Best Snowmobile Drive Belts in 2021: For All Brands

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It is needless to say, the snowmobile sport and industry are flourishing at the moment. We also understand the mesmerizing fun of taking out your snowmobile for a spin in a beautiful snow-packed environment.

You could be riding just as a hobby or professionally, and you might have the best brand of snowmobile, but it doesn’t end there.

Getting incorrect machine parts as replacements can be a disastrous experience for both you and the machine. So make sure not to make a mistake when you’re buying a drive belt for your snowmobile.

My Personal Recommendation

Some of the most popular brands regarding snowmobile belts are Ski-Doo, Dayco, and G-force. And, their features have some differences from each other. So, you should buy you should choose what best suits your needs.

Here’s to give you a quick look at what each brand has to offer.

Ski-Doo: Ski-Doo OEM Performance Drive Belt, 850 E-Tec, 417300531

Polaris: Polaris Snowmobiles Drive Belt

Arctic Cat: Arctic Cat 0627-111

Yamaha: Yamaha Drive Belt

Ski-Doo OEM Performance Drive Belt

If you own a Ski-Doo snowmobile, you should have the same brand of the drive belt. In my opinion, the best drive belt is the Ski-Doo Snowmobile Output Drive Belt, 850 E-Tec. It is not an aftermarket, but a factory original equipment accessory.

To optimize the efficiency of your sled when you use your snowmobile, the high-performance drive belts are tuned. It consists of extra-long-life Aramid tensile cords, and with limited belt shrinkage and minimum length changes, durability also offers a constant length.

The last one is the flex weave overcord for superior adhesion and for crack resistance. Be aware of these features that will surely help you choose what to buy.

Polaris Snowmobiles Drive Belt

If you have a Polaris snowmobile, the Polaris Snowmobiles Drive Belt is a great choice because it provides an unprecedented response, from mud holes to rocky trails to hill climbs to desert treks.

It Designed with extra strong aramid cord reinforcement and polychloroprene fiber-loaded compounding, this belt provides the muscle and endurance required by the high-performance engines of today and the high-performance enthusiasts who drive them.

The features are stated to assure you a high-quality performance that offers great competition to other snowmobile drive belt manufacturers out there.

So, in this case, this snowmobile drive belt is one great choice if you are considering buying one.

Arctic Cat Drive Belt

If you have your own Arctic Cat snowmobile, one of the best drive belts I can recommend is the Arctic Cat Drive Belt. It offers greater heat resistance and recovery, even under severe duty cycles.

The revolutionary architecture results in greater acceleration in harsh off-road conditions, higher top speeds, lower speed ratio, and energy loss.

Its improved longevity, crack and wear resistance means a longer-lasting, high-performance power transmission belt for the most demanding applications and maximizes axial stiffness by the optimized, proprietary EE compound that enables belts to operate at higher continuous torques or loads.

These are great ones to have in a snowmobile drive belt, strength, longevity, performance, etc. So, be sure to check it out.

Yamaha Drive Belt

If you possess a Yamaha snowmobile, the best I can recommend is the Yamaha Drive Belt. This is specifically designed to optimize the efficiency of high horsepower snowmobiles, built from a rich background of professional belt makers.

Along with the highest degree of advanced reinforcement, specially formulated high-temperature Polymer proves to perform better in belt operating temperature and performance than leading competitors.

Its innovative breakthrough design of deeper cogs on top and rounded cogs on the bottom yields the advantages of ultimate flexibility and longer belt life. So, this is why I recommend this product.

Best Snowmobile Drive Belts in 2021

Ski-Doo OEM Performance Drive Belt, 850 E-Tec, 417300531

If you ever had a belt that died on you abruptly, there are high chances of it being an aftermarket product and not a proper factory manufactured and unused one. This is why we think, a brand new Ski-Doo 850 E-tec would be a perfect choice to have.

The belts are made up of aramid tensile cords, which provide durability, solidity, and trustworthiness. Aramid tensile cords are fibers that are generally used in military and aerospace engineering for providing high tension resistance. Since the company, Ski-Doo also has manufactured exceptional snowmobiles of their own, without a shadow of a doubt they have known how to get their belts right as well.

Much like Kevlar, the aramid compound is also known to be extremely heat-resistant, which makes them avert to wear and tear. This minimizes the requirement for you to hold on to many extra pairs of belts in your garage or while on the ride.

It is a general assumption and a myth that snowmobile belts are supposed to be strictly fit in the direction of the arrow provided on the belt. The only thing that matters is having consistency and keeping the same side up or down each time you remove your belt for washing and cleaning. 

Why is the above paragraph important you ask? Well, 850 E-tex belts contain elastomer under cords and flex weave over cords, so that you can put it in your snowmobile any which way convenient for you.

Also, elastomer and flex weave technology are high tensile fibers that require minimum dusting but extend flexibility, adhesion and crack resistance in the long run.

Ski-Doo 850 E-tex can be found on Amazon, a bit on the costlier side but the features it offers and quality are exceptional, to say the least. The item weighs around 1.5 pounds with dimensions of 8 by 8 by 17 inches.

These belts are explicitly designed to last long on deep snow conditions, fast racks, and trails. They help in extending immaculate horsepower from the machine to your sled’s tracks so that you can easily climb your trail. The heat-absorbing compound acts as a blessing as you constantly break and accelerate while you slide downhill.

Under rare conditions, the snowmobile machine’s power output fluctuates without you changing gears, this might cause some tension in your belt. It is contrary to the popular belief that this issue is faced only by hard riders and soft riders don’t face it. Apart from that, we haven’t noticed any bigger issues with the Ski-doo 850 E-tex.

Dayco HPX Drive Belt

Dayco HPX Drive belt is the perfect catch when it comes to delivering unparalleled responses on any ground surface. Be it while driving in mud holes, rocky trails, intense hill climbs, or treks to the desert.

Even these belts are constructed with a reinforcement extra-strong aramid cord, and fiber-loaded polychloroprene compounding.

With the advancement of technology that goes into manufacturing better, faster, and powerful snowmobile machines, it is only imperative to have belts that can withstand the heat generated by the machine. This belt takes care of the same and delivers durability, which is demanded by high-performing engines that are produced.

How does Dayco achieve the above process? While crafting their belt, it takes inputs from high-performance engine enthusiasts. These individuals are experts and possess a passion for driving fast in conditions that are unimaginable.

These belts have been tried and tested under different difficult circumstances. It also provides a greater surface area which results in a much cooler running and provides a longer life compared to any other competitive belt.

The product features unique laminated construction that helps with flexibility and absorbing greater shock which is associated with diesel engines.

The Dayco HPX belt is designed to deliver elongated life and more longevity in demanding diesel applications. The polyester cords placed on the belt provide for the maximum transfer of horse-power as well as additional tension-holding capacity. These belts are compatible with SAE J636 and J637 specifications or might even exceed them.

The specially designed belt are made keeping in mind the ensured long life of it. As a result of the polyester cords, the belt provides maximum transfer of power as well as the capability of handling tension for the entire life of the belt. The belt is also fixed with cogs on top and includes small pulleys. The low-price range makes the product an immediate favorite among the buyers.

The product is designed to be used on high horsepower snowmobiles. The CVT rubber compounding with which the belt is constructed assists it in providing increased and additional strength. Along with durability which is a must need for all the heavy-loaded vehicles of today.

The belt is guaranteed to have a long life to make work easier for its users. It comes with printed arrows that are present on the body of the belt for proper and accurate installation.

G-Force Redline CVT Drive Belt

The G-Force Redline CVT drive belts by Gates are just what is needed to function even under the most extreme riding conditions. They are engineered for strong performance and heavy durability, providing greater power transmission than belt technology that existed before.

These are specifically designed keeping in mind the need to withstand immense heat. They are also able to withstand the power along with the operating environments of today’s Off-Road Vehicles.

These Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) belts are made from specialized fiber-reinforced Ethylene Elastomer compound that provides the maximum transverse stiffness and excellent resistance against heat. Allowing increased durability, the capability of carrying a greater load than usual, and a much higher effective operating temperature.

A brilliant performance can be expected from the G-Force CVT drive belt by Racers as well as ATV and UTV aficionados.

These G-force Redline CVT belts offer fast recovery from temperatures up to 338-degree Fahrenheit without any loss of power. They also provide up to 300% increased life. These CVT belts have maximized axial stiffness which helps to lower speed losses by 50% under torque and heavy loads. All in all, carrying great durability and producing lesser heat fatigue.

In addition to all these attributes, these ethylene elastomers are very environment-friendly to manufacture as they are made without using any harmful and degrading chlorinated compounds.

These are specially designed for larger SxS and ORV’s that have high horsepower and run in tough riding conditions. The CVT system present in the belt makes them capable of better withstanding extreme friction, severe compressive forces like high acceleration and even bearing the excessive heat produced. It even protects the belt from frequent back shifting and carrying heavy loads.

These CVT belts have a greater thermal resistance capacity than any other belt composite. They undoubtedly provide immense load-carrying capabilities and great resilience against the most intense conditions.

These belts also possess an innovative design that greatly helps in superior momentum with the least possible friction. They help in reaching higher top speeds with very fewer speed ratios and energy loss even in extreme off-road environments.

These are much more long-lasting than ordinary CVT belts as they have a higher crack and wear resistance. They provide a high-performance power transmission belt for even the most daunting and demanding applications. These belts come at the same price point as that of Ski-doo, 179.95$.

With a greater recovery ability and a design to handle even the roughest of the rides amidst the wild deserts or dunes mountains, as well as perfect to race on sleek tracks.

What is the Purpose of Snowmobile Belt?

A snowmobile belt works more or less like a link between the horsepower discharged and your sled’s tracks. This piece of equipment is perhaps the most crucial, which makes it all the more important to get the perfect belt according to your machine.

In order for your machine to give its 100% and propel you forward, you will have to get these things right: width, length, compound, among many other aspects.

By the end of this article, you will be able to get a fair sense of the best snowmobile drive belts revolving in the market in 2021.

Final Words

We have listed down the three best snowmobile drive belts that might work for you. You can use this list as a reference when preparing your snowmobile this winter. Of course, at the end of the day, it all depends on individual to individual. What you might like, someone else may not agree with.

We can say this much though, all the three models mentioned above worked like a charm while we reviewed them.

If you feel like we missed out on a point here or there, or need some clarification on any, please do feel free to reach out to us.

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