How Much Does a Snowmobile Cost? (Based on Real Data)

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Many people regard snowmobiling as an expensive activity since the costs of snowmobiles are relatively exorbitant, particularly for a brand new snowmobile. Snowmobiling is a costly activity in general.

It is not as inexpensive as skiing, ice skating, or snowboarding. Winter sports are typically more expensive than traditional outdoor activities. Additional equipment and clothing are necessary, and we frequently need to drive a short distance to receive the snow we desire.

In this article, we’ve discussed 10 different new snowmobile models ranging above $10,000 and the average price range for these snowmobiles stood at $15,249.

How Much Does a Snowmobile Cost?

The price of a new snowmobile is somewhere between $10,000 to $19,000. However, you can buy a used snowmobile at $2,000 to $8,000. The exact cost depends on the brand, working condition of the snowmobile, and many other factors.

Snowmobile Prices

Price of New 2022 Snowmobiles

If you can afford a new snowmobile your life gets easier. You won’t be spending much on maintenance and you will also be provided with a warranty for most of the parts. The average price for a new snowmobile is too expensive. Getting a new snowmobile will help to save you from some trouble with maintenance. New snowmobiles don’t break often as used sleds.

average price of new snowmobile

The new snowmobile price ranges are mentioned below.

Snowmobile ModelsPrice
Polaris 850 PRO RMK Slash 155$15,899
Polaris 650 INDY VR1 129$15,299
Polaris Switchback XC$14,399
Polaris 650 INDY XCR 128$14,799
Ski-Doo FREERIDE$15,949
Ski-Doo Summit$13,649
Ski-Doo GRAND TOURING$10,599
Yamaha SIDEWINDER L-TX SE$17,399
Yamaha SIDEWINDER X-TX LE 146$18,999
Yamaha MOUNTAIN MAX LE 165$15,499

Factors on Which the Snowmobile Price Depend

The snowmobile price depends on various important parts available in the snowmobile. Let us now identify the most important parts of the snowmobile due to which the price varies because of its functions.


Handlebars are the main connection to the snowmobiles. These stabilize the rider and also steer the vehicle. Many owners customize their snowmobiles by using handlebar risers on their snowmobiles. It also affects the price of the snowmobile.


The throttle powers the driveshaft and ultimately the rubber track moves you forward across the snow. It does by feeding the fuel to the engine. You do this by squeezing the throttle lever on the handlebars.


You will need to light up the path ahead of you, but you will also need to be visible to other snowmobilers and also anyone else who might be around that also includes the animals.

This is very critical as snowmobiling often occurs in remote areas with very little light. The headlights are left on in the daytime too, for some reason, and also for the routes that take you through the forest, where the lights are limited.

Snowmobile headlights are not costly, but they definitely add up when it comes to the price of the vehicle.


This protects you from wind and oncoming debris, snow, and ice. It also makes the front of the machine more aerodynamic.

If the windshield of the snowmobile is broken or in the bad condition, then you have to spend extra money on the used snowmobile, and it adds up to its cost.


The engine of the snowmobile is the heart of the device. These come in two styles: two-stroke and four-stroke. Regular maintenance and repair are critical and should be done by a qualified mechanic whenever possible.


This protects and covers the engine and other internal pieces of the machine. You should also make sure to pop the hood and check the engine before any trip on the snowmobile.

Instrumental Panel

Just like the dashboard of the car, the instrumental panel lets you know all the information that is required to be known. This includes warning lights, your driving speed, and a tachometer.


The track of the snowmobile has to be suspended as it propels forward the same as the car wheels. It keeps track of the snow when in motion and will also absorb the shock of bumps and objects.

Therefore, when buying a used one, it’s important to take a look at the suspension of the snowmobile.


factors affecting snowmobile price

The ski blades also guide the snowmobile along with the snow, gliding on the surface and pivoting to steer the vehicle. These usually have stabilizers running along them to reduce the side motion.

Hull, tub or belly pan

The bottom of the chassis helps in various ways. It keeps the device up on top of the deep snow that causes it to ”float” and later protects the engine and other core components from any rocks or bumps or any ice on the track.


Snowmobiling is always an exciting sport. It is a great activity experience and if you can afford it, it is worth it. There are various tips and guidelines presented which can help you in getting a cheaper ride. You can also follow safety tips when snowmobiling to avoid any additional expenses.

If you are not very passionate about snowmobiling you may rent it for a few days every season. This way you can also save a lot of money and also the maintenance headaches.

You can use a new sled for a long time, the parts are new, the technology is also new, but you have to pay the price. The experience of the new sled with the latest technology is really great, but also the older snowmobiles offer a great experience. What do you think?

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