5 Best Snowmobile Dollies 2023: Snowmobile Rollers & Movers

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There are so many dollies on the market which makes the decision of choosing the right dolly difficult. So, we decided to test multiple snowmobile dollies and now, we’re sharing our test results with you so that you can purchase the dolly you need.

First, we tested the Extreme Max Snowmobile Dolly, it’s a 3-piece snowmobile dolly system, and it’s also the most popular dolly on the market because they’re cheap and does the job well of moving a sled. However, before buying this dolly, you have to think twice. Yes, the 3 piece dollies are cheaper than the other dolly styles but it’s not the most easy to use dolly system. To test this lift, we demonstrated the most common scenario in which we wanted to move our sled in our garage from one place to another. To make this work, I put one dolly under the left ski, and one dolly under the right ski, and that was easy. But, then I had to put the third dolly on the back, under the track. There is no easy way to do that, you have to lift the rear end of your sled, and put that on the dolly. I’m a big strong guy, so I did that comfortably. But, that’s not the case with everyone. I then asked my wife to do that, and she really struggled to lift the rear end of my sled and then put the sled on the third dolly. Another problem we faced was that it didn’t offer good sled movement; every time I had to move my sled, I had to adjust the dollies on the front. So, you get what you pay for.

If you’re a short guy, woman, elder, or just someone with back problems, you may want to avoid this dolly as it will make it difficult for you. Instead, you may want to buy the dollies which are mentioned below. However, if you’re comfortable lifting your sled from the rear end, and you want to save a few dollars, go ahead, and try this Extreme Max Snowmobile Dolly.

Another dolly we tested was the Extreme Max 5800.2018 Pro Series Adjustable Dolly. This dolly has a specific purpose- it has two dollies for the front skis, and there is nothing for the rear part of the sled. However, the front dollies fit perfectly on the skis, which makes it easier for you to start your sled, and take it anywhere you want. This can be helpful in situations when you’re trying to move a sled into your garage by starting the sled, but you don’t want to do that because you’re worried that the front skis will get damaged on the concrete. This dolly will provide support to the front skis.

Out of all the dollies we tested, I really liked the Black Ice SNO Dolly System because it really surprised us. This was the most easy to use dolly system we tested, and initially, I was talking to my wife about this dolly and that this would be the worst dolly as I had no idea how it would lift my Polaris RMK. It uses physics to lift your sled, you just have to put the one end of this lift under your sled, and then it’ll use the power of leverage, and then you can lift the rear end of the sled and put the lever under the tracks. It was looking so difficult, but actually, it’s the easiest to use lift. My wife is 5’5″, and she was able to lift the rear end of the sled with just one hand, and it’s all because of the physics. So, I highly recommend the Black Ice SNO dolly system for moving any sled.

The last dolly we tested was the Extreme Max Monster Dolly, and I have also tested this many times earlier. It is also one of the easy-to-use dollies that work well, however, it’s also the most expensive on our list. In our testing, we found that it works extremely well to lift a sled and move it from one place to another. If there is a little snow on the ground, or you’re trying to move a sled outside your cemented floor, then this will be the best for you. It has big wheels, and therefore you can easily move it even on the grass. Again, I asked my wife to test this lift because moving a sled for a short guy or woman would be the ultimate test, and she had no problem moving the sled in the grass with soft soil. However, it may not be ideal for your garage because I can’t use this lift in my garage where there is very little space to move around, and if I want to move my sled to just 5 meters in my garage, then probably I’ll go with Black Ice SNO Dolly System, and if I want to move my sled outside of the garage to the lawn with soft sand, then I’ll need a lift with big wheels.

Best Snowmobile Dollies in 2023

KASTFORCE KF2014 Snowmobile Dolly

Simple may they look, but strong are they when it comes to lifting a snowmobile weighing almost 500 to 800 lbs on average.

The Kastforce KF2014 snowmobile dolly comes in a set of three roller dollies that can lift weights up to 1500lbs. They say ‘’ don’t judge a book by its cover”; well, I say they say it for a reason. 

Kastforce Snowmobile Dollies

These dollies have high-quality 2 ½” PVC swivel casters attached to them that make possible 360˚ turning of the caster wheels so that you can do your little salsa with the beast while you need to carry it around. The wheels are, however, small and they have been perfected to work well only on concrete, rather than gravel or dirt.

Best Snowmobile Rollers

To secure the slides, the dollies have 4 tie-down straps attached that are made of nylon which makes them sturdy and durable. There are two 8-inch x 10-inch steel dollies grooved to fit under skis and skis can be secured well enough with the tie-down nylon straps and one 7inch x 7-inch dolly for under the rear track.

These steel dollies are heavy-duty and can take the weight of the snowmobile without any problem. The steel units easily support the weight and very nicely they roll even on not-so-even surfaces. These dollies make it possible for you to move your snowmobile around with just one hand.

Snowmobile Dolly with rubber padding

However, some complaints have been reported by the customers. Complaints like the aluminum seem too thin to support a swiveling wheel without buckling and because of this, the wheels can not rotate once the aluminum corners where the wheels attach bend in.

I am quite surprised that what the company has achieved to do with this product. For me, it’s an absolute steal of a deal. I am in love with this!

Extreme Max Red 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System

Marketed as economy dollies, these snowmobile movers are perfect for use on smooth, flat surfaces. The caster wheels swivel just right for maneuvering in tight spaces. Now, don’t you have to fret about moving around your beast in tight and congested space?

Painted in red these steel dollies have caster wheels that measure 2.5″. The set includes two ski dollies with Velcro straps and rubber pads that keep the skis in place. It also includes a track dolly.

The velcro straps secure the skis well and all the dollies arrive pre-assembled so it is not a hassle for you to set them up before you use them. They are ready to use and it has been reported that the dollies are quite durable than most other ordinary variants.

Best Snowmobile dollies with rollers

Not really fit for massive snowmobiles but works well with smaller models. They are small enough to fit in your gear bag and you can carry them anywhere with you.

There has been however one common complaint and that is the ball bearings falling apart. It only works well on smooth surfaces and not on an edgy rough surfaces. So that could b a deal-breaker for some.

If I have to be honest, I am quite surprised with the efficient design of this thing. Everything seems to be inch-perfect for me and I think it couldn’t be done any better than this. So, thumbs up from me!

Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Wheels Snowmobile Dollies

The set includes 2 standard ski dollies and a track dolly for both motorized and nonmotorized use. Due to the cotter pin assembly, the wheels of these dollies are steerable.

They might not, however, look like so. They are quite large and measure 5 inches in diameter.

These dolly wheels are drivable and steerable work on grass, pavement, gravel, and dirt, and can go at speeds up to 5 MPH. Thus, they are suitable to be used on any surface and on rougher terrains too. 

When it comes to stability, the dollies do great and the two that are made for holding the skis are 7 inches wide and therefore can accommodate most sizes.

Both the dollies come with nylon-coated cables that help wrap around the skis. They offer increased stability because of the Improved, 31% wider wheelbase and make the whole process a lot safer.

In terms of design, these dollies radiate simplicity but offer a sturdy build. They protect the skis, even though they have a rough appearance.

Phew! That was a lot to talk about for me! Now, let me get this straight. This may seem not on par with the rest of the products I’ve discussed so far.

But trust me, considering the price point you are getting this thing, I think it’s worth giving a shot. So in my opinion, if you are on a tight budget, go for this thing and trust me you won’t regret it!

Extreme Max MDM2-RW Red M2 Snowmobile Monster Dolly

This dolly comes with monster wheels that measure the 20-inch diameter. Not only this but the wheels have a width of 40 inches with reinforced spokes that are mounted on double heavy-duty oversized bearings.

Snowmobile Movers

Not just monster wheels but also a monster frame. This dolly leaves room for windshields, and handlebars with risers, hooks, and mirrors and also keeps your sled perfectly balanced.

The dolly features monster strength. With heavy gauge steel and powder coat finish, it is made to maneuver the biggest sleds in snow or shop.

Best snowmobile dolly with wheels

The features are worth mentioning as these dollies have adjustable lift bars with dual lift points that offer maximum lift and perfect fit. The extra-wide adjustable lift strap distributes the weight evenly.

It lifts with ease and moves around the yard without any trouble. It lets you clean your garage or storage area with ease by letting you just simply move your snowmobile with so much ease just like a stroller!

This dolly is a superior mix of monster strength and a conventional look.

Black Ice SNO-1509 Snowmobile Dolly

Maneuver your sled easily with the Black Ice snowmobile dolly. The dolly is designed to be able to lift a snowmobile from 26.375″ to 39.5″ wide. It can lift snowmobiles with a maximum weight of 700 lbs.

The two 15-inch pneumatic tires allow you to lift and move your snowmobiles around your shop or garage.

It has two rubber lift pads and an adjustable hook-end strap that handles and loops around the rear bumper rail of the sled that helps create a strong grip for the security of your snowmobile making sure it is tightly in place while servicing.

The dolly features its full-width 35″ long leverage handle providing ample leverage for easy servicing.

It is constructed with heavy-duty steel with a black powder coat finish for durability and to prevent rusting ensuring it lasts for many seasons.

The assembly process is fairly easy and simple. However, the capacity of the dolly is good for personal use only. It is not for every type of snowmobile, especially for professional use in the shop for larger sleds.

I know that the looks are not that interesting with this thing. I think the company mostly focused on the build quality of the product and man they got it right!

I mean, look at this thing, it’s not breaking any time soon and if you’re looking for something durable, I think you should go for this.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Snowmobile Dollies

Buying Snowmobile Rollers and Dolly Set


The snowmobile dolly should be heavy. In most cases, the bulky lifts are powerful and this will help in the easy handling of the snowmobile.

A dolly system is required to be balanced out of the weight of your snowmobile so that you won’t struggle to keep it balanced as you move the gear from one place to another.

Secondly, it also prevents the machine from getting damaged or causing injury and toppling over. Ultimately, you won’t feel the heavy duty of the machine due to its weight as it gets transferred to the dolly.


The snowmobile dolly set has to be made from a strong material. This strong material will make sure the snowmobile is kept properly and will also help in bearing the weight of the snowmobile.

It should be sturdily built with good quality material so that the dolly wheels provide a long time of useful service. The most common material for snowmobile dollies is powder-coated steel which is not only very strong but also rustproof.

A good system is built with material or the mechanism of withstanding high temperature, high speed, and frequent use. If it can withstand this, it is there to last.


The snowmobile rollers have to be durable too. The material used has to be good and should provide durability for a long time.


The size of the snowmobile casters has to be according to the model of the snowmobile.

Snowmobile Dolly sizes

Also, check out that the ski dollies come with a good strap length which is enough to secure your skis as well as a good closure system, commonly buckle closure or Velcro.

Straps for Snowmobile Ski Dollies

Get a Complete System

Usually, three items, two ski dollies for each ski and a track dolly so that the task is carried out as efficiently as possible. So, whenever you purchase dollies, go for the complete dolly system.


A wide wheelbase in a dolly system enhances the much-required stability, particularly on uneven ground like cracked pavements and gravel. This makes it a versatile tool for all types of surfaces and convenient at that.

Secondly, the wheels are also great for maneuverability as they will help to reverse direction, tight spaces, and maneuver corners.

Good Rubber Padding

The best dolly system can handle any machine wear and tear concern. Most of them usually come with rubber padding attached to the platform to prevent the sled from denting or scratching.

Some dollies fit literally with every sled and these are also the best so you won’t plan to consider changing your dolly with every new purchase of the snowmobile.

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