Best Snowmobile Gas Cans & Fuel Caddy in 2022

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How many times have you ran out of gas in the middle of your ride and could not find a gas station nearby? Isn’t that scary to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and even scarier if the sun is starting to set down?

This is where snowmobile gas cans and fuel caddies come in handy. You are definitely going to need that extra fuel if you want a long trip in the woods or in places where it is hard to find a gas station.

There are other ways to fuel your tank but the gas cans are the cheapest and the easiest way to fuel your snowmobile. It also helps you save a lot of time so that you can enjoy your trip.

My Personal Recommendation

If you own a Ski-Doo Snowmobile, then you should buy Ski-Doo LinQ Jerry Can or Ski-Doo New OEM Stackable Fuel Caddy without giving them any second thought.

These are genuine Ski-Doo products and can be mounted on any Ski-Doo snowmobile.

They’re tried and tested by many snowmobilers, and they love it.

This is the Ski-Doo LinQ Jerry Can which can be mounted on 2008 and up models.

The Ski-Doo New OEM Stackable Fuel Caddy can be mounted on various models and have the capacity to store 15 liters of fuel.

It’s one of the best fuel caddies on the market, and it has received some really good reviews from users.  

I want you to know that I researched a lot, but I was unable to find any other good gas cans that you can mount on your snowmobile.

Yes, there are many gas cans out there, but when it comes to the requirements & standards of a snowmobile gas can, these two are the most reliable ones.

Things to Buy along with Snowmobile Cans

You cannot move around with the snowmobile gas cans in your hands on your whole trip. This fuel can need to be mounted on your sled to use in an emergency.

Therefore to properly mount the gas container on your sled there are a few other things you need to possess with you. They are straps, tunnel racks, etc.

A rack is a convenient place to firmly carry your gas container with you while on your trip. These are mostly made up of aluminum to keep them as light-weight as possible so that it does not add to the weight of your snowmobile.

In this way, the performance of your sled would not be influenced. The Polaris Snowmobile fuel can rack is one of the best fuel can rack of 2022 that provides you a convenient and secure place to carry your fuel can.

The straps are needed for the easy fastening of the jerry can to the rack and also to give the perfect grasp of the can to the rack.

If the fuel can is loosely fit to the rack then it would produce a lot of sounds and may even fall off the rack. The Polaris fuel can strap helps you securely mount the can to the rack.

Best Snowmobile Gas Cans in 2022

Ski-Doo LinQ Jerry Can

Ski-Doo LinQ Jerry Can

The LinQ system is the easiest as well as a secure way to bring along all the items in your ski doo sled’s tunnel. The Ski-Doo fuel caddy comes in a rectangular shape and the material used to build the gas container is plastic.

The plastic helps to give a lightweight structure to it and helps to prevent any addition of weight to the sled.

This, in turn, does not affect the performance of your sled. However, plastic gas containers have poor durability than aluminum ones. The mounting mechanism of the fuel caddy is easy and simple.

In order to fit the fuel caddy on your sled, you will just have to slide the tab on the left side and then lower the right side of the fuel can.

After sliding the fuel can, just pull the lever and tighten it with the rubber strap. These rubber traps do not come along with the fuel caddy, you will have to buy them separately.

These rubber straps help to fix the fuel caddy to the rack of the sled and also prevent the fuel from freezing. Thus, along with the fuel cans, you will have to purchase a rack and strap for the faultless fit of the can to your sled.

This Ski-Doo Fuel Caddy can fit into REV-XM, REV-XS, REV-XP except for the GTX VERSION, Grand Touring, REV-XR, and REV-XU Tundra 2008.

The dimensions of the product are 19 x 10 x 15 inches which are a perfect fit for all the versions mentioned above and it only weighs around six pounds which is really very light.

I am quite surprised that what the company has achieved to do with this product. For me, it’s an absolute steal of a deal. I am in love with this!

Ski-Doo New OEM Stackable LinQ Fuel Caddy

Ski-Doo New OEM Stackable LinQ Fuel Caddy

This fuel caddy is the advanced version of the Ski-Doo LinQ fuel caddy with a lot of new features introduced in this product. It comes in a rectangular shape as well with a little modern molding to give it a cool look.

This fuel can is also made up of plastic to keep the weight light so that it does not impact the performance of the snowmobile. The fuel can is made up of plastic so that no additional amount of weight is added to the sled and you can have a peaceful ride without experiencing misbalance on your sled.

The mounting of this spare gas can is as simple and easy as the older version. You will just have to slide on the left side of the fuel caddy and then lower the right side.

You can now fix the fuel caddy to your sled by pulling the lever after adjusting the position of the fuel caddy. Rubber straps are used for additional security to the fuel caddy and it also checks the fuel from freezing.

The additional feature added to this fuel caddy is that it comes with a stack holder on top of it where you can keep your additional picnic baskets or bags. These bags can be helpful to keep the spare items for the journey or some eatables as well.

This is an amazing introduction to the fuel caddy as it helps you to carry a lot of extra stuff within less amount of space.

The new design of the fuel caddy has an improved and easy pouring feature. It has a capacity of about 15 liters or four US gallons and has a product dimension of about 17 x 8 x 8 inches.

This is an improved and advanced version of a fuel caddy well suited for hardcore adventurous riders and also helps you to give more space for more storage.

If I have to be honest, I am quite surprised with the efficient design of this thing. Everything seems to be inch-perfect for me and I think it couldn’t be done any better than this. So, thumbs up from me!

FuelPax by RotoPax Fuel Container

FuelPax by RotoPax Fuel Container

Rotopax is an American company and is also the first company to get an EPA for approval of fuel storage. This fuel container is not an average gas container that you buy in a store. It is made up of automated plastic which gives it a sturdy and beefy look. This container is super stiff and can resist the weight of a full-size man jumping on it. It would not bend or fold itself so easily.

The plastic used to make this fuel caddy is highly durable and would not break into pieces in case of an accident. This also prevents the spilling of fuel and reduces the mess.

The different parts of the fuel container are replaceable. Thus if ever any damage occurs to the container you can easily replace the parts.

The fuel container comes with a spout that is locked by a cap and can be used by sampling removing the cap to pour out the fuel. The spout is really helpful while transferring fuel from the container to the gas tank.

The fuel container has got handles at every section to prove a decent and easy-grip to the rider. I think This fuel caddy comes with unique and advanced features to offer you a peaceful ride.

Phew! That was a lot to talk about for me! Now, let me get this straight. I think this is the most interesting product I’ve discussed so far.

Considering the price point you are getting this thing, I think it’s worth giving a shot. So in my opinion, if you are on a tight budget, go for this thing and trust me you won’t regret it!

How to Choose Gas Container for Snowmobile?

Snowmobile gas container

The main purpose of a snowmobile gas caddy is to store gasoline or fuel for your tank in times of emergency. These cans are like your usual gas cans which are generally used to store the fuel for your cars, trucks, etc. The fuel cans are an important gear when you plan for a long trip or are going to visit a place with no gas station nearby.

There are several aspects that you should consider before buying a snowmobile gas caddy for your sled. Some of them are mentioned below to give you an insight into your requirements.


The most important aspect to consider before buying a snowmobile spare gas tank is to understand the amount of fuel you want to store for further use.

The volume of your snowmobile gas caddy would be determined over this factor. The capacity of your sled should also be looked out for so that it does not influence the performance of your sled.

Mostly for small vehicles and snowmobiles, you would have a maximum storage of five liters of fuel for use in the case of an emergency.

It would help you to extend your ride for another day. This amount would also be perfect for the snowmobile as the weight of the fuel would not have a considerable impact on your ride.


The snowmobile cans need to be fitted on your sled as you cannot carry them around with you. It would be such a burden if you will have to carry it or hang it in your backpack for your whole ride. This would surely ruin your whole experience of snowmobile riding.

However, with the advancement in technology, there is a lot of sleds that come with space behind your seat to fit the snowmobile gas cans to benefit the rider. The snowmobile riders can fit a suitable rack to space and fit the jerry can to it.

Therefore, it is important to measure the dimensions of the space provided on your snowmobile before buying it from the shop. This would, in turn, help you to have a perfect fit gas container on the back of your sled.

The Shape of the Gas Can

The fuel caddy is now available in various different shapes and sizes in the market. They come in about all the shapes possible such as cuboidal, cylindrical, and even triangular. These shapes can help give the gas containers a cool and elegant look as well.

However, the shape of the fuel caddy should not only depend on the rider’s choice but also it depends on the shape of your rack and the space provided by the snowmobile manufacturer to store your fuel caddy.

It is important to check the shape of the rack you have purchased or going to purchase to fit the fuel caddy in it otherwise it won’t fit in the rack and it would produce noises or even fall off the rack spilling all the stored oil.

The material of the fuel caddy

The most essential feature to consider before buying a snowmobile gas container is the material of the can. The gas cans mostly are made up of aluminum as they are very lightweight which you would probably want in your gas can. This would not add any weight to the sled hence the performance of your sled would not be influenced as well.

Nowadays the gas containers are also made out of plastics which are also lightweight in nature but are the durability provided by them is very poor in comparison to the aluminum ones.

Pump for the gas can

How can we forget about pumps while talking about fuel cans? Pumps are an important asset to make your work easier and fuss-free. There are many fuel cans that come with a pump for the transfer of fuel from the container into your sled tank.

These pumps are automated and work through a switch. When the switch is turned on, the fuel from the container transfers and then stops automatically as the sled tank is filled up. This would help you prevent the spilling of the fuel and reduce the mess.

Final Words

Now that you have a lot of information regarding snowmobile gas cans, it would be easy for you to understand your need to buy them or not.

However, you should always keep your sled in mind and then go for purchase as this would help you to get the best and the suitable one.

Otherwise, it would have issues while you are having a wonderful ride in the snow in your snowmobile.

So keep the points in your mind and have a peaceful ride.

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