Best Snowmobile Covers in 2024: Good for Traveling

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Selecting the best cover for your snowmobile is not merely a choice but a necessity. A well-chosen cover can safeguard your valuable machine from harsh weather conditions, unwanted scratches, and even the rigors of trailering.

Trailering can expose your snowmobile to various elements even before you hit the snowy trails. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in the best cover for snowmobiles that provides comprehensive protection, whether it’s parked in your garage, or hitched up on a trailer for your next winter adventure.

My Personal Recommendations

Best Snowmobile Covers

EliteShield SnowShield Snowmobile Cover

The EliteShield SnowShield Snowmobile Cover has proven itself to be a robust and reliable choice for snowmobile protection over the past four years. It’s impressive how it continues to stand strong and functional even in heavy snowfall conditions. My wife, Emma, and I, often find our snowmobile sitting under a thick blanket of snow during our ice-fishing trips, and it’s always comforting to see our vehicle as good as new under the Seal Skin Elite Cover.

The cover’s waterproof feature is another attribute worth applauding, as it does an exceptional job of keeping moisture at bay. What’s more, the cover has proven itself to be perfect for trailering, a feature that comes in handy during our high-speed travels. Compared to a $50 cover I purchased in the past, which unfortunately ripped during similar conditions, the Eliteshield cover has shown remarkable durability and quality. It may not compete with a $300+ Ski-Doo cover, but it sure provides value for money with its performance.

In light of my positive experience, I didn’t hesitate to recommend the EliteShield SnowShield Snowmobile Cover to a friend. However, he rushed into the purchase without properly measuring his sled. As one might guess, the cover didn’t fit as it should have. The silver lining of this mishap was the hassle-free return process. He was able to return the ill-fitting cover and received a full refund, reaffirming the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Buoyed by my positive experience with the EliteShield Covers, I recently decided to try another one of their products – a car cover. I was looking for a quality, durable cover for my car, and given my experience, I thought, why not give EliteShield another try? Just like the snowmobile cover, their car cover has lived up to my expectations.


  • Breathable: Rear dual air vents prevent condensation, mold, and reduce wind lofting
  • Can be used for trailering at high-speed
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Contains features that are required for trailering


  • A little expensive compared to other cheap China-made covers, but it is worth the price

Budge SM-4 Sportsman Snowmobile Cover

The Budge SM-4 Sportsman Snowmobile Cover is a solid choice if you’re looking for a good quality cover primarily for storage purposes. It fits just right thanks to its elastic hem and even offers a strap and buckle system for an extra secure fitting. This cover is not just a dust cover, it is waterproof, making it perfect for protecting your snowmobile during the off-season. As a bonus, it comes with a handy storage bag.

However, while this cover excels in protecting your snowmobile during storage, it falls short when it comes to trailering. Sure, you can strap it on before hitting the road, but be prepared to take it slow. Its build quality, though ideal for stationary protection, is not sturdy enough to withstand the high-speed winds and friction generated during trailering. This is especially noticeable when compared to the more robust Seal Skin covers. So, if you’re looking for a cover that can double up as a reliable trailering cover, you might want to look elsewhere.

Despite being priced under $40, the Budge SM-4 Sportsman Snowmobile Cover is a good quality choice. I mean, it’s not just about being affordable, it’s more about its effectiveness in safeguarding your snowmobile from dust and water. This cover shows that good protection doesn’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket. So, I think, by considering the price, the quality is quite impressive.


  • Budget-friendly, it’s priced under $40
  • Comes with a storage bag for convenience
  • Fits well, thanks to its elastic hem and strap and buckle system
  • Waterproof, making it ideal for off-season storage


  • Not sturdy enough for trailering at high speeds

Classic Accessories SledGear Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover

The Classic Accessories SledGear Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover is a compelling option, striking a balance between price point and quality. It’s competitive with the Seal Skin snowmobile cover but offers specific features that can tilt the scales in its favor depending on your needs. The cover includes an integrated trailering system with built-in quick-adjusting straps, making it suitable for trailering. It also comes equipped with tension panels that tightly secure the cover for highway travel. However, it is important to note that while it is strong and durable, the Seal Skin snowmobile cover is reported to be more robust.

The Classic Accessories Deluxe Snowmobile Cover is available in a variety of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your snowmobile, and features an elastic hem cord for a fast and tight fit. Reflective markings on the cover enhance visibility. It boasts a 3-Year Limited Warranty which, although not as long as SnowShield 5-year warranty, still offers a decent period of protection for your investment.

The Classic Accessories SledGear Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover is enhanced with reflective markings, a thoughtful addition to the design that significantly improves visibility. It not only ensures your snowmobile is more noticeable in low-light conditions but also adds an extra layer of safety when you’re traveling or parking at night. Moreover, the cover comes with a storage bag, which is extremely convenient. It simplifies the task of packing away the cover when not in use, keeping it clean and safe from potential damage. It’s a small detail, but it can make a big difference, especially when you’re trying to maintain the longevity of the cover.

A variety


  • Comes with an integrated trailering system with built-in quick-adjusting straps
  • A variety of sizes is available
  • Reflective markings for increased visibility
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty


  • Not as robust as some of the other snowmobile covers

Our testing and recommendation process for snowmobile covers was an exhaustive journey. Every aspect, from durability and size availability to visibility features and warranty periods, was thoroughly examined. My personal experience with the EliteShield snowmobile cover, which I own and have found to be exceptionally robust, played a key role in our evaluation. I also sought the opinions of my friends who are avid snowmobilers, some of whom are more seasoned than me. Their insights provided real-world testing scenarios, further enriching our understanding and providing invaluable data for our recommendations.

A noteworthy incident involving EliteShield covers occurred with a friend of mine. He had purchased an EliteShield cover, attracted by its high-quality construction and robustness that I had personally vouched for. However, he encountered a hitch – the cover did not fit his snowmobile. Despite this hiccup, the quality of customer service from EliteShield was impressive. They responded promptly to his complaint and made the refund process easy. This incident, while initially disappointing, reinforced my trust in EliteShield products due to their quick response time and commitment to customer satisfaction.

During our extensive testing of the EliteShield cover, we were particularly interested in its performance during trailering. We put it to the test by securing it on our snowmobile, which was then loaded onto a pickup truck. We kept a keen eye for any signs of damage, wear or tear, or loosening of the cover. Throughout the journey, the EliteShield cover remained firmly in place, protecting the snowmobile from debris, weather, and the wind forces experienced at high speeds. It’s important to mention that, initially, securing the cover for trailering was a bit of a task, but once we got a hang of it, it was pretty straightforward.

The Budge SM-4 Sportsman Snowmobile Cover we reviewed earlier delivered satisfactory results, despite its lower price point compared to the Seal Skin cover. The quality of the cover was evident upon inspection – it was robust and well-crafted. We tested its performance by fitting it onto a sled and leaving it outdoors amidst falling snow. The cover successfully endured the snowy conditions, keeping the sled safe and dry underneath. Although we did not test this cover for trailering, the overall observations suggest it was a reliable choice for basic protection against the elements.


Choosing the right snowmobile cover is crucial to prolong the life of your equipment and to ensure its optimum performance. While many factors come into play, such as material quality, fit, and functionality, it’s the diligent attention to these details that guarantees superior protection against harsh weather conditions and the rigors of transportation. Remember, a good cover is an investment towards the safety and longevity of your snowmobile. While the upfront cost might seem significant, the long-term benefits, including reduced maintenance and repair costs, make it a worthwhile investment.

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