Best Snowmobile LED Headlights: For Ski-Doo, Polaris & Others

Isn’t it miraculous to ride your snowmobile under starry lights on a moonlit night? The soft cool breeze blowing through your hair, and the sound of nature is mesmerizing. The thrill that comes along with it is immeasurable to any adventure of your life.

Although, it can be dangerous to ride your snowmobile in the winter nights as the visibility becomes partial to null and can eventually cause an accident. Risking your life at the stake of an exhilarating and exciting ride is foolish and naïve.

Therefore, many companies have come forward with the idea of headlights on the snowmobile to offer visibility to the riders even at the darkest of nights to have a mesmerizing ride under the stars and the moon.

Best Snowmobile LED Headlights

Best Snowmobile LED Lights

Sixty61 LED Headlight Bulb for Ski-Doo

The LED bulbs have been the most preferred light bulbs used in the headlights as they consume less amount of energy and are environmental-friendly. The sixty61 is known for manufacturing bulbs for the headlights for different vehicles from a motorbike, cars to snowmobiles.

These LED bulbs have a 35-watt power and produce yellow-colored light as they are available in white color. The kit comes with two bulbs along with bulb holders for the convenience of the customers. The LED bulb for Ski-Doo comes with CREE LEDs that should be replaced with the old incandescent bulbs.

These old OEM incandescent bulbs have low wattage and consume a high amount of energy. The 35W Bulbs are designed with 16 LEDs with four on the top and twelve on the sides to give an innovative look to the model and also provide appropriate visibility at night for the riders.

These Sixty61 LED headlight bulbs are specially designed for the snowmobiles, and they can fit into the fairings of any kind of snowmobile. They can also withstand the elements of the snowmobile. They are extremely waterproof, which is a needed feature in the snowmobiles as they endure the harsh wet climates of the snowy terrains.

They are easy to install in your snowmobiles to plug and play for the night time endeavors. The best feature of these headlights is that you do not need wire cuttings or any conversion kit for installing the bulbs in your snowmobile.

The Kit also includes the Sixty61 stickers with the two bulbs and its holders. These are considered the finest material for the night time snowmobile riders as it is known for its bright-light technology and additional protection to the riders in the tracks too avoid any misfortunate accidents or life loss.

Sixty61 LED Headlight Bulbs

The Sixty61 Company is known to manufacture the bulbs for the headlights in the motorbikes, cars, and snowmobiles. They produce supreme quality and incredibly durable LED lights. Since the time the LED lights have been introduced in the market, it has become a craze among the buyers. They have been in trend for its amazing bright light quality, and also they are environmental-friendly.

The LED lights consume less amount of energy even if used for a whole night; thus, it has also been promoted by the environmentalist to be used in each household and vehicles. The LED lights are installed into the headlamps to be used by the riders at night when the visibility is partial to null.

The LED bulb filament allows 35-watt power to flow through it to convert the energy into light and allow the riders to ride without any headache at night. The LED filament comes in different colors, but this product sells white color filaments.

The Kit comes with two bulbs and two bulbs holders for the convenience of the buyer. This brand new LED bulbs with its CREE LEDs are used to replace the old incandescent bulb. The traditional incandescent bulbs consume a large amount of energy and are easily fused as they heat up very rapidly. The heat can even break the filament and eventually breaks the bulb. They are highly dangerous.

The incandescent bulbs are directly replaced with LED lights without any conversion kit or wire cutting. The LED bulb is designed with 16 LEDs in total, with four on top and twelve on the sides. These are specially designed for the snowmobile headlights and can easily fit into the fairings of the same.

They are waterproof and can last up to a decent period, even if used in the harsh winter conditions. The kit also includes the stickers of the brand Sixty61 to show off your fellow riders. These LED lights can withstand the elements with ease.

Sixty61 LED Headlight Bulbs for Ski Doo

The Sixty61 brand has come up with a whole range of LED headlights for the snowmobiles with different specifications and features. This LED headlight has a whole lot of advanced features to it and different power or energy consumption.

The Ski-Doo MXZ Gen 4 LED Headlights comes with two bulbs in its kit. These bulbs come along with the bulb holders to attach them to the headlamps of the snowmobile. They have a voltage power ranging from 9-16 Volts. The power consumption of these LED headlights ranges from 25-26 Watts. The filaments are white in color, dispersing yellow light for clear visibility at night time to the riders.

These LED bulbs have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours is the brightest light available in the market. These bulbs have around 3000 lumens that allow the lights to shine the brightest among all other headlights. The headlight is designed with 12 LEDs on each bulb and disperses a super white color. These are specially made for the headlights of the snowmobile, and they easily fit into the fairings of any snowmobile’s headlamp.

They are extremely easy to install without any wire cuttings or conversion kits and 100% plug and play. They can automatically cool as the bulb reaches the temperature of 185 degrees Fahrenheit. They also come with stickers of the brand Sixty61 along with the whole kit.

How to choose Snowmobile Headlights

The snowmobiles have been associated with the highest number of accidents in any popular winter sport. It has been trending not only among youngsters but also the adults due to its speed and size that brings the thrill among the riders and makes them feel young and wild.

Even, some times due to lack of visibility, snowmobile riders get stuck in deep snow. If that ever happens to you, make sure you have everything with you like an emergency kit in your gear bag along with a good quality snow shovel. If you want to know more about backpacks, then I’ve written an excellent article about snowmobile gear bags, you can read them.

In order to reduce the rate of accidents, the companies have designed a safety device that offers you visibility at night.

The snowmobile headlights are designed especially to be attached to the front of the snowmobile to illuminate the tracks in front of you. The headlights are also referred to as headlamps, but mostly the usage, headlamp is the term for the device itself, and headlight is the word used for the beam of light produced and scattered by the device.

Have you ever realized why a snowmobile has two headlights? This is because it is challenging to understand and calculate the distance, speed, and overall size of a snowmobile with one headlight. The two headlights allow you to get a fair estimate of the range, speed, and size of the object coming towards us so that we can ride our vehicle according to that.

The most important task of the snowmobile headlights is to facilitate fatigue-free rides and safe driving. These are termed as the safety devices of the vehicle and need to be officially approved.

The headlights in the market are classified based on different facets; Shape (rectangular, bars, oval, square), Technology (Incandescent bulb, LED light, Laser), and Functionality (Stoplight, Turn Signal, Tail Light). The headlights are manufactured in a way that they are universal in nature. They can easily fit into any model and type of snowmobile and are mostly waterproof.

There are different kinds of snowmobile headlights available in the market that can confuse the buyer with a varied number of options. As you read through the article, your search for the snowmobile headlights would be filtered and narrowed. There are a few things listed down that you should look upon before purchasing a snowmobile headlight.

Types of Bulbs

The headlights in the snowmobile use numerous kinds of bulbs to offer visibility to the snowmobile riders at the night-time. The most preferred headlight for a snowmobile is the “LED light” as they happen to consume less amount of energy than the traditional lights. They also last longer and are durable. They can disperse a large amount of light from a single small beam of light thus allows the rider a wider area of visibility.

The traditional incandescent lights consume a large amount of energy thus are not considered as environment-friendly. They are not durable enough and thus do not last long.

The halogen lights are preferred over the xenon and incandescent lights. The snowmobile riders prefer the halogen lights because of their standardizations.

On the other hand, Xenon lights produce the brightest light among all the other lights. They are the strongest and the brightest with the most durable feature adding as a bonus. They use an electric arc to produce light than the filament which lets the light shine the brightest.

Color of the Headlight

There are several laws in different states and countries about the colors of the headlight that can be used and also when they need to be used. Most states only allow white, yellow, and amber colors to use on the front of a snowmobile.

Most of the snowmobile riders use the standard yellow lights for their snowmobile’s headlight due to safety and legality concerns. However, there are a lot of riders who want to accessorize their snowmobile to give it a cool and aggressive look. They love to experiment with the colors of the lights in the headlight.

Although, before buying a headlight for your snowmobile, firstly ensure with the locals about the laws on using a colorful headlight. The bright and colorful headlights are mostly banned in most of the states as they are not considered as safe by the locals and also the government. The visibility of the eyes decreases if you use headlights with different colors other than yellow light and eventually cause accidents.


The headlights of the snowmobile tend to last for different hours for different bulbs used in the headlight. Typically, the snowmobile headlights tend to last for about 500 to 1000 hours, but it varies with diverse types of light used by the headlights. The different types of headlights have different life expectancies, so halogen, xenon, and other types have varying durability.

You cannot expect them to last long or burn out faster at the same rate. The Tungsten-halogen bulbs tend to last for about 500-1000 hours, whereas the LED lights last for about 30,000 hours. The Xenon and HID lights last for about 10,00o hours and 2000 hours, respectively.

The LED lights are incredibly durable and also consume the least amount of energy, thus makes them the most preferred lights for headlights. These numbers are, however, a rough average, and your headlights may last longer than these numbers or burn out faster than mentioned.

The lifespan of your headlight also depends on other factors such as manufacturing defects and installation problems that can dramatically abbreviate the functional lifespan of the headlight.


The type and number of lumens present in the headlight define the brightness of your headlight. The lumen LED bulbs are plug and play replacements to your vehicle’s traditional incandescent bulbs. With these lumen LEDs, there is no complicated installation process in the headlights. This is an essential aspect for you to look out for before buying your headlights for a snowmobile.

How to Install Headlights in your Snowmobile

Purchasing headlights for your snowmobile is just one thing, after the purchase, you also have to install them. To install LED lights to your sled, you need a good snowmobile tool kit. Make sure, you have it.

Purchasing Polaris or Ski-Doo LED headlights is not enough; you should be able to install them correctly. This video shows how you can install LED lights in your Ski-Doo Snowmobile. The basic concept is the same so that you can install the headlights in your Polaris or Arctic Cat snowmobiles appropriately.

Final Words

The headlights are, therefore, an essential accessory for your Polaris, Arctic Cat, or Ski-Doo snowmobile to keep you as well as your fellow riders safe at night time. Eventually, it allows you to enjoy your ride under the moon and stars.

With this article, we hope that you have an idea about the headlights used in the snowmobile along with the different varieties available in the market. We also hope that it also helps you to find the coolest and safest LED headlights for your snowmobile.

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