Snowmobile Gauntlets (Hand Mitts & Muffs): Ski-Doo & Polaris

Whenever you think of snowmobiling through the snow on a very cold day or extreme weather, one thing strikes your mind is the cold hands and feet.

Not only on the cold days but also on routes where there are a lot of trees, any injury to your hands due to twigs and the leaves going against your hand may cause inconvenience. Hence, to protect your hand here are the most useful gadgets that are used, the snowmobile gauntlet and the handguard.

Snowmobile handlebar gauntlets are also known as handlebar muffs or handlebar mitts that are an almost indispensable part of a rider’s gear. The snowmobile handguard will deflect the wind and keep your hands clean and dry. Let’s learn more about them.

My Personal Recommendation

The snowmobile handguards and gauntlets are different products, but they’re both effective.  

Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets

Ski-Doo Gauntlets

If you have Ski-Doo snowmobile, then you probably are looking for a Ski-Doo Gauntlets because they’ll be more compatible and designed accordingly.

So, the best Ski-Doo Gauntlets are Ski-Doo New OEM Handlebar Muff Warmers & Gauntlets.

If you are a Ski-Doo snowmobile owner, there is nothing better than this Ski-Doo Gauntlet. It’s tried and tested by other riders, and they’re happy with it.

Polaris Snowmobile Gauntlets

For the Polaris snowmobile owners, I’ll recommend they should try Polaris Universal Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets.

They are so good that you’ll not feel any change in the temperature and the cold wind. They’re specifically designed only for the Polaris snowmobiles.

I highly recommend that you should take a look at the customer reviews of these Polaris Gauntlets.

Universal Handlebar Gloves

If you’re looking for the snowmobile handlebar gauntlets, then I’ll suggest going with PowerMadd 34258 Gauntlets. They’re specially designed for the snowmobiles, and they’re tried & tested by hundreds of snowmobilers.

They’re quite easy to install & remove, and it takes only a few minutes. They keep your hands warm and doesn’t make you uncomfortable. Whether you have a Ski-Doo or Polaris snowmobile, you can trust them.

Along with that, they also come with a 1-year warranty.

So, you can trust these gauntlets, and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Snowmobile Handguards

When it comes to snowmobile handguards, there is nothing better than PowerMadd Sentinel Handguard.

Whatever is the color of your snowmobile, you can find a matching PowerMadd Handguard.

They’re strong, stylish, flexible, available in 10 different colors, and affordable.

They are one of the best handguards you can find on the market.

Difference between Snowmobile Gauntlets and Handguards

Handlebar gauntlets are usually warmer than the Handguards. Most of the time, handguards don’t come with a mounting kit, hence you need to buy this separately.

Snowmobile handguards vs gauntlets

Gauntlets look just like the baking gloves but they get attached to your handlebars and will have access to your snowmobile controls without opening them. Gauntlets protect your hands from twigs, coming on your hands while you ski, as this covers your hands completely.

Handguards do not perform its job in really cold conditions. Snowmobile gauntlets keep yourself warm at below zero. Muffs sometimes, get blasted by the wind and pushes back on brake and clutch levers. Handguards eliminate the problem and keep the muffs in place.

Best Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets in 2020

ProductOur RatingCurrent Price
PowerMadd 34258 Handguard Gauntlet9.6Check Price
Kolpin Geartector Mitts/Gauntlets9.5Check Price
Bar Mitts Snowmobile Gauntlets9.1Check Price

PowerMadd 34258 Black Hand Guard Gauntlet

You can keep your hands warm and dry regardless of the riding conditions whether they involve cold, rain or mud, with the PowerMadd 34258 hand gauntlets. This is suitable for the Star Series or Trail Star handguards on the ATVs, snowmobiles, and motorcycles.

The gauntlets come with a stay-open design. This makes it easy to grab and see your controls. These provide added protection and warmth to your hands. One of the great things about using this product is it allows you to ride with the thinner gloves by providing a better feel of the handles.

You can comfortably ride your Polaris or Ski-Doo by wearing your trail riding snowmobiling gloves along with these PowerMadd Gauntlets.

This gauntlet is very easy to install and also to remove whenever you do not need to use them. This item also comes with a one year warranty. This is also one of those products with excellent reviews, done by the pleased customers who have nothing but the best to say about it!

Kolpin Geartector Mitts- Black – 92185

Geartector Mitts have a roomy interior that allows complete access to all controls. These are like hand covers. The plush lining will also keep your hands warm and out of the elements. It is extra-large, reinforced opening, for easy access to the handlebars.

The roomy interior allows complete access to the handlebar controls and a durable Rhino plate from panel provides extra protection from debris on the trail and the stray branches.

This handlebar muff fits virtually any snowmobile or ATV with the simple, yet innovative locking drawcord which seals securely to the handlebar.

These handlebar mitts are big so that after wearing your warm one-piece snowmobile suit or your 2020 snowmobiling jacket, they’ll cover a little part of your jacket and suit. So, there will be no chance of getting cold air inside your jacket.

The very front has a plastic guard to ensure no wind reaches your hands and they are also waterproof. There is a stiff wire stitched in around the openings that makes it super easy to get your hands in and out.

Bar Mitts Snowmobile/ATV/Dirt Bike Mitts

These handlebar gloves are waterproof, windproof and help to protect your hands from debris and plants nearby. It is made from neoprene material with nylon fabric which stays stiff for easy access and also helps to retain the shape of the gauntlet.

They also have four-inch silver reflective stripes wrapping around the outsides that are helpful. This is because the others can see you at night if they have their headlights on. Built with 90% rubber and 10% nylon, they are extremely firm and snugly while still water/windproof and will keep your hands dry and warm.

These have also been outfitted with a cinch Velcro closure on the inside which helps to attach it firm on your bike’s handlebar. They are also easy to install and remove and can be used with a thin layer of gloves for the better handling of your machine.

Gloves tend to provide the rider a tactile feel and this is what they need to handle the brakes, shift, and grip the handlebar mitts with precision.

These bar mitts come only in one size. So, this can be a little drawback here because if you want to install them in your snowmobile, and wants a different size, then you have to be satisfied with the only size they have.

Best Snowmobile Handguards in 2020

ProductOur RatingCurrent Price
PowerMadd 34410 Sentinel Handguards9.8Check Price
PowerMadd 34210 Star Series Handguards9.7Check Price
Ski-Doo OEM Hand Guard9.5Check Price
Polaris Snowmobile White Handguard9.3Check Price

PowerMadd 34210 Star Series Handguard

If you are familiar with the PowerMadd brand, you will surely like the 34210-star series handguard. This is presented as the ultimate hand protection, which is suitable for snowmobile, ATVs, and motorcycles.

You have the option to remove the vent covers to get better airflow while protecting your hands from flying debris or branches. To block the cold wind, you can snap the vent cover back in, whenever the weather is cold.

The dimensions are 10.03×2.5×9.3 inches. This comes in 14 different colors and you can match it with your snowmobile by just choosing the color of your choice. This is a product that is garnered great reviews, but a few customers recommend measuring the handles from your motorcycle or snowmobile to ensure the handguards will match. You will also get a one year warranty and hence, you are safe if anything happens.

PowerMadd 34410 Handguards

This is the number one recommendation for snowmobile handguards. These handguards have everything that you wish for. Even though it doesn’t come in a variety of colors it has one of the sleekest designs out there.

This handguard and keeps your hand warm and protected. The handguard is made from two types of plastic- a softer colored body for flexibility and a stiff two-piece spine for better durability. The mountain brackets are made from 6061 aluminum. Snowmobile handguards do not usually come with mounting kits. You need to mount them by installing them with what you get in a certain pack.

While it is hot outside, you can swap out the removable vent cover for the air to flow through. The product has a size of 11.375-inch W x 5.75-inch. This model provides more protection with great accessories and modernized looks.

How to Choose Snowmobile Gauntlets

Snowmobile handlebar muffs


Depending on whether you will be using it on a ski-doo, motorcycle, Polaris, the size of your handlebar mitts have to be large enough to cover the handlebars but also snug enough not to allow in the elements of weather.

A few riders prefer mitten which extends up to their arms for better protection. Overly tight mitts can make it difficult for you to operate your controls as your hand requires some level of liberty to do this.

Material Construction

The material your handlebar muffs are made should be of wind, water and precipitation resistant keeping you dry and warm are the major functions. They also need to have an additional protective fleece lining for the insulation purpose.

This is especially when they are designed with a clear window which lets you see the controls of your machines. Most mittens are made of nylon, neoprene or rubber materials.

Connection to the Handlebar

Mitt keeps shifting without being held firmly to the handlebars. This is why they require a mechanism to keep them in place from the inside. While some gauntlets come with straps that can be tightened around the bars with the Velcro closures. Others come with an adjustable buckle attachment inside.


Overly thick handlebar muffs may be warm but most of the riders found them a little too bulky for their liking. This affects how well they handle their bikes. Hence, to keep them warm, some gauntlets are not thick but will consist of little pockets inside to keep the heat packs as this will warm your hands as you ride.

Ease to Access Controls

A few mitts feature a clear plastic window on top of your controls. This will allow to see you through. You need to ensure this window is insulated so that it won’t absorb coldness and transfer the same to your hands.

Sleeve Protection

A few bar mitts are attached with a removable cuff with an opening of the arms. This ensures your entire arm is protected fully from all weather.

Ease of Installation and Removal

Most gauntlets feature a hook and loop fastener. This easily installs and fastens on the handlebars of the snowmobile.

Choosing Snowmobile Handguards

Snowmobile Handguards


The main purpose of the best snowmobile handguards is to ensure your hands are safe and warm while riding your snowmobile, in any weather or travel conditions. First of all, they should be rigid enough to deflect the branches or debris and not to bend in strong winds.

On the other hand, they should be flexible enough not to break on impact or in the unfortunate situation you roll the sled over. In other words, they should have a kickback when hit but needs to ensure it does not break.

Most quality handguards are made from various types of plastic. Your responsibility is to ensure that the handguard is a high-quality plastic which is sturdy and also flexible. Also, ensure the guards need to be waterproof.

Size and Design

When it comes to the size of the handguards, the better the bigger! This can protect you appropriately and the handguards are too small, you will have trouble in reaching your handlebars by always using complicated maneuvers.

Handlebar guards

Ensure you can slide your hands comfortably on the handle. The shape and the size are the critical aspects while using guards as your hands get secured completely. Always choose round shape handguard, once you decide with the right shape and size consider selecting the color that is pleasing to you.

Ease of Installation and Compatibility

Go for the model which is easy to install. Handguards that demand technical skills or the ones that do not come with clear instructions or that require you to drill extra holes in your snowmobile should always be avoided.

Regarding the compatibility, a few guards cannot be installed due to the size and the shape of the windshields. This will be available in the specifications of the product. However, if you go through the customer reviews, you will find out if there are issues encountered by other owners.

When you purchase an original gauntlet or handguard from Polaris or Ski-Doo, then it becomes quite easy to install them because they are specifically designed for their snowmobiles.

Other Accessories and Features

Although, the main purpose of handguards are to protect your hands to keep them dry and warm. You may not always ride on cold or very harsh weather. You also need to understand there are models that come with removable bent covers.

You can remove the vent for better airflow while it is warm and if the weather gets colder you may snap the vent back in for extra protection.

Regarding the accessories, always keep in mind, there are many handguards installed using the mounting kits that are separately sold. Once you decide on the right mode, ensure you receive the appropriate kit. You will find this information in the product reviews.

Final Words

Snowmobile handguards and handlebar muffs are a matter of preference and choice. To make it most of your purchase, it is very important to get a pair that fits well and is not bulky as your comfort matters the most.

Secondly, they also need to have fasteners so that once installed, they are securely held onto the handlebars as you ride. Apart from the handguards and the gauntlets, the air deflector is also necessary to minimize the cold wind and to retain more heat which remains more comfortable.

Extra features like the clear windows, design, cuffs will also matter during the selection. Besides gloves, you will need some extra protection for your hands while snowmobiling. No one can predict the future.

Hence, why not take all the safety measures to have a fun and relaxing ride? These come in a bunch of options and you need to have at least a set of one. No matter which of them you choose, you can never go wrong with either of them. All in all, get the gauntlets and handguards that meet all your needs and requirements.

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