durable PVC backed nylon which is manufactured by utilizing advanced techniques and quality-tested raw material in tune with universally accepted norms. This material is water-resistant and lightweight.

There are two large separate chambers on each end of the bag that allows for easy storage of boots and dirty gear and a large main compartment at the center to store bigger items. To allow the dirty gear to breathe and dry there are large mesh panels and vent grommets. To make it easier for you to carry the bag around, there are durable smooth-rolling rollerblade style wheels.

While the.telescoping handle allows you to pull it around without much hassle, the adjustable shoulder strap keeps it lighter on your shoulder when you are carrying it that you can adjust according to your preferred length. There are additional features that add to the glamour of the bag like the fleece-lined goggle pocket to keep your goggles scratch proof. It also includes tool storage pocket and inside pockets to store additional items and clear exterior business card sleeve to store away all those cards that have stacked up.

CafeRace Orange Large 35-inch Gear Bag for Motocross-Enduro-Snowmobile-Paintball

It is a large-sized bag that fits all your gear right from Helmet, Boots, Pads, Jerseys, Pants, Roost Protector, Hydration Pack, and lunch, you name it and this magic bag will fit it. It is enormous inside. The measurement of the bag is 35″ x 16.75″ x 15.75″ – 9300 cubic inches.

The exterior of the bag is constructed with a durable 600 denier Polyester. When manufacturing bags,600D polyester is one of the most utilized fabrics. In the post cotton era, Polyester is unarguably the most commonly used fabric. It is not exorbitantly priced. It is also known as pack cloth. Polyester fabric is made in several thicknesses which include 600D, 300D, and more. Because of its affordability, it is chosen widely over nylon.

To provide extra support, there is a hard Panel across the bottom. To store your dirty boots, the bag has compartments on both ends along with which there are two large external side pockets for miscellaneous items.

Things to Consider Before Buying Snowmobile Backpack

How to choose snowmobile backpack with shovel


The volume of a backpack refers to the maximum volume that can be stored inside it. Usually expressed in liters, the volume is simply an indication of the capacity of the backpack.

Also, bags, if defined large, are not just due to their size and appearance alone, but due to their storage volume as well.

More the storage volume, the more items the bag can accommodate, just keep in mind that bags usually get heavier as the storage volume increases, along with their price. This is due to the fact that to store more weight and to be able to withstand the forces created by them, more structural integrity and reinforcements are required.

To be able to determine what volume of bag you want, first of all, you have to decide what you want to be carrying in the backpack, which we will discuss below:

What Should I Pack?

According to guidelines provided by the American Council of Snowmobile Association, usually, the items that should be carried fall into one of these following categories. Note that as it is just a guideline, you can modify it as per your requirement, but keep in mind that emergency doesn’t come after giving you a notice, so never skip on items that would help you out in case of an emergency, which we will discuss below, as we discuss other items as well.

Personal Items

Personal items for your snowmobile back pack

It is recommended to make a kit of items, which include your driver’s license, money, ongoing medications, cell or satellite phone, insurance, and safety certification documents, and most importantly, some water and high energy food, such as protein bars, nuts, jerky et cetera, preferably dry, as dry items are very easy and convenient to store and consume.

You can include the items that you need such as a laptop or tablet PC et cetera, but make sure the bag has a special compartment for them.

Since batteries of electronics don’t work while cold, it is important to make sure that they are kept a bit warm, so that they work when required. For small portable electronics, it can be done easily by keeping them in the innermost pocket of your warm wear. Make sure that you switch them off to conserve power when not in use.

Some people take extra snowmobiling suits with them while on the ride. You may also want to carry an extra waterproof snowmobile jacket and winter pants in case you get wet or anything bad happens.

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment for snowmobile ride

When you’re going on a ride, then make sure you carry the below-mentioned things in your backcountry snowmobile gear bag.

These items form the most critical part of the backpacking, as safety equipment will help you or someone you find in need of help. Hence, carrying safety equipment is a must.

Basic safety equipment that should be carried irrespective of the nature of your trip is a map and a compass, waterproof matches along with a candle, a flashlight with spare batteries and an extra ignition key.

Apart from basic safety equipment, you can carry a personal GPS indicator such as a SPOT (Satellite Personal Tracker), which can help rescuers find you quickly. Do note that these equipment run on batteries as well, so make sure that they are kept warm. Keep a spare, sealed battery pack for the device along with as well.

Also, training and familiarization with the working of equipment beforehand will surely aid in the rapid usage of the tool when there is an emergency.

No matter where you are going, safety equipment should be present on your snowmobile. At a minimum, this should include a compass and map, waterproof matches with a candle or a fire starter, a good quality flashlight with spare batteries, and an extra ignition key.

A Garmin snowmobile gps or SPOT(satellite personal tracker) messenger unit can be helpful in emergency situations since it provides your exact location to emergency personnel.

These units run on batteries, so be sure to check them for functionality before you go on a ride, always bring some spares, and keep them warm. It is helpful to review how the unit works before you ride so you are familiar enough to use it while dealing with the stress of an emergency.

Also, indicating equipment such as pyrotechnics, strobes or glow-sticks, should also be present.

Pyrotechnics include flares and generally, are classified as explosives, so keep in mind that you need to properly follow the instructions or you might end up injuring yourself, which should be avoided at all costs in an emergency.

Strobes run on battery, and hence, need to be kept warm. Also, store an extra pair, so just in case the other battery does not work, you have a backup.

Glow-sticks are an excellent option, as they require no power sources and are inexpensive. The problem with these is the fact that their storage is difficult and these are non-recyclable.

Emergency First Aid Kit

Always carry emergency first aid kit in your snowmobile backpack

As we are planning with the worst-case scenario in mind, we also have to think about keeping an emergency first aid kit in the backpack as well.

An emergency first aid kit will help you in case you injure yourself during your adventure. It can also be used to help someone else in need.

Nowadays emergency first aid kits can be bought from stores easily, and at a reasonable price and include commonly used items such as bandages, disinfectants, scissors, adhesive tape, and an antibiotic ointment. The storage boxes are usually hard-shelled and waterproof.

If you want to create your own first aid box, that can be done as well. Make sure that it has items that are listed above and a suitable box, and it is ready to be carried along with.

Also, keep in mind that a first aid box would be useless if you don’t know how to do basic first aids. Hence, it is recommended to go through a certified first aid course, which will help you in daily life as well.

So, make a list of items that you want to carry along with you, and make an estimate of what volume of bag you would want to store all your belongings. After doing that, move on to the next factors.

Weather Resistance

Most of the snowmobiling backpacks available out there would feature weatherproofing, which exactly is what we want to look for, as we don’t want snow and water to affect our stored belongings.

The best possible material that is available in the bags from good manufacturers is ripstop nylon, which is inherently waterproof and is abrasion-resistant. This material is lightweight as well and comes in a variety of colors.

Another material that is being used by manufacturers nowadays is carbon fiber, which is even lighter and has much more strength than nylon. Since carbon fiber takes a lot of effort to manufacture, these bags tend to be more expensive than their nylon counterparts.

Further aid in weather resistance is provided by the quality of zips that are being used in the bag. Some reputed manufacturers use waterproof zippers, which according to us are essential. Do not buy a backpack without waterproof zippers, or the water will slowly seep inside the backpack and spoil everything inside.

Always buy snowmobile backpack with waterproof zippers

Compartments and Pockets

Compartments are the bigger pockets that are supposed to be the main storage. A backpack can have its storage volume divided into multiple compartments, which allow ease of management for different types of items.

For example, one of the smaller compartments can be used for keeping phones and cell-phones, while the bigger one can be used for keeping personal items et cetera.

Apart from these bigger compartments, some manufacturers provide additional pockets that allow easy access to certain items such as avalanche probes, communication equipment, water bottles et cetera.

This will vary largely for what use keeping in mind the backpack is made, such as utility backpacks also have a padded laptop space for keeping laptops or tablet PCs and shovel blade compartment.

Also, special quick access pockets such as glove pockets for heated snowmobiling gloves, goggle pockets, shovel storage pockets, hip belts with pockets, small pockets on the waist fastening straps, and many others, which facilitate easy and rapid storage and access of commonly used items, without needing to open other compartments or pockets.

So, make sure along with other compartments, there is a shovel pocket in your snowmobile backpack.

Another advantage of extra pockets is that you can store things like spare snowmobile helmet communication systems, extra snowmobiling socks, snowmobile coolant in case your snowmobile gets overheated, and other things that you may need when you go on a snowmobile ride with kids.


Some backpacks also feature attachments such as whistles, integrated water storage et cetera, and vary from bag to bag.

Safety Features

Backpacks should have a bright color and a reflective stripe, which increases visibility. These not only make the bag look good, but makes it easier for others to spot you from a distance easily as well.

Some backpacks also feature a built-in airbag, which inflates and can help in cases where you might be stuck in an avalanche. Such backpacks are call airbags.

Some bags also have an easily accessible button, which can be paired with your personal GPS tracker and can send SOS messages when pressed.

These features count as safety features but are not necessarily present in every bag.


Comfort also should be accounted for when you are buying a bag as it will be on your shoulders for most of the time when you are snowmobiling.

Weight is one of the most important considerations because you can add or remove items from the bag, but you’ll always have to carry the weight of the bag. Also, there is a possibility that if a backpack is heavy, it is made of inferior quality material.

Apart from weight, padding is one of the essential things that one should look for, as it provides cushioning between you and your backpack. Also, some manufacturers provide breathable meshing, which allows air to pass between the backpack and your back, which increases comfort.

Some backpacks also come with padding on the shoulder straps, which allows one to lift more weight without stressing their shoulders.

Backpack with padded shoulder straps for comfort

Also, look for securing straps, such as the waist and the chest straps, which allow your body to roll freely, without having to worry about backpack falling off.

Look for chest and waist strap in your snowmobile backpack

Lastly, one should make sure that the backpack fits them properly and after they have worn it, that it sits above their waist.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snowmobile Backpacks

What to put in a snowmobile backpack?

What matters most in your backcountry ride preparation is your ‘preparedness’. Being a responsible rider is better than being avalanche trained. Let’s start with the essentials when it comes to getting yourself ready for your backcountry ride.

  • High-quality spare clothing

– Medium insulating underlayers (top and bottom) as they keep you warm.

– High-performance socks—your feet should be kept warm.

– Light windproof gloves to keep your hands warm while riding

– Down jacket—low packing volume

– Heavy mitts

– Toque & winter balaclava

  • Whistle (Fox 40)—tied on backstrap or zipper closure for EASY access
  • Multi-tool (Leatherman or a Swiss Army knife)
  • Waterproof lighting source—flint
  • Shovel (long handle, heat-treated) to pack a punch on that snow.
  • Probe (minimum 300 cm long)
  • A wood Saw—
  • Cord
  • Map, compass (with signal mirror)
  • Duct tape
  • Toilet paper
  • Headlamp
  • Altimeter and/or a Snowmobile GPS with altimeter function
  • Spare batteries (for GPS, beacon, and headlamp)
  • Lighter
  • Firestarter
  • Mini-stove with pot, utensil, and fuel
  • 30-hour candle
  • High-energy food (bars or jerky)
  • Dehydrated meal in a large foil bag
  • Hunting knife
  • Pencil flares
  • Fluorescent tape or flagging
  • Tinfoil
  • Cell phone and/or satellite phone
  • Emergency phone numbers for area
  • Credit card numbers, cash
  • Emergency locator beacon (e.g. SPOT, inREACH)
  • Carabineer
  • Duct tape
  • Plastic bags—Zip lock, shopping bags or garbage bags
  • First aid kit

What is a snowmobile avalanche backpack?

If you are a backcountry travel buff, you must be aware that avalanche airbag packs are quickly becoming one of the must-have gears for backcountry travelers, along with beacons, snowmobile shovels, and probes. You pull a handle attached to the shoulder strap of your pack, If you are caught in a slide, and it inflates the airbag by a pressurized cartridge or electric fan, which helps to keep you near the surface of the avalanche thus making you more visible to rescuers.

Do I need snowmobile airbag backpacks?

Of people seriously involved in avalanches, 11 people out of 100 would die with an avalanche airbag and 22 would die without one. Snowmobile airbag backpack is the reason for the survival of half of the victims who would have otherwise died.

What is the difference between a snowmobile backpack and a normal backpack?

The difference is obvious and pretty distinct. A snowmobile pack is equipped to accommodate all that is necessary to carry while you either go for snowmobiling or skiing or sledding. From a shovel holder to a hydration reservoir, it consists of storage space for everything. You can even carry your accessories and toolkit in your snowmobile backpack to go prepared when you decide to hit the snow.

A normal backpack is a backpack for everyday use. You can carry your laptop around in some normal backpacks and these are not equipped to handle skiing equipment.

How to take care of your snowmobile backpack?

Usually, the snowmobile backpack does not need much care. However, to make them last even longer you have to take the basic care of your backpack.

  • After every skiing season gets over, bring your backpack to a dry. Let it dry for and make it inside out to clean it easily and that helps keeps molds at bay.
  • Keep it moisture free.
  • Use soft detergent and water to clean the exterior if at all needs a wash.

What is the best snowmobile avalanche backpack on the market?

  • The best avalanche backpacks on the market are many. However, to choose one, I shall pick Arcteryx Voltaire 30L Backpack.
  • Made of Nylon, this backpack is of automotive grade
  • Automotive-grade, sealed locking plug allows battery removal for airline transport or hot-swapping a freshly charged spare
  • It has WaterTight zippers for the top and right side access to the two main compartments. The Internal usable volumes are 20L for the Voltair 20 and 30L for the Voltair 30
  • There is a separate front compartment for shovels and probes for Voltair 30 and Voltair 20 has an internal waterproof sleeve.

Skis or snowboard plus single ice/mountaineering tools are carried diagonally by front lash ladders and straps. The pack is stabilized by the top compression strap while carrying skis Small internal security pocket for keys, wallet, phone, etc. The sternum straps are adjustable.

How to Choose Snowmobile Gear Bag

Material of the gear bag

The material of the gear bag is the most important thing to consider. If the material is not of top-notch quality, no matter how fancy the gear bag is, the longevity will be compromised. High-quality poly PVC kind of material is usually the widely chosen material that goes into making these gear bags to keep the gear safe inside and only such bags are to be looked for. Good materials ensure durability. Good material saves you the time, energy and money that goes into buying new gear bags after every other season. 


The material used in making the bag should be weatherproof. It must be able to weather the storm during rides in rough terrains and harsh weather conditions. The material must protect the belongings from snow, dust, rain or any drastic weather conditions. 

Telescopic pull handle

Now, this feature is something every buyer should pay attention to. A telescoping pull handle if present can save you from a world of trouble. Carrying around your gear bag on your shoulder can get tiresome. Transportation is made easy when you can pull around your gear bag. The heaviness does not feel as much when the bag can be pulled around with the help of a handle. It saves your shoulder, back, and arms from being hurt.

Large storage compartment

The space should be compartmentalized to hold any kind of gear. Planning a boondocking trip means curtailing on packing is never an option as you never know what the terrains have for you waiting. It is always a good idea to go prepared for any situation that might come up. To satisfy this need of packing sufficiently, enough roomy bags are what one should look for. 

Separate compartments 

Separate compartments to store different items so that your gears are stored in an organized manner and it becomes easier to find them when in need or during an emergency. 

Adjustable straps

Every person differs in size, shape, and height. Look for adjustable straps so that one can adjust the length of the bag to carry according to their convenience. It also acts as an alternative configuration to carry your bag giving it the versatility to be a shoulder bag, a side bag or a pulling trolley. 


Make sure the bag is not bulky as the lighter it is, the easier it is to carry around. You don’t want the bag to be heavier with its weight as the gear will already have a weight. The additional weight of the bag will make it even harder to be pulled around.

Don’t go for cheap bags

You don’t want to invite trouble on your trip. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Do not compromise with the quality of the bag for a few extra bucks. Look for heavy-duty zippers, multi stitched seams, and sturdy fasteners.

Final Thoughts

While going for snowmobiling, there are various different things that should be carried along. But, carrying each and every gear becomes a difficult task.

But, the snowmobile backpack will provide you with the perfect solution.

The snowmobile backpack is one of the main things which is required in order to keep all your gears and safety equipment in one place. The backpack helps you to take safety equipment with you and drive your snowmobile safely.

The various things which should be considered while buying the best bag are its size, material, durability.

It should also include a separate pocket for a shovel. The Shovel is the most required tool while going on a snowmobile trek.

FAQ about Snowmobile Backpacks

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