Best Snowmobile Backpacks for 2022: Tried & Tested

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Suppose you are out on a snowmobile trail on a chilly winter day. It is freezing. You want some water. But for that, you’ve got to go through the entire process of opening your backpack, taking out the bottle from where it has ended up buried under things, and then rearranging the entire bag!

Sounds hectic, huh? It is long drawn and too cold to get your hands out of the glove. The problem is your snowmobile backpack does not support any space for water bottles or hydration bladder, and thus this misfortune!

To avoid such mishaps you require the proper snowmobile backpack. In this article, we have listed some top snowmobile backpacks and how to choose the best ones for you!

Top Snowmobile Backpacks

Klim Krew Pak Snowmobile Backpack

Klim Krew Pak Snowmobile Backpack

So, what do you think is the most important feature that a backpack should excel at? Well, if you ask me, I’d say it’s their capacity. The backpack that I’m carrying to my snowmobile rides should come with an ample amount of space.

And, people, that is exactly what the Klim Krew Pak promises! Lots and lots of storage space. And the best thing is that it not only provides a plain, simple large storage space. Rather, the main storage area of the bag is compartmentalized. 

That means you don’t have to dump all your carrying stuff on top of each other. You can easily choose different partitions within the main area to accommodate various things. This is such a treat because while backpacking on snowmobiles it is not possible to dig and fumble for the required object every time! 

The Klim Krew saves me from that fate! Also, the bag is lined with multiple pockets at strategic locations. With these, you are not required to constantly open and close the main area. You can store your daily knick-knacks in these pockets and reach them anytime during the rides.

The awesomeness of the bag is increased as it gives you a comfortable deluxe padded carrying strap. Yes, no marks bearing Backpack straps! Yay.

The special features of this include a removable tool pouch, hydration pouch, Avalanche probe storage, and shovel storage zones. Having separate sections for these next-to-essential equipment makes your snowmobile rides safer, easier, and hassle-free!

Ski-Doo New Snowmobile Backpack

Ski-Doo New Snowmobile Backpack

Alright, so how many times have you tried to drink water on snowmobile rides, only to find it frozen? Once? Twice? Almost every time? Well, the Ski-Doo New backpack is a solution to such mishaps.

Carrying insulated water bottles or flasks on snowmobile tracks is always recommended. But, if you ask me, I don’t find it completely foolproof, nor do I think it is convenient enough. Why? Because these bottles are mostly too heavy to be carried around for long. 

The Ski-Doo New is a backpack that has a 3W heated insulated pocket design that keeps the water in your bottles in liquid form. Additionally, this insulated setup also increases the battery of small electronic equipment by preventing the cold from penetrating.

The insulation is coupled with the innovative design of the bag itself. It has a 2 pocket carry bag construction that allows it to be carried around the steering riser block. This way it eliminates the matter of trying to figure out a comfortable position to carry your bag uphill!

The bag’s total capacity is around 3 liters, weighing 10.8 ounces. I hope these figures are enough to convince you how brilliant this backpack is, capacity-wise. And also, because it is quite lightweight, most of the weight you carry is from the things you put inside, rather than the bag itself! 

The dimensions of the bag are 8×8×17 inches. Not so big, huh? Yes, trust me, it is one of the few bags that I could make place for and store quite easily when not used!

FXR Ride Pack 

FXR Ride Pack 

Backpacks and I have never agreed. Since my school days, I have never been able to wear a backpack without its straps sliding down my shoulders for all sorts of weird reasons. This same thing happened with my snowmobile backpack as well.

But then I found out about the FXR Ride Pack and its strategic strap settings along with other gorgeous features! So, the Backpack has a cross-system of padded chest straps. These straps once buckled ensure that the shoulders don’t slide off so easily.

The straps also provide arm dexterity. With this, you don’t have to continuously worry about positioning your bags. You can be comfortable from the get-go.

What I like about this bag is its removable, breathable suspension system that can quickly be converted from rider to casual configuration. Therefore, I can use this back both as a snowmobile backpack as well as for other backpacking purposes.

With a capacity of 30 liters, this particular piece of wonder is lined with numerous pockets. Pockets that are made for shovel blade and handle storage are also present. So just take whatever snowmobile gear you want with you. FXR Ride Pack will take care of it!

Another great thing about this bag is that the weight you carry is not concentrated. That means that the bag comes with a load-spreading kidney belt with pockets. So stuff whatever small things you want and may find on the trail without the fear of losing them amidst huge ones!

509 Melee Trail Pack

509 Melee Trail Pack

Okay, so this is one of my favorite Backpacks! And the one feature that I adore about it is its compatibility with hydration. Meaning, that the 509 Melee Trail pack offers you a separate zippered pocket for storing your 3-liter or 2-liter hydration bladder!

Yes people, there indeed is a snowmobile Backpack that can hold your hydration bladder conveniently. It is also placed in a way that you can easily reach it as and when required. 

One annoying thing about carrying Backpacks is that the items inside move and bounce around a lot. Every time I go out snowmobiling, I try to arrange stuff in a way that they do not jump around with every tiny bump on the road. Nothing seemed to work until this amazing trial pack!

Along with offering several separate pockets for various items, the pack also provides you with adjusters. So once you shovel some stuff inside, you can easily adjust their space requirement. As a result, your contents fit snugly inside the bag, reducing risks of damage to items as well as ensuring a peaceful ride for you!

Another unique feature of this is its innovative shoulder straps and buckles. Firstly, the strap suspension is integrated with mini-pockets that can hold small essentials like phones, earplugs, etc. It is easily accessible while on snowmobile rides.

Secondly, the shoulder straps use Fidlock quick connect buckles. It is commonly used because it provides easy on-and-off scenarios.

The bag is constructed of 600 D polyester woven material. It is reinforced and thus its durability of it remains almost unmatched!

Klim Nac Pak Technical Backpack 

Klim Nac Pak Technical Backpack 

Well, this is one of my newest discoveries and it is by far, one of the best! The sole reason is, that this bag is designed to meet all your needs while on Snowmobile trails. How so? Let’s see!

The size of this backpack is humongous, that is, it has a capacity of 15 L, with dimensions of 21×5×2 inches. By itself, it weighs around 2.44 pounds. So you see, although its carrying capacity is so high, it is the materials used in the building that gives it quite easy storage!

It is just the right size. Not too big, not too small. What I like about it is the molding and venting done in the back panel. This increases durability as well as breathability! 

You see, riding amidst light woods, many times our bags may get snagged or scratched. But the Klim Nac Pak has enhanced durability with a heavy-duty nylon construction. It keeps your bag from accidental tears and snags.

The backpack provides pockets for almost all the necessary objects required in snowmobiling. Starting from pockets meant for external snow probe shovels, it provides ample space for your 3 L hydration bladder!

For easy and comfortable fit it comes with newly advanced shoulder traps. It is also integrated into the sternum and side straps. This ensures all those bumpy rides are not responsible for your Backpack sliding off unnecessarily!

With the Klim Nac Pak, there is no fear of losing it in the dark. The bag sports 3M Scotchlite reflectors. This makes it easily visible in the dark!

Oh. And the most unique thing about it is that the bag provides space meant for holding a small or medium-sized laptop. Although I would never dream of carrying my precious laptop in the snow, for people who must, this is the bag for you, guys!

How To Choose a Snowmobile Backpack?

As we know that the market is replete with a variety of Snowmobile Backpacks that indeed sport several useful features. But the important part is you can choose the right backpack for yourself.

Here are some features to look for in an ideal snowmobile backpack.


While purchasing a snowmobile backpack you must always look at the holding and carrying capacity of the bag. Now, this might vary from person to person. You might not need a very big backpack because you don’t carry much. 

But your friend likes to take many more items on snowmobile rides. So she will need backpacks with far more volume inside.

In general, a 3L capacity of snowmobile backpacks is usually enough. But if you want bigger backpacks you can also opt for 10L+ ones. But you must also remember, that managing bigger Backpacks is quite a tricky business.

Medium-sized backpacks are mostly recommended to be almost perfect fits for snowmobiling!

Multiple Compartments and Pockets

I believe that more than the volume of the Backpack, one should focus on the number of compartments and pockets it features. The more, the merrier!

You see when you carry stuff it is better to spread the load instead of concentrating it in one section only. So rather than dumping all your belongings in the main section, if your bag has other pockets, you can store them separately. 

This ensures timely finds instead of having to fumble around. It also reduces risks to delicate items like goggles. Plus it makes carrying easier!

Safety Straps

Now, this is something I am concerned about and I say you should be too. Because when you are riding your snowmobile you absolutely cannot keep being distracted by the positioning of your backpack. Your backpack needs to be positioned correctly from the very first second!

So you need to look for backpacks with comfy straps. These straps should be durable and you should keep an eye out for the seams and ensure they are perfectly attached. 

Additional safety from the straps can be gotten in the case of crossed straps. These straps cross and buckle at the chest and are highly adjustable. Thus giving you a snug Fit.

Hydration Compatible 

So if you are one to carry your hydration pouch in your snowmobile backpack then you need a bag that goes with it.

Firstly, look for a bigger backpack that can hold your hydration bladder. Secondly, go for a backpack that offers you a separate section for storing the bladder.

You see, it is always better to have a different section for it because otherwise there are chances that from all the jostling stuff inside the bag, your hydration bladder might get displaced.

You also need to ensure that the hose of the hydration bladder has appropriate placement with your bag.


Comfort is one thing that is again important on these Snowmobile rides. And it comes just after safety is on the importance ladder. Being comfortable ensures that you can keep your attention on the road ahead.

So get a backpack that can be easily carried. In that case, bags compatible with riser blocks are great options.

Also Rey and ensure that your snowmobile Backpack is lined in soft material. This will give comfort to your things inside the bag. You needn’t constantly worry about them getting scratched or damaged. 

Comfortable material like fleece lining is very important when it comes to storing your goggles!


Well, going up on snowmobile trails, one thing you need without fail is waterproofing everything you carry. That means the backpack which contains all your valuables that needs to be water-resistant.

Snow and rain can be frequent occurrences on the trails. So ensure that you buy a backpack that uses material that is water resistant and can keep the bag interior dry.

Some backpacks have stowable waterproof covers. So you can opt for backpacks featuring those covers too. All you’ll need to do is release the covers and use them over the bag. These serve as additional water protection for your bag and the things inside.

Final Words

So if you are going to buy snowmobile backpacks, try and keep the above points in mind. Capacity, pockets, safety, comfort, and water resistance are all important factors to be considered. That said, you should also look into what YOU require in a particular snowmobile backpack.

Hope this article has helped answer some of your questions regarding snowmobile backpacks!!

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