Best Snowmobile Gloves in 2020: (Normal & Heated Gloves)

Imagine if you have to ride in the extremely cold weather without gloves?

Won’t that be a ride to remember but terribly?

To save you from such a disastrous trip, I’m sharing a list of warmest snowmobile gloves for trail riding.

So, if you’re in a hurry, then you should take help from the comparison table in which you can find the best snowmobile gloves in 2020.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Answer: Best Snowmobile Gloves in 2020

The 5 best gloves for snowmobiling in 2020 are given below:

  1. Klim Klimate Snowmobile Gloves
  2. VELAZZIO Winter Heated Gloves
  3. Klim Inversion Snowmobile Gloves
  4. Castle X G2 Snowmobile Gloves
  5. FXR Fusion Snowmobile Gloves

Comparison of Best Snowmobiling Gloves

Snowmobile GlovesOur RatingCurrent Price
Klim Klimate Snowmobile Gloves9.9/10Check Price
VELAZZIO Winter Heated Gloves9.8/10Check Price
Savior Electric Heated Gloves9.8/10Check Price
KLIM Inversion Snowmobile Gloves9.75/10Check Price
Rechargeable Heated Gloves9.75/10Check Price
Castle X TRS G2 Snowmobile Gloves9.6/10Check Price
Castle X Epic-G1 Snowmobile Gloves9.4/10Check Price
Castle X Factor-G1 Snowmobile Gloves9.4/10Check Price
FXR Fusion Womens Snowmobile Gloves9.35/10Check Price
Gordini Gore-tex Storm Trooper Gloves9.3/10Check Price
Castle X Legacy Snowmobile Gloves9.1/10Check Price

Top-Rated Snowmobile Gloves in 2020

Snowmobile Gloves

Gamegie Battery Heated Rechargeable Electric Gloves

It is a frequently occurring trouble for snowmobile riders to choose the best gloves for riding. Snowmobiling gloves must have the endurance to bear extreme weather conditions, shouldn’t be sensitive, and shouldn’t be so stiff to limit the movements of hands and fingertips.

These problems are solved by this pair of electric snowmobiling gloves made from synthetic fiber thermal insulation named ‘Thinsulate’ which is a very light, waterproof and heat insulating material.

Developed from a six-layered Thinsulate, it is very flexible, warm and comfortable. As it is a protecting material, the heat produced within the gloves is not conducted outside to the cold weather, making it windproof. 

The heating wires connected to the battery cover the complete area of the glove. From the back of the hand to the fingertips, each side is kept warm by these vessels making the blood circulation stable. When it is fully charged, a green light is displayed at the wrist part.

These snowmobiling gloves come with three heat levels i.e. high, medium and low. The high heat level, indicated by a green light, keeps the glove heat between 140℉ and 150℉, lasts up to 7 hours.

The medium heat level, indicated by blue light, keeps the glove heat between 122℉ and 131℉, lasts up to 10 hours. And finally, the low heat level, indicated by red light, keeps the glove heat between 100℉ and 113℉, lasts up to 15 hours. Since it has 7000 MAH batteries, it lasts way longer than any other competitive product in the market. The heat is immediately turned on as soon the heating switch is pressed.

A big advantage of this type of gloves is that you do not have to replace batteries each time you run out of power. The battery-low red sign is indicated at the wrist part of the glove.

Since these rechargeable gloves come with a battery charger, just plug it into an electric connection and you are good to go. However, the charger or the batteries cannot be bought separately. You’ll have to purchase the complete product again to get these individual items.

They are very easy to carry because of the small battery size. They are not machine-washable. Always hand-wash them but don’t forget to remove the batteries first. 

American Mammoth Heated Gloves

Snowmobiles are not easy to operate under intense weather conditions but these American Mammoth Heated Gloves are one of the solutions for that. These gloves are water and wind-resistant to handle severe situations.

They are made from a ‘softshell’ breathable fabric named ‘PrimaLoft’ that provides heat-insulating. It is a very high quality and comfortable fabric specially designed for snowmobilers who suffer from arthritis and Raynaud’s Syndrome. These gloves also contain leather at the fingertips for protection.

A smart push button is placed at the wrist that lets you adjust the heat. It has three heat levels i.e. low, medium, and high that can be easily adjusted by pressing this button. The heat is generated from the palm and is spread all over the hand through the heating vessels covering every part of the glove, keeping the palm and fingertips warm.

A big advantage of this glove is the grip with which it holds the handle of a snowmobile. It reduces the change of an accident due to moistness because this ‘PrimaLoft’ material provides great friction when grasped. In addition to that, it also has an adjustable barrel lock that tightens the glove in your hand and a little storage pocket to keep small items.

These gloves can be operated on two rechargeable batteries that are 1100 MAH and 2200 MAH. The first one lasts up to five hours while the second one lasts up to nine hours.  However, at this rate, better heating gloves are available in the market with much more battery power. The heat of the glove can be turned on and off by simply holding the button for a few seconds.

FRDM Cold Weather Snow Gloves

FRDM Cold Weather Snow Gloves are snowmobiling gloves manufactured from a combination of different materials. These materials include 3oz of ‘Berber Fleece’ insulation, 3oz of ‘Brushed Tricot’ fiber and goat leather. The high-quality goat leather protects the fingers and palm while the other material provides insulation.

These gloves are waterproof, created to bear extreme atmosphere. They contain a breathable material which means that they have micro pours in its structure, designed to keep them waterproof and warm. Additionally, three layered ‘Hipora Membrane’ makes it windproof to last every situation.

It is a unisex product providing ease to both men and women. The biggest advantage of these gloves is that they have a water-resistant zipper placed on the center of the palm so you don’t have to remove it in the cold to do simple chores. You can unzip it easy to complete tasks such as using your phone, adjusting gear, etc.

It has plenty of insulation placed all over to keep your hands warm and relax. For snowmobilers, it can prove to be an ideal glove because of its adjustable properties. It can be easily put on and off in seconds without any discomfort.

Although it does not have the properties of electrically heated gloves, considering the cost and characteristics they offer, they are pretty good.

Palmyth Waterproof Snowmobiling Winter Gloves

Palmyth Waterproof and Windproof gloves, available in only grey color, are primarily designed for snow sports especially snowmobiling. It is a wonderful product developed from a lot of material such as ‘Thinsulate’ insulation, ‘Softshell’ insulation, ‘TPU’ Membrane, Warm Cotton, ‘Orange 

Plush’ Fleece, Silicone and synthetic leather. These materials make it water-resistant and wind-resistant.

It offers many properties that make it different from a simple glove. The excessive amount of light-weight insulation warms the heat pockets inside the glove. You can use these warmers in the extreme weather however these pockets can be de-attached to use it in normal situations. 

The biggest advantage of these gloves is that you do not have to remove them to perform any activity like wiping water, sweat, etc. These snowmobiling activities can be completed keeping the gloves on.

This is because they have a wiper placed on the thumbs that can be used to wipe the water, sweat, screen, etc. Additionally, you can use a mobile phone keeping gloves on. This is because of the touch screen material placed on the index finger and thumb.

The strong and flexible silicone and synthetic leather are placed at the palm and fingers to enhance the grip between the handle of the snowmobile and the glove. This high-quality strong material increases their durability and performance.

The gloves have a men size label so women should choose a smaller size. They weigh around 7.2 ounces and are not machine-washable so always wash them by hands.

QILOVE Cold Weather Heated Thermal Gloves Kit

QILOVE Heated Thermal Gloves contains three insulating materials i.e. Breathable ‘TPU’ insulator in between the waterproof fabric and insulated cotton.

These radiant cold weather heated gloves contain a windproof and windproof fabric. It has an electric touch screen to control the amount of heat reaching the palm and finger. It is best for snowmobilers who suffer from blood circulation issues. It warms the hands to make them comfortable and cozy so that the snowmobiling activities can be performed easily.

Made from a Spandex fabric, these gloves are weather-proof, durable and long-lasting. They can warm hands even in the extreme weather situations below absolute zero.

These gloves have a carbon heating element area placed on the back that is directly connected to the 3.7V Rechargeable Electric System. The latest integrated carbon technology is used in the manufacturing of the product so you do not feel wires attached to the glove.

They come with three levels of heat i.e. high, medium and low. Connected to a rechargeable battery of 2200 MAH, high level, indicated by a red light can heat up to 3 hours, medium level, indicated by orange light can heat up to 4 hours, and finally, the low level, indicated by green light can heat up to 7 hours. This heat can be turned on by simply holding the button. When the light appears it is on. Similarly, they can be turned off with the same process.

An elastic string is placed on the wrist of the glove to lock the thermal energy inside the glove. Also, the palm grip is strong and flexible making this product even more productive.

Since it is a unisex product, it can be used by both men and women but the sizes are different so make sure to order a correct one. They are not machine-washable so always wash them by hand by removing the batteries first.

LANYI Men Gloves Winter Waterproof Snowmobile Gloves

LANYI Waterproof Snowmobile gloves are made up of ‘Thinsulate’ insulator and cotton. ‘Thinsulate’ insulator is a high-quality insulator consisting of three layers of fiber material which makes these gloves waterproof. A combination of 40 grams of ‘Thinsulate’ and cotton is used for the production of these gloves. The inside of the glove has a fleece lining which is very soft, wicking and comfortable.

These thermal gloves are cold-resistant bearing up to -30℉ so they are made such extreme situations. Having the ability to bear extreme weather, these gloves can be used by professionals for snowmobiling and other snow sports and snow-related activities.

The lining of this glove is made from breathable and waterproof ‘TPU Membrane’ which locks the thermal energy inside the glove making it wind resistant and snow resistant. It can be calibrated with the adjustable wrist strap.  Since the insulating material is very thin, it feels close to the skin making it very practical. Also, it is very light-weight and long-lasting.

The palm of the glove has a leather placement which helps in grasping objects. This leather is waterproof and flexible so there is no problem with stiffness. Additionally, these gloves have a nose-wiping fabric on the thumbs so you do not have to remove it every single time.

These gloves have a very simple and elegant design with all the basic features. Although it is not electrically heated, the material with which they are made is very warm itself and it has a good asking price. So, they are a good purchase for snowmobiling. It comes in many sizes. You can choose the one depending upon your requirements.

Global VASION Electric Heated Gloves

Global Vision Electric Heated Gloves are snowmobiling gloves made of soft cotton material and other high-quality insulating material. These gloves produce heat from single source rechargeable battery built-in in the gloves. Since the battery is very small, these gloves are light-weight and are easy to carry.

The heat radiates from the palm to each fingertip. This heat level can be adjusted using a small button placed at the front of the gloves. You can choose between high, medium and low heat levels depicted by red, blue and green color. You do not need to remove the glove to manage heat settings. Simply press the button and see the color of the heat level. Adjust the heat level according to the situation and you are good to do.

These gloves contain two small 7.4V batteries positioned at the lower wrist side that lasts up to 4 hours when fully charged. But it all depends upon the heat level. To turn off the heat, simply hold the button and see the light going off. When it is down, the heat is off. Therefore, these are one of the top-rated winter heated gloves for snowmobiling.

The internal side of the glove contains a breathable material named ‘TPU’ insulation which effectively protects your hands from cold weather without making it stuffy.

These gloves come with a charger that can be used to charge the batteries again and again. However, a big disadvantage is that the charger cannot be bought separately. You’ll have to buy to complete the product in case you lost or damage the charger. These gloves are not machine-washable so it is recommended to hand-wash them.

Gordini Men’s Gore-tex Storm Trooper Ii Waterproof Insulated Gloves

The Gordini GTX stormtrooper ii is made of 94% Nylon and 6% Spandex. It is hand washable. It is stretchy and the weave makes it possible for the hands to keep breathing, The breathability is top-notch, and the fabric used it genuine goatskin trim.

The palm area features a digital grip along with the thumb and wraps caps with stick grip fingers.

The insulation is Megaloft insulation that features Hydrowick microdenier lining. These have GORE-TEX inserts that ensure to keep you dry and offers maximum breathability. These gloves are guarantees Waterproofness, Windproofness and Breathability. The insert certainly upped the game in their overall weather resistance performance.

Top rated snowmobile gloves

These backcountry gloves offer better dexterity than most other gloves while riding your snowmobile. They feel just like an extension of your hands and feel so natural that you would forget you have something extra on your hands.

The gauntlet cinch closure seals out snow and wind.

The Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II is easily one of the best ski gloves one can own for this price. The Storm Trooper II offers above-average warmth and awesome weather resistance at a very reasonable price.

The stormtrooper while being subjected to the side by side comparison with other gloves resulted in the following outcome:

  • The stormtrooper scores only average in warmth.
  • It offers better durability. 
  • People might not dig the width around the knuckles if their hands are wider than average hands.
  • The Storm Trooper II is a little stiffer overall, although it does break in with time.

The only problem with these gloves is that it might not protect your hands from the cold while you storm off right down the slopes but will provide just average warmth.


  • These gloves offer breathability.
  • Protect your hands from biting wind.
  • These gloves are waterproof.
  • Offers dexterity.


  • These gloves are not the warmest snowmobile gloves.
  • Come a little stiff.

KLIM Inversion Men’s Ski Snowmobile Gloves

The Klim is the name when it comes to men’s skiing or snowmobiling gloves. These gloves are a top choice for snowmobile riders. These lightweight gloves offer no insulation, this is the blunt fact, however, there is present a little bit of fleece lining but what is more important a point to be focussed on is the Gore Windstopper here that not only keeps your hands waterproof but also seals out the wind.

However, if you decide to make snowballs with these gloves on, you might soak them wet but as far as it is about riding with these gloves, they are the absolute favorite of snowmobile riders.

Warmest snowmobile gloves

These gloves come in eight sizes to choose from and are highly breathable and feature an anatomical design with Seamless Tip Construction. There is also a silicone grip running across the palm so that you are aided with maximum grip. You are also going to have an E-Touch index finger for electronic touch-screen conductivity.

These gloves are super light in weight so much so that KLIM claims these to be the lightest Windstopper gloves in the market.

No doubt, thes are the best Klim snowmobile gloves on the market in this winter season.


  • These gloves are a slight as a feather.
  • They offer average waterproofness.
  • They seal out wind.
  • There are eight sizes available.
  • You can operate cell phones with these gloves on.

MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Snowboard Snowmobile Cold Weather Gloves

Made of windproof polyester, these are Insulated Thinsulate which are thin, light and Waterproof.

These warm snowmobile gloves are amazingly insulated with 40 grams of 3m Thinsulate and 140 grams of warm cotton. It is thick enough to keep hands warm in cold weather while skiing, snowboarding, winter riding or hiking and other snowsports, yet are very light in weight. These gloves do not bog your hands down with their weight.

The composite three-layered softshell seals out cold wind and snow outside while riding and skiing. The insert waterproof TPU membrane effectively keeps hands dry in the long run and help you to enjoy snowsports outdoors.

The Zipper Pocket and Custom Fit make it a wide choice for riders who ride snowmobile like Polaris or Arctic Cat or Ski doo.: The pocket makes it convenient to carry keys, ID cards or litter cash as well as smaller sized glove warmers. The adjustable buckle wrist strap and the drawstring closure essentially prevents cold air from biting.

The Soft full covered Nuback palm and reinforced rubber fingers ensure strong and flexible handgrip while snowmobiling. The Nose wipe fabric is placed in the thumb. It is multifunctional and durable to use in extreme cold.

The lining is very soft and comfortable on the skin. These are the warmest gloves you can ever find at this price. They guaranteedly to keep your hands warm. However, could be a little bulky to tie knots. These are also not smart touch gloves, so that could be a downer.

They fit you well. However, what seems like a deal-breaker is that these gloves retain a lot of moisture inside. Some have even complained of low dexterity. The seam may rip apart as are a little flimsy. The promised breathability is questionable as most have complained that these take a lot of time to dry. 

These men’s snowmobile gloves are good for trail and mountain riding.


  • Seals out the cold wind
  • It’s soft and comfortable on the skin.


  • They retain moisture.
  • Low dexterity.
  • Not very breathable. 
  • The seams are not very durable.

Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

These gloves are available in four different color options to choose from.

The plain black offers the classic glove look that no other color can beat but the brown/ black looks pretty rad too if you’re looking for something unique.

These snowmobile riding gloves look good at maintaining practicality and so they make a good first impression on anyone.

These are indisputably made with comfort in mind. The ultra-soft insulation that Carhartt has decided to offer in the gloves works like butter.

The gloves are true to size meaning you can be confident while buying them that they will fit snugly and also feel nice to wear. The strap does keep the glove firmly in place on your wrist so you don’t have to worry about adjusting them every other minute.

The comfort that it provides is to die for!

 These gloves are warm too but perhaps not the warmest men’s gloves you have come across.

They are perfect in relatively mild conditions and maintains just the right temperature of your hands but once the temperature drops significantly below 0 Celsius and if it is windy then these will not keep you warm.

The wind goes right through the gloves which makes it difficult to ride and your fingers freeze making it painful for a rider. But as I have mentioned earlier, for mild weather, these gloves are perfect, maybe not so much for riding but to work around your vehicle during mild to normal weather. 

These gloves do compensate for their lack of warmth with their water-resistant function. The waterproofness of these gloves is incredible. These are equipped to keep your hands dry even in heavy snowfall.

In addition to this, they’re highly breathable which is a plus point. When taking the price of the glove into account, Carhartt has touched hearts with the waterproofing of the glove.

Carhartt is kitted out with a reinforced polyurethane palm grip making the gloves perfect for their intended purpose, riding.

The grip is good enough for skiing or cycling or snowmobiling however the lack of windproofing would put a rider off.

In addition to this, these gloves are fairly bulky that could cut down on the dexterity level making it a bit fussy to use. You can’t with ease move things around with these gloves. These gloves are also a bit irksome when it comes to heat retention as I have already mentioned earlier.


  • These are very breathable.
  • These offer a strong grip.
  • They are fairly water-resistant.


  • Heat retention is a problem.
  • Dexterity is an issue.
  • Not made for extreme weather conditions.
  • Not very windproof.

Anqier Ski Gloves, Winter Waterproof Snowboard Snowmobile Gloves

Waterproof and Windproof Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) is used to make these gloves which is a highly durable synthetic material.

The snow gloves are insulated with 40 grams 3m Thinsulate and 120 grams warm cotton which keeps the rider’s hands warm. It is thick enough to keep hands warm in extremely cold weather while boondocking the countrysides and mountain riding.

These gloves are very well equipped to use in extremely harsh weather conditions. So, when you riding on mountains and trails, you can wear them. That’s why these are one of the top-rated snowmobile gloves.

The gloves are made of composite five-Layer Fabric that prevents cold wind from getting inside and works miraculously well in windy days and when it snows outside. The insert waterproof TPU membrane guards keep hands dry in the long run.

The maximum grip is exhibited due to the soft fully covered extremely durable PU palms. No snow or cold wind won’t be able to creep in through the wrist as it is well guarded with adjustable-buckle wrist strap and drawstring closure. The adjustable wrist buckle is adjustable enough to fit any wrist size

The Anti-slip PU palm reinforces firm grip features which ensure additional safety during intense activities like snowmobiling.

They don’t feel bulky at all and they offer a lot of maneuverability.


  • These gloves keep your hands warm
  • They keep you dry against moisture and wick away any sweat without retaining it.
  • They are not bulky at all.
  • High dexterity.
  • The featured grip is worth mentioning as it is designed with anti-slip technology. 

These gloves are a godsend for snowmobile riders!!

How to Choose Snowmobile Gloves

What makes it different for a ride that is hassle-free and a ride that ends with a lot of irksome moments? Of course, the maneuverability of the snowmobile is smooth and hassle-free when you have the right gloves on.

The gloves are indeed an extension of your hands, or at least they should feel like so to give you the utmost comfort. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect snowmobile gloves :

Best snowmobile gloves for mountain riding


Two types of insulation used in gloves are Down and Synthetic.

Difference between the two:

  • Down is light whereas synthetic is a bit on the heavier side.
  • Down is more expensive than synthetic.
  • Down does maintain its loft longer than synthetic.
  • down loses its ability to insulate properly when it gets wet, therefore, it is not used in gloves as frequently as synthetic. Synthetic insulates when wet and dries a lot faster.
  • Synthetic insulation offers a little less warmth.


Waterproofness is important as it resists water from getting inside while riding. It can be an uncomfortable feeling to ride with hands soaked in moisture.

Best Waterproof snowmobiling gloves

Waterproofness can be incorporated in the gloves in the form of a membrane that is laminated to the fabric, or an insert that is placed between the outer shell and the insulation or the fabric is coated.

You will see Gore-Tex® technology frequently used in ski and snowboard gloves as the level of waterproofness, breathability and protection it offers are high.

However, many glove makers offer their proprietary technology too, such as Marmot MemBrain® and The North Face HyVent®. These are also very effective and often less expensive. Waterproof gloves are also mostly 100% windproof.

Heated Snowmobile Gloves

If you are looking for something to beat the extra cold weather, you can go for heated gloves that are battery operated and have a heating system that keeps your hands warm even in the harshest of winters.

Heated Snowmobile gloves for cold fingers

These gloves usually include rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and also can operate on different levels of heat output. The heated gloves are slightly more expensive and bulkier than nonheated gloves.

So, if you are thinking about buying heated gloves for snowmobiling, then be ready to spend a little extra as compared to other snowmobiling gloves.

Your gloves should provide enough heat to make you comfortable when you’re snowmobiling. Your gloves are for hands just like your snowmobile face mask is for your face.

They will save from you extreme cold weather just like snowmobile gauntlets.

Touch-Screen Compatibility

In the age of technology where most electronic gadgets are screen touch, it is impossible to either navigate or operate any such gadget without touch screen compatible fingertips.

Touch friendly snowmobiling gloves

Therefore, it is a must to make sure that your gloves are touch screen compatible so that you can operate your mobile phone or GPS while on a ride without having to take your gloves off. Save yourself some trouble.

So, make yourself your snowmobiling gloves are compatible to use touch screen because you don’t want to remove it every time when you want to use snowmobile GPS.

Size and Fit

A proper fit is important for you to keep your hands warm and comfortable. The right size and fit also provide well enough dexterity. You can protect your hands from wind and snow creeping in if the gloves fit right and snug.

The sign of a right fit is when you make a fist, the glove should not feel too tight or too loose. Always consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart before you pick a pair of gloves.

The fitting of your gloves should be according to your one-piece snowmobile suit, if you wear monosuit, and as per your snowmobile jacket.

Additional Features

  • To keep snow and cold air from getting in, look for Long gauntlet cuffs extend over the sleeves of your jacket and cinch closed.
  • For excellent grip and stand up to abrasion, go for leather palms than synthetic palms.
  • For a comfortable, secure fit on your hands, look for Wrist cinches.
  • Thumb wipes may seem insignificant but they do have a very significant function when it comes to wiping your nose or your goggles. Thumb wipes are usually soft on the skin.
  • Often on the back of the hand are there sized pockets to carry small little things that you might need on a ride, these are the zippered pockets that some gloves feature which come in very handy.

Final Verdict

Hope this article was helpful for any neophyte struggling to buy their first pair of gloves. In my opinion, the best snowmobile gloves are Klim Inversion Gloves. They are just what any rider would to keep them confident while riding down the snow.  

Do your homework before you pick any pair of gloves because there are a lot of new brands in the market that promise a lot of functions but in reality, it’s a big fat lie. 

FAQ About Snowmobile Gloves

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