Best Snowmobile Balaclavas in 2024: Warm & Windproof

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After testing many balaclavas, we found that the Klim Arctic is the warmest balaclava for snowmobiling. Its breath box prevents fogging, however, Castle X Deflector is the best anti-fog balaclava but it’s not as warm as Klim Arctic. Those riders who always try to save money can go with Tough Headgear Balaclava, it’s the most affordable option for you. Obviously, it’s not as good as the Klim Arctic and Castle X Deflector, but it’ll protect you from the cold.

Our Hand-Picked Suggestions

Best Snowmobile Balaclavas

Klim Arctic Balaclava

The Klim Arctic Balaclava stands out as a high-performance choice among snowmobile balaclavas. Due to its exceptional features and functionality, it is deemed the warmest among tested balaclavas, providing unparalleled insulation even in harsh winter conditions. This balaclava is indeed constructed for those who demand nothing but the best, remaining the top recommendation for those without budget restrictions.

The design of the Klim Arctic Balaclava is mindful of user convenience, employing elastic fabric for easy wearing and removal of helmets. This aspect not only contributes to user comfort but also ensures quick adaptability in dynamic outdoor situations.

The Klim Arctic’s exceptional warmth and insulation properties are noteworthy. It outperforms contenders like Castle X Deflector and the stylish 509 Lightweight Pro in offering the best insulation, making it an ideal choice for extreme cold environments. The 509 Lightweight Pro, while aesthetically appealing, falls short in providing adequate warmth in the harsh cold – an area where the Klim Arctic excels.

Choosing the best balaclava can often come down to finding the right fit for different face shapes, and the Klim Arctic proved to be the perfect fit in testing.

Lastly, the eye opening design of the Klim Arctic Balaclava ensures practical visibility. The balance between protection and visibility is crucial; wider openings offer a broader field but expose more to the wind, while narrower openings provide more protection but may rub against the eyes.


  • Excellent insulation, ideal for extreme cold conditions.
  • Elastic design for easy donning/removal.
  • Suitable fit for various face shapes.
  • Practical eye opening design balancing protection and visibility.


  • Premium pricing, may not suit all budgets.

Tough Headwear Balaclava

The Tough Headwear Balaclava strikes a balance between comfort, warmth, and affordability. Unlike its more premium counterparts, it manages to offer a reasonable degree of warmth, making it a plausible choice for mild to moderately cold weather. However, for extremely cold conditions, it might not provide the desired level of insulation. Despite this, the comfort it offers during wear is noteworthy. The mask fits snugly around the face, creating a cozy feel without being overly restrictive or uncomfortable.

One cannot overlook the affordability aspect of the Tough Headwear Balaclava. It delivers decent performance at a fraction of the price of other snowmobile-specific brands. Although it lacks a breath box, a feature found in more expensive models, its cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option for those on a budget.

While it may not match the top-of-the-line performance of the Klim Arctic or Castle X Deflector, the Tough Headwear Balaclava offers commendable value. Its design and functionality are testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering a cost-effective solution for those seeking a warm and comfortable face mask for snowmobiling.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Provides decent warmth
  • Highly affordable


  • Not suitable for extreme cold conditions
  • Lacks a breath box

KLIM Winter Windproof Balaclava

The KLIM Winter Windproof Balaclava is a testament to KLIM’s dedication to creating high-performance winter gear. This balaclava is a solid choice for those who are looking for superior cold weather protection while snowmobiling. Unlike the Tough Headwear Balaclava, which is better suited for mild to moderately cold weather, the KLIM balaclava is designed to withstand even the harshest winter conditions.

The standout feature of the KLIM Balaclava is the 4-way stretch Lycra that ensures a snug fit, providing better coverage and protection. The Gore-Tex Infinium with Windstopper in the neck and chest area is a feature not present in the Tough Headwear Balaclava. This Windstopper technology is a godsend for snowmobilers who are exposed to blustery winds, resonating with the protection offered by the Klim Arctic Balaclava.

The extended neck guards, redesigned to stay in place, offer a noticeable improvement over older models. They not only shield your neck from biting gusts of wind but also seamlessly tuck into your gear, thanks to silicone grip pads.

Lastly, the KLIM Winter Windproof Balaclava offers better torso extensions for a more comfortable fit. This feature, in particular, sets it apart from its competitors, including the Klim Arctic Balaclava.


  • 4-way stretch Lycra and Gore-Tex Infinium with Windstopper offer superior warmth and protection
  • Extended neck guards and improved seam placement ensure comfort
  • Highly breathable head area prevents moisture buildup


  • Slightly expensive as compared to the Tough Headwear Balaclava

Our Findings After Testing Snowmobile Balaclavas

Over the past few years, we have used and tested many balaclavas, and we found that the Klim Arctic Balaclava is the warmest balaclava we have ever used. There is no surprise because it is the most expensive on our list, it costs more than $60, but most people don’t want to spend more than $50 on a balaclava. Therefore, we decided to test other options as well. But, If you don’t have budget problems, the Klim Arctic is clearly the best choice.

Out of all the balaclavas we shortlisted for testing, the Klim Arctic and Castle X Deflector were the most comfortable because of the breath box. The breath box not only helps the face shield to remain fog-free, but it also adds some comfort. I don’t like the cheap balaclavas when they cover the nose and mouth, and it gives me a slight feeling of suffocation. It just feels like wearing a mask, I know you can feel the discomfort. But as these balaclavas have a breath deflector, it made them much more comfortable.

When you wear a balaclava it makes the job of wearing and removing the helmet so easy because of the elastic fabric. The elastic fabric was used in all the balaclavas we tested, even in those that didn’t qualify to be on our recommended list.

The warmth is one of the biggest factors we considered in choosing a balaclava to recommend to our audience, and we found that the Klim Arctic provided the best insulation. The Castle X Deflector was on the second spot and it’s clearly warmer than the 509 Lightweight Pro and Polaris Off Road Northstar. The 509 Lightweight Pro balaclava was stylish, but it failed to provide the necessary warmth on a snowmobiling trip on a -25 degrees Celsius day, and our youngest team member, Charlie, nearly got frostbite on his neck. However, it doesn’t mean this balaclava is not good, but it’s not designed for extreme cold days.

We noticed that it is difficult to find a good balaclava as per your face shape on the first attempt. Yes, these balaclavas are made with stretchable material and they take the shape of your head, which is good, but it doesn’t help on the face. To find the perfect balaclava for my face, I had to wear 3 balaclavas to find the perfect one for my face, and that was Klim Arctic. They all seem to fit perfectly on the head, but some have wide eye openings, while others have narrow eye openings. The wider eye openings may provide a broader field of vision which increases the visibility, but it also exposes you to wind and cold, on the other hand, the narrower eye openings will provide more protection from wind and cold, but they may rub your eyes.

Initially, I wore the Klim Winter Windproof balaclava, but I felt the eye openings were too wide, and my goggles wouldn’t cover all the exposed areas of my face. However the 509 Lightweight Pro Balaclava provided eye openings on a narrower side, and it was making my eyes uncomfortable. So, I suggest trying 2 or 3 balaclavas, then you’ll get one that will fit you perfectly.

The Tough Headwear Face Mask was also comfortable and provided decent warmth, but it didn’t have a breath box. But, it costs way less than the other one we tested from the snowmobile-specific brands. Therefore, we chose it as the best affordable snowmobile face mask.

Now, you can choose any balaclava you want based on the weather conditions & budget, but it’ll be better if you try 2, or 3 face masks so you’ll get the best chance to find one that will fit you perfectly.

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