11 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2020: Warmest Boots for Riding

If you want to go on a snowmobile ride, then you need a good pair of snowmobile boots.

When buying snowmobile boots in 2020, make sure they’re waterproof and keeps your feet dry & warm.

There will be no use of spending money on your boots if they do not keep your feet warm in the cold weather.

Best Snowmobile Boots for 2020

ProductOur RatingCurrent Price
Baffin Selkirk Boots9.8Check Price
Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Boots9.7Check Price
Klim Adrenaline GTX Boots9.5Check Price
Baffin Impact Boots9.4Check Price
Sorel Men's Alpha Pac Boots9.4Check Price
Castle X Barrier 2 Snowmobile Boots9.3Check Price
FXR - 2019 - X-Cross Speed Boots9.2Check Price
Castle X Charge Boa Mens Snowmobile Boots9.2Check Price
Sorel Men's Bear Extreme Snow Boots9.2Check Price
Baffin Women's Snogoose Winter Boots9.0Check Price
Sorel Women's Snowlion XT Snow Boots8.8Check Price

These are the 5 best snowmobile boots in 2020. Let’s learn a little more about them.

  1. Baffin Selkirk Boots
  2. Klim Adrenaline GTX Boots
  3. Kamik Greenbay 4 Boots
  4. Sorel Alpha Pac Extreme Snow Boots
  5. Baffin Women’s Snogoose Boots

Baffin Selkirk Boots

Selkirk Boots FeaturesAvailability
Color Options2 Colors
Temperature Rating -70ºC/-94ºF
Sizes7 - 14
Velcro Straps/BucklesNo
Good for SnowmobilingYes
CostCurrent Price

The Baffin Selkirk Boots is a little different from the different models manufactured by the company. If you do not lace on boots kind of person you would be really happy with this product as it comes with a Velcro strap that can be easily used to adjust the fitting of the boot according to your comfort. This helps you to get a snug fit on the upper part of your foot in the boot.

The boot has a higher profile as it extends up to the calf area as you put it on keeping almost half of your leg protected from the cold. The boot has a cincher on top which can be used to sinch up your boot really tight to avoid it from coming off while a rough ride. Due to this feature, it can be easily put on and off even when your fingers and feet are frozen.

The boot also comes with a variety of removable liners giving you a decent amount of space in the boots for free movement of your feet. This is one of the best features of snowmobile boots from Baffin. The upper of the boot comes with a hook that is used to tighten your beeps over the boots by running your beeps through the hook and then snapping it on. This prevents the entry of any powdery snow dust to sip inside the boots to keep your feet warm and dry.

The Baffin also offers a waterproof polar rubber sole that is waterproof in nature and also comes with slip resistance features to prevent you from slipping on icy terrains. It has a premium ice paw technology on its sole which offers superior traction in any type of weather condition.

Top Rated Snowmobile Boots 2019

The Baffin provides you with seven-layer inner boot system liner with thermaplus that helps your feet stay warm by maintaining a temperature of -70 degrees Celsius or down. These boots are perfect for the active snowmobile riders and can be used for various other purposes except snowmobiling. The Baffin provides the best of features in a reasonable price range.

Klim Adrenaline GTX Boots

Adrenaline GTX Boots FeaturesAvailability
Color OptionsBlack
Temperature RatingNo
Sizes7 - 15
EVA MidsoleNo
Velcro Straps/BucklesNo
Good for SnowmobilingYes
CostCurrent Price

The Adrenaline GTX Boots are made up of the Gore-Tex membrane which offers the boots to be waterproof and helps to improve breathability for active riding on a snowmobile.

The price mentioned in the video is changed now. So, before making your final choice, I recommend you should check the current price of Adrenaline GTX Boots.

The Gore-Tex company provides you with a lifetime guarantee to your boots thus any rear or tear in the boots you can freely call the company to repair or replace the product.

These boots have 600-gram Thinsulate insulation on the sidewalls and soles which runs throughout helping to maintain the warmth inside the boots to prevent your foot as well as fingers from freezing.

The sole on this boot is a PU injected midsole which is a very rugged cold-weather sole. This sole offers the cushion to the boots for better movement in harsh terrains as well as it provides durability to the boots as the snowmobiling is a pretty rough sport. The upper of this boot is a combination of rubber, leather and ballistic nylon.

Klim Snowmobile Boots

The boot has an offset nylon lace pattern that safeguards your boots from wear or tears due to the tunnels on your snowmobile. The lacing system of the boot is a flat anti-slip lace system with anchors that is resistant to moisture which means that it won’t clinch in the cold weather.

The boots have an anti-microbial fleece liner which as well made up of moisture-wicking materials. This will help to keep you dry as well as warm when you are riding your snowmobile in snowy weather. It also offers you with a decent amount of flex while you are standing or riding a snowmobile.

This boot is considered as the best for the active snowmobile riders for whom riding a snowmobile is a daily task. It provides you with the best insulating, thermal properties with high comfort levels.

Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

Greenbay 4 Boots FeaturesAvailability
Color Options3 Colors
Temperature RatingNo
Sizes7 - 15
EVA MidsoleNo
Velcro Straps/BucklesNo
Good for SnowmobilingYes
CostCurrent Price

The Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 boot’s upper is made up of 600 denier nylon which is highly durable even after constant use in the harsh conditions of the snowy terrain while snowmobiling. It has a synthetic rubber sole which makes it waterproof as the snow will turn into slush eventually thus to avoid the wetting of the feet it is an important feature for snowmobile riders.

It comes with an 8mm thermal-guard felt liner on the inside of the boot which can be removed when not in use or need. It also features a hook and loop strap on the boot. The lace of the boot helps to lock the snow and prevents it from slipping inside the boots. This helps to keep your feet warm and dry even when you ride your snowmobile in heavy powdery snow areas.

The outsole of the boots is a pulse-injected TPR that is highly rugged in nature and offers a cushion to the boots that helps for the free movement of the snowmobile riders even for long hours. This outsole also provides durability to the boots.

The boot also features a mid-sole adjustable strap that has a Velcro closure to help keep the foot cozy in the boots.

Adjustable strap on Kamik Snowmobile Boots

The synthetic rubber sole is resistant to slip on icy terrain and also provides traction to the boots which are a bonus for snowmobile riders.

Kamik Snowmobile boots grip on snow

It has a temperature rating of -40 degrees Fahrenheit that is enough to keep you warm in the snowy areas while riding a snowmobile.

Kamik Greenbay 4 Snowmobile Boots

This boot is one of the best for snowmobile riders as it highly reliable due to the best features it offers with high-level protection to give you the ultimate joy of snowmobiling.

However, it comes with little discomfort which can be fixed by the manufacturers to tick all the boxes of features. The inside of the boot comes without an insole and the felt inserts are on the bumpy rubber sole. These problems can be fixed by adding an insole that can be purchased in any nearby store and inserting a gel liner.

Baffin Impact Boots

Impact BootsAvailability
Color Options2 Colors
Temperature RatingNo
Sizes7 - 15
Gelflex MidsoleYes
Velcro Straps/BucklesNo
Good for SnowmobilingYes
CostCurrent Price

The Baffin impact boots have an extreme climate inner boot system with GelFlex shock absorbing technology which makes it the best available snowmobile boot in the market. The inner boot system has eight layers with thermaplus which keeps the temperature maintained inside the boots. The temperature in the boots can go as down as -100 degrees Celsius.

The boot comes with a double buckle closure strap system to give a snug fit to the feet in the boots. This is the best option for people who are not into the lacing system on boots. The boot upper is made of timber wolf leather and diamond-lite insulated nylon to keep it insulated even in the deep snow conditions.

The Baffin creates a hybrid style for high-performance by merging leading molding technology with a foam-based inner boot system. This enhances the feature of warmness, fit and comfort. In the Baffin boots, the sole and midsole are molded to the base in a continuous process which makes it different from every kind or type of boots.

Baffin snowmobile Boots

The Baffin sole is the product of modern techniques in engineering as it made up of various advanced thermo-set polymers that are combined together to give the customer the best snowmobile boots of all time. These features of Baffin’s make it a stand out in the crowd due to its advanced and modern technology used.

Sorel Alpha Pac Extreme Snowboot

Alpha Pac Boots FeaturesAvailability
Color Options2 Colors
Temperature RatingNo
Sizes6 - 11
Velcro Straps/BucklesNo
Good for SnowmobilingYes
CostCurrent Price

This extreme snow boot offers you with the best quality along with great features that can handle even the extreme weather conditions. This collection of snow boots have come with an additional feature of protection by adding a new Omni-heat reflective lining to the inner boot liner. It can keep the temperature down inside the boots up to -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Snowmobile Boots in 2019

The Extreme boots are made up of PU backed synthetic textile that is extremely waterproof even in the harsh snowy conditions keeping your feet inside warm and dry. It has a built-in gaiter that has a barrel lock closure system to give you the perfect snug fit. The buckle closure is further made up of a shatter-resistant Shokonioc buckle.

The midsole of the boot is made up of molded EVA to offer you boosted comfort, reduced weight, and thermal insulation. It is a 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug. The outsole of the boots has polar lite shell technology to develop the flexibility of the boots along with multi-directional rubber lug outsole.

The extreme boots are the warmest boots and keep the temperature down for long hours even in the deep snow conditions. If the sizing of the shoes is an issue, then it is recommended to stick to your size as much as possible. The only issue is that it does not come with an insole but it can be fixed by buying one yourself otherwise it’s a pretty amazing catch.

Castle X Barrier 2 Boots

If you are planning to go snowmobiling and love snow adventures, these Castle barrier snowmobile boots are the best option to opt for.

There is an impressive range of colors available in these snowmobile boots, whether you like a funky look or a sober touch, these castle barrier snowmobile boots have a huge collection to sync with your personality and style.

Now, if we come to the comfort zone, these are the best snowmobile boots available to provide you with that warmth and ease, even when your feet are buried two feet under snow.

Moreover, these are super light to easily put on and off, weighing just 6 pounds.

If we talk about the property of these snowmobile boots, which makes them stand out from the rest is ‘insulation’ or more accurately it is the insulation material.

It is a 3- layer blend of Marino wool, this all-natural material has incredible wicking properties and will keep your feet dry and warm for extended periods.

Looking at the outer sections, and here are some impressive features too. For example, the upper is 1000 denier nylon with leather trim in strategic locations. The soles are molded and include a high abrasion toe. A simple but effective buckle and strap installation will both keep your feet secure along with being easy to operate with cold, numb hands. A drawstring is a final cherry on the top, allowing a close and secure fit designed to keep the moisture out.

Moreover, these snowmobile boots possess a snow shield gaiter with bungee cord lock and a rubber sole with internal EVA shock comfort chambers, for that better experience of snowmobiling.

These boots can withstand temperature in the range of -60*F / -51*C, thus making them the all-time go-to when planning for the snowmobiling adventure.

If we talk about the overall rating of these Castle X Barrier 2 snowmobile boots, I will give them the best boots rating as there’s a lot more to recommend than only styling.

Just one more tip if you are planning to buy one, go for one size smaller than your original size, otherwise, they will be sloppy on your feet and you will not experience that best comfort and satisfaction while you are snowmobiling.

FXR-2019-X-Cross Speed Boots

This is another snowmobile boot which is in great demand due to its exquisite features.

If you are looking for something that can be a phenomenal riding boot, as well as an everyday boot, you have come to the right place. You will be amazed to see the wide variety of colors and sizes in this brand.

Whether you want a man’s snowmobile boot or a woman’s, you will always be surrounded by multiple options available in FXR boots for snowmobiling purposes.

You will get an outstanding comfort out of this, as well as great protection. When you wear this snowmobile boot, you will not only be amazed by the perfect fit but also with the warmth that you will get when snowboarding and walking on snow.

It has a rugged sole with aggressively styled treads for grip and a 600 gms of insulation, leading to these boots being rated for use in temperatures as low as -40*C. It also has a snug fur lining, and more eye-catching styling, and more sporty that you will all love to wear when on snow adventures and snowboarding.

Till now we have seen all those features which are enough to make this your buying choice but I want to share with you all the chief features among these, which is the protected kick toe

that is built into the design. It is essentially an extra thick part of the sole at the front of the boot. It protects the foot from impacts while riding, and also allows you to kick surfaces to knock snow and ice off quickly without damaging your delicate little toes.

The only drawback I felt in these snowmobile boots is that the inner soles are integrated into the boots, unlike all the other snowmobile boots where inner soles can be easily removed.

Castle X Charge Boa Snowmobile Boots

If you are looking for a super user-friendly snow-mobile boots option, then these Boa boots will be your perfect choice.

These have the best lacing systems out there, pulling away from the boot to release the tension that opens right up for you, press it back in and tighten to your preferred tension, which is the main characteristic of BOA. Once you lock it in place, it stays like that only.

Moreover, these boots are extremely water-proof like all the other mentioned snowmobile boots and will keep you warm even in the temperature below 60*C.

So, you can just pick up these snowmobile boots on those colder days especially up in the tundra region and enjoy the cozy feel.

Whenever you are snowmobiling you want those boots which can accommodate the wide foot comfortably, and these BOA snowmobiles are the perfect example. Moreover, if someone wants to wear 2 or 3 socks inside these snowmobile boots, he or she can surely wear them without any discomfort.

Snowboarding needs those boots which are light-weighted and can be worn easily, these boots are just 6 pounds in weight which makes wearing them on your snow adventures, a perfect choice.

In short, all the castle snowmobile boots are the best go-to option for snowboarders.

Sorel Men’s Bear Extreme Snow Boot

Here comes another snowmobile boot which is again one of the best options to go for, when planning your next snowmobiling trip.

It is completely water-proof which makes your snow adventures even more amazing, as there will be no worrying about your feet getting wet and cold.

You can easily wear this snowmobile boot in the temperature up to -60*F or -51*C, isn’t it again an extraordinary feature of this Sorel boot?

This duck boot has an Omni-heal protective reflective lining to use your body heat to keep you warm in these low temperatures. It also has a 6mm Thermo plus felt midsole with 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug, all designed to provide you with that warm and cozy comfort when you are on your snowmobiling journey.

This snowmobile boot possesses a cushioned footbed and an aero-track rubber traction sole, which will provide your feet with that firm grip which is needed when you are on your snowboarding adventures.

The best part I liked about these boots is the lace and drawstring closure, thus, making them easy to wear and take off but at the same time this can be an issue for some people who are suffering from arthritis, as they will not be able to bend down too low to use this lace and drawstring closure, they would instead prefer to wear those snowmobile boots with a front zipper closure.

After all the great features that this snowmobile boot has, the only major drawback I found is that the inner liner makes this boot a little cumbersome. Although inner liner not attached to the boot is a requirement for many, this boot doesn’t serve this purpose perfectly.

So, whenever somebody will wear it, they might be not so much impressed as the liner tends to stuff down in this boot. They have to either take the liner out of the boot, put on the liner and then the boot over that. Alternatively, they have to hold the liner stationary in the boot while they put their foot in, this option can be frustrating for some people.

Apart from these few loopholes, this Sorel snowmobile boot is a perfect choice for snowmobilers and snowboarders.

Baffin Women’s Snogoose Winter Boot

The Baffin Snogoose snowmobile boot will withstand any of winter’s harsh elements with its waterproof design and fully tractioned rubber sole that can overcome any obstacle.

Its drawstring lacing system and drawstring collar will keep the warmth in with its full insulation. Baffin snowmobile boots are different from most boots because the sole and midsole are molded to the base in one continuous process.

The sole is made up of several advanced thermoset polymers that are combined to achieve the right balance of warmth, protection, low weight, and grip. Baffin snowmobile boots are the best choice for women because of their wide range of collections.

These offer functionality and fashion but at the same time maintain their legendary performance. Can you imagine? The weight of these snowmobile boots is only 3.5 pounds. You will not get any snowmobile boot as light as this one.

Just remember to take one size larger than your original size, if you want to experience the real comfort of these Baffin snowmobile boots. It is suggested because those people with a wider foot can experience trouble, as the basic shape of this snowmobile boot is a narrow one.

The maximum temperature these boots can bear is up to -40*F, so pack your bags up and enjoy your snowmobiling vacation with these super comfortable and warm Baffin snowmobile boots for women.

Sorel Women’s Snowlion XT Snow Boots

These are the best snowmobile boots ever designed for women. Offering only the best for the most extreme conditions, this boot has warmth, waterproofing, traction, and comfort dialed in. Nothing’s getting by its water-and-wind resistant exterior and an Omni-Heat reflective lining providing comfort in temperatures as low as -40°F/-40°C. These boots are bliss for those women going on their snowboarding adventurous trip.

If we talk about the style and function, none of the other boots can beat this one snowmobile boot.

Whenever you go snowmobiling, you want something to provide that perfect grip and comfort to your feet, and these Sorel boots are the perfect match for your requirements.

They are designed with lace and a drawstring closure to help you wear them with ease and without any discomfort. But for some people this can be the only problem, people prefer zipper systems more than this lace and drawstring closure.

They do look like utility boots.

The shaft of the boot is proportionally thick and that helps make it a little cuter and less big and clunky. They look and act like serious cold weather boots.

They have the insulated inner boot with reflective lining to keep all the frigid temperature away and a thermal rubber shell with the grippy outsole, to make your snowmobile trip one hell of a vacation.

Front of these Sorel snowmobile boots is designed in a manner that doesn’t hurt your little toe if you have a wider foot. What else can one ask for? You can go snowboarding for hours without any worry or discomfort.

Moreover, the price of these boots is not exorbitantly high like the other boots available in the market.

You can choose to buy these and try if these snowmobile boots are a perfect match for you or not.

How to Choose Snowmobile Boots

Buying Boots for Snowmobiling

The snowmobile boots are the most important gear for the snowmobile riders, therefore, they need to tick all the requirements and prove to be the best. They should not only offer you warmth but also give a generous amount of comfort to your feet. The snowmobile boots should be able to resist the harsh weather conditions of the snowy terrain.

They need to be strong enough as well to stand up against the uneven terrain as snowmobiling is a pretty tough sport. They also need to be hands-on to get on and off easily with the frozen fingers. They should not need a high amount of maintenance as they need to be worn in tough conditions.

As said earlier it’s an important asset for the snowmobile riders thus we created a list of various attributes you need to look out for before buying a snowmobile boot.

Warmth and Cosiness

As the snowmobiling is a winter recreational activity, they need to be worn to maintain the warmth inside the foot to avoid frozen feet and fingers. The warmness inside the foot helps you to be comfortable and enjoy the ride. If the temperature is not maintained then it’s possible for the rider’s feet and fingers to freeze.

Frozen foot and fingers can ruin your ride as well as cause an accident due to losing your control over the ride. There are many types of winter snowmobiling boots available in the market which comes with a tag that helps you to know what temperature range it works best on. You should always look upon these tags before buying a snowmobile boot.


The footwear should always offer you comfort as you need to put them on whenever you are out and roaming around. An uncomfortable shoe can not only cause you stress but also create health issues if used over a regular period of time. Before buying any kind of footwear especially snowmobile boots, try them on first and walk around in them to see if they fit properly.

If you are going to wear socks with the boots then bring those socks in the store with you and wear them with the boots. You should always see that there is enough room for your toe in the boot and your foot doesn’t feel pinched otherwise it may cause sore feet and ankle pains.

You should also look out if they can be worn and take off easily as you would need to change them many numbers of times in the time period of snowmobiling. The zipper should also be checked thoroughly as you are going to wear all throughout the winter whether it be for snowmobiling or just for a casual outing.

You should always go for the rigidity of the boots and it would offer you extra support. Low heels and flexible boots are best for snowmobiling.

Dryness Ability

It is a very essential characteristic you should look for before buying a snowmobile boot as you need to wear them in the snowy terrain. The snow eventually turns to slush and can wet your feet which would ruin your mood and your feet as well. It may cause fungal infection if your feet are wet for a long period of time.

The foot needs to be kept dry for all time so as to avoid any allergy or infection due to the accumulation of dirty water. The boots which are waterproof leather or waterproof laminate boots are the best options for snowmobiling as they would keep your feet dry and warm.

Not only your snowmobile boots’ upper needs to be waterproof but also the soles of the boot should be made up of waterproof materials. You can use rubber soles for your snowmobile boots as they are even proved to be non-slippery.

The Grip of the Boots

As a snowmobile rider, you do not want to slip or slide on the icy terrains as you need to have a hold on your snowmobile gear. Therefore, you need to look out for a sole that can offer you enough tread to prevent you from slipping and falling down.

However, you need to give a thought to those heels, higher the heels more slippery they can get thus try and buy boots with low heel height. Nowadays, there are boots available in the markets which are available with grooves in their sole to give the best grip to the steep snow.

The soles which are made up of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) are softer than the rubber compound soles and also they are known to provide a better grip even in the adverse winter conditions. However, you should always keep your safety as your first priority instead of style and looks.

Although, you can go for the trending boots always keep in mind the safety of you first as stylish boots also come with a lot of essential features.

Worthy of Workmanship

It doesn’t always mean that high price comes with high quality, therefore, you should look for different features in your boots before buying it. You should always make sure that the stitching is neat and tidy. You should always inspect the outside as well as the inside of the boot. You should also ensure that the soles are attached securely to the boot with glue, stitching, or both.

Final Words

Snowmobiling is the activity or sport to ride snowmobiles. Boots are the most important part while choosing the best gear for this sport.

Even, when you’re snowmobiling with your kids, you should also provide them boots.

The boots should be comfortable, waterproof and should be of the perfect size.

As if the boots are not comfortable, you will not be able to easily walk in the snow. The boots should be waterproof as if the boots are not waterproof they will allow the water to affect your feet when submerged and drenched in water.

As there are various sizes available in the boots, you should be able to choose the perfect size which will fit in.

The boots should be chosen carefully as they are the most essential part of the gear while you go snowmobiling.

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