5 Best Snowmobile Balaclavas: Face Masks for Extreme Cold

Wearing a good snowmobile balaclava under your helmet is always recommended for the best protection from this chilling weather.

But, the question is, what is the best balaclava for snowmobiling with goggles and helmet?

So, the best snowmobile balaclavas in 2019 are:

  1. Klim Arctic Balaclava
  2. Klim Glacier Balaclava
  3. 509 Lightweight Pro Balaclava
  4. Klim Covert Balaclava
  5. Polaris New OEM Snowmobile Balaclava

Because, if you’re going on a snowmobile ride, most probably, you are wearing a helmet and goggles, so you should also think about it before making a purchase.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, then you’ll get all the information in brief in this next section.

My Personal Recommendation

If I have to recommend to you only one balaclava that is perfect for snowmobiling, then I’ll go with Klim Arctic Balaclava.

I’m 100% sure that you’ll love this balaclava, and you’ll even recommend it to your friends.


Klim Arctic Balaclava is the warmest balaclava that someone can own. It’s perfect for both, men and women.

Klim is one of the most trusted brands among snowmobile riders, and every rider proudly wears Klim gear. Am I right?

The Klim Arctic Balaclava is specifically designed for the snowmobilers. When you ride a snowmobile, extremely cold wind touches your face, and this windproof balaclava protects you from that.

Some snowmobilers complain that their balaclava doesn’t stay tucked in; therefore, they have to stop after every few minutes and set up their face mask. To solve this problem, Klim introduced Ultra-Wide Skirt that provides maximum wind protection and it stays tucked in, no matter whether you move your head up or down, left or right. Along with that, it also works as a neck warmer.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you or your friends have exactly the same head shape?

I guess not. That’s why; Klim manufactured their balaclava with the super stretchable windproof material that perfectly fits different head shapes and sizes. This is something that you won’t get in other cheap balaclavas.

Most people have a little bit of gap when they wear a snowmobile helmet, and this will cover that gap, so you don’t have to worry about wind discomforting you.

One thing I assure that the quality of this Klim Arctic Balaclava is far better than other balaclavas.

If we talk about the price, then it lies somewhere between cheap and expensive ones, even slightly above average price. But, it’s worth every penny.

It’ll make your riding experience so much comfortable that you’ll never look at any other face mask.

I can’t say how happy the users are after wearing it. Some say, “It’s the best balaclava I’ve ever used”, while others say, “These are amazing”, “No more fogged up goggles”, and a lot more.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at the customer reviews of Klim Arctic Balaclava and you’ll be amazed to see, how well it’s working for other snowmobile riders.

Comparison of Top-Rated Snowmobile Balaclavas

BalaclavasOur RatingCurrent Price
Tough Headwear Winter Balaclava9.9/10Check Price
AstroAI Ski Mask Winter Balaclava9.8/10Check Price
GearTOP Balaclava Full Face Mask9.8/10Check Price
KLIM Arctic Balaclava9.6/10Check Price
Self Pro Windproof Balaclava9.5/10Check Price

5 Best Snowmobile Balaclavas in 2019

Best Balaclava for snowmobiling

Tough Headwear Balaclava

This ski mask or balaclava is made with quality raw materials to protect the wearer from all climatic conditions. The stretchable fabric is used to provide the perfect fit for any facial size and shape.

The snowmobile riders can wear this balaclava under their helmet without any issues, and they can drive their snowmobile easily.

The fleece lining in the fabric provides high heat retention even during cold climate. Made with thin and lightweight material, this model offers high breathability with the help of a mesh breathing panels. The increased airflow offers lower condensation with goggles. Being made of flexible material can be used as a full ski mask or half mask and also a neck gaiter.

Made with durable and lost lasting material, the product also comes with a lifetime warranty to add to the benefits.


  • Durable and lightweight material design
  • Stretchable material for easy fit and versatility
  • Unisex model available in a free size to fit all facial sizes and shapes
  • Good Moisture-wicking properties to hold heat even in wet climates
  • Breathable mesh technology for better airflow
  • Good airflow properties for anti-fogging
  • Washable material for better hygiene and cleanliness
  • Very good protection from cold, UV and dust


  • The outer lining material is thin and is not Neoprene in the model
  • It is not advisable to use this model for freezing temperatures
  • Not suitable for people with glasses, can also hurt the ears if not worn properly

Self Pro Balaclava Mask

The self pro snowmobile mask offers maximum protection for the UV radiation and also protects the person wearing this from the cold, wind and dust. All men, women, and children can wear them properly. It is very good for breathability, absorbency and is abrasion-resistant. It does not cause any irritation on the skin.

It is not very expensive and is very good for many sports like snowmobiling, hunting, mountain climbing, etc. The neck is made longer to protect from wind and the cut and sewing are made to give you a more comfortable feeling. It is safe on the skin and does not irritate the skin. You can wear the mask alone or wear a helmet over it. Both ways, it is very comfortable and warm. It is very soft and lightweight. You can stay warm and dry with this mask.


  • The fabric is non-irritating and hence people with sensitive skin can also wear this.
  • It offers protection from the cold, wind, dust and also UV radiation.
  • It can fit under a helmet and has enough space to wear a goggle.
  • It is ultra-thin and weighs very less.
  • The rates are very affordable.
  • The mask is of very good quality.


  • It can be very tight around the neck for some people.
  • Fits too snugly for bigger people but is perfect for smaller people.

GearTOP Balaclava Mask

This is made to absorb and retain body heat. It can wick away moisture and keep you dry enough inside. This model can keep the inner lining of your helmet cleaner and dry. This also protects your face from many other elements like germs, allergies, and sunburn. This mask comes out in different and bright colors to allow better visibility.

It makes sure your hair does not fall on your face. It also keeps the water away from your face. The mask is made of waterproof material. It can be worn as an open mask or a closed mask. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty for this product. If there is any problem with this mask, they will refund the money or send you a replacement, free of cost.


  • This fits properly. It is snuggly but it is not to tight.
  • It is unique to the point that it can help you absorb body heat.
  • It can fit your head perfectly and also it can keep your ears toasty.
  • The lifetime satisfaction guarantee that is given by the manufacturer makes this stand out.
  • It is made of an anti-odor, breathable material.


  • It is small and fits only youth. It is not fit for adults or people who have a big face.

KLIM Arctic Balaclava

This, as the name suggests, is suitable for the cold climate and keeps you warm. It can also withstand harsh materials. This can fit perfectly and comfortably for all people. It has enough stretch for you to be able to wear it and it can fit perfectly when you leave it on your face. This has a proper nose piece and nose deflector.

Even for different shaped faces, this is very good. The gathered stretch side of the neck part keeps it more secure. This can keep you safe and provides maximum protection from the wind. It stays fit and properly tucked in. It has a perfect eye-gap and is used by many sportsmen and is used for many different sports.


  • The perfect fit is the main reason for people preferring the Klim Arctic Balaclava.
  • You can very easily wear goggles with this balaclava mask.
  • The construction and workmanship are excellent.
  • It can be worn with any kind of mask.
  • The quality is very good.


  • Some people think it does not fit properly.
  • If you are planning to wear a full helmet, this is not a good choice.
  • The whole face and the top of the head became very cold.

WTACTFUL 3D Animal Funny Balaclava Mask

This snowmobiling balaclava comes out in unique animal patterns and looks very attractive and cool. This is made of 100% polyester. One of the most important things about balaclava masks is the breathability. This mask offers good breathability and is worth buying. You can wear this separately on your head or also wear it below a helmet.

This can be worn as a closed or an open balaclava. The pattern is properly printed and is very clear. This is one of the best skin-friendly masks available in the market. It is done with a digital heat transfer printing technology and is top-notch in the quality. It also offers good protection from environmental factors. It is a multi-purpose mask that can be used for skiing, trekking, hunting and so on.


  • This is very cute and looks cool and stylish when worn.
  • It is a one size fit all model. Hence anybody from women, men to small kids can wear it.
  • Many animal patterns are available in Wtactful 3D mask. There are also different types of patterns of the same animal choice.
  • It has very good customer reviews and is chosen for fun too.
  • It is not very expensive.


  • The quality is not that good.
  • The opening for the eyes is a little too big. It cannot be worn without goggles.
  • It is very thin and cannot withstand the cold.

Things to consider before buying a balaclava

Picking the right balaclava is a very important task for avid snowmobile riders and skiers. Given below are a few factors that can be used to pick the right one.


Balaclavas were traditionally made of wool, but nowadays, they come in a variety of materials like silk, cotton, fleece, neoprene and many other polymer fibers.

A good balaclava must be made from materials that can keep the wearer warm from extreme cold temperature, but at the same time must be breathable.

The material must also not be too warm that it makes the person sweat a lot. Thus the material selected must protect against cold, UV rays, dust and winds while also being highly breathable and moisture-wicking.


There are many types of balaclavas that are available in the market. Depending on the type of design, the versatility and warmth provided by the clothing vary.

A full mask with openings for the eyes provides the best warmth and protection; while a half mask covering the mouth and the neck provide lesser warmth but a better peripheral vision which is important when riding or skiing down the slopes.

There are few versatile designs that can be used as a hat or just a neck warmer or as a full face mask or a half mask. These are one of the best choices as they can be folded and used based on the requirement. If wearing a helmet, it is important to buy a design that is compatible with the helmet.

The design of your snowmobile trail balaclava should be according to your requirements. For example, if you give more preference to windproof balaclava for your lower face, then look for this feature or design.


The most important factor to consider while buying a balaclava is the fit. A loose fit will make it useless to provide protection from the cold, while a very tight fit will prove to be uncomfortable.

So getting the right fit takes the first priority. Almost all balaclavas are unisex and can be worn by both men and women unless mentioned specifically. So, if your snowmobile face mask is unisex and it’s a good one, then there is no need to keep looking for women’s snowmobile balaclava.

Some models come with a free size or are made of stretchable materials to provide a better fit. Models that come with a Velcro strap for adjusting the fit also works well for people requiring any size.


While taking long skis or rides in a snowmobile, it is important for the balaclava to feel comfortable to the rider as it can reduce the fun from the sport. The material should also remove the sweat and evaporate it to keep the wearer cozy. A loose fit may be affected by winds and will act as a distraction to its user.

As you have to wear your balaclava mask under your snowmobile helmet, so it should be comfortable.

Along with that, your snowmobile balaclava should be able to protect you from extremely cold wind. So, if comfort is your priority, then go for the warmest snowmobile balaclava.

Brand and Quality

There are a few brands that are well known for balaclavas. They can be easily found out by searching online or also by looking into snowmobiling or skiing forums. These brands offer top quality and finish to the product. With careful selection of the requirements, it is easy to find the brand as many brands specialize in one type of product.

Some people prefer anti-fog face masks, stretchable, while others prefer helmet balaclava with a long skirt so they can be tucked in the snowmobile jacket.


The price of a product is influenced by almost all factors that are considered to select a product. Based on the brand and also the different requirements like the material, design, and features it offers, the price can range from low to high.

A cheap balaclava can provide enough protection and comfort for soft usage but not last for a long time. Along with that, a cheap balaclava may not be a good purchase for the snowmobilers.

A high-end product would prove to be more durable and offer better material choices like polar fleece for better heat retention, moisture-wicking, and fog prevention.

If you’re paying a good price, then you can get an anti-fog mask for your snowmobile ride.

Final words

Choosing the right balaclava for an avid snowmobile rider or skier is very important. With many designs and patterns in balaclava, it is important to choose the best model that feels comfortable and also gives enough protection against cold winds and low temperatures.

Budget can also vary from low to high and the features it provides are dependent on the cost. So choose a good balaclava based on the requirements and the above-mentioned factors to be considered.

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