Snowmobile Dimensions: Length, Width, and Height

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Knowing the snowmobile dimension is important as it can offer you optimum riding experience.

The average length of a snowmobile is in the range of 115 to 140 inches, while the average width is somewhere between 40 to 50 inches. These are averages, so some sleds may not fall under these dimensions.

As you know, there are no absolute dimensions that work for all snowmobiles.

So, below, we have compared the dimensions of up to 15 snowmobiles.

So, let’s get started.

How Do We Calculate Snowmobile Dimensions?

Length, Width, and Height of snowmobile

Since we are measuring length, having a measuring tape nearby would prove to be very helpful.

So we start with the following steps to know the exact dimensions of your snowmobile:

Calculating the Overall Length

The overall length of a snowmobile can be calculated by measuring from the forward-most point on the snowmobile to the aftermost end, while the tracks and the skis are attached.

Calculating the Overall Breadth

The overall breadth of a snowmobile is calculated by observing the part which is having the most width and then measuring across it.

Calculating the Overall Height

The overall height of a snowmobile can be calculated by observing the part which is highest and measuring till the ground.


Now that you know the exact numbers, there sometimes may be the case that you want to convert it into other units, say feet, or your measuring tape does not have the units that you wish to, for which we can do easy mathematical conversions.

The formula is:

1 meter = 100 centimeter = 1000 millimeter = 39.4 inch = 3.3 feet

So, for example, your snowmobile’s length is around 115 inches, and you wanted to convert it into meters, just divide it by 39.4, which gives us 2.9 meters. Easy, right?

After you finish all the conversions, it is usually a good idea to write the dimensions down as ‘l * b * h,’ and the unit beside respective dimensions (all preferably in the same units). For example, the dimensions of Ski-Doo MXZ X can be written as 292.5 cm. * 121.7 cm. * 126.7 cm.

Snowmobile Dimensions (15 Examples)

Ski-Doo MXZ X292.5 cm. (115.2 in.)121.7 cm. (47.9 in.)126.7 cm. (49.9 in.)
Ski-Doo SKANDIC SWT337 cm. (132.7 in.)107.6 cm. (42.4 in.)133 cm. (52.4 in.)
Ski-Doo Grand Touring Limited 900 ACE301.4 cm. (118.7 in.)121.7 cm. (47.9 in.)140.5 cm. (55.3 in.)
Ski-Doo FREERIDE 154/165344.5 cm. (165 in.)111 cm. (43.7 in.)`136.8 cm. (53.9 in.)
Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme 850 E-TEC333.45 cm. (131.28 in.)118 cm. (46.5 in.)129.9 cm. (51.1 in.)
Polaris PRO-RMK® 155 332.75 cm. (131 in.) 110.5 cm. (43.5 in.) 124.7 cm. (49.1 in.)
Polaris Switchback® Assault® 144317.5 cm. (125 in.) 119.4 cm. (47 in.)138.4 cm. (54.5 in.)
Polaris RUSH® PRO-S289.6 cm. (114 in.)119.4 cm. (47 in.)116.8 cm. (46 in.)
Polaris 600 Indy XC 129297.2 cm. (117 in.)119.2 cm. (47 in.)116.8 cm. (46 in.)
Arctic Cat Riot 6000335.1 cm. (132 in.)121.9 cm. (48 in.)121.9 cm. (48 in.)
Arctic Cat LYNX 2000 LT332.74 cm. (131 in.)121.9 cm. (48 in.)134.6 cm. (53 in.)
Arctic Cat BEARCAT347.9 cm. (137 in.)127 cm. (50 in.)137.16 cm. (54 in.)
Arctic Cat ZR 8000 RR 137317.6 cm. (125 in.)121.3 cm. (47.8 in.)127.3 cm. (50.1 in.)
Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One 165348.7 cm. (137.3 in.)108 cm. (42.5 in.)127 cm. (50 in.)
Arctic Cat ZR 120185.4 cm. (73 in.)91.4 cm. (36 in.)86.3 cm. (34 in.)

Will a Snowmobile Fit on a 4×8 Trailer?

A 4×8 trailer is named so, because of its dimensions, which are 4 ft * 8’1” ft. these signify the height (4 ft) and length (8’1”) of the trailer. The net usable height and width, though is slightly shorter, and to get a general idea, a U-Haul trailer gives us 7’10” for the length and 3’5” for the breadth.

You might be wondering why we have not talked about your snowmobile trailer width until now. This is because the trailer width varies according to different snowmobile companies and manufacturers. Generally in small trailers, such as this one, the width is the same as the height, which is 4 ft, but the usable height is 3’1”

You can easily find 4×8 trailers from providers such as U-Haul or any other reputed local trailer rental provider as well.

From our conversion formula, we get the height of the trailer as 116 cm., which is not enough for accommodating most of the snowmobiles, as can be seen from the list.

Also, checking the compatibility between length and width, we find that the length 238 cm. is while the width is 104 cm., which means that there will be problems in diameter as well, though the length is more than sufficient.

Hence, to sum it up, in a U-Haul trailer, it is challenging to load an adult snowmobile, while a mini-snowmobile, such as an Arctic Cat ZR 120, can be easily accommodated in it.

If other trailer rentals near you provide a more prominent option in 4*8 configuration, it will be better to go for that, or a bigger sized one altogether, if available. If you want a U-Haul, you have no other option, but to go for the medium-sized instead of this small-sized configuration.

Final Words

So in this article, we discussed how dimensions of a snowmobile can be taken and if one will fit in a 4*8 trailer.

If you are looking forward to transporting a snowmobile in a trailer, it is a good idea to take into consideration the weight of the snowmobile as well, as any trailer is rated for a particular weight only.

Also, it is a good idea to consider how much the carrying vehicle can carry, without damaging it.

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